MTGCast #105 - Shadowmoor Limited Made Simple!

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MTGCast Episode 105 - Shadowmoor Limited Made Simple!
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

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This Week in Magic
Derek and Gavin go over Shadowmoor Limited! They play a bunch of great voicemail questions and go in-depth for discussion of the hottest thing around, Shadowmoor Limited. Hector lets us know of the upcoming Legacy side event at PT Hollywood and play a voicemail about Legacy! Tom is interviewing Scott Larabee on Tuesday afternoon and is looking for questions from YOU! We have our first Shards of Alara [ALA] card title - Hellkite Overlord! We also hear about the new foily dragon card package from WoTC for MTG called "From the Vault: Dragons", read more about these new art and foil cards at the official wizards page. We also spy some more Eventide artwork. Also, check out the upcoming sexy new June FNM promo, Resurrection!

MTGCast News
We have new episodes up on the feed. Ep 19 of Deck Builders is up discussing the Kavu Justice Standard deck. Ep 26 and Ep 27 of the Proffessors videocast talking about SHM deck innovations and Eventide rumors!

Emails, Comments and COMMENT CONTEST!
The winner this week of the $25 store credit is ... anna.mossity!

Bonus prize of a pack of SHM to LokustBoy66 for the term "Prokens"!

This is a new weekly contest where I announce a question on the podcast, you post a response (or story) on the MTGSalvation forum for replies to the episode and you can win a card hand-selected from Tom's large collection (and winner is announced on the next week's show).

This week's question is: What would you buy with the $25 of Rancored_Elf Store Credit?
Prize of the week: ANOTHER $25 in store credit

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So why wait? Call in with any questions, news items, hints, tricks, combos, or anything!

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