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Since I am new to the site I am willing to ship first to any other person who has a lot of good feedback.

Also Since I am new I am still getting used to how this works. I am not sure how to make the proper card versions show up. As we work out trades if you are concerned about version and we can sort that out. Also I will try to remember to point this out on each trade before finalizing it.

I am seeking commons/uncommons to build some casual pauper decks. The commons that are above $2 I will give full value in trade towards. The commons under $2 I am only offering 50% of their value in trade, unless the stuff you are asking for from me is also worth less than $2. I.E. if you ask for some jank rare or common worth $.75 and offering a common worth .75 that is a fine trade. What I am not willing to do is a $10 trendy rare for a pile of commons worth $10. My reasoning on this is that the vast majority of traders I do not believe will ever give you a chance to out what most would consider bulk commons.

I.E. I think even giving you 50% value on your commons is better than your going to find most places. Having said that just make me an offer and we can go from there. I am willing to negotiate. I go by tcgplayer pricing. Feel free to ask me questions or make offers or even just randomly say hi if you like. If I have something you want, but you do not have what I want just make me an offer anyway if you feel like it.

my cards are mostly between played and NM condition. I'm not too concerned about condition and not interested in players who are really intense about card condition. I am fine answering questions on anything or even emailing some pictures on card condition for more valuable stuff.





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