One Drop Flood

By GoblinGuy69 Created May 12, 2019 Updated May 18, 2019
Standard Other Aggro
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Main Board (60)

Sideboard (15)

Instant (11)

Sorcery (4)

Quick Info

I've always wanted to build a deck that consists mainly of One drop cards, and here it is lol

Early Game

Preferably Law-Rune Enforcer for your first play, as he provides board control via tapping their attackers/defenders. This will help you build your board up without having to chump block and waste creatures that you'll need later for Angelic Exaltation. 

Mid Game

By this point you have Angelic Exaltation out and a decent amount of creatures to help power it's boost. Use your Dreadmalkin's ability on the Hunted Witness's (paired with Kaya's Ghostform for optimal usage), or another non-essential one drop to power him up. Dreadmalkin and Rising Populace are your heavy hitters, I usually keep Rising populace back as a defender that gets pumped up each time something dies on my side (often due to sac's). But if you are low on health, use Healer's Hawk to gain large amounts of Life back since most don't have flying defense (or alternatively one of the charmed strays). You'll be swinging with one creature each time, to get Angelic Exaltation's boost. This means you'll have plenty to block with if you don't have Mana to use Law-Rune Enforcers ability to control their board, as well as Spark Harvest.

Late Game

You honestly shouldn't be reaching a "Late game" with this deck.


Main thing with this deck is Mana, you gotta have those dual lands that come out untapped to really make it shine, which is where a lot of the cost is.


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