FOR SALE: Complete Ramunap Red Standard Deck w/ Sideboard, Red  Matte Dragon Shield Sleeves, and Red Ultra Pro Deck Box

Hey everyone, I am looking to pull out of the Standard format and move towards Modern and Eternal Formats. So I have a complete Ramunap Red with Sleeves and Ultra Pro Deck Box up for sale or potentially for trade for Liliana of the Veils! Below is the breakdown of the deck list and the total price!

ALL CARDS ARE IN NM/MINT CONDITION! I very rarely played this deck at all.

I will be shipping with Insurance and Tracking! Please add 2.5% to the total price if paying by Paypal Goods. The list marks at $246.19 according to TCGplayer Mid. With Sleeves and Box, the total comes out to roughly $260 total value.

Currently I am only looking for $220 SHIPPED!

Cards for Sale



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