Some Big Updates!

Hey there!
A few people have asked for my list, and here it is. I don't have a lot of good stuff, but I want quite a bit.
Low refs ships first.
US Only. Please.
I don't know the prices of some of the things I want but will confirm prices when trading. I use TCG median.
I'd prefer PMing me for privacy reasons.
All my cards are near mint.
I apologize if the formatting gets screwed up; this is my first time creating a list and I'm not so familiar with this kind of trading.
For Modern, I don't mind what set the cards are from.
I won't pay cash for cards, but I will accept cash for my cards. I'm trying to invest some money into 6 packs of MM17 so I can draft with my best friend.
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Other random uncommons
[*]2x Torrential Gearhulk [Kaladesh]
[*]4x Choked Estuary [Shadows Over Innistrad]
[*]1x Blighted Fen [Battle for Zendikar]
[*]2x Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet [Oath of the Gatewatch]
[*]1x Confirm Suspicions [Shadows Over Innistrad]

[*]4x Swans of Bryn Argoll [Modern Masters 2015 Edition]
[*]2x Lightning Bolt [Modern Masters 2015 Edition]
[*]1x Serum Visions [Modern Masters 2017]
[*]4x Treasure Hunt [Worldwake]
[*]3x Anger of the Gods [Theros]
[*]1x Day's Undoing [Magic Origins]
[*]3x Molten Vortex [Magic Origins]
[*]4x Seismic Assault [Tenth Edition]
[*]4x Shivan Reef [Magic Origins]
[*]1x Steam Vents [Return to Ravnica]
[*]4x Swiftwater Cliffs [Fate Reforged]
[*]4x Temple of Epiphany [Journey Into Nyx]
[*]1x Wandering Fumarole [Oath of the Gatewatch]
[*]2x Tormod's Crypt [Magic 2015 (M15)]
[*]1x Rending Volley [Dragons of Tarkir]
[*]2x Spell Pierce [Modern Masters 2017]
[*]3x Smash to Smithereens [Magic Origins]
[*]1x Laboratory Maniac [Innistrad]

[*]1x Bruna, the Fading Light foil [Eldritch Moon]
[*]1x Sanctum Prelate [Conspiracy: Take the Crown]

Anything you have on here:

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