LF: Sword of Fire and Ice Masterpiece/Containment priest Inocation. Have: Badlands, LoTV, Fetches, Staples

Right now only looking for a Sword of Fire and Ice masterpiece. Typical trade rules apply.

Haves list is currently in progress. Only got the major things posted now. Cards are NM unless specified

EDIT: also looking for containment priest



Bigger Stuff:
Badlands (MP Revised)
Liliana of the Veil [MM3]
Vampiric Tutor [EMA]
Vendilion Clique [Morningtide, MP]
Darkslick Shores 2x
Sword of Fire and Ice [Modern Masters]
Dark Confidant [Ravnica]
Tons of Fetches (1 of each MM3, 4x Delta 2x Heath and 1x of each of the other 3 ktk)
Blood crypt
Steam Vents 2x
Hallowed Fountain
Watery Grave
Godless Shrine
Reflecting Pool (CNS)
Blood Moon (mm3)
Pretty much everything for modern gifts storm
Birds of Paradise (CN2)
Kolaghan's Command
Spell Snare (mm 2x)
Countersquall 2x
TONS of Standard rares 1-5$ range
Sword of Fire and Ice [Masterpiece Series]
Containment priest [Invocation]



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