Glittering Wish

Oracle Text

You may choose a multicolored card you own from outside the game, reveal that card, and put it into your hand. Exile Glittering Wish.

Card Rulings

5/1/2007 The choice is optional.
5/1/2007 If you fail to find something, you still exile this.
10/1/2009 This works like the Wishes from the _Judgment_(TM) set. In a sanctioned event, you may choose a card from your sideboard. You choose which card to get as the spell resolves.
10/1/2009 You can’t have Glittering Wish retrieve itself. You can have it retrieve a Glittering Wish from your sideboard.
10/1/2009 You can’t get an exiled card because those cards are still in one of the game zones.