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H:MM17 W:Stuff for Cube 3970  jayman1524
W: Commander, Standard. H: Standard, Amonkhet and Worship Invocation. 33612  AValkyrie
Trade List 36185  BolasMindslave99
NerdPop's Thread W: Korean Shocks/Fetches 34996  NerdPop140
Want Mostly Modern! 137043  chaos021
Trade Thread of Schtuff. Come one! Come all! 1060  akarih
Want: Modern, Legacy, APAC and EURO Lands Have: Lion's Eye Diamond, and more. 4912  OOD SIGMA
H: MM3 Arid, Judge Basics, Modern Foils, Gearhulks W: 1x Rest in Peace, 1x RtR Hallowed Fountain, Bant Eldrazi Side Board 3113  FreeRoaming
Have: Hazoret, Foil Saheeli, Foil Gideon, Simian Spirit Guide, Want: Flip Jace, Scalding Tarn, Torrential 318  Snowmonstr
Want: Modern control pieces Have: Legacy/Modern 00  anorgaasmicdeath
dLancer's Sell thread (Added some Amonkhet 3330  dLANCER
H: Judge Foils, W: Expeditions, Inventions, SDCC promos 2883  szwanger
H: Prerelease Amonkhet and Gearhulks W: Fetch/Shocklands 25017  dwchang
Looking for Grindstone/Reanimate/Griselbrand 29228  chaosjace
1025+ itrader Haves Updated!! through the breach foil/older edh cards W:MM3/Aether Revolt/C16//C15/FTV LORE /Foil Sliver/Promos 00  El Nino
NanoTheGreat's trades and sales thread 544  nanothegreat
Selling NM (face) / SP (back) Unlimited Mox Emerald. Pictures provided. $850 OBO 10  Ooms Farlow
PJ's Trade Thread - Looking to get into modern. Need Affinity pieces. 9411  PJ I
Please help me get rid of my excess Magic cards! 3996  Dr. Shades
H:Verdant Catacombs, Protean Hulk, Conflagrates, T&N, Steel Overseers, Mostly Modern stuff. W: Aetherworks Marvel, Paradox Engine, KLD Fastlands 340  ShadowFenril
Some modern cards for sale! 20  Rakthen
WANT: Zombie and Red Artifact EDH stuff 26211  Mollusk
Fiddlers Green's Trades: EDH, Modern, Standard, Whatever! 60156  Fiddlers_Green
Rhazzer's Trading Card List! W: FOIL Snapcasters!(Updated 3/28) 370147  RHAZZERCOM
H: Large Modern and Legacy Collection W: Expeditions, Inventions, Invocations, Judge Promos, and Foils for my Cube!!!! (Updated with Amonkhet Wants) 917237  Element2112