Aminatou Blink

By MarkXero Created Apr 21, 2019 Updated May 1, 2019
Commander Other Combo
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Main Board (99)

Creature (21)

Enchantment (4)

Basic Land (38)

8 Island
6 Plains
3 Swamp

Artifact (9)

Instant (13)

1 Negate

Sorcery (5)

Planeswalker (9)

Quick Info

A deck that began life as an Esper Superfriends, but ended up built around Aminatou's -1 blink effect. Still has a fairly heavy walker emphasis.


This isn't a deck that really wants to engage in combat, but rather pillow-fort behind Wall of Denial, Seraph of the Sword or Guard Gomazoa until it can get one of the infinite loops going. If your playgroup doesn't like or allow infinite combos, then this really isn't the deck for you!

To make the most of Aminatou's +1 too there is plenty of scry to help you dig though the unwanted cards until you find the piece you really need. Lim Dul's Vault is especially useful for this!


Combo Pieces - Infinite ETBs / Planeswalker activations

The simplest combos in the deck involve two of Aminatou, Felidar Guardian and Spark Double to blink each other; Altar of the Brood or Vela the Night-Clad then provide the win. Phyrexian Metamorph and Wispweaver Angel can work as substitute pieces of the loop engine, either with Felidar Guardian / Spark Double, or together.
Panharmonicon or Oath of Teferi extend the possibilities, either allowing Felidar Guardian to blink Aminatou / Spark Double and something else, or Aminatou to use her -1 twice, blinking something else before the Spark Double / Guardian. At that point a whole host of recurrable ETBs are on the table. Obzedat, Gray Merchant, Oath of Kaya or Sorin Markov deliver critical life-loss; Ashiok, Dream Render mills your opponents out; Chupacabra, Ashen Rider and Kaya, Bane of the Dead clear the board; Oath of Lili makes everyone else clear their own board!

A fun one is blinking Sorin, Grim Nemesis, then using his +1 to make each opponent lose life while you draw your deck.

  • Panharmonicon
  • Altar of the Brood
  • Felidar Guardian
  • Phyrexian Metamorph
  • Vela the Night-Clad
  • Wispweaver Angel
  • Oath of Teferi
  • Soul Warden
  • Suture Priest
  • Spark Double

Combo Pieces - Infinite Turns

These combos are a bit harder to pull off, but then they are pretty much instant wins, so they ought to be!
Time Warp is the key piece here, clearly, plus the creatures that can fetch it back from the graveyard when they ETB: Archaeomancer, Mnemonic Wall and Salvager of Secrets.
For infinite turns, Panharmonicon does its thing again, after flickering one of the salvagers with Cloudshift, Essence Flux, Ghostly Flicker or Momentary Blink. Alternatively, Aminatou and Oath of Teferi allows us to +1 then -1 each turn, using the -1 to flicker a salvager.

  • Archaeomancer
  • Mnemonic Wall
  • Salvager of Secrets
  • Time Warp
  • Panharmonicon
  • Cloudshift
  • Essence Flux
  • Ghostly Flicker
  • Momentary Blink

Combo Pieces - Infinite Mana

The final combo involves Gilded Lotus, Sapphire Medallion, Ghostly Flicker and a salvager. The Medallion makes Flicker only cost 1U, so you can tap the Lotus to pay for it and float one mana, flickering the Lotus to come back untapped plus the salvager to bring back the Flicker. Each loop nets one mana - U only to start with, but you can accrue enough floating U to pay the Flicker's cost and tap the Lotus for a different colour after a couple of loops.

It's less useful than the other combos because the deck isn't built to abuse it, but it's worth knowing about, just in case you need to play something big - and it does trigger the Altar or Vela for critical mill or life-loss.

  • Gilded Lotus
  • Sapphire Medallion
  • Archaeomancer
  • Mnemonic Wall
  • Salvager of Secrets
  • Ghostly Flicker


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