JOU Digest 3: Ye Gods Reveal Themselves

Spoiler Digest

Seems like we've reached the end of the road. All fifteen Gods are now spoiled! Check out Kruphix, Pharika and Athreos, the last gods to reveal themselves. And don't forget to check up Journey Into Nyx spoilers regularly for updates!

The Most Ancient Of Gods

Kruphix hides - Kruphix obscures. Kruphix is lord of mysteries, oldest of the pantheon, knower of histories both forgotten and forbidden.

Confirmation and Discussion
Source: DailyMTG

Kruphix's ability is slow to start and not that amazing by itself, but begs to be abused in any number of Timmy, splash-worthy ways.

A Coin For Your Passage

Bowed and humble, Athreos silently conveys souls across the rivers of the Underworld with his gnarled staff. Athreos is unassuming and lacks the dazzle and spectacular of Iroas, Heliod or Keranos, but unassuming doesn't always mean unexciting.

Confirmation and Discussion
Source: PAX East

One of the cheapest Gods in the pantheon, Athreos should have some interesting applications in many formats. I'm interested in seeing how far this card goes.

The Patron God Of Snakes

Pharika, mother of gorgons and conveyer of twinned life and death in a simple draught, has revealed herself.

Confirmation and Discussion
Source: GatheringMagic

The final God to be spoiled, Pharika summons a great bounty of snakes from the dead. Delicious flavor, although slightly underwhelming mechanically for me. I just wish it were... bigger. If only it made Gorgons.

Midas Finally Printed

Some cards don't have to be indestructible titan gods or great leonin planeswalkers to be awesome. Some cards just need to win on flavor grounds. This is one of those cards.

Confirmation and Discussion
Source: PAX East

Yep, I think it's safe so say that Theros block has achieved its goal. Ignore the other hundred cards to be spoiled, pack things up, we're done here.

The Glory of the Therian Pantheon

And that's it. That's all fifteen of them. Glorious, towering, evocative - definitely the highlights of the block overall. But our Journey Into Nyx isn't over yet! There are plenty more cards to come before our romp through Theros ends. Stay tuned!



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