Arex11's H/W List - Easy Modern Golgari Zombie and Rakdos Aggro Needs - Getting back into MTG!

Hey All!

I have been doing online trading for probably close to 10 years! I've had around 75+ Refs and 0- Refs on Deck-Zone for DBZ(Score TCG), 40+ or so Refs and 0- Refs when playing VS System and about another 20+ 0- Refs for WoWTCG, hopefully that will give you an indication on how I value every deal I make.

This is my trading list, I'm a player not a collector so I usually buy the singles I need, but this is stuff ive won from local tournies and random boosters ive bought here and there also...

I live in Australia so I'll send anywhere in the world!

PM Me or Leave a Post!

I am getting back into MTG, so I will trade for Un/Commons! Plus I will have to look at the new sets more to see what I want!

I hope you guys can help me out to get back into the game!




Foils/DCI's/FNM Foils:

1 Zendikar EA Forest
3 Zendikar EA Island
3 Zendikar EA Swamp
5 Zendikar EA Plains
20 Zendikar EA Mountain (#243) (I know they're not worth a great deal, but they will be tricky to get off me, but for the right offer)

Foil Lands:
Odyssey - 333/350
Onslaught - 331/350 x2, 333/350 x4
Mirrodin - 287/306
Champions of Kamigawa - 287/306, 289/306
7th - 341/350, 344/350
8th - 331/250 x2, 332/350 x2, 333/350 x3, 334/350
M11 - 231/249

Odyssey - 347/350
Onslaught - 350/350
7th - 328/350

M11 - 240/249

I also have a large amount of VS System and WOWTCG



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