MTG Salvation Deck Builder Coming Soon


New Deck Building Features

We are super excited to release the next big feature for MTG Salvation soon, the Deck Builder! We have a lot of work ahead on this, and wanted to share some of the features


Front Page Widget

MTG Salvation will have a new widget in place of the deck builder upsell. Users will be able to quickly see the top decks for any format they want!

  • Quickly See 8 highly rated decks
  • Filter by Format
  • Filter by Top for this week, Month, or all time!

Deck Listing

We will have a full listing of all decks where you can easily search for exactly what you are looking for

  • Quickly filter by colors used in the deck.
  • Look for decks only in the format, or deck type that you want!
  • Find decks that use that new card you just pulled!

Deck Details 

The core to the whole deck experience, the user deck itself!

  • Users can upvote and downvote decks.
  • Easily share your social info with your deck!
  • Add sideboards and also show revision history as you make changes.
  • Hand Draw Simulator, so you can test out the deck!
  • Easy text export of the deck
  • Various graphs.
  • User written guides and comments!

The Deck Builder

The deck builder is obviously the core feature, without it, there would be no decks!

  • Quickly select the format and deck type of your deck.
  • Quick filters to find the cards you want to add to your deck
    • Also includes the same advance filters from the card listing page
  • Add cards to your sideboard.
  • Paste in cards with text to easily import your already made decks.
  • Select your deck avatar  or Commander if a commander deck.
  • Sections to add detailed information and guides to your deck


Other Features

A feature you looking for not here? Don't worry! This is just the first push. We want to get this out, in its most basic form so we can start getting feedback as users use the new deck builder. We can then start adding even more to it!



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