Bloodsoaked Champion

Oracle Text

Bloodsoaked Champion can't block.

Raid — 1B: Return Bloodsoaked Champion from your graveyard to the battlefield. Activate this ability only if you attacked with a creature this turn.

Card Rulings

9/20/2014 The activated ability can be activated only if Bloodsoaked Champion is in your graveyard. Notably, if it attacks and then dies later in the turn, you can use its ability to return it to the battlefield, as its attack satisfies its own activation instruction.
1/19/2018 Raid abilities care only that you attacked with a creature. It doesn’t matter how many creatures you attacked with, or which opponent or planeswalker controlled by an opponent those creatures attacked.
1/19/2018 Raid abilities evaluate the entire turn to see if you attacked with a creature. That creature doesn’t have to still be on the battlefield. Similarly, the player or planeswalker it attacked doesn’t have to still be in the game or on the battlefield, respectively.