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Title Haves Wants Author
2 liliana of the last hope $75 shipped foil mana crypt $120 shipped 00  avatar_of_bake
Trading For Modern/Standard Cards & Selling Modern Masters 2013 Booster Boxes!!! 2007  rdennis81
Selling a few Modern staples - Liliana, foil Karn, Judge Sword Fire & Ice, Flooded Strands, promo Paths, etc. 00  bktanner
Selling high end Legacy and Vintage staples. Tabernacle, Duals, LED, FOW, Grim Monoliths, Mana Drain, and More. 00  mm1983
Lots of Standard (Looking for a sale, trade for edh or otherwise) 00  JamesPrzytul
H: Force of Will, Noble Hierarch, Kitchen Finks, Chord of Calling W: Rishadan Port, Cavern of Souls 252  allengreer32
H: Eldritch Moon W: Imperial Painter & Fetch/Shocklands 23420  dwchang
Looking for Force of Will (EM) 00  yacozaragoza
Have Legacy, Modern, Standard, Need Legacy Cards 42042  Rayzer730
975+ itrader H: Eternal Masters + original versions of Eternal Masters cards + Foil Library W:Conspiracy 2/ EM/C15/Origins//FTV /Foil Slivers//Promos 00  El Nino
Tapped Out's Ultra/Mega/Awesome/Extreme Trade Thread! (HUGE PAUPER HAVES/WANTS!!!) 432183  Tapped Out
H: Foil Fetches, Foil Toxic Deluge, Spell Queller W: FNM Terminates, Foil Thought Scour, Foil Gurmag Angler and More! 1418  moxruby
Eternal Masters, Legacy, Vintage, Modern, Foils -- SALE! -- Come take a look! 150  fallen_01
Have: Legacy, Vintage, Modern, Foils, Artist Proofs -- Want: Standard Stuff 468  fallen_01
Small lot for $350 OR BEST OFFER. 00  Rabid Wo1f
H: standard, Modern & Legacy, EDH want: legacy D&T, gideon ally 1878  fourtwenty
Iplaywhite's Trade Binder- Need to finish modern deck 1916  Iplaywhite
silentji's Trading Post - W: Your List 76016  silentji
NEED: FOIL MERFOLK, AFFINITY, JUND, LAND Cards HAVE: Check it out :) 18933  CTonyJab
Tons of Eldritch Moon + Staples of every format! 1186  butterbps
Want Mostly Modern! 124149  chaos021
Modern & EDH Randomness - Offers Welcome!!! 120  chaos021
A Whole Lot of Goodies Inside! Modern/ Legacy/ Edh Foils 00  TheGamingPort
Where to get Russian singles? Here! 00  Oddus