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NanoTheGreat's trades and sales thread 544  nanothegreat
NEED: FOIL MERFOLK, FOIL SCAPESHIFT, LAND Have: Modern, Standard, Check it out :) 3519  CTonyJab
H: Prerelease Amonkhet and Gearhulks W: Fetch/Shocklands 25017  dwchang
Looking for Miracles, Grove, Mardu. Have Standard and Modern 3616  Shriez
H: Judge Foils, W: Expeditions, Inventions, SDCC promos 2885  szwanger
Selling NM (face) / SP (back) Unlimited Mox Emerald. Pictures provided. $850 OBO 10  Ooms Farlow
Fiddlers Green's Trades: EDH, Modern, Standard, Whatever! 59856  Fiddlers_Green
H: Mostly Alters (Anafenza added4/13) ; W: Any Trades 2146  sage_green
Trade List 30280  BolasMindslave99
Want Mostly Modern! 136642  chaos021
NerdPop's Thread W: Korean Shocks/Fetches 335100  NerdPop140
Have Modern and Standard. Looking for random foils 7816  Rakthen
Some modern cards for sale! 30  Rakthen
H: Legacy, Modern W: Cards from Modern Masters 2017 + Legacy 6127  whoareyoupeople
dLancer's Sell thread (Added Lands, Rector, otherjunk 3250  dLANCER
H: Legacy,Modern W: Random 25215  Parax
Blade's Trades 00  BladeMasta220
H: std, modern & eternal, W: walking ballista, fatal push, std, modern & eternal 20910  fourtwenty
H: Large Modern and Legacy Collection W: Expeditions, Inventions, Invocations, Judge Promos, and Foils for my Cube!!!! (Updated with Amonkhet Wants) 918268  Element2112
Welcome to the Bazaar of Wonders 26755  Incanur
PJ's Trade Thread - New updates ! 9511  PJ I
H:MM17 W:Stuff for Cube 4181  jayman1524
Trading: H:Modern & EDH! W: Prismatic Omen, Summoner Pact & Modern Staples 5312  Dee_Badger
W: Misty Rainforest H: Marsh Flats, SCAPESHIFT, AND MORE! 14511  SporeSpawn
My Rares, Non-Rare Value, and Non-Rare Foils 50413  MyNameBurns