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Title Haves Wants Author
Trade list, check it out! 9612  el_snoope
Selling Modern/Legacy/Commander something for everyone come look 00  Vegas10
H: Standard, Modern, EDH, Etc. W: EDH, etc. Variety on both sides! 8219  lechgame
Trade Binder 30448  darthnuch
H: Snapcasters, Ancestral Vision, Modern W: Kaalia, Serra's Sanctum, Grim Monolith 2812  RetroRobot
Please help me get rid of my excess Magic cards! 36417  Dr. Shades
have: standard, modern, FTV angels want: standard, modern, EDH 28757  bfrie
For sale: led, infernal tutor, foils 50  bfrie
Trading for EDH 17379  Incanur
H: Standard, some Modern W: Cards to finish decks (Std and Modern) Updated 5/1/16 6510  Tordeck
Sale: Book Jace, Japanese foil Marsh flats, shocks, fetches and EDH Foils! 420  Grimalkin
H: Alphabetized list! | W: Random stuff 12951  GCNDAN3702
For Sale: Jace Vryn's Prodigys, Expeditions, Foil Birds of Paradise, Ugin, TITIs, and other cool stuff. Low prices. I ship daily! 00  Smgbad
Trades! I have a variety cards for trade, so hit me up! 205  Salmon_of_Doubt
~Modern, EDH, Standard & Legacy Staples~ **Updated 4/11/16 with new Big Stuff** 51925  bringerofterror
H: Shadows Over Innistrad and Snapcaster Mage W: Fetch/Shocklands 17415  dwchang
Iplaywhite's Trade Binder- Want stuff 20414  Iplaywhite
silentji's Trading Post - W: Your List 49716  silentji
Updated 5-1-16 H: Modern, Legacy, and GOYFS, W: Modern/Legacys 9830  bugmage95
W: Foil Storm Pieces 9811  bugmage95
W: Verdant Catacombs, Abzan Liege H: Modern 1012  Wheesh
H: Modern/Standard Dwarven Pony W: Zombies. Dakmor Lancer->Foreign 698132  dLANCER
H: Ancestral Vision, Jace VP, Secure the Wastes, Expeditions, PLAYMATS!, + more! W: Liliana HH, EDH Staples, vintage FBB Cards, PLAYMATS!!! 6246  Smgbad
W:Modern, misc. H: Standard, Modern and EDH 16746  BeingFrank