Editor's Note: A Word about Winter Articles

It's December, and you all know what that means. It's time for lots of decorations, holidays, final exams, parties, and zombie monkeys nipping at your nose.

Unfortunately, all of these exciting activities also mean that our beloved authors have more exciting things to do than churn out words. We'll still have a bunch of articles for December and January; we may even have the same number as now or more! But most likely, you'll notice fewer articles posted on MTG Salvation until February.

There's lots you can do in the meantime, including going to your own parties and preparing for your own final exams and taming your own zombie monkeys. If those activities are a little too extreme for you, you can also re-read MTGS's old articles.

"But who wants to read articles about tournaments ages ago?" True, those are often boring. But the Great Article Archive has plenty of stuff that is still relevant, interesting, and/or humorous.

What's relevant? Articles about statistics or luck. Articles about alternate formats, such as EDH and adding random effects.

What's interesting? Go back and see what's changed. Look at our set reviews of the past and see how close the writers came. Read some old deck ideas and see how they did. Or even read old Cranial Insertion articles and see ancient rules. (But don't rely on the old rulings if they sound weird, they might have indeed changed!)

What's humorous? We have an entire section dedicated to that. Here you go.

And what's all three put together? VestDan's jaw-dropping-ly long, blunt, and picturesque "Remember the Weatherlight" series. Seven articles charting the longest and most convoluted story arc in Magic's history with card images, commentary, and explanation for the non-Vorthoses among you. Here are all those pieces:

Part 1: Come Sail Away
Part 2: Darkness Within
Part 3: One Man's Fury
Part 4: Downward Spiral
Part 5: Imperfect Parts (Part 1)
Part 6: Imperfect Parts (Part 2)
Part 7: Imperfect Parts (Part 3)

So on behalf of the MTGS editorial staff, I wish you a happy whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, and thank you for reading!


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