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Title Haves Wants Author
working on a pack to power and need some help (updated 1/15) 0239  looshkin
H: Assorted Goods W:EDH Planewalkers All sorts of Goodies 00  SCE1995
Selling Modern - Noble H, Lili, Snaps, Lands ~10% below lowest on TCG 00  BreakfastPrincess
H: A bit of everything. W: RPTQ Snapcaster Mages and some other stuff 10840  Vault756
Want: LoTV, Misty Rainforest, Foil Fatal Push Have: Force of Will, Chalice of the Void 356  Luke Bishop
Selling Modern/Standard Singles @ 15% Off TCG Market Price!!! 2160  rdennis81
Trading For Modern/Standard Cards!!! 25212  rdennis81
NEED: FOIL MERFOLK, LAND, LEGACY D&T Have: Modern, Standard, NOBLES, Check it out :) 11725  CTonyJab
Welcome to the Bazaar of Wonders 26378  Incanur
Selling a Bayou and Volcanic Island for under TCGP low. 50  eflin
Looking for Thoughtseize/Inquisition 3019  chaosjace
Sale Lot of Cards Sylvan Library, Foil Thing in Ice $120 NA shipping 450  zacharyp
H: Expeditions, Modern Foils, Misc. W: 4x Fatal Push, Liliana, the Last Hope, Modern Jund 3938  FreeRoaming
1000+ itrader Haves Updated!! ensnaring Bridge/gilded drakes/good older edh cards W:Aether Revolt/C16/Kaladesh/C15/FTV LORE /Foil Slivers//Promos 00  El Nino
H: Affinity/Pact/Vials W: U Tron 98  Torrito
Want Mostly Modern! 137660  chaos021
Modern & EDH Randomness - Offers Welcome!!! 180  chaos021
Have Kaladesh, Survival, Foil Kira, and More! Want foil pieces for Zur EDH, and other EDH foils! 108103  The__Business
Need Bobs, have Everything, updated December 26th 01  jace19
H: Modern Staples / Standard W: Randoms! 4017  Festivus
H: Modern Staples, Snapcaster, Scapeshift, Cryptic Command, Kaladesh W: Mox Opal, Modern, EDH, Zedruu 1523  NickC1013
Where to get Russian singles? Here! 00  Oddus
W:Shardless BUG, EDH, Pauper, Abzan Company. H: Standard, Modern and EDH 23343  BeingFrank
H: Masterpiece Bridge, Masterpiece Duplicant, FOW, Jace, Crypt, and some Aether Revolt! W: Legacy D&T, your list 00  Tokoi
H ancestral visions modern legacy vials ravagers voices more want flusterstorm 188  honey