Selling MTG collection $2500 OBO

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I am selling my MTG collection. I have slowly lost interest over the course of the last year and don't need the vast majority of the cards I currently hold. I will post a TCGplayer list of what I have on hand with minuscule stuff unlisted. >link removed<

Also include will be Goblins VS Merfolk, cat and dragon EDH decks (both sleeved) with 7 other decks pre built all sleeved, an extra set of dragon shield sleeves and extra pro fits, over 200+ full art lands, two Stanley organizer cases, a bunch of unlisted unstable cards, and a plethora of tokens. The other EDH decks include Kaalia, Damia, Rhys the Redeemed, Kozilek 1.0, Ulasht, Purph, and Grimgrin. Everything totals to around $3800, but I'm departing with it for $2500.

I will accept Paypal as the only payment and will only ship intercontinental US or Canada. You will cover shipping (should only be $20-$30). If you would like some photos, I can provide them to you in a PM as well as any other information. I'm not breaking this up and looking to sell as a whole. Open to offers.

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