Fandom Legends: Magic Arena

Think you have what it takes to win some major cash in Magic Arena?

Fandom, our parent company, has launched a new weekly tournament for Magic: Arena!


Fandom Legends: Magic Arena

Fandom Legends is a weekly invitational featuring high level play between some of the most popular MTG Arena Twitch streamers and professional players. Every week $4,000 is awarded during an exciting one day tournament event, most matches are live-streamed on the Fandom Twitch channel and casted by MTG Arena community figures. In the future we will host open tournaments, where anyone can sign up and fight for their chance to play against some of the best players in the world in their pursuit of becoming a Fandom Legend.


Big weekly prizes, live streams, and major names - the first three weeks have already been amazing. What will week 4 bring, and do you have what it takes to find out?


Read up on the details here and to see how to apply.
Week 4 begins tomorrow!



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