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Title Haves Wants Author
Large Update Wants and Haves 688  krash369
Trading Down Fetches, SoBM, Death Baron, etc. for Bulk Rares and Foils 4363  StoneyGiant
Looking for EDH foils! Have Modern, Legacy, and more! 2825  The__Business
H:Plateau, Ugin, modern/standard staples W: Scrubland, assorted EDH cards 00  Feyd
FS: Complete Legacy Death and Taxes deck with SB 00  bosoxdave
H: Standard, Modern, Legacy W:Standard, Modern staples 11215  BarlsCharkley
Old Mans New Hut - Foil Bitterblossoms 2036  LychenTemplar
H: Standard, Modern, EDH, Etc. W: EDH, etc. Variety on both sides! 8321  lechgame
Want to trade? I have alot and want alot!! I Also Give the Best Deals For Your Bulk!! 546110  WyteMic
Want: KTK fetchs and foil goodies for my elf deck. Have: Stuff :) 00  Heresy19
Sell Russian Foil and Regular (Legacy, Modern, Sandart) 00  Yawmagoth
Selling: Foil Finks, Blightsteel, Pact of Negation and a bunch more take a look! HUGE Discounts, 20% off TCG at least! Great Lot Price! 00  WyteMic
Back after a long time. Need: Khans fetches. Have: Monastery Mentor, Siege Rhino, Thunderbreak Regent 155  keldonlance
Spectre's Secret Shop 00  Spectre_06
Please help me get rid of my excess Magic cards. 38820  Dr. Shades
Drax is done! H: Linvala, Tarn, Misty, and more! 00  Pubmaster Drax
H: Modern Masters Sword of Fire and Ice, Mana Drain, FTV Tops W: Foil Ugin, Foil Snow-Covered Plains, Oboro and More! 4911  moxruby
Help me finish my cube! 54141  BZ Gunshot
H: EDH Singles W: EDH Singles, lists, Arena Promo Basics 9323  osimonds
Have Foils // Want Foils 35010  v0rac10u5
Looking for EDH, Come take a look. 20720  the_morphling_916
HAVES: Full-Art Alters, Modern, Legacy, EDH | WANTS: Modern & Legacy 31735  Skittles_The_Blight_Dragon
H: Standard W: Modern Staples, Standard 12211  Chiodos100
Have: Legacy/Modern (no junk listed here). Want: khans fetches, FoW, Thalia, green stompy & NyxWave 5441  D00msday
Jackad7's Trade Thread W: Lists/Avatar/DTK Anafenza/Lots 5225  jackad7