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Title Haves Wants Author
Working on my cube. and Modern Elves. Kaladesh update 4289  twitch_02
Updated Sales List : All Formats, Tundra, Slivers, Elves, Staples, Cube, Commander etc.. 00  Vegas10
Legacy, Vintage, Modern, Standard, Foils -- SALE! -- Kaladesh update! 130  fallen_01
Have: Legacy, Vintage, Modern, Foils, Artist Proofs -- Want: Standard Stuff 468  fallen_01
NEED: FOIL MERFOLK, AFFINITY, JUND, LAND Cards HAVE: Check it out :) 13538  CTonyJab
Want: Foil Fetches, Modern Staples, Your List, ECT Have: Lion's Eye Diamond, Foils, and more. 7213  OOD SIGMA
Looking for Modern Deck needs plus foil EDH cards. Have a bit of everything 00  ray92688
Have: Goyf, Canopy, Catacombs. Want: Modern Dredge 00  Alpalbp
Trades! I have a variety cards for trade, so hit me up! 3514  Salmon_of_Doubt
Have Snapcaster Mage, Wasteland, Linvala, Taiga, and more! Want foil Mana Crypts, EMN foils, Kaladesh Inventions, and other EDH foils! 108109  The__Business
Completing sets & trading video game collection 327223  SengirHellLord
H: variety w: standard 00  BladeMasta220
Have: Foils // Want: Foils 033  v0rac10u5
Want Mostly Modern! 124948  chaos021
Modern & EDH Randomness - Offers Welcome!!! 150  chaos021
(H: Standard, Eternal, W: EDH) My FOIL Nahiri, the Harbinger for your 3x Nahiri, the Harbinger - Outcry's Trades 64  Outcryqq
975+ itrader H: Eternal Masters + original versions of Eternal Masters cards + Foil Library W:Conspiracy 2/ EM/C15/Origins//FTV /Foil Slivers//Promos 00  El Nino
Iplaywhite's Trade Binder- Stuff 18615  Iplaywhite
silentji's Trading Post - W: Your List 73220  silentji
Trading For Modern/Standard Cards!!! 22311  rdennis81
Selling Modern/Standard Singles! 1890  rdennis81
H: Angel's Grace, Conflagrat Foil Conflagrate, T&N, Steel Overseers, Mostly Modern stuff. W: Tamiyo, Field Re, SOI Duels, EMA, Walkers, Conspiracy 2 390  ShadowFenril
Please help me get rid of my excess Magic cards! 26068  Dr. Shades
Fiddlers Green's Trades: EDH, Modern, Standard, Whatever! 46846  Fiddlers_Green
Trades list *Update 8/18/16 1377  deathofasaint