A New and Exciting Beginning

Deciding to close MTG Salvation, along with a handful of other community websites, wasn’t an easy decision for our company, but we could no longer justify the substantial engineering resources it took to run the properties. It was a sad day in our office when we announced the sunsetting of many beloved sites.


Previously, we weren’t able to entertain selling the sites because they were built on a proprietary platform. It would be a monumental task for an external engineering team to maintain or migrate the communities. Knowing this, we announced the site closures, but just as the sun slowly began to set for these properties, a figure appeared . . .


As of this week, we’ve identified a company with the necessary experience to buy and run these sites (including MTG Salvation), so that the passionate communities will continue to have homes on these long-standing sites. With this, we have started to transfer the sites to Magic Find. As for the staff on these sites, it will be up to them and Magic Find to decide how they’d like to move forward.


This isn’t the end for MTG Salvation. It’s a new and exciting beginning. We wish Magic Find the best as we say goodbye to several of the properties that helped our company grow into what it is today.


This will be the last update from Curse/Fandom. All future communications will be from the new site owner.



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