MTGCast #44: Black-Bordered Tenth Edition?

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MTGCast Episode 44 - Black bordered 10th Edition and Lucky Charms - A killer combo!
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

This Week in Magic
The Future Sight packaging and logo have been revealed and look sweet. During bluff week, Wizards has revealed that 10th Edition will be black-bordered; is this true or a wicked bluff? The Magic Sock is celebrating it's 50th episode and has a special treat on their site, with some live (circa 1994) videos of the TMS playing Magic with Richard Garfield! Hasbro has signed a large apparel licensing deal that will include Magic, D&D, and more. That may also be some new large Magic figurines in the works as well from First 4 Figures.

Article / Item of the Week
Dom: Cranial Insertion, Article #100!
Tom: Magicthegathering.combos
Gavin: Master vs Master

Fact or Fiction
Will 10th Edition really be black-bordered? Will we actually see some more Magic figurines?

Stump the Chump
Tidewalker questions and a quickie on Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. [Kudos to raven_lonewolf again!]

Combo of the Week
Dom: Heroes Remembered + Rolling Horror
Tom: Boom // Bust + Terramorphic Expanse
Gavin: Fury Charm/Jhorias Timebug/Clockspinning/Timecrafting+Aeon Chronicler

Ah-Hoy! News
Preview card of the week: Steel Will
Tom is still looking for Ah-Hoy! help! PM me, [EMAIL="[email protected]"]email me[/EMAIL] or post in this thread if interested.

MTGCast News
MTGCast needs you to host some new shows! MTGCast announces ManaCast week and more coming up soon. Holly will be casting the "Bond of Agony" targeting Tom on Friday evening, w00t! (See Garfield's card, Proposal)We also had a winner of our "what did Tom send Dom" contest, listen to see who won and what bizarre item Tom sent overseas.

Messageboard Shout-out!
Welcome supreme_slayer!

Dom & Tom & Gavin - Your Monday Night Magic news team!


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