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Title Haves Wants Author
Fiddlers Green's Trades: EDH, Modern, Standard, Whatever! 58555  Fiddlers_Green
H: Burn Staples W: Tooth and Nail Staples 00  Juto00
H: Many Alters (New ones added periodically) ; W: Any Trades 2438  sage_green
Selling NM (face) / SP (back) Unlimited Mox Emerald. Pictures provided. $850 OBO 10  Ooms Farlow
H: MM2017 (Goyf, FOIL Cavern, fetches); W: Merfolk 00  HagraSharpshooter
H: MM3 Misty, Arid, Judge Basics, Modern Foils, Gearhulks W: 3x Brushland (Priority), 4x MM3 Cavern Of Souls 3419  FreeRoaming
Please help me get rid of my excess Magic cards! 42411  Dr. Shades
Completing Set Collection 258191  SengirHellLord
Want Mostly Modern! 133840  chaos021
Have: Modern Masters / Want: Modern 3611  butterbps
W: Cube H:Modern and EDH staples 88124  dementia55372
The Postmortem Lounge (H: Modern Randoms, W: Cube Promos) 6046  FuneralofGod
H: Rod Fetches N: Verdant Catacombs 72  krimsonviper
W: EDH, Modern Fae. H: Standard, Legend of Zelda Cards, Pokemon. 20225  AValkyrie
Trading: W: Wooded Foothills, Stomping Grounds, Cinder Glade H: Commander & Modern 327  Dee_Badger
Rhazzer's Trading Card List! W: FOIL Snapcasters!(Updated 3/25) 290130  RHAZZERCOM
NerdPop's Thread W: Korean Shocks/Fetches 30343  NerdPop140
NEED: FOIL MERFOLK, LAND, TITANSHIFT Have: Modern, Standard, NOBLES, Check it out :) 13816  CTonyJab
H: MM17 and Gearhulks W: MM17 Fetchlands 24419  dwchang
I Finally Created My List! Woot! 3621  yousmelllikeapumpkin
H: Legacy, Modern W: Cards from Modern Masters 2017 + Legacy 6037  whoareyoupeople
working on a pack to power and need some help (big update 3/06) 0239  looshkin
PJ's Trade Thread - New updates ! 9611  PJ I
My Rares, Non-Rare Value, and Non-Rare Foils 50713  MyNameBurns
H: Tons! Master Transmuter! Surgical Extraction! Leyline of the Void W:EDH and your List! 20550  hansenation