I would like to buy a Crucible of Worlds

Hi! Long time player/collector from Ohio! I am currently looking to BUY the following cards listed below. Here are my guidelines!

1. I pay via PayPal. I will happily pay first if we have dealt or if you have some credible feedback. If you are new here, I ask you to ship first, then I will happily send PayPal. I only pay using regular PayPal.
2. I only buy/sell/trade in the United States. Sorry to all of the great international traders.
3. When I list a buy price, that price includes shipping. Same with when I sell- my prices include shipping.
4. I am happy to negotiate on both my buy and sell prices!
5. Please PM, it makes the whole process faster!
6. Be polite, and have fun!

Cards for Sale

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1x Crucible of Worlds. Edition doesn't matter. Will pay 42 for a decent condition one, will buy HP ones at a lower price.



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