Selling lightly played singles

New to this and was recommended by a friend that this was the best site
Shipping out of Dallas, TX
Shipping not included in prices
Will ship in protective plastic sleeves and in envelope
Paypal preferred payment
All cards Lightly Played
Prices are negotiable (all prices reflect US dollar amount)
If you want a scan or picture just ask
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please PM me directly or leave a comment/reply

Cards for Sale

1x Brushland [Ice Age] $8.00
1x Disharmony [Legends] $8.00
1x Firestorm Phoenix [Legends] $4.00
1x Ball Lightning [The Dark] $1.00
1x Goblin Wizard [The Dark] $8.00
1x Arboria [Legends] $5.00
1x Lotus Vale [Weatherlight] $5.00
1x Rainbow Vale [Fallen Empires] $1.00
1x Nicol Bolas [Chronicles] $1.00
1x Thousand-Year Elixir [Lorwyn] $3.00



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