Looking for Some Funds for Vegas 2017, S: Modern n EDH Wants!

Hello and welcome to my sale thread. Here's my rules for trading:

1: I will not trade/sale outside of the US.
2: I will send after payment has been confirmed through PayPal.
3: Sales are final once your address is exchanged.
4: Please private message me if you're interested in a trade/sale or would like to know the individual price of a card, I'd be willing to sell at.
5: I reserve the right to pass on any trades/sales.
6: I ship from California.
7: All shipments are sent with confirmation.
8: All cards are double sleeved (Perfect Fit + Top Loader)

Cards for Sale

Snapcaster Mage x1 ($40.00)
Scalding Tarns x2 ($45.00 EA)
Mana Crypt x1 ($50.00)
Polluted Delta x2 ($15.00 EA)
Bloodstained Mire x2 ($12.00 EA)
Blood Crypt x1 ($10.00)
Steam Vents x1 ($10.00)
Watery Grave x1 ($10.00)
Doubling Season x1 ($50.00)
Goblin Guide (Foil) x1 ($20.00)

Take the Lot for $325.00

I also have some standard cards if interested:
Amonkhet Gods
BFZ Dual Lands



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