LF: Legacy D&T Foils. Have: Fetches, Modern/Legacy/CMD staples (UPDATE 11/18)

Right now only looking for the foils listed in my wish list. NM-LP only, English language, and specific version. Typical trade rules apply.

Haves list is currently in progress. Only got the major things posted now. Tons of standard + modern missing, pm and i can get you a better list. Cards are NM-LP unless specified

I am good with trading back the nonfoil version of the card.




Bigger Stuff:
Aether Vial 1x (darksteel)
Vendilion Clique [Morningtide, MP]
Darkslick Shores 2x
Karakas (ema)
Sword of Fire and Ice [Modern Masters]
Scalding Tarn (mm3)
Verdant Catacombs (mm3)
windswept Heath (ktk) 2x
Bloodstained mire (ktk)
Blood crypt
Steam Vents 3x
Hallowed Fountain
Watery Grave
Godless Shrine
Static Orb Masterpiece
Black vise masterpiece
Reflecting Pool (CNS)
Pretty much everything for modern gifts storm
Birds of Paradise (CN2)
Spell Snare (mm 2x)
Countersquall 2x
Metalworker (played)
Azusa, Lost but seeking
Time Spiral (Played)
Wheel of Fortune (HP)
thalia, guardian of thraben 1x pending
Exploration CNS
gisela (eldrich moon)
spirebluff canal
Supreme verdict rtr
Kiki jiki
Puphorou, God of forge
omnath, locus of mana mp
Misc. cards from Alesha EDH, Titania EDH, Locust God EDH. Ask and I can get a list.
TONS of BFZ-HOU rates 1-5$ range

Standard Stuff:
Glacial Fortress 1x
Dragon skull summit 1x
Irrigated Farmland 1x
Fumigate 1x nonfoil, 1x foil
gifted aetherborn 3x
heroic intervention 1x
aether hub 1x
Vance's blasting canons foil
regisaur alpha
sorcerer's spyglass 1x prerelease promo
treasure map 2x

better formating: (wip)

1x Gisela, the broken blade
1x Fumigate
2x Eldrazi displacer
2x Rest in peace
4x leonin arbiter
4x flickerwisp
2x mother of runes
4x restoration angel
4x path to exile
3x swords to plowshares
1x Sun titan
2x stony silence
1x time spiral
4x serum visions
4x sleight of hand
2x gifts ungiven
2x disallow
2x brainstorm
1x ponder
1x gitaxian probe
1x fact or fiction
1x preordain
1x jace, architect of thought
4x merchant scroll
2x remand
2x echoing truth
1x vendilion clique
1x delver of secrets
1x surgical extraction
1x anger of the gods
1x supreme verdict
2x countersquall
1x dack fayden
1x orzhov pontiff
3x Aether Vial Masterpiece
1x Karakas (EMA foil)
2x Serra Avenger (either foil version)
1x Mirran Crusader (Mirrodin foil)
2x Mother of Runes (Urza's Saga foil)
1x Swords to plowshares (ema foil)
1x Recruiter of the guard (foil)
2x Phyrexian Revoker (Mirrodin foil)
1x Horizon Canopy (expo or either pack foil works)
4x Wasteland (Expedition/player rewards promo)
1x Umezawa's Jitte (GP Promo) pending
7x Plains (Odyssey 333 foil)
4x Stoneforge Mystic (pack foil)

1x Ethersworn Canonists (either foil, prefer shards)
1x Council's Judgment (foil)
1x Surgical extraction (new phyrexia foil)
1x Pithing needle (masterpiece)
1x Sword of LaS (masterpiece)
1x Disenchant (timespiral foil)
1x Faerie Macabe (either version foil)
2x Path to exile (WPN promo)
1x Gideon, ally of zendikar (pack foil or media promo)

3x Flickerwisp (evertide foil)
4x swords to plowshares (fnm promo)
4x Rishadan port (pack foil)



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