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Title Haves Wants Author
Trading for EDH 16982  Incanur
H: Nahiri, Standard, Some Modern W: Random Junk Sideboard, Modern Delver 2113  FreeRoaming
W:Kiki Chord, BR Moon, High Tide, manaless dredge, misc. H: Standard, Modern and EDH 15865  BeingFrank
Moving Lot of cards.. Mostly Eternal some Standard 350$ 00  Greatlubu
~knto's Amazing Trade Binder!~ H: Lots of Stuff W: Modern D&T and Lists! 23111  knto
Selling Spellskite/Inquistion/Glimmervoid/Ensnaring Bridge/Mox Opal and much more! Competitive Prices! 110  DSF
Trade binder, SOI looking for Planeswalkers and Foil Shadows 198  Ahungryminotaur
looking for burn/tron pieces and other randomness have expeditions and other stuff for trade 4714  pikeer1
NEED: FOIL MERFOLK, ELDRAZI, BURN, LAND Cards HAVE: Check it out :) 12831  CTonyJab
*Update May 28th* Chainer3's Help Me Get My Foil Fetches H: PW Sets, Eternal Staples and Standard! Want: Spellskite, Foil Fetches and Your List! 1153  Chainer3
Horizon canopy expedition amd standard goodies cards priced individual or the whole lot for 325 00  avatar_of_bake
W Taiga x 2 Tropical Island x 1 H Tundra and Bayou 23  dkeigans11
H: Drana, Steel Overseers, Painter's Servant, Mostly Modern stuff. W: Godless Shrine, Sacred Foundry, Sorin Grim Nemesis, SOI 400  ShadowFenril
Trading Stuff ---------- =D Updated 5/25/2016 137  PandaPride
Trades! I have a variety cards for trade, so hit me up! 2518  Salmon_of_Doubt
Xenphire's Outer Rim Trade Post - H: Nahiri, the Harbinger, JP Shardless Agents, W: Misc. 13119  Xenphire
H: Modern/Legacy/Commander Staples W: Modern/Commander Staples 25858  Mr. FattyChubCakes
H: standard but some older stuff like swords. W: fetches filter lands or expedition Kaalia EDH 2712  Drakengod
H: Korean foil Archangel Avacyn; foil SOI singles: Korean, Japanese, German; W: noble hierarch, zendikar fetches, other 17  zhelfer0306
Lots of beta for trade! 4169  MoxMonkey00
Working on my cube. H: FOIL Olivia, mobilized for war, Kholaghans Command, Mox Opal... 3678  twitch_02
H ancestral visions modern legacy vials ravagers voices more want flusterstorm 1910  honey
Selling Modern/Legacy/Commander something for everyone come look 00  Vegas10
Selling out of standard- Fairly Large collection 00  AledM