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    Part of the consideration is the environment where the card was printed. Theros looks to be a block light on removal. MaRo confirmed that was intended.

    As such, you need to make sure Hero's Downfall is rare, or else you're completely stomping on the "removal light" environment that they're obviously pushing.

    Rare is the correct rarity for the card, even if it's 'just' adding two words to Murder.
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    This is how they should have handled the other Pongify variants. Exile makes so much more sense, since the previous creature no longer exists anywhere (except as the new creature).
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    If someone asks if you're a god... you say YES!
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    Isn't this an opportunity where "Dies to removal" is valid?
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    Thrun, the Last Troll
    Especially with the new legend rule.
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    Quote from xlapus
    They did not close that loophole, they're just printing new cards that have different wording, so that loophole doesn't exist with those cards.

    This isn't what it sounded like when I read it:
    To fix this, rule 610.3a says that the initial one-shot effect that moves the object won't move it if the specified event that returns it has already occurred. So, the "stack loophole" doesn't work.
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    Interesting that they officially closed the ORing/Fiendhunter loophole.
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    Enlarge is my pick here. It's a bomb, pseudo-removal, and is exactly what a green deck wants to do.

    I was tempted by Liturgy and the Zombie, but they are both strong cards for Black, and they both push the player into a heavily-black deck. I don't want to fight whoever picks up the other one of those cards for the good stuff for my deck, especially since they'll be passing to me in pack 2.

    Compared to green, which has fewer great cards in this pack, I think black isn't where I want to be. Green for me, yes thanks.
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    You know what, I think I'll help the entire forum community as a whole. I'm a teacher, after all. It's what I do.

    something that actually exists; reality; truth

    Now that we've settled that, perhaps we will all know better.
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    He's suggesting to go GW for consistency's sake, which is why you'd ever go down from 3 to 2 colors. Yes, you're going to lose a bit of power, but the question is worth asking, and it's "Is it worth it?"

    People always go between the two sides of the Power vs. Consistency debate. This deck has been heavily on one side for a while... and there may be more (better) tools to attempt the other.

    Testing is the correct way to answer this.
    Dismissing a potentially valid idea without testing it is shortsighted and an easy way to get next-leveled.
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