MTGSalvation Update FAQ

MTGSalvation Update FAQ!

The time has come, and the site update is going live on February 3rd, 2014. We have put together a very quick FAQ with some of the most important questions we see being asked. Please keep in mind that even though the site is now live, this does not mean there will not be more updates. We already have two massive lists of things you all want, and that we are already working on getting into the very next patch!

 I Don't Know My MTGSalvation Email and Can Not Log In!

We have enabled the log in process on the old MTGS page. Simply click that link, sign in, and your email will be displayed there!

The old website and the new website are NOT linked. This is ONLY to grab your MTGS email so that you can log in on the new site!

[Update] Where is Market Street Cafe

It's still here! Due to some permission importing issues. It is currently hidden to some. The forum should return once the permissions are set.

Keep reading for the FAQ

 Where is the dark theme?

The dark theme is still here! Head to “My Account”, then “Preferences”. Then select the skin type from the dropdown box!

Where did my trophies go?

Fear not! Though trophies will not be in at the initial release this will be something we will add down the road. No data will be lost and once the system is in place your trophies will still be active.

How do I go to first unread post?

How do I create my own blogs?

Go to the “My Content” section and click “start creating content” at the bottom right

 Where is my trade post?

All legacy trades will still be found on the forums in the same spot as always. If you wish to use the new “Trading Post” you will need to create a new trade listing in the tool.

 How to update Mana symbols?

If you are using the old mana symbol smilies (with the :’s instead of the new [mana] tags) without spaces you may notice some symbols not forming. All that is required is adding a space in between them. If you have a rather large post or signature with them, simply copy the post to google talks and Find and Replace :: with : :  and the issue will be fixed.

 The database Should have X or is missing Y feature!

We have received a LOT of feedback on the database and have a large list of things to add and change. Because MTGS did not have a database to begin with, we have put most of our time improving the core features of the forums for now. However an update to the database should be following soon.

How do I Log in?

If you already had a curse account with a matching email you will now login with your curse account.

If you only had an MTGS account - you will simply login with the email attached to your MTGS account and its password

I can't log in to my account!

Make sure you are logging in with the email you used for your account on MTGS. If you had a curse account - the accounts are also now merged and you will use your curse password instead of your old MTGS password. If you did not have a curse account, your password is the same."

If you forgot what email you have. We are working on a way for you to get this information!

What is this "Rename Credit"?

Everyone who logins to the new site the first time will get a rename credit. This gives you the option to change your username if you wish

 Why was my sig changed?

. You may be required to update your sigs a little bit. Also note that if some of your mana symbols are not rendering you will need to add spaces between them. For more information on that see “How to update Mana symbols”

For "Sigpics" DO NOT edit these. Within a day we will be running a second script to automatically turn on sigpics

Why do my old posts look different?

The new MTGS site is more than just a reskin, it is a full on new forum and content system. This means some posts may look a little different due to formatting changes. We have done our best to keep everything looking as close to possible as it did before. However some posts may need a little tweaking.

Post and Threads Per Page.

For server performance, Posts and Threads per page are no longer set pet user. We are open to increasing the limits, and can do it per forum as well. Please leave any feedback you may have on this.

 Wait, I have a Curse account?

 Yes. MTGS has been running on a Curse sever for well over a year and Curse accounts tied to MTGS have been on the beta for just as long. 

How do I merge my MTGSalvation account with my Curse account?

If you had the same email on both accounts, this was automatically done for you. However if you had two different accounts with different emails then they will not have merged. To fix this go to (after the update) to merge your accounts.


 Can I turn off Sigs and Avatars

Not yet, but this is feature is on the way!



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