1 for 1 UW Control for Another Deck (MTGO)

I used to play paper magic, and was able to 1 for 1 trades for other decks, I went from Kiki Chord, to 4C Scapeshift, to Esper Control. I would have much preferred to own all of those decks, but I try to keep myself on a budget. Now, I only play MTGO, but still wish to do the same thing, and trade my entire modern for another modern deck without losing any value.

I already know that I can trade my cards to a bot and get tix for them, but I lose 20% value that way, which doesn't seem worth it; I just want a new deck to play with because I've been playing lots of UW Control and would love some variety.

Please let me know if you are interested in doing this. I am interested in UR Breach and Bant Counters Company the most, but will consider anything that is close in price to my deck. I would be willing to trade the difference in tix between the two decks if the one I'm receiving is worth more tix.

Per the Market Street forum rules, you may not solicit for the purchase/sale/exchange of items that you do not physically own and/or not currently released. Warning issued. -Duxx



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