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The Magic Market Index is a weekly series by the MTGSalvation staff, including former Market Street staff member Greg Schutte, MTGS technical administrator Feyd_Ruin, and accountant and MTGS content manager Alexandra Haggstrom. This series tracks price trends in Magic's secondary market. Data are provided for the current week as well as the four prior, with insight offered as to price trends and future financial performance. While the index focuses primarily on Standard-legal sets, special releases such as Modern Masters are tracked for as long as their prices show significant change. The Magic Market Index is perfect both as an at-a-glance pricing resource and as an in-depth price tracking tool.

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The Magic Street Journal is a monthly editorial series by accountant and MTGSalvation content manager Alexandra Haggstrom, offering insight and analysis on issues within the Magic community and secondary market from an economic, financial, and business perspective. Whether you're an experienced Magic trader, a local game store owner, a dedicated player, or even someone simply looking to learn more about the game environment, the Magic Street Journal offers something of interest.

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Archive Trap, written by MTGSalvation's own Jay13x, delves into the lore and characters behind Magic. From the setting and flavor in the cards to the tales in the most obscure comics and novels, Archive Trap gathers all available lore together into one handy resource. Want to know how the Eldrazi were sealed? Curious about some changes in characterization? Need to know a little more about your favorite factions? Archive Trap is geared both for newcomers to Magic lore and for experienced loredelvers alike.

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With each new set release, MTGSalvation collects all the rumors and spoilers into one easy resource. The Spoiler Digest, by Rumor Mill administrator Wildfire393, condenses an array of forum posts, official announcements, and social media discussion into a series of articles so you don't have to scour the Internet looking high and low to catch everything. As a bonus, the Spoiler Digest offers initial evaluations of each new product from both a casual and competitive standpoint. There's no better place to catch up on spoilers than our very own Spoiler Digest.

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MTGSalvation also hosts a number of one-shot and guest articles in addition to its featured columns, which are found in the main article listing here.