W: Fatal Push Promo/Foil Promo Rebecca Guay Lands/Foil Lands(Updated 10/1)

1. All cards listed are NM unless otherwise noted(Using SCG condition guide)
2. Cards for cash prices are subject to change.
3. If paying cash for cards, buyer pays first. NO EXCEPTIONS
4. Shipping to US only(can work out international shipping for extra fee)
5. Use TCGplayer.com Medium prices for all trades.
6. Almost every card is up for sale
7. For cash sales, will use medium between TCGplayer and Starcitygames.

All cards are shipped from Iowa

I will also trade for SEALED PRODUCT




Masterpiece series:
1x Sol Ring [Kaladesh Inventions]
2x Crucible of Worlds [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Lotus Petal [Kaladesh Inventions]
2x Aether Vial [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Sword of Light and Shadow [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Sword of War and Peace [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Chromatic Lantern [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Grindstone [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Torrential Gearhulk [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Chrome Mox [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Cloudstone Curio [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Mind's Eye [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Vedalken Shackles [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Polluted Delta [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Arid Mesa [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Windswept Heath [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Bloodstained Mire [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Watery Grave [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Wasteland [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Forbidden Orchard [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Cinder Glade [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Aven Mindcensor [Amonkhet Invocations]
1x Avatar of Woe [Amonkhet Invocations]
1x Desolation Angel [Amonkhet Invocations]
1x Aggravated Assault [Amonkhet Invocations]

Modern and Legacy Cards

1x Thought-Knot Seer [Oath of the Gatewatch] Foil
1x Kozilek, Butcher of Truth [Rise of the Eldrazi] LP (Tradeback towards Foil)
2x Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre [Rise of the Eldrazi] (Tradeback towards Foil)
1x Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre [Modern Masters 2015]
4x Kozilek, the Great Distortion [Oath of the Gatewatch] (Tradeback towards Foil)
2x Emrakul, the Promised End [Eldritch Moon] (Tradeback towards Foil)
1x All Is Dust [Modern Masters 2015 Edition]
1x Karn Liberated [New Phyrexia] Foil LP

1x Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite [New Phyrexia]
1x Swords to Plowshares [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Wall of Omens [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Magus of the Moat [Future Sight]
3x Flickerwisp [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
3x Gideon Jura [Magic 2012 (M12)]
1x Lingering Souls [Innistrad] Foil
1x Suppression Field [Ravnica: City of Guilds] Foil
4x Leonin Arbiter [Scars of Mirrodin]
3x Mirran Crusader [Modern Masters 2015]
1x Kor Firewalker [Worldwake] Foil

2x Ancestral Vision [Time Spiral]
1x Counterspell [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Diminishing Returns [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Serendib Efreet [Eternal Masters] Foil
5x Peregrine Drake [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Consecrated Sphinx [Mirrodin Besieged] 1 LP
2x Forced Fruition [Lorwyn] 1 LP
2x Bribery [Eighth Edition] 1 LP
2x Copy Enchantment [Ravnica]
1x Sakashima the Impostor [Saviors of Kamigawa] LP
4x Jace, the Mind Sculptor [Worldwake] 1 LP
2x Deadeye Navigator [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Cackling Counterpart [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Collective Restraint [Invasion]
1x Pendrell Mists [Weatherlight]
1x Sea's Claim [Onlsaught] Foil
1x Scion of Oona [Modern Masters 2013] Foil
1x Hydroblast [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Hurkyl's Recall [Tenth Edition] Foil
1x Twisted Image [Scars of Mirrodin] Foil

1x Demonic Tutor [Revised Edition] MP
1x Bitterblossom [Modern Masters 2015] Foil
1x Leyline of the Void [Magic 2011 (M11)] LP
1x Grave Pact [Stronghold] LP
1x Rise of the Dark Realms [Magic 2014 (M14)]
1x Sinkhole [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Vampiric Tutor [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Mind Shatter [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Extractor Demon [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Sever the Bloodline [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Polluted Bonds [Shadowmoor]
1x Collective Brutality [Eldritch Moon] LP Italian
1x Undead Warcheif[Timeshifted]
1x Tendrils of Agony [FNM Promo] Foil
2x Inquisition of Kozilek [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Liliana's Caress [M11] Foil

4x Shock [FNM Promo]
1x Pyroblast [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Fork [Revised Edition] LP
1x Ryusei, the Falling Star [Modern Masters]
1x Crucible of Fire [Magic 2015 (M15)] Foil
1x Tarox Bladewing [Future Sight] Foil
2x Past in Flames [Modern Masters 2017]
2x Zealous Conscripts [Modern Masters 2017]
3x Mizzium Mortars [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Pyromancer Ascension [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Hellrider [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Lightning Runner [Aether Revolt] Foil
1x Bedlam [Seventh Edition] Foil
1x Galvanic Blast [Scars of Mirrodin] Foil

2x Groundswell [Worldwake] Foil
3x Lead the Stampede [Mirrodin Besieged] Foil
1x Jugan, the Rising Star [Modern Masters] Foil
3x Nimble Mongoose [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Xantid Swarm [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Lurking Predators [Magic 2010 (M10)] 2 LP
2x Birds of Paradise [Seventh Edition] Foil
1x Collective Voyage [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
2x Oracle of Mul Daya [Zendikar] LP
1x Mana Reflection [Shadowmoor]
2x Asceticism [Scars of Mirrodin]
1x Genesis Wave [Scars of Mirrodin] Foil
1x Defense of the Heart [Urza's Legacy] LP
3x Summoning Trap [Modern Masters 2017]
3x Ulvenwald Tracker [Modern Masters 2017]
2x Scavenging Ooze [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Call of the Herd [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Primal Command [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
3x Sakura-Tribe Elder [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Drove of Elves [Shadowmoor]
1x Sakura-Tribe Elder [Conspiracy] Foil
1x Fecundity [Eighth Edition] Foil
1x Elvish Piper [M10] Foil
1x Life from the Loam [Modern Masters 2013]

2x Mirari's Wake [Judgment] 1 LP
1x Hypersonic Dragon [Return to Ravnica] Foil
1x Decimate [Odyssey] Foil
1x Erebos, God of the Dead [Theros] (Tradeback towards Foil)
1x Phenax, God of Deception [Born of the Gods] (Tradeback towards Foil)
1x Xenagos, God of Revels [Born of the Gods] (Tradeback towards Foil)
1x Karametra, God of Harvests [Born of the Gods] (Tradeback towards Foil)
1x Rhys the Redeemed [Shadowmoor] LP
1x Rhys the Redeemed [Shadowmoor] Foil
2x Qasali Pridemage [FNM Promos]
2x Privileged Position [Ravnica: City of Guilds] 1 LP
1x Sen Triplets [Alara Reborn] (Tradeback towards Foil)
1x Siege Rhino [Khans of Tarkir]
1x Evil Twin [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Olivia Voldaren [Modern Masters 2017]
2x Fiery Justice [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Simic Sky Swallower [Modern Masters 2017]
2x Falkenrath Aristocrat [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Stoic Angel [Modern Masters 2017]
2x Aethermage's Touch [Modern Masters 2017]
3x Cruel Ultimatum [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Obzedat, Ghost Council [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Wort, the Raidmother [Modern Masters 2017]
2x Boros Reckoner [Modern Masters 2017]
2x Aethermage's Touch [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Lich Lord of Unx [Shards of Alara] Foil
1x Zur the Enchanter [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Lightning Helix [Modern Masters 2013]
2x Winding Constrictor [Aether Revolt] Foil

1x Sensei's Divining Top [Eternal Masters]
1x Sensei's Divining Top [Champions of Kamigawa] LP
1x Cranial Plating [Fifth Dawn] Foil
1x Coat of Arms [Magic 2010]
1x Akroma's Memorial [Magic 2013 (M13)]
1x Gilded Lotus [Mirrodin] LP
1x Winter Orb [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Isochron Scepter [Eternal Masters]
1x Isochron Scepter [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Isochron Scepter [FNM Promos]
2x Lotus Petal [Tempest] 2 LP
1x Phyrexian Dreadnought [Mirage]
1x Memory Jar [Urza's Legacy]
2x Mox Diamond [Stronghold] 2 LP
3x Thought Vessel [Commander 2015]
2x Aether Vial [Darksteel]
1x Lotus Guardian [Invasion] Foil
2x Arcbound Ravager [Darksteel] 1 LP
1x Chrome Mox [Mirrodin] LP
1x Chrome Mox [Eternal Masters]
1x The Rack [Antiquities] LP
2x Damping Matrix [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Skullclamp [Darksteel]
7x Sol Ring [Commander 2015] All different Commander sets
1x Thran Dynamo [Urza's Destiny]
1x Springleaf Drum [Born of the Gods] Foil
2x Burnished Hart [Theros] Foil

1x Urza's Tower [Ninth Edition] Foil
1x Murmuring Bosk [Morningtide] Foil
1x Vesuva [Time Spiral] LP
1x Ancient Tomb [Tempest]
1x Thawing Glaciers [Alliances]
1x Maze of Ith [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Maze of Ith [Eternal Masters]
2x Blinkmoth Nexus [Darksteel] 2 LP
1x Blinkmoth Nexus [Modern Masters 2015 Edition]
2x Cabal Coffers [Torment] 2 LP (Trade towards FNM)
1x Myriad Landscape [Commander 2014]
1x Urza's Tower [Fifth Edition]
1x Urza's Tower [Chronicles]
1x Urza's Tower [Chronicles] Mountain background art
1x Urza's Mine [Fifth Edition]
2x Urza's Mine [Chronicles] Tower art
1x Urza's Mine [Chronicles] Antiquities art
1x Sunken Hollow [Battle for Zendikar] Expo Art Promo
1x Prairie Stream [Battle for Zendikar] Expo Art Promo
1x Dreadship Reef [Commander]
4x Dreadship Reef [Time Spiral]
4x Calciform Pools [Time Spiral]
1x Dreadship Reef [Commander]
2x Temple of the False God [Commander 2015]
3x Temple of the False God [Commander 2013]
4x Temple of the False God [Commander]
1x Temple of the False God [Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora]
1x Reliquary Tower [Commander 2014]
4x Reliquary Tower [Magic 2013]
2x Mishra's Factory [Eternal Masters]
1x Mishra's Factory [Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret]
1x Command Tower [Commander]
3x Command Tower [Commander 2015]
1x Command Tower [Commander 2016]

1x Banishing Stroke [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Compulsive Research [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Opportunity [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Familiar's Ruse [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Abyssal Specter [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Corpse Connoisseur [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Pyrewild Shaman [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Goblin Assault [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Skirsdag Cultist [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Vithian Stinger [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Thornscape Battlemage [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Izzet Charm [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Wall of Denial [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Sunhome Guildmage [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Sedraxis Specter [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Rhox War Monk [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Soul Warden [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Attended Knight [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Gideon's Lawkeeper [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Sensor Splicer [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Eyes in the Skies [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Wake the Reflections [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Rootborn Defenses [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Mystical Teachings [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Sea Gate Oracle [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Rewind [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Tandem Lookout [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Spire Monitor [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Mist Raven [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Falkenrath Noble [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Ogre Jailbreaker [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Delirium Skeins [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Gnawing Zombie [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Night Terrors [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Dregscape Zombie [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Thunderous Wrath [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Dynacharge [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Scourge Devil [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Chandra's Outrage [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Traitorous Instinct [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Scorched Rusalka [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Mogg Flunkies [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Dragon Fodder [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Battle-Rattle Shaman [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Slime Molding [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Revive [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Seal of Primordium [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Slaughterhorn [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Strength in Numbers [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Deputy of Acquittals [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Goblin Electromancer [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Dinrova Horror [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Coiling Oracle [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Talon Trooper [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Aethertow [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Giantbaiting [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Izzet Guildgate [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
2x Orzhov Guildgate [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Rakdos Guildgate [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Welding Jar [Mirrodin] Foil MP
1x Search for Tomorrow [Modern Masters] Foil
2x Field of Souls [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Jetting Glasskite [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Quiet Speculation [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Wonder [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Fact or Fiction [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Phyrexian Gargantua [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Sengir Autocrat [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Victimize [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Burning Vengeance [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Battle Squadron [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Flame Jab [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Keldon Champion [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Roar of the Wurm [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Gaea's Blessing [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Wirewood Symbiote [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Extract from Darkness [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Shaman of the Pack [Eternal Masters] Foil
4x Ticking Gnomes [Eternal Masters] Foil
4x Mindless Automaton [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Prismatic Lens [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Benevolent Bodyguard [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Coalition Honor Guard [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Elite Vanguard [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Mistral Charger [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Monk Idealist [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Raise the Alarm [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Rally the Peasants [Eternal Masters] Foil
4x Seal of Cleansing [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Second Thoughts [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Shelter [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Welkin Guide [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Whitemane Lion [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Kor Hookmaster [Eternal Masters] Foil
4x Deep Analysis [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Dream Twist [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Gaseous Form [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Man-o'-War [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Memory Lapse [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Phantom Monster [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Screeching Skaab [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Shoreline Ranger [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Stupefying Touch [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Tidal Wave [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Cephalid Sage [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Oona's Grace [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Deadbridge Shaman [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Eyeblight's Ending [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Gravedigger [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Innocent Blood [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Nausea [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Night's Whisper [Eternal Masters] Foil
4x Plague Witch [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Prowling Pangolin [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Skulking Ghost [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Tragic Slip [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Urborg Uprising [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Wake of Vultures [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Carrion Feeder [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Blightsoil Druid [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Avarax [Eternal Masters] Foil
4x Carbonize [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Desperate Ravings [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Fervent Cathar [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Keldon Marauders [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Mogg Fanatic [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Mogg War Marshal [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Orcish Oriflamme [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Reckless Charge [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Seismic Stomp [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Stingscourger [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Kird Ape [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Borderland Marauder [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Undying Rage [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Faithless Looting [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Firebolt [Eternal Masters] Foil
5x Commune with the Gods [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Llanowar Elves [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Lys Alana Huntmaster [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Roots [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Seal of Strength [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Werebear [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Nature's Claim [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Civic Wayfinder [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Sylvan Might [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Thornweald Archer [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Elephant Guide [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Abundant Growth [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Elvish Vanguard [Eternal Masters] Foil
4x Thornwood Falls [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Bloodfell Caves [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Blossoming Sands [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Tranquil Cove [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Rugged Highlands [Eternal Masters] Foil
3x Dismal Backwater [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Swiftwater Cliffs [Eternal Masters] Foil
2x Jungle Hollow [Eternal Masters] Foil
1x Wind-Scarred Crag [Eternal Masters] Foil


I have binders and boxes full of Standard cards, just send me a list of what you're looking for and I will reply shortly.

FOIL Promo Rebecca Guay Basic Lands. I value them all at $2.50 per card.
Full Art FOIL Amonkhet lands. I value them all at $4.00 per card.
Full Art FOIL Hour of Devistation lands. I value them all a $5.00 per card.

I am currently in the market for all foil planeswalkers. As long as they are all NM or the very lightest of play.

4x Chandra, Torch of Defiance [Kaladesh] Foil
1x Taiga [Revised Edition]
1x Volcanic Island [Revised Edition]
3x Snapcaster Mage [Modern Masters 2017] Foil -Have non-foils I can trade back
1x Blossoming Defense [Kaladesh] Foil
4x Glimmer of Genius [Kaladesh] Foil
1x Terminate [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Misty Rainforest [Modern Masters 2017]
2x Arid Mesa [Modern Masters 2017]
1x Marsh Flats [Modern Masters 2017]
3x Karakas [Eternal Masters]
3x Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh [Hour of Devastation] Foil
1x Cataclysmic Gearhulk [Kaladesh] Foil Pre-Release ONLY
1x Noxious Gearhulk [Kaladesh] Foil Pre-Release ONLY
99x Fatal Push [FNM Promo] Foil
4x Force of Will [Eternal Masters]

A: Cards listed Below
B: YOUR LISTS(Will always look at lists)
C: Eternal Staples
D: Expedition Land Collection. Will trade for any and all if price is right!

If you see cards you want, send me your lists. Always cards i don't list here that I am after

1x Gaea's Cradle [Urza's Saga]
1x Tolarian Academy [Urza's Saga]
1x Serra's Sanctum [Urza's Saga]
1x Animar, Soul of Elements [Magic: The Gathering-Commander]
1x Damnation [Magic Player Rewards]
2x Lightning Bolt [Magic Player Rewards]
2x Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre [Rise of the Eldrazi]
3x Kozilek, Butcher of Truth [Rise of the Eldrazi]
2x Emrakul, the Aeons Torn [Rise of the Eldrazi]
2x Emrakul, the Promised End [Eldritch Moon] Foil
3x Kozilek, the Great Distortion [Oath of the Gatewatch] Foil
1x Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger [Battle for Zendikar] Foil
1x Sword of Light and Shadow [Modern Masters] Foil
2x Mirri's Guile [Tempest]
1x Ugin, the Spirit Dragon [Fate Reforged]
2x Cultivate [FNM Promos]
4x Languish [Magic Origins] Foil GAME-DAY PROMO ONLY
2x Yahenni's Expertise [Aether Revolt] GAME DAY PROMO
4x Boros Signet [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
4x Azorius Signet [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
4x Gruul Signet [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
3x Orzhov Signet [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
4x Izzet Signet [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
4x Simic Signet [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
4x Selesnya Signet [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Rakdos Signet [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
4x Dimir Signet [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
4x Golgari Signet [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
3x Crumbling Necropolis [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
4x Savage Lands [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
4x Arcane Sanctum [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
4x Seaside Citadel [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
4x Jungle Shrine [Modern Masters 2017] Foil
1x Karametra, God of Harvests [Born of the Gods] Foil
1x Phenax, God of Deception [Born of the Gods] Foil
1x Mogis, God of Slaughter [Born of the Gods] Foil
1x Xenagos, God of Revels [Born of the Gods] Foil
1x Athreos, God of Passage [Journey Into Nyx] Foil
1x Kruphix, God of Horizons [Journey Into Nyx] Foil
1x Keranos, God of Storms [Journey Into Nyx] Foil
1x Nylea, God of the Hunt [Theros] Foil
1x Erebos, God of the Dead [Theros] Foil
1x Thassa, God of the Sea [Theros] Foil
1x Purphoros, God of the Forge [Theros] Foil
1x The Scorpion God [Hour of Devastation] Foil Pre-Release ONLY
1x The Locust God [Hour of Devastation] Foil Pre-Release ONLY
1x The Scarab God [Hour of Devastation] Foil Pre-Release ONLY
1x Rhonas the Indomitable [Amonkhet] Foil Pre-Release ONLY
1x Bontu the Glorified [Amonkhet] Foil Pre-Release ONLY
1x Kefnet the Mindful [Amonkhet] Foil Pre-Release ONLY
1x Vizier of the Menagerie [Amonkhet] Foil

1x Steam Vents [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Hallowed Fountain [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Godless Shrine [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Sacred Foundry [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Misty Rainforest [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Flooded Strand [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Temple Garden [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Blood Crypt [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Marsh Flats [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Overgrown Tomb [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Stomping Ground [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Windswept Heath [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Breeding Pool [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Scalding Tarn [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Ancient Tomb [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Tectonic Edge [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Horizon Canopy [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Prairie Stream [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Sunken Hollow [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Smoldering Marsh [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Cinder Glade [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Canopy Vista [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Kor Haven [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Graven Cairns [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Mana Confluence [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Rugged Prairie [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Twilight Mire [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Fetid Heath [Zendikar Expeditions]
1x Cataclysmic Gearhulk [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Combustible Gearhulk [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Noxious Gearhulk [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Torrential Gearhulk [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Verdurous Gearhulk [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Mana Crypt [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Gauntlet of Power [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Hangarback Walker [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Solemn Simulacrum [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Aether Vial [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Champion's Helm [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Chromatic Lantern [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Chrome Mox [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Static Orb [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Sword of Feast and Famine [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Cloudstone Curio [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Sword of Fire and Ice [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Crucible of Worlds [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Mox Opal [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Lightning Greaves [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Sword of Light and Shadow [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Lotus Petal [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Mana Vault [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Sol Ring [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Sculpting Steel [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Mind's Eye [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Scroll Rack [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Rings of Brighthearth [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Painter's Servant [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Steel Overseer [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Arcbound Ravager [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Pithing Needle [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Black Vise [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Platinum Angel [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Wurmcoil Engine [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Chalice of the Void [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Vedalken Shackles [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Trinisphere [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Defense Grid [Kaladesh Inventions]
1x Sword of War and Peace [Kaladesh Inventions]

Each of the following I have a non-foil for trade back if wanted.
I would also be interested in each of the Shock lands foil. All foil lands that just rotated out of standard I would value a bit lower than TCG prices. PM for prices
3x Botanical Sanctum [Kaladesh] Foil
3x Concealed Courtyard [Kaladesh] Foil
2x Inspiring Vantage [Kaladesh] Foil
3x Blooming Marsh [Kaladesh] Foil
2x Spirebluff Canal [Kaladesh] Foil
4x Drownyard Temple [Shadows Over Innistrad] Foil
3x Choked Estuary [Shadows Over Innistrad] Foil
4x Foreboding Ruins [Shadows Over Innistrad] Foil
3x Fortified Village [Shadows Over Innistrad] Foil
3x Game Trail [Shadows Over Innistrad] Foil
4x Port Town [Shadows Over Innistrad] Foil
4x Hissing Quagmire [Oath of the Gatewatch] Foil
4x Needle Spires [Oath of the Gatewatch] Foil
4x Canopy Vista [Battle for Zendikar] Foil
4x Cinder Glade [Battle for Zendikar] Foil
4x Prairie Stream [Battle for Zendikar] Foil
4x Smoldering Marsh [Battle for Zendikar] Foil
4x Sunken Hollow [Battle for Zendikar] Foil
4x Lumbering Falls [Battle for Zendikar] Foil
4x Shambling Vent [Battle for Zendikar] Foil
2x Fetid Pools [Amonkhet] Foil
3x Scattered Groves [Amonkhet] Foil
3x Sheltered Thicket [Amonkhet] Foil
2x Irrigated Farmland [Amonkhet] Foil
4x Battlefield Forge [Magic 2015] Foil
4x Caves of Koilos [Magic 2015] Foil
4x Llanowar Wastes [Magic 2015] Foil
4x Shivan Reef [Magic 2015] Foil
1x Yavimaya Coast [Magic 2015] Foil
4x Temple of Epiphany [Journey into Nyx] Foil
4x Temple of Malady [Journey into Nyx] Foil
4x Temple of Enlightenment [Born of the Gods] Foil
4x Temple of Malice [Born of the Gods] Foil
4x Temple of Plenty [Born of the Gods] Foil
4x Temple of Abandon [Theros] Foil
3x Temple of Deceit [Theros] Foil
4x Temple of Mystery [Theros] Foil
3x Temple of Silence [Theros] Foil
3x Temple of Triumph [Theros] Foil
4x Dragonskull Summit [Ixalan] Foil
3x Drowned Catacomb [Ixalan] Foil
4x Glacial Fortress [Ixalan] Foil
4x Sunpetal Grove [Ixalan] Foil
4x Rootbound Crag [Ixalan] Foil

Foil EDH Deck: All cards must be NM AND Foil if listed
1x Sliver Overlord [Scourge] Foil
1x Sliver Legion [Future Sight] Foil
1x Venom Sliver [Magic 2015 (M15)] Foil
1x Leeching Sliver [Magic 2015 (M15)] Foil
1x Belligerent Sliver [Magic 2015 (M15)] Foil
1x Syphon Sliver [Magic 2014 (M14)] Foil
1x Thorncaster Sliver [Magic 2014 (M14)] Foil
1x Toxin Sliver [Legions] Foil
1x Magma Sliver [Legions] Foil
1x Shifting Sliver [Legions] Foil
1x Ward Sliver [Legions] Foil
1x Crypt Sliver [Legions] Foil
1x Plated Sliver [Legions] Foil
1x Blade Sliver [Legions] Foil
1x Hunter Sliver [Legions] Foil
1x Mistform Sliver [Legions] Foil
1x Mesmeric Sliver [Future Sight] Foil
1x Harmonic Sliver [Time Spiral] Foil
1x Sedge Sliver [Time Spiral] Foil
1x Spinneret Sliver [Time Spiral] Foil
1x Psionic Sliver [Time Spiral] Foil
1x Telekinetic Sliver [Time Spiral] Foil
1x Bonesplitter Sliver [Time Spiral] Foil
1x Ghostflame Sliver [Time Spiral] Foil
1x Quilled Sliver [Time Spiral] Foil
1x Vampiric Sliver [Time Spiral] Foil
1x Basal Sliver [Time Spiral] Foil
1x Screeching Sliver [Time Spiral] Foil
1x Watcher Sliver [Time Spiral] Foil
1x Talon Sliver [Tempest]
1x Mnemonic Sliver [Tempest]
1x Mindwhip Sliver [Tempest]

Trade Eveners: MUST BE NM
1x Fatal Push [Aether Revolt]
1x Lightning Helix [Modern Masters] Any set
1x Lightning Bolt [Modern Masters 2015 Edition] Any set
1x Remand [Ravnica: City of Guilds] Any set
1x Ancient Stirrings [Rise of the Eldrazi]
Kaladesh Foil Basic Island(#254 only)
Kaladesh Foil Basic Forest(#262 only)
Onlsaught Foil Basic Lands(ALL OF THEM)
Amonkhet Full Art Foil Lands(ALL OF THEM)



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