Circle of Affliction

Oracle Text

As Circle of Affliction enters the battlefield, choose a color.

Whenever a source of the chosen color deals damage to you, you may pay 1. If you do, target player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.

Card Rulings

2/1/2007 The player you target doesn’t have to be the controller of the source that dealt damage to you.
2/1/2007 If the damage reduces you to 0 or less life, you lose the game before Circle of Affliction’s ability has a chance to give you life.
2/1/2007 Each time a source deals damage to you, you may pay . You can’t pay more than , even if more than 1 damage was dealt.
2/1/2007 If several sources deal damage to you simultaneously (for example, several attacking creatures), this ability triggers once for each source.