TONS of cards from all formats

Have the following cards for sale, edition and condition listed next to the card name. If you don’t like my prices, don’t troll, make me an offer; however, I have done my best to ensure these are all at or below TCGPlayer market price per card for similar condition. I try to grade fairly harshly so for my cards in MP or HP condition I think you will hopefully be pleasantly surprised that they appear better than the condition would otherwise indicate. I am more than happy to send up close scans for any card/s you may be interested in upon request. For any/all of my cards $.50 or less, buy 4 and get a 5th of equal or lesser price for free! Shipping is $1 in PWE up to 4 cards (if you choose this option, you will not hold me liable for lost or stolen mail), or $3 for shipping in a bubble envelope with tracking. Free tracked shipping for purchases over $50, minimum purchase of at least $5 is preferred. Please pm me if you have any questions or concerns and thanks for looking!

Cards for Sale

RV Lord of Atlantis (MP-) $2.50
6E Balduvian Horde (SP-) $.25
6E Celestial Dawn (MP) $.50
6E Grinning Totem (MP) $.50
6E Illicit Auction (SP) $.75
7E Temporal Adept (SP-) $.25
7E Verduran Enchantress (MP) $.25
8E Balance of Power (SP) $.20
8E Cowardice (SP-) $.20
8E Elite Archers (SP) $.20
8E Goblin King (Spanish, SP) $1
2x 8E Larceny (1 Spanish, 1 English, SP) $.20
2x 8E Mana Clash (MP+) $.20
8E Might of Oaks (Spanish, SP) $.20
8E Noble Purpose (Spanish, SP) $.25
8E Plague Wind (Spanish, SP) $1.25
8E Plow Under (SP) $.75
8E Relentless Assault (SP-) $.25
8E Teferi’s Puzzle Box (Spanish, SP-) $4
8E Tidal Kraken (SP-) $.20
4x 8E Warped Devotion (SP-) $.20
2x 9E Beast of Burden (SP-) $.20
9E Daring Apprentice (MP) $.20
9E Force of Nature (SP) $.25
2x 9E Form of the Dragon (SP-) $.50
9E Jade Statue (SP-) $.20
2x 9E Mana Clash (SP-) $.25
5x 9E Master Healer (SP-) $.20
9E Shivan Reef (HP) $2
3x 9E Trade Routes (SP-) $.25
9E Will-o’-the-Wisp (HP) $1
3x 10E Ambassador Laquatus (SP) $.75
10E Graveborn Muse (HP) $1.50
10E Quirion Dryad (SP) $.25
10E Relentless Assault (HP) $.20
10E Sleeper Agent (SP) $.40
10E The Hive (SP-) $.20
M10 Haunting Echoes (SP) $.25
M10 Lightwielder Paladin (SP) $.25
2x M10 Mind Shatter (SP-) $.25
4x M10 Polymorph (SP-) $.50
M11 Triskelion (MP) $.25
M12 Flameblast Dragon (MP) $.25
7x M12 Lord of the Unreal (MP to SP) $.50
M12 Sorin’s Vengeance (MP) $.50
3x M12 Throne of Empires (MP) $.20
M13 Captain of the Watch (MP) $.25
2x M13 Slumbering Dragon (SP) $1
3x M13 Thundermaw Hellkite (SP) $5
4x M14 Chandra, Pyromaster (SP) $1.75
M14 Fiendslayer Paladin (MP) $1.25
M14 Silence (SP-) $.75
8x M14 Tidebinder Mage (SP) $.25
2x M15 Avacyn, Guardian Angel $.25
8x M15 Battlefield Forge (7 English, 1 Italian, SP-) $.50
4x M15 Indulgent Tormenter (SP) $.25
M15 Llanowar Wastes (SP) $.75
3x M15 Phyrexian Revoker (2 English, 1 Italian, MP) $.75
3x M15 Yavimaya Coast (SP) $1
10x Origins Animist’s Awakening (SP) $.40
Origins Battlefield Forge (Chinese, LP) $.75
Origins Caves of Koilos (SP) $.40
5x Origins Demonic Pact (SP) $1
2x Origins Exquisite Firecraft (SP) $1
5x Origins Infinite Obliteration (SP) $.25
11x Origins Jace’s Sanctum (SP-) $.25
8x Origins Knight of the White Orchid (SP-) $.75
5x Origins Languish (4 English, 1 Chinese, SP) $.90
7x Origins Managorger Hydra (MP to SP) $.75
6x Origins Sigil of the Empty Throne (SP) $.25
Origins Sword of the Animist (SP-) $1.75
6x Origins Thopter Spy Network (SP) $.50
19x Origins Tragic Arrogance (SP) $.25
3x Commander Avatar of Slaugter (SP) $3.50
Commander Brion Stoutarm (SP-) $.25
2x Commander Magus of the Vineyard (SP) $.25
3x Commander 2013 Act of Authority (SP) $.25
Commander 2013 Azami, Lady of Scrolls (SP) $.50
Commander 2013 Bane of Progress (SP) $1.25
2x Commander 2013 Blue Sun’s Zenith (SP) $.40
Commander 2013 Conjurer’s Closet (SP) $1
Commander 2013 Crawlspace (SP) $3
Commander 2013 Decree of Pain (SP) $2.50
Commander 2013 Divinity of Pride (SP) $1.75
Commander 2013 Jace’s Archivist (SP-) $.25
Commander 2013 Kher Keep (SP) $.50
Commander 2013 Mirror Entity (SP) $.75
Commander 2013 Serra Avatar (HP) $.25
6x Commander 2013 Ophiomancer (SP) $2
2x Commander 2013 Springjack Pasture (SP) $.75
2x Commander 2013 Stalking Vengeance (SP) $.25
2x Commander 2013 Sudden Demise (SP) $.50
Commander 2013 Tempt With Discovery (MP+/SP-) $2.75
2x Commander 2013 Tempt With Vengeance (SP-) $3.75
2x Commander 2013 Thousand-Year Elixir (SP) $3.50
Commander 2013 Wall of Reverence (SP) $1.75
3x Commander 2013 Well of Lost Dreams (SP) $3
2x Commander 2014 Adarkar Valkyrie (SP) $.40
Commander 2014 Black Sun’s Zenith (SP) $1.50
Commander 2014 Blasphemous Act (SP) $1
Commander 2014 Bogardan Hellkite (SP) $.40
Commander 2014 Crypt Ghast (SP) $2
3x Commander 2014 Crypt of Agadeem (SP) $.50
2x Commander 2014 Disciple of Bolas (SP) $.50
Commander 2014 Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief (SP) $.60
2x Commander 2014 Flamekin Village (SP) $.60
2x Commander 2014 Lashwrithe (SP) $.25
Commander 2014 Lifeblood Hydra (SP) $2
Commander 2014 Liliana’s Reaver (SP) $.50
Commander 2014 Lorthos, the Tidemaker (SP) $.50
2x Commander 2014 Magus of the Coffers (SP) $.50
6x Commander 2014 Martial Coup (SP) $1.25
2x Commander 2014 Mutilate (SP) $.30
Commander 2014 Myr Battlesphere (SP) $.40
6x Commander 2014 Overseer of the Damned (SP) $2
2x Commander 2014 Raving Dead (SP) $.50
2x Commander 2014 Reaper from the Abyss (SP) $.75
Commander 2014 Soul of the Harvest (SP) $.50
Commander 2014 Steel Hellkite (SP) $.50
Commander 2014 Sunblast Angel (SP) $.25
Commander 2014 Tyrant’s Familiar (SP) $.75
Commander 2014 Well of Ideas (SP) $.50
Commander 2014 Xathrid Demon (SP) $.40
3x Commander 2015 Arachnogenesis (SP) $3.50
2x Commander 2015 Blatant Thievery (SP) $.50
2x Commander 2015 Bloodspore Thrinax (SP) $4
Commander 2015 Blue Sun’s Zenith (SP) $.25
Commander 2015 Champion of Stray Souls (SP) $.50
2x Commander 2015 Dread Summons (SP) $.75
Commander 2015 Epic Experiment (SP) $.50
Commander 2015 Jace’s Archivist (SP) $.25
Commander 2015 Jarad, Lich Lord (SP) $.60
Commander 2015 Lotleth Troll (SP) $.40
Commander 2015 Mizzix’s Mastery (SP) $2
Commander 2015 Psychosis Crawler (SP) $.30
Commander 2015 Talrand, Sky Summoner (SP) $.50
Commander 2015 Urza’s Incubator (SP) $3.75
2x Conspiracy Basandra, Battle Seraph (SP) $.40
4x Conspiracy Coercive Portal (SP-) $3
Conspiracy Decimate (SP) $.60
2x Conspiracy Dimir Doppleganger (SP) $.50
2x Conspiracy Edric, Spymaster of Trest (SP) $.75
Conspiracy Grenzo, Dungeon Warden (SP) $1
Conspiracy Reya Dawnbringer (SP) $.50
2x Conspiracy Silent Arbiter (SP) $1
Eternal Masters Brago, King Eternal (SP) $.75
2x Eternal Masters Dminishing Returns (SP) $.25
Eternal Masters Duplicant (SP) $2.50
Eternal Masters Glare of Subdual (SP) $.25
Modern Masters Adarkar Valkyrie (SP) $.50
2x Modern Masters 2015 Apocalypse Hydra (SP) $.50
3x Modern Masters 2015 Banefire (SP) $.40
Modern Masters 2015 Comet Storm (SP) $.50
2x Modern Masters 2015 Inexorable Tide (SP) $2
Modern Masters 2015 Mirror Entity (SP) $.50
Modern Masters 2015 Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind (SP) $1.25
Modern Masters 2015 Scute Mob (SP) $.40
4x Modern Masters 2015 Sunforger (SP) $.40
Exodus Limited Resources (SP) $.50
3x Urza’s Destiny Apprentice Necromancer (SP) $1
Urza’s Destiny Aura Thief (SP) $2
5x Urza’s Destiny Powder Keg (MP) $.75
4x Nemesis Rising Waters (MP-) $.50
Prophecy Denying Wind (MP+) $.25
Invasion Vile Consumption (MP) $.25
Apocalypse Phyrexian Arena (MP-) $2.50
3x Torment Chainer, Dementia Master (SP) $1
Judgment Worldgorger Dragon (MP) $.75
Mirrodin Auriok Steelshaper (HP) $.50
Mirrodin Lodestone Myr (MP) $.25
2x Mirrodin Promise of Power (SP) $.25
Mirrodin Shared Fate (HP) $.25
Mirrodin Troll Ascetic (MP) $.25
Mirrodin Vedalken Archmage (SP) $1
Darksteel Arcbound Overseer (HP) $.75
Darksteel Lich’s Tomb (MP) $.25
8x Fifth Dawn All Suns’ Dawn (MP-SP) $.25
Fifth Dawn Endless Whispers (MP) $.25
Fifth Dawn Retaliate (MP) $.25
3x Fifth Dawn Roar of Reclamation (MP) $.25
Fifth Dawn Summoning Station (MP) $.50
3x Champions of Kamigawa Hisoka, Minamo Sensei (MP) $.20
Champions of Kamigawa Jushi Apprentice (SP-) $.50
3x Champions of Kamigawa Meloku, the Clouded Mirror (MP) $.25
3x Champions of Kamigawa Uba Mask (MP) $.25
Saviors of Kamigawa Masumaro, First to Live (SP) $.20
Ravnica Brightflame (MP) $.25
Ravnica Pariah’s Shield (MP) $2
2x Ravnica Sunforger (SP-) $.25
Guildpact Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind (HP) $1
Dissension Biomantic Mastery (MP) $.25
Dissension Lyzolda, the Blood Witch (SP) $.50
Dissension Ratcatcher (Hp/Damaged – binder ding) $2
Dissension Research // Development (SP-) $.50
Time Spiral Thelon of Havenwood (HP) $.25
Time Spiral Verdant Embrace (HP) $.25
3x Planar Chaos Chronozoa (SP) $1
2x Planar Chaos Wild Pair (SP-) $.75
Future Sight Nihilith (HP) $.25
2x Lorwyn Arbiter of Knollridge (SP-) $.25
9x Lorwyn Boggart Mob (HP-MP) $.30
3x Lorwyn Brigid, Hero of Kinsbale (SP) $.50
4x Cairn Wanderer (SP) $1.50
4x Lorwyn Horde of Notions (MP) $.25
2x Lorwyn Howltooth Hollow (MP) $.25
3x Lorwyn Mad Auntie (SP) $.25
2x Morningtide Boldwyr Heavyweights (MP-SP) $.25
Morningtide Lightning Crafter (SP) $2
5x Morningtide Mind Spring (SP) $.25
2x Shadowmoor Knacksaw Clique (SP) $.75
Shadowmoor Mass Calcify (SP) $.25
Shadowmoor Midnight Banshee (MP) $.50
Shadowmoor Puca’s Mischief (SP) $2
Eventide Hateflayer (MP) $.25
2x Eventide Light from Within (SP) $1.50
Eventide Thunderblust (MP) $.25
3x Shards of Alara Battlegrace Angel (HP) $.25
Shards of Alara Cradle of Vitality (MP) $.50
3x Shards of Alara Cunning Lethemancer (MP) $.25
2x Shards of Alara Feral Hydra (1 HP, 1 SP) $.75, $1
3x Shards of Alara Hell’s Thunder (SP) $.50
Shards of Alara Immortal Coil (SP+) $.20
3x Shards of Alara Memory Erosion (SP) $1.50
Shards of Alara Predator Dragon (SP) $.50
2x Shards of Alara Quietus Spike (SP) $2.50
4x Shards of Alara Salvage Titan (HP) $.20
2x Shards of Alara Scourglass (MP) $4.50
Shards of Alara Sigil of Distinction (SP) $.25
Shards of Alara Spearbreaker Behemoth (SP) $1.50
Conflux Kederekt Parasite (SP) $1.50
Conflux Martial Coup (HP) $1
3x Conflux Meglonoth (SP) $.50
Conflux Obelisk of Alara (SP) $.50
2x Conflux Sphinx Summoner (SP) $1
Alara Reborn Aven Mimeomancer (MP) $.25
Alara Reborn Enigma Sphinx (SP) $.25
2x Alara Reborn Knight of New Alara (MP-SP) $.50
3x Alara Reborn Lightning Reaver (HP-MP) $.25
6x Alara Reborn Mycoid Sheperd (SP) $.25
3x Alara Reborn Spellbound Dragon (MP-SP) $.50
Alara Reborn Unscythe, Killer of Kings (SP) $1
Zendikar Elemental Appeal (SP) $.25
Zendikar Hellkite Charger (MP) $.20
4x Zendikar Malakir Bloodwitch (MP-SP) $.75
Zendikar Oran-Rief, the Vastwood (SP) $.75
Zendikar Roil Elemental (SP) $.50
3x Zendikar Scute Mob (SP) $.60
Zendikar Terra Stomper (SP) $.25
5x Worldwake Bazaar Trader (MP) $.25
5x Worldwake Jwari Shapeshifter (SP) $1.25
2x Worldwake Kazuul, Tyrant of Cliffs (SP) $.50
2x Worldwake Quest for the Nihil Stone (SP) $.50
2x Worldwake Quest for Ula’s Temple (MP) $.75
Rise of the Eldrazi Deathless Angel (HP) $1
Rise of the Eldrazi Hedron Matrix (SP) $.25
2x Rise of the Eldrazi Lighthouse Chronologist $9
4x Rise of the Eldrazi Lord of Shatterskull Pass (SP) $.50
Rise of the Eldrazi Lightmine Field (HP) $.50
2x Rise of the Eldrazi Recurring Insight (SP) $.75
Scars of Mirrodin Contagion Engine (HP) $6.50
3x Scars of Mirrodin Darksteel Juggernaut (SP) $.75
2x Scars of Mirrodin Dissipation Field (SP) $.50
3x Scars of Mirrodin Hand of the Praetors (MP-SP) $1
3x Scars of Mirrodin Inexorable Tide (MP-SP) $1
7x Scars of Mirrodin Myr Battlesphere (SP) $.40
2x Scars of Mirrodin Myr Resevoir (SP) $.25
Scars of Mirrodin Nim Deathmantle (SP) $4.50
Scars of Mirrodin Painful Quandary (SP) $2.25
Scars of Mirrodin Shape Anew (SP) $.25
3x Scars of Mirrodin Steel Hellkite (MP) $.50
3x Scars of Mirrodin Sunblast Angel (SP) $.25
Scars of Mirrodin True Conviction (MP) $1
GERMAN Scars of Mirrodin Venser’s Journal (MP-SP) $2
Mirrodin Beseiged Creeping Corrosion (SP-) $1
3x Mirrodin Beseiged Cryptoplasm (MP-SP) $.50
8x Mirrodin Beseiged Decimator Web (SP) $.25
Mirrodin Beseiged Hero of Oxid Ridge (SP) $.50
Mirrodin Beseiged Mirrorworks (HP) $1.50
3x Mirrodin Beseiged Myr Turbine (SP) $1.25
4x Mirrodin Beseiged Phyrexian Hydra (SP) $.25
2x Mirrodin Beseiged Psychosis Crawler (SP) $.25
3x Mirrodin Beseiged Red Sun’s Zenith (SP) $.25
4x Mirrodin Beseigned Sangromancer (MP-SP) $.50
4x Mirrodin Beseigned Shimmer Myr (SP) $.75
3x Mirrodin Beseiged Titan Forge (SP) $.25
6x New Phyrexia Chancellor of the Dross (SP) $.25
5x New Phyrexia Chancellor of the Forge (SP) $.25
2x New Phyrexia Chancellor of the Spires (MP-SP) $.25
5x New Phyrexia Chancellor of the Tangle (MP-SP) $.25
5x New Phyrexia Hex Parasite (MP-SP) $.25
9x New Phyrexia Lashwrithe (SP) $.25
2x New Phyrexia Norn’s Annex (SP-) $2.50
6x New Phyrexia Phyrexian Swarmlord (MP-SP) $.30
Innistrad Army of the Damned (MP) $1
Innistrad Champion of the Parish (SP) $1.50
2x Innistrad Endless Ranks of the Dead (SP) $3
11x Innistrad Evil Twin (SP) $.25
3x Innistrad Geist of Saint Traft (SP) $6
3x Innistrad Instigator Gang (MP-SP) $.50
3x Innistrad Kessig Wolf Run (MP-SP) $1.50
5x Innistrad Kruin Outlaw (SP) $1
5x Innistrad Moorland Haunt (SP) $.25
6x Innistrad Nephalia Drownyard (MP-SP) $.25
4x Innistrad Nevermore (SP) $.50
7x Innistrad Rooftop Storm (SP) $.75
Innistrad Skaab Ruinator (SP-) $.50
7x Innistrad Splinterfright (MP-SP) $.25
3x Innistrad Stromkirk Noble (SP) $.30
5x Innistrad Undead Alchemist (SP-) $.50
Dark Ascension Elbrus, the Binding Blade (SP) $2.50
Dark Ascension Helvault (SP) $.50
3x Dark Ascension Markov Blademaster (SP) $.50
3x Dark Ascension Mondronen Shaman (SP) $.25
Dark Ascension Thalia, Guardian of Thraben (MP) $6
Dark Ascension Thraben Doomsayer (SP) $.50
5x Dark Ascension Wolfbitten Captive (SP) $.50
Dark Ascension Zombie Apocalypse (SP) $.75
4x Avacyn Restored Bruna, Light of Alabaster (SP) $1.25
4x Avacyn Restored Burn at the Stake (SP) $.20
7x Avacyn Restored Cathars’ Crusade (SP) $.75
9x Avacyn Restored Champion of Lambholt (SP) $1
2x Avacyn Restored Conjurer’s Closet (SP-) $.75
Avacyn Restored Dark Imposter (SP) $.50
2x Avacyn Restored Descendants’ Path (SP) $1.50
Avacyn Restored Desolate Lighthouse (SP) $.50
3x Avacyn Restored Druids’ Repository (SP) $.25
3x Avacyn Restored Harvester of Souls (SP) $.20
10x Avacyn Restored Killing Wave (SP) $.75
4x Avacyn Restored SIlverblade Paladin (SP-) $.25
Avacyn Restored Somberwald Sage (MP) $.50
3x Avacyn Restored Ulvenwald Tracker (SP) $.25
4x Avacyn Restored Wolfir SIlverheart (SP-) $.25
2x Avacyn Restored Zealous Conscripts (SP) $.50
7x Return to Ravnica Angel of Serenity (SP) $1
2x Return to Ravnica Armada Wurm (SP-) $.50
4x Return to Ravnica Blood Crypt (SP) $6
11x Return to Ravnica Corpsejack Menace (MP-SP) $.25
30x Return to Ravnica Deathrite Shaman (MP-SP) $2.50, $3
6x Return to Ravnica Detention Sphere (SP-) $.75
6x Return to Ravnica Grave Betrayal (SP) $.75
9x Return to Ravnica Growing Ranks (SP) $.50
6x Return to Ravnica Isperia, Supreme Judge (SP) $.50
Return to Ravnica Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord (SP) $.50
5x Return to Ravnica Loxodon Smiter (SP-) $.75
Return to Ravnica Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius (SP) $1
Return to Ravnica Overgrown Tomb (SP, Artist Signed) $6.50
8x Return to Ravnica Precinct Captain (SP) $.25
Return to Ravnica Rakdos, Lord of Riots (SP) $1.75
5x Return to Ravnica Supreme Verdict (SP-) $3.75
Gatecrash Assemble the Legion (SP) $1.50
4x Gatecrash Crypt Ghast (SP) $1.75
2x Gatecrash Duskmantle Seer (SP) $.50
5x Gatecrash Firemane Avenger (SP) $.25
3x Gatecrash Frontline Medic (SP) $.25
5x Gatecrash High Priest of Penance (SP) $.25
3x Gatecrash Merciless Eviction (SP) $1
4x Gatecrash Mind Grind (SP) $1.50
3x Gatecrash Nightveil Specter (SP-) $.50
Gatecrash Obzedat, Ghost Council (SP) $2
2x Gatecrash Ogre Slumlord (SP) $.25
3x Gatecrash Prime Speaker Zegana (SP) $.75
5x Gatecrash Stolen Identity (SP-) $.25
2x Dragon’s Maze Master of Cruelties (SP) $4.50
2x Dragon’s Maze Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker (SP) $.50
Dragon’s Maze Notion Thief (SP) $.50
Dragon’s Maze Ral Zarek (SP) $6
9x Dragon’s Maze Tajic, Blade of the Legion (SP) $.25
2x Theros Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver (SP) $5
2x Theros Bow of Nylea (SP) $1.25
7x Theros Colossus of Akros (SP) $.75
6x Theros Fleecemane Lion (SP-) $.50
13x Theros Gift of Immortality (SP) $.50
3x Theros Heliod, god of the Sun (SP) $2.50
2x Theros Medomai the Ageless (SP) $.50
4x Theros Prophet of Kruphix (SP) $.50
5x Theros Spear of Heliod (SP) $.50
Theros Sylvan Caryatid (SP) $1.50
4x Theros Temple of Abandon (SP-) $.40
9x Theros Temple of Deceit (SP) $1.50
7x Theros Temple of Silence (SP) $1.25
2x Theros Underworld Cerberus (SP) $.50
3x Theros Whip of Erebos (SP) $1
Born of the Gods Courser of Kruphix (SP) $2.50
2x Born of the Gods Flame-Wreathed Phoenix (SP) $.50
3x Born of the Gods Hero of Iroas (SP) $.25
3x Born of the Gods Temple of Enlightenment (SP-) $2
4x Born of the Gods Temple of Malice (SP-) $1
7x Born of the Gods Temple of Plenty (SP) $1.25
12x Journey into Nyx Dictate of Kruphix (11 English, 1 Chinese, SP) $.75
6x Journey into Nyx Hydra Broodmaster (SP) $.40
4x Journey into Nyx Launch the Fleet (SP) $.25
Journey into Nyx Prophetic Flamespeaker (SP) $.50
10x Khans of Tarkir Altar of the Brood (SP) $.50
7x Khans of Tarkir Ashcloud Phoenix (MP-SP) $.50
4x Khans of Tarkir Deflecting Palm (MP-SP) $.50
2x Khans of Tarkir Empty the Pits (SP) $.50
9x Khans of Tarkir End Hostilities (SP) $.50
6x Khans of Tarkir Grim Haruspex (SP) $.25
3x Khans of Tarkir Hardened Scales (SP) $.75
5x Khans of Tarkir Pearl Lake Ancient (SP) $.50
6x Khans of Tarkir Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker (SP) $1.75
Khans of Tarkir See the Unwritten (SP) $.60
2x Khans of Tarkir Ugin’s Nexus (SP) $.50
3x Khans of Tarkir Utter End (SP) $.50
Khans of Tarkir Zurgo Helmsmasher (SP) $.50
10x Fate Reforged Archfiend of Depravity (SP) $.50
11x Fate Reforged Atarka, World Render (SP) $.25
9x Fate Reforged Crux of Fate (SP) $.50
Fate Reforged Ghastly Conscription (SP) $.50
21x Fate Reforged Mardu Strike Leader (SP) $.25
16x Fate Reforged Mastery of the Unseen (SP) $.25
17x Fate Reforged Monastery Siege (SP-) $.25
16x Fate Reforged Outpost Siege (SP-) $.25
14x Fate Reforged Palace Siege (SP) $.25
5x Fate Reforged Torrent Elemental (SP) $.50
3x Fate Reforged Whisperwoord Elemental (SP) $.50
6x Dragons of Tarkir Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit (MP-SP) $.75
7x Dragons of Tarkir Arashin Foremost (SP) $.25
6x Dragons of Tarkir Assault Formation (SP) $.60
6x Dragons of Tarkir Avatar of the Resolute (SP) $.75
5x Dragons of Tarkir Dragon Tempest (SP) $.75
2x Dragons of Tarkir Dragonlord Dromoka $4
3x Dragons of Tarkir Hidden Dragonslayer (SP) $.25
8x Dragons of Tarkir Ire Shaman (MP-SP) $.25
8x Dragons of Tarkir Mirror Mockery (SP) $.25
5x Dragons of Tarkir Myth Realized (SP) $.25
8x Dragons of Tarkir Necromaster Dragon (SP) $.25

2x Modern Event Deck Caves of Koilos (SP) $.50
Modern Event Deck Isolated Chapel (SP) $2.50
Modern Event Deck Kataki, War’s Wage (SP) $1
Duel Decks: Heroes Vs. Monsters Deus of Calamity (SP) $.50
Duel Decks: Heroes Vs. Monsters Winds of Rath (SP) $.75
Planechase 2012 Edition Awakening Zone (HP) $2.50
Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons Kilnmouth Dragon (SP) $.75
Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons Knight of the White Orchid (SP) $1.50
Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons Thunder Dragon (MP) $.50
Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins Skirk-Fire Marshal (SP) $.50
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi It That Betrays (SP) $1.50
5x Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi Scute Mob (SP) $.25
Archenemy Verdeloth the Ancient (SP) $.75
5x Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora Captain of the Watch (SP) $.25


8x Battle for Zendikar Akoum Hellkite (SP) $.50
28x Battle for Zendikar Desolation Twin (25 English, 1 Japanese, 2 Russian, SP) $.25
6x Battle for Zendikar Dragonmaster Outcast (3 English, 3 Russian, SP) $1.75, $2
26x Battle for Zendikar Dust Stalker (24 English, 2 Russian, SP) $.20, $.75
Battle for Zendikar Felidar Sovereign (Japanese, SP) $.50
Battle for Zendikar From Beyond (Russian, SP) $.75
2x Battle for Zendikar Gideon, Ally of Zendikar (SP) $22
5x Battle for Zendikar Quarantine Field (4 English, 1 Russian, SP) $1, $3
5x Battle for Zendikar Radiant Flames (2 English, 3 Russian, SP) $.50, $1.50
16x Battle for Zendikar Ruinous Path (14 English, 2 Russian, SP) $1, $4
21x Battle for Zendikar Scatter to the Winds (16 English, 1 Japanese, 4 Russian, SP) $.25, $.50, $.50
2x Battle for Zendikar Sire of Stagnation (1 English, 1 Russian, SP) $.50, $1.50
7x Battle for Zendikar Undergrowth Champion (5 English, 2 Russian, SP) $1, $4
15x Battle for Zendikar Void Winnower (12 English, 3 Russian, SP-) $1.25, $2.25
22x Oath of the Gatewatch Captain’s Claws (SP) $.25
10x Oath of the Gatewatch Chandra, Flamecaller (SP) $3.50
5x Oath of the Gatewatch Crush of Tentacles (4 English, 1 Russian, SP) $1.50, $2
17x Oath of the Gatewatch Deceiver of Form (SP-) $.25
5x Oath of the Gatewatch Eldrazi Obligator (Russian, SP) $1
15x Oath of the Gatewatch General Tazri (11 English, 4 Russian, SP) $.50, $3
3x Oath of the Gatewatch Goblin Dark-Dwellers (Russian, SP) $4
6x Oath of the Gatewatch Inverter of Truth (SP) $.50
4x Oath of the Gatewatch Jori En, Ruin Diver (Russian, SP) $1.50
2x Oath of the Gatewatch Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet (SP) $16.50
3x Oath of the Gatewatch Kozilek’s Return (SP) $6
21x Oath of the Gatewatch Linvala, the Preserver (19 English, 1 Korean, 1 Russian, SP) $1.75, $2.50, $4
18x Oath of the Gatewatch Mina and Denn, Wildborn (15 English, 3 Russian, SP) $.25, $1
3x Oath of the Gatewatch Nissa, Voice of Zendikar (SP-) $4.50
4x Oath of the Gatewatch Oath of Gideon (Russian, SP) $1
5x Oath of the Gatewatch Oath of Nissa (Russian, SP) $1.50
5x Oath of the Gatewatch Sifter of Skulls (Russian, SP) $1
12x Oath of the Gatewatch Sphinx of the Final Word (10 English, 2 Russian) $.75, $4
24x Oath of the Gatewatch Stoneforge Masterwork (SP) $.50
38x Oath of the Gatewatch Stone Haven Outfitter (34 English, 4 Russian, SP) $.25, $1
26x Oath of the Gatewatch Sylvan Advocate (SP) $1.50
5x Oath of the Gatewatch Zendikar Resurgent (Russian, MP-SP) $1.50
5x Shadows Over Innistrad Always Watching (SP) $1.25
13x Shadows Over Innistrad Anguished Unmaking (SP) $1.50
4x Shadows Over Innistrad Archangel Avacyn (SP) $16
8x Shadows Over Innistrad Asylum Visitor (SP) $.40
4x Shadows Over Innistrad Choked Estuary (SP) $1.50
8x Shadows Over Innistrad Cryptolith Rite (7 English, 1 Simplified Chinse, SP) $1
5x Shadows Over Innistrad Deathcap Cultivator (SP) $.25
5x Shadows Over Innistrad Declaration in Stone (SP) $4
Shadows Over Innistrad Descend Upon the Sinful (Simplified Chinese, SP) $.75
2x Shadows Over Innistrad Diregraf Colossus (SP) $.75
6x Shadows Over Innistrad Eerie Interlude (SP) $.25
5x Shadows Over Innistrad Engulf the Shore (SP) $.50
9x Shadows Over Innistrad Falkenrath Gorger (SP) $.50
2x Shadows Over Innistrad Fevered Visions (SP) $1.25
7x Shadows Over Innistrad Fortified Village (SP) $1
Shadows Over Innistrad Goldnight Castigator (Simplified Chinese, SP) $.50
6x Shadows Over Innistrad Hanweir Militia Captain (SP) $.50
2x Shadows Over Innistrad Mindwrack Demon (SP) $1
3x Shadows Over Innistrad Odric, Lunarch Marshal (SP) $.50
6x Shadows Over Innistrad Seasons Past (SP) $1
Shadows Over Innistrad Sigarda, Heron’s Grace (SP) $1
5x Shadows Over Innistrad The Gitrog Monster (SP) $.75
4x Shadows Over Innistrad Thing in the Ice (3 English, 1 Japanese, SP) $5.50
11x Shadows Over Innistrad Tireless Tracker (SP) $4.50
7x Shadows Over Innistrad To The Slaughter (6 English, 1 Simplified Chinese, SP) $.50
9x Shadows Over Innistrad Traverse The Ulvenwald (8 English, 1 Simplified Chinese, SP) $1.75
2x Shadows Over Innistrad Ulvenwald Hydra (SP) $.75
Shadows Over Innistrad Westvale Abbey (SP) $2.75
5x Shadows Over Innistrad Wolf of Devil’s Breach (SP) $.50
Eldritch Moon Ishkanah, Grafwidow (SP) $8
3x Eldritch Moon Lupine Prototype (SP) $.40
Eldritch Moon Mausoleum Wanderer (SP) $.75
2x Eldritch Moon Selfless Spirit (SP-) $6.50
Eldritch Moon Spell Queller (SP) $6.50
5x Eldritch Moon Summary Dismissal (SP) $1.50
Eldritch Moon Voldaren Pariah (SP) $.90
2x Kaladesh Bristling Hydra (SP) $1
3x Kaladesh Depala, Pilot Exemplar (SP) $.50
3x Kaladesh Fleetwheel Cruiser (SP) $.25
2x Kaladesh Fumigate (SP) $1



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