LF: Ancestral Vision, Bitterblossom, Rev Duals  //  Have: Modern , EDH, Legacy, Rev Duals, etc

All cards are in NM/LP condition unless noted otherwise. If you’re looking for a particular set version and it’s not listed, just ask and I’ll let you know. Going off that point, also feel free to ask about the availability of any random EDH/lower values cards that you’re looking for and aren’t listed. I have an extensive collection and so far I’ve only had time to list cards from one of my “good stuff” binders, so I'll be continuously adding to the list. I'm more than happy to provide scans of my cards prior to finalizing a trade. If you have any cards on my Want list that aren't in LP/NM condition, I may still have an interest in them, so don't hesitate to reach out.

I've been around for a bit, but just started trading recently; I have no problem sending first there's a large disparity in amount of feedback. Anything valued >$25 is shipped via USPS in a bubble mailer w/ tracking. I ask that you do the same, but it's not necessary. Shipping is limited to the continental U.S. Obviously, dealing with duals online can be tricky, so I'm willing to work with a mod or another third party to act as an intermediate if deemed necessary. I'm only looking to trade my duals for other duals; currently, Savannah & Bayou are at the top of my list.

Please PM me with any trade offers/questions and I'll do my best to provide a timely response. Thanks for looking!



**Love to look at trade lists! Always looking for Urza's reserved list cards, fetches, filter lands, expeditions/masterpieces, & various sealed product.



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