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Want: Foil Eldrazi, APAC Lands, ect Have: Lion's Eye Diamond, Modern Foils, Stoneforge Mystic 4928  OOD SIGMA
H: Judge Foils, Modern Foils, Foil Gideon of the Trails W: 2x MM3 Blood Moon 2215  FreeRoaming
H:Street Wraiths, Protean Hulk, Conflagrates, T&N, Steel Overseers, Mostly Modern stuff. W: Nahiri, Planeswalkers, KLD Fastlands 340  ShadowFenril
Dredgar's Trade Binder. W: Sword Masterpieces and Planeswalkers. H: Random assortment of great cards! 1307  Dredgar95
Looking for EDH 14710  allencawthon
iLocke's Trading Emporium --- Looking for EDH foils but also some Pokemon and Yugioh! 216102  iLocke
Need Stuff, have Everything, updated June 2017 01  Melkor
Have: 20+ Years of Stuff. Want: More Stuff 320  Azrael
Have 4x player reward cryptic command 00  rafapafakon
Modern, Legacy, Sealed Rev & more Goyf, Liliana, Moat! - Updated 06/25 00  mistertateam
List update in progress! Want EDH foils, and random stuff for casual decks! 9284  The__Business
W: Foil Merfolk, Value H: Various middle and high end cards. 00  DELTA622
H:Mostly Alters ; W: Any Trades 4158  sage_green
Want Mostly Modern! 141633  chaos021
NEED: Kaladesh Inventions, Eldrazi, Legacy, Foil Scapeshift, LAND Have: Modern, Standard, Check it out :) 3217  CTonyJab
Welcome to the Bazaar of Wonders 26370  Incanur
H: Judge Foils, W: Expeditions, Inventions, SDCC promos 2871  szwanger
HIGH-END Trade Thread! Have - All formats: Normal, Altered, Foil, & Japanese Foil 304128  360addiction
H: Amonkhet W: Fetch/Shocklands 26117  dwchang
Please help me get rid of my excess Magic cards! 3767  Dr. Shades
Want: AKH Foils ||| Have: EDH & Modern Foils 31939  v0rac10u5
W- Foil Zoms / Cats / Guay 18995  dLANCER
Hal_9000's Trades W: Snapcaster/Modern H: Goyf/Modern 3619  Hal 9000
~Bristol's Trade List: NEW WANTS ADDED 24116  Bristol
S: Shadowmoor RUSSIAN booster box 00  60641k