W: Non-English Meren of Clan Nel Toth H: TONS O' STUFF

I currently live in the Phoenix Arizona area and I've traded before online through various MTG Facebook groups, everything has gone well so I decided to make an account here in search for the card(s) that I want.

I am specifically looking for Non-English Meren of Clan Nel Toth (Chinese Simplified, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish), I'd prefer the German one to be honest but eh, I'm not too picky in this and I'm looking to pick up multiples so YAY! I use TCG mid / common sense for trade value, especially given the languages that she was printed in....(I really wish there was a Russian and Korean one but nooooope, WOTC just couldn't do it...)

I know I have zero references through here so I will more than likely be shipping first and I ALWAYS send stuff in sleeves, toploaders, and a bubble envelops with tracking (the same is expected of you). I'm a pretty easy guy to work with so I've got that goin' for me.



I have an extensive list of cards and will update this list as time permits but for now, I'll just list these so I'm not violating any rules or what not. If there is something that you're looking for, ask away.

2x Flooded Strand [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Zur the Enchanter [Coldsnap]
100x Meren of Clan Nel Toth [Commander 2015]



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