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    posted a message on Super Secret Tech
    Anafenza, the Foremost plus processors seems pretty good.
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    posted a message on Let's talk about ingest/processor cards.
    Why bother with ingesters? You already have Anafenza, the Foremost for some of the best combos. All you have to do is kill one creature (which gets exiled) and then you can basically infinitely process that one card. (Every time you process that creature, it immediately goes back to exile.) You can then pump out Eldrazi Scions to your heart's content.
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    posted a message on [ME4] Who else is bummed to see classic cards get released?
    Quote from the_cardfather
    This assumes there is actual "hoarding" going on. We know it happens on MTGO more often than in paper, and there may be 1-5 dealers with sufficient stocks of P3K and such, but most of these cards show up on eBay with decent regularity meaning they are still in circulation.

    Well, the point of the matter doesn't assume hoarding is going on. The point is that certain card prices are protected by Wizards while others are not, and that this doesn't make a lot of sense. This fact then encourages hoarding of certain cards because you are nearly guaranteed to never lose value (until Magic dies).
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    posted a message on [ME4] Who else is bummed to see classic cards get released?
    Quote from necrogenesis
    It sounds like what you're saying is that, "I'm getting screwed, so everyone else should be, too." Maybe you could try a different approach like, "I'm getting screwed, but I'm not going to take it anymore."

    No. I'm saying "we have to obey normal market fluctuations, why do you get a Wizards-enforced monopoly?" Because that's exactly what it is - a restriction on the market in order to prop up prices on cards for specific individuals (investment collectors).

    When Nantuko Shade was reprinted, those who were hoarding Shades lost a lot of money. But that's a silly statement in itself, as who would hoard Shades? The vintage/legacy market is extremely different. When you are assured that prices cannot go down due to reprints, it's a lot better "investment" to buy up and hoard cards. Which is overall bad for the community, as then fewer people have cards to play with, even if the total number is the same. Were the reserve list to expire even without reprinting, some of these "investment collectors" would see that it's not as riskless as you might think, they would divest themselves of some cards, more cards would circulate into the system, and prices might go down - or at least the cards would be spread among more people.

    The question isn't on us. The question is on "you" (general you) to justify having your investments protected by fiat while ours are not.
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    posted a message on [ME4] Who else is bummed to see classic cards get released?
    Standard players have to deal with price drops all the time. Why should Legacy/Vintage players be immune to these same drops by fiat? When Primeval Titan leaves standard, it will probably drop in price by 50% or more. When Baneslayer Angel was reprinted, it went from $40 to $15. Magic cards are not an investment. At least not any sort of normal investment that you could take to the bank. If you like gambling with Magic cards you might as well start gambling on commodities trading as your 'investment.'

    It seems wrong to "guarantee" price levels only for a few, specific individuals. It should either be all ("all rares are reserved! forever!" - a horrible idea) or none.
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    posted a message on [M11] running tally of highest priced cards (update post 1190)
    Quote from ForceOfTheDragon
    Reading through here and seeing all the arguments regarding Time Reversal... What happens (to the price of Time Reversal) if SoM features a more balanced Black Vise? Maybe casting 3 mana instead of one? Perhaps it (Time Reversal) will be to M11 what Vampire Nocturnus was to M10? Hmm.....

    You mean Iron Maiden? It's pretty balanced.
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    posted a message on [M11] Mystifying Maze
    Effective 5 mana a turn to lock down *one* creature, doesn't stop annihilator (which triggers as soon as something attacks, sorry people who thought this was going to stop Emrakul), gives your opponents comes-into-play triggers (but not you!), they really couldn't have done anything more to make sure no one plays this card... well, besides make it come-into-play tapped, heh. Oh well. I was hoping for so much more. =/
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    posted a message on RW Kilnin'
    Red-White? But not blue, you may ask?!

    What does blue add, anyway? Card draw, anti-removal counterspells, and unblockability. All available in white... plus superior aggressive critters and more removal.

    A brief explanation of my choices:

    Kiln Fiend: The reason for this deck. Making lightning bolts into 6 damage for one mana means that opponents really don't have a chance if they wish to play the long game.
    Goblin Guide: Giving them a land is irrelevant - they are going to be dead in four turns... or you are.
    Steppe Lynx/Geopede: The traditional 'Boros' package of super-fast landfall creatures. With 12 fetchlands, you are bound to be hitting for 4/5 damage a turn starting on turn two.

    Lightning Bolt: Obv.
    Burst Lightning: Not really as good as Bolt. Kills not a whole lot, especially against control, and you'll hardly ever be kicking it. Split with Flame Slash because sometimes Slash does nothing, and you can at least throw Burst at the face.
    Flame Slash: I anticipate walls being a 'big thing' in the new standard. Wall of Omens in particular. Kills pretty much everything you'd expect to see in the first 4 turns, which is what you need to do. Blank in some match-ups, so only 2.
    Searing Blaze: Clears the way, hits the face, what more do you need?
    Path to Exile: Sure it ramps them, but that doesn't matter when they're dead. Gets rid of *really* annoying critters like Kor Firewalker and Sprouting Thrinax - decks that rely only on burn to clear the way are severely hampered by those two ubiquitous critters.
    Emerged Unscathed: Counterspell, unblockability and rebound all in one amazing package. I'd play 8 if I could. Save these to counter removal unless you are forcing through the last damage.
    Survival Cache: There's no way I'm running this for the lifegain. However, consider that you are an aggressive deck. You will pretty much always have the opponent at lower life than you, which means this is a divination in white. Except a better diviniation because it is *two* sorceries, pumping your Kiln Fiend two turns in a row (and drawing two cards to help punch through).

    I haven't actually gotten to play with this deck, so these may need some adjustment. You have the equivalent of 12 Mountain 12 Plains, though the deck may want some more. You want to hit white turn one but then red for the rest of the game, generally. Bursts or Blazes could be cut for additional mountains.

    Silence is against UW tapout. You *know* they're going to go for a turn 4 (or even 3, sometimes) wrath effect, since it's the only way to beat you. Silence on their upkeep lets you skip their turn. No Jace, no Day of Judgment, nothing. Can occasionally be played on your turn for +3/+0 on the Kiln Fiend when you're going for the kill and need a spell.
    Mark of Mutiny is for other creature decks, where stealing a critter and bashing unopposed generally means game over.
    Flame Slash allows you to get rid of more walls, whether they be actual walls or Wall of Rhino (Rhox Warmonk) which could ruin your day.

    Other options? Punishing Fire against Kor Firewalker (too 'cute' in my opinion). Staggershock against critter-based decks (though you would rather kill them sooner than turn 3/4). Soul's Fire for immense unblockable damage (though useless without a creature and suffers from critter removal).

    For an aggressive deck like this one, I don't think splashing Blue is worth it. 3-color is far too unstable for a deck that *needs* a 1-2-3 curve-out every game. You would have to remove white, which I argue is much better than blue anyway.

    Thoughts, comments? This is honestly all theory at this point - I will be taking it to FMN 'soon' but welcome anyone who has actually played a few matches with something like this.
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    posted a message on [ROE] Brimestone Mage - Dailymtg twitter
    This will be amazing in limited formats, period. Too spendy for Constructed, but he'll hit 'ultimate' in limited enough to completely change games around.
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    posted a message on Best colors in ZEN/WWK limited?
    I tried forcing Blue-White (with opening some nice blue bombs like Roil Elemental) and it just never worked out. I'd get what I thought was an insane UW combination, with double Sejiri Merfolk and double Snapper... and every time I'd have a second turn Merfolk they'd have 3rd turn hasty pinger, kill your merfolk, make the rest of your hand useless (as it'd be things like Horizon Drakes and Marsh Threaders).

    I don't know how, but in both the drafts I played on Friday, someone managed to draft mono-red, and it was pretty crazy. I didn't have a chance.
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    posted a message on World Queller Stax
    Quote from xChaospherex
    ...World Queller's CMC is 5


    And also isn't an artifact. So it'll cost 6, not 5.
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    posted a message on Changing creature type
    The updated (correct) wording on that ally says that it only targets your own lands. No tricks killing your opponents lands that way, sorry!
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    posted a message on [Development] U/x Mill Variants
    Bloodghasts aren't fun to play against, as they keep coming back (if you kill them) and non-lethal milling just gets them more critters for free.

    For all these recursion problems, there are two main answers:
    1) Ravenous Trap.
    Pros: Instant. Can be played for free, so can go in any deck. Is fetched by Trapmaker's Snare.
    Cons: One-shot effect. Expensive when not free, and not in the colors for some decks.
    2) Relic of Progenitus.
    Pros: Cheap and colorless - can be played in any deck. Versatile: can be used incrementally over many turns (one card at a time) or nuke a whole graveyard at once. Draws a card.
    Cons: Cannot easily be searched for. Can be pithing needled. Forces you to nuke your own graveyard at the same time, which can be detrimental for certain decks (such as anything running Pyromaster Ascension). Is not 'surprising' since it has to sit on the field.

    I currently favor the Ravenous Trap, as being able to be searched out by Trapmaker's Snare makes it almost always available, and it's free to use after any milling. I'd suggest trying out both to see which works best for your own deck, and it could use more testing of course.
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    posted a message on Priceless Treasures in ZEN packs!!! (confirmed!)
    During the draft after the main event, someone opened up an Unlimited Tropical Island. Pretty cool stuff, wish it would've been me! Wink
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    posted a message on Reliquary Tower
    This is indeed a great casual card! I have a deck that it will go in right away, which abuses things like Rhystic Study and Vision Skeins and Upheaval... it'll be great.

    Now, for sure, this isn't really a constructed card. But I like it. And the rarity is just right - it's not a common so it doesn't really mess up limited, and it's not a rare so people don't cry when they open a booster. Sure it may not be ideal in a color-heavy set, but it has to go somewhere!
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    posted a message on [CON] 3 new cards from Lotus Noir
    Very cool. We have a bear that pumps itself and other copies of itself if you happen to have them in play... well, I don't think it should be rare, and it doesn't seem *that* good, but it's decent.

    Conflux is an 8-mana card that tutors for five cards. Wow. If you could somehow play this cheaply it would be amazing, but at 8 mana, you could have already cast Cruel Ultimatum for something very similar.

    I love Martial Coup. Seven mana, wrath the board and give myself an army. Wow. Probably not up to par for constructed, but I like it anyway!

    Thanks for sharing!
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    posted a message on [CON] Might of Alara & protection bears
    Where were we told about the Shivan Zombie reprint? Why isn't it in any of the initial posts or thread titles of the other threads? (At least from a casual glance I can't find it.)
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    posted a message on [CON] Might of Alara & protection bears
    A functional reprint means that the entire text of the card is copied, as well as mana cost, but the card's name and possibly creature type are different. Such as Balduvian Bears = Barbary Apes = Bear Cub = Cylian Elf = Forest Bear = Grizzly Bears.
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    posted a message on [CON] Might of Alara & protection bears
    My guess: The "Outlander" cycle in Alara is the same as the "Apprentice" cycle in Invasion.

    So it would be:
    Goblin Outlander=Thunderscape Apprentice
    Nacatl Outlander=Thornscape Apprentice
    Valeron Outlander=Sunscape Apprentice
    Vedalkin Outlander=Stormscape Apprentice
    Zombie Outlander=Nightscape Apprentice

    Of course, it could also be the other common cycle (of protection critters)...
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    posted a message on MTGCast #135: Conflux Card Rumors Cleared for Take-Off!
    Hmmm. I see someone coming up with something that abuses Flash and big critters... and by that, I mean that Flashing in a Symbiotic Wurm gives you all sorts of fun stuff if you have anything in play to begin with.... but I'll let someone else come up with that.

    Here's my take on things. I must say, I do love Altar of Dementia, so I had to use it as my win condition.

    What does this thing even do, you say? Well, we're going to use Altar of Dementia along with its friends the Dreadnought and Lifeline to deck our opponent. You can sacrifice the Dreadnought to the Altar with its come-into-play trigger on the stack, so you don't have to actually sacrifice 12 power worth of critters. As long as another creature is in play (anywhere!), it comes back at the end of turn to die another terrible death.

    Trinket Mage gathers the Dreadnought, while card-drawing like Thirst for Knowledge gets the rest. Critters like Myr Servitor stick around with or without Lifeline - this makes sure that the Dreadnought keeps coming back over and over. They also are nice chump-blockers! The mana artifacts are there to power out the Lifeline and other artifacts quickly.

    You know, now that I think about it... Tezzeret would be great at tutoring out most of these low-power artifacts. -1, grab a Dreadnought, deck you for 12!

    Ok, ok.... second attempt:

    Seems exciting to me!
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    posted a message on How to Play on a Budget
    Talon, I can't even afford $15 to draft a week, all I do is go to FMNs ($5) and occasionally buy some junk rares. The only reason I have a collection is that I've been doing it for years, so I have a decent amount of stuff.

    You have *no* place to tell people that they shouldn't play Magic just because they are poor. You have *no* place to tell people that they basically *must* have a top-tier deck or not go to the tournaments to "annoy you."

    Certainly people can voice opinions, but you manage to do so in an insulting and derogatory way, just to get the attention and responses.
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    posted a message on Cranial Insertion: Everybody Wants to Rule the Rules
    Rutabaga tried too hard. Pamplemouse it is!
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    posted a message on The best non basic hate for the current format that they could reprint.
    *Almost* 20? There seem to be many decks playing 100% nonbasics. What's the point of basics anymore? Seems like there should be a downside to having perfect mana every game.
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    posted a message on The best non basic hate for the current format that they could reprint.
    Ruination. Please please reprint. Also Back to Basics and Price of Progress.

    And Wasteland.

    ... can 5C-everything die now?
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    posted a message on At the Gathering: Best of Lucky, Part 2
    I play for fun. Winning is fun too, but I like to win while playing a *fun* deck, a deck *I* have built.

    Sure, I would probably win FNM quite a bit if I played Faeries every week - the other players know I have skill, but that I don't play the "good" decks. But it's not as fun to win with some netdeck as it is to win with my own creation. It's a Pyrrhic victory - sure I've won, but at what cost to my ideals?

    I know some people don't have those ideals. They don't have fun except when they're winning. I'm sure the author is one of those, by his rant against "bad players" (who are bad simply because they don't play the best deck). I don't like playing against those people - they really suck the fun out of the game. And this is a game, remember. At the end of the night, there is only one winner, so if everyone had this attitude, the vast majority of people will be unhappy. Thankfully there are plenty of people who play to have fun, at least for now. They make the game far more enjoyable to everyone.
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    posted a message on Pre-Release Stories
    I played Naya, went 4-1 and ended up in 2nd place. My friend also played Naya, had crazy amounts of good commons (3 Wild Nacatl, 3 Druid of the Anama, plenty of removal and good stuff), and went 4-0-1 (beating me in the last round!) and got 1st. Combined we took 20 packs (12 for him, 8 for me).

    Makes up for the fact that I got *zero* good rares. Oooh, dragons get +3/+3. Blech.

    Best play: Opponant cycled the red burn spell to kill my 5/5 critter. In response, I cycled the green pump spell to give it +6/+6 and saving it... and killing a blocker of his. Heh. Unexpected!

    The common and uncommon lands make it very easy to make a limited deck with great colorfixing. I only had mana problems one game the whole night.
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    posted a message on MTGCast #122: Prepare for the Prerelease!
    Tri-colored cards? Realm Razor just strikes me as strange. Now, I love (love!) armageddon effects (having played red-white control + land destruction in TS/Lorwyn standard), but the Razor just doesn't even have the flavor of its shard. I mean, Naya is all about having 5-power beasts. Why does the Razor, a beast itself, have only 4? At six mana, even, and with anything-can-kill-by-chumping 2 toughness. Just a strange disconnect there.

    How I taught Magic to a new player: This is a pretty recent story, I'm still teaching my friend to play as it is.

    When I moved here to Lansing, I lost my old playgroup of casual players. Even here, I didn't really know anyone to play with personally - sure I went to FNM and all, but I didn't really know any of those people outside of that place and time. However, a new friend of mine who didn't play Magic wondered where I was always going on Friday nights. So I figured I would introduce him to Magic!

    I started off thinking that it would be a good idea to intoduce him to the "themes" of each of the colors, so I made up a mono-color deck of each color. I figured that if we traded off and he got a good idea of what each color had in terms of types of cards, he might figure out what sort of deck he would like to play. It would also give him a good idea of the rules - we'd play with basic low-power cards first, then move up from there.

    Well, that didn't work so well.

    I'm a Johnny and, I like to play to play the game, not simply to win. My friend, of course, is pure unadultured Spike. We start playing with my casual decks, and he's like... "Are these what people are winning tournaments with? Why aren't we playing with those?" and I'm all "......" Great. I hate netdeckers and my friend is one before he even knows what it is. Wink

    Of course, I don't have any tournament-quality decks on hand because I'm poor. So my friend tells me I should just order him the cards for the best one and he'll pay for them. Of course, I'm also cheap, so I *don't* go out and buy all the faerie cards because it'd be like $400, and I don't even want *him* playing that, especially as someone brand new to the game. So I take (his) $80 and get him a fully decked out kithkin deck, Figures and all (got them $5 each at the release event). Besides, for a beginner, Kithkin is a fairly decent deck.

    Teaching actually went really well, and he picked up the game quickly. However, there were still plenty of things that took a while to hammer into him, like... "Don't play your land before you pick up your card for the turn" and "No, you can't play anything but instants during combat" (as he was fond of trying to Oblivion Ring things mid-combat). Mirrorweave was also hard - which target to choose? When? - but he got the hang of it.

    We played a lot of open-hand matches. He would tell me what he wanted to do and why, and I'd tell him if that was the correct play or if there was a better option. He'd also give me advice on what to play from my hand, so he could see the matchups from both sides of the table. I think these open-hand teaching sessions really work wonders, and helped him learn quite quick.

    Anyway, he started going with me to FNM pretty quick. He still needed a lot of help, but the people there are (fairly) friendly and helped him out and took things slow. Being very experienced with one deck (kithkin) but not experienced with any other one meant he had to read a lot of cards. That's the way to learn, though!

    Now, I've been playing Magic for about 8 years, mostly casually. And been playing FNM for a year. I've never won any, either - we have large FNMs, and quite a few "hardcore" players who play nothing but fully tricked out netdecks like the Fae and 'Lark. Gotten close, but always out of my grasp.

    Of course, that means that at his third FNM, he gets first. First! Oh boy, did he have some things to say to me about that! :p

    He still has plenty of things to learn (protection always screws him up), but he's learning fast. Definitely the best way to teach someone Magic is just to play games with them a lot. Eventually you'll go over just about everything!
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    posted a message on Collect Specimen with Mutavault
    "If a creature would be put into play under an opponent's control this turn, put it into play under your control instead."

    Mutavault is not coming into play - it's been in play the whole time. Therefore, you will not gain control of it. Simply adding the creature type to the card does not mean it is coming into play as a new card.
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    posted a message on [ALA] Ad Nauseam
    Moonlight Bargain *is* an instant, and at the same cost... and wasn't played.

    I'm mixed on this - seems like you'd want it in a low-cost deck, but five mana is a lot for that. If you start revealing high-cost win conditions, though, you're going to end up with one card for five mana and a bunch of life.
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    posted a message on [ALA] Preview Wed. 9/17: Mindlock Orb, Ethersworn Canonist, Master of Etherium
    Cannonist is great for U/W control. You play a spell, I Cryptic it and tap your creatures... you can't play anything, can't attack... my turn now?

    On my turn, neo-affinity out a threat, save back any one counterspell, you do nothing for the rest of the game.

    Great against other control decks too. First one to blink loses, except you have the advantage in playing mostly artifacts for threats. You want to counter my spell? Well, I counter yours, and you can't counter mine back. Too bad.
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    posted a message on MTGCast #120: Sarkhan Vol will rock you!
    Mana-fixing has been pretty clearly included in Alara in the three cycles of mana-fixers. That's 15 cards in the set devoted to mana fixing - I don't think we'll have *too* much of a problem with making sure we have the right colors in Draft.

    I really loved Ravinca draft, and I imagine Alara will be similar. The uncommon tap lands and other fixers will need to be drafted high, because they certainly will not be coming back to you (unless you are playing against people who are going to have bad mana-bases!). It seems like there are a ton of multi-colored cards, so it will be hard to impossible to create a mono-colored deck, as opposed to the Lorwyn megablock where hybrid mana made it actually pretty *easy* to go mono. With the multicolored cards so far, you *will* want to play multiple colors anyway.

    People complaining about how multicolor is terrible for draft... well, *I* certainly don't believe it. If they can balance it out as well as Ravnica (and we'll definitely be getting way more ways to fix mana, that's for sure!), it'll be just fine. Skill-testing, sure, but isn't that the way you want it to be? (Instead of force-red, red red red win like a certain format I could name.)
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    posted a message on [ALA] Previews Monday 9/8: Sarkhan Vol, Sigiled Paladin, Battlegrace Angel
    Quote from urzassedatives
    No, they said they wouldn't be 4-of staples.
    Planeswalkers are always going to be mythic, it seems. No big deal, really. You never run 4.

    Except that isn't true. Never say never, as "they" say.

    You run 4 Sarkhans. Why? You definitely want one out 3rd turn (off of acceleration) so that 5th turn you can make 5 4/4 dragons, drop a second Sarkhan, and beat face for 25. You can't really have too many of them because you're always going to be "using them up" one way or another.

    Welcome to $30+ dollar rare territory. Just makes me more unhappy about Mythics. There better be some sort of foil to these things in Alara...
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    posted a message on [Official Thread] Elf-Ball
    Quote from Shikuzesa
    4. As someone pointed earlier to me sometime ago, Gutteral Response counters Cryptic Command and Fae. I've learned that countering their Ancestral Visions gives you a huge boost in tempo, especially when your creatures are much larger then theirs.

    If you are countering Ancestral Visions with Guttural Response, you're doing something illegal. GR counters blue *instants* only. Not faeries, not blue sorceries... only instants. Yes, that's great against Cryptic and Rune Snag and whatnot, but it's not going to stop AV.
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    posted a message on R/W Warp World/Stokin' Tokens!!!
    Rise of the Hobgoblins. Why? It gives you tokens to up your permanent count. When it comes in off of Warp World, you'll have lots of untapped mana which you can use to create *more* tokens.

    Also works great with the Noblis (3/1 first strikers? Sounds good to me!).
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    posted a message on MTGCast #114: Nationals and the Deflating Football League
    Really, it seems like most blocks have an evil person who gets plenty of great flavor text. Even (especially?) way back in the beginning, with bad guys like Baron Sengir and Kaervek. Braids obviously gets a ton of good stuff, but I'll head back to Homelands, to one of the "original evils"... the Baron himself.
    An-Zerrin Ruins
    “The An-Zerrins have served me well, ever since I first killed them.”
    —Baron Sengir

    Edit... No. Even the Baron Sengir (while totally "bad") is not as awesomely bad as Volrath. Really, no one can match him.

    He really does anything he wants. Whenever he wants. Because he is total awesome and you are not.
    He endlessly increases his power - Dark Ritual - “If there is such a thing as too much power, I have not discovered it." —Volrath
    He doesn't even care about fate - he is more powerful than fate - Null Profusion - "Some say that time is cyclical and that history inevitably repeats. My will is my own. I won't bow to fate." -Volrath
    In fact, other people don't have free will - they simply have to follow *his* will - Puppet Strings - “Have no illusions,” Volrath warned Greven, “about free will.”
    He tortures not for knowledge, but for his own wishes.... Scalding Tongs - “This has nothing to do with what you know and everything to do with what I wish.” —Volrath
    Then kills you if you don't scream enough.... Spinal Graft -“This one has not screamed enough to show effective implantation. Kill it.” —Volrath
    And uses your body for his own benefit anyway. Necrologia -“My enemies' death yields threefold benefit: removal, reuse, and research.” —Volrath
    You really don't want to get in his way. He'll destroy what is most important to you. Fugitive Druid -“If the druids are so devoted to their trees, I will carve them coffins from their precious heartwood.”

    But really, the best one shows just how much power he has over people. And it also happens to be one of my favorite cards.
    Altar of Dementia -“It is not that you will go mad. It is that you will beg for madness.” —Volrath
    Volrath will keep you sane *just so* that he can inflict more torture. You will beg for madness to escape it. Yes, Volrath is awesome.

    Not even Braids matches up to him, even in flavortext. I'm sure Volrath would have Braids crying over her afternoon tea in a few minutes, wishing to be returned to her madness (as surely Volrath would make her sane just so that he could inflict more mental damage against her).
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    posted a message on U/R possible at all?
    Here's something I have semi-built. Idea is to counter their threats and burn them dead.

    Negate could also be Remove Soul, depending on what you figure is going to be more painful to you. Usual kill involves Spiteful Visions. Yes, they get to draw first... but they're taking damage first, and if you counter anything useful, it's going to be over quick. Put out two Spiteful Visions, and they're taking *6* damage per turn (3 cards, 2 damage each). You also have 8 "Chars" in Psionic Blast and Flame Javelin. Sulferous Blast takes care of weenies to begin with, Incendiary Command plays clean-up (as well as dealing them 4 or eating a man-land *or* cycling people's hands and dealing bunches of damage with Spiteful Visions). Ancestral Visions reloads your hand, though can also be used as a very bad Lightning Bolt with a Spiteful Visions in play... but if it kills them, that's the point!
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    posted a message on Can you stack Idle Thoughts triggers?
    You can play the ability at any time. However, when it resolves, you will only draw a card if you have no cards in hand at that moment.

    So you can respond to it and play it several times, but only the first one will draw you a card. The rest will see that you have a card in hand, and will not craw you cards. ALso, if you get a card in hand some other way before the ability resolves (like Boomerang), you will not get a card. However, it has no restrictions on when you can play it, so you can sink mana into it whenever you want, even if you have cards in hand.

    Compare the wording to Nihilistic Glee, which says "1,Pay 2 life: Draw a card. Play this ability only if you have no cards in hand." That is different - you can respond to it several times and get several cards. However, you cannot sink mana into it when you have cards in hand (as you cannot play it).
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    posted a message on [EVE] Helix Pinnacle. Wha-wha-wha-what?!
    According to errata, yes, you can. Click on Basalt Monolith and read:
    • As of Oracle 2006/07/14, there are no restrictions on how you use the mana. So it can untap itself. [D'Angelo 2006/08/01]
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    posted a message on [EVE] Helix Pinnacle (rumored)
    Mana Reflection does nothing for Braid of Fire. Mana Reflection requires that you tap something to get the double mana (otherwise you'd have infinite mana with any mana filter creature, like Orochi Leafcaller.)
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    posted a message on [EVE] Scarecrone & Leering Emblem (Rumoured)
    Argh, minutes too late, was going to post the same thing as riddle.

    But then, with your infinite mana (of any and all colors), you can draw your deck (using Scarecrone) and then play it all.

    ... or put it all in Helix Pinnacle and win the game.
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    posted a message on [EVE] Eventide Combo Thread
    Nope, it actually works just like the card says.

    (From March 1999 to July 2006 this card had errata to not trigger when coming into play from locations other than your hand. [D'Angelo 2006/08/01])
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    posted a message on [DECK] Most. Annoying. Deck. Ever.
    It's a bad card. I looked at it at first and thought... wow, could be broken! (I ran a Gargadon+Balance combo deck at FMN for a long time, I like those sorts of things.) Except then I re-read the card.

    Your opponent will always be able to have more <whatever> out than you. One more creature, one more land, etc. If this forced things such that they could not play <whatever> if they had and *equal* number to you, then we'd be getting into good territory. Also, it costs six. This does not do anything about everything they played before you cast it - if they're already leading in creatures/lands, you'd better have Wrath or Boom/Bust backup. One creature is more than enough to kill you, especially with creatures like Cham. Colossus and Oona around.

    Yes, if you can get it out on turn 2-3 it's crazy, but the likelihood of having that much acceleration *and* this card in hand is... slim. And even then, an aggro deck is likely to have 3+ beaters out, killing you while you spend your time playing a 6-mana artifact (and they will also be playing things like Spectral Procession, which is not a creature).
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    posted a message on [EVE] Pyrrhic Revival (rumored)
    Pyrrhic Revival + Murderous Redcap MGTO Avatar = Kill your opponent or bring back an army and kill theirs.

    Of course, that's MTGO only, but interesting nonetheless.
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    posted a message on [EVE] Necroskitter & Soul Snuffers (Rumoured) UPDATED 1st post!
    Quote from the_fish
    False Demise.

    But that card's old - if it were printed today it'd be black. But the effect is more similar to this than other graveyard reanimation, so I can see where the confusion comes from.

    You'd be wrong. It was sort-of reprinted, again in blue: Fool's Demise.

    But I see this card as being perfectly black.
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    posted a message on [EVE] Minisite, TWELVE New Cards and New Mechanic Retrace!
    Retrace will be broken, if there is even *one* halfway good card to use with it. Turning useless cards into exactly what you need... insane. Especially with the Salvage in the format for a bit more - you can always draw the retracing card you want. Forever.
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    posted a message on Global Prereleases now tied to Wizard's Play Network
    A lot of people may think this is bad, but I think this is awesome news for casual and new players, the players that Wizards has been shooting for. (Also, players like me! I like these changes, for sure!)

    For one, this will cause there to be more local pre-releases. When I lived in Madison, WI, I was happy with pre-releases - they were in my town, so I could always make it. Since I've moved to Lansing, MI, I haven't gone to a single one. The closest ones are in Detroit, and I am definitely not driving 1.5 hours to get to a prerelease, especially with gas prices like they are. With local PRs, I plan to start going to as many as I can.

    I also like supporting local stores, and I hope that they'll have better prize support than the expensive PRs I've gone to before. Not having such huge crowds - also a plus.

    I guess I just see all the so-called "downsides" as positives.
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    posted a message on MTGCast #105 - Shadowmoor Limited Made Simple!
    Clearly, any order must begin with Rancor ($3, $9 if you want the promo version) plus Elf ($.50, unless you want foil at $5).

    But seriously, my method was to go through the recent sets (Lorwyn/Morningtide/Shadowmoor) and pick through what might be good cards. I skipped a lot of cards because they were too costly (Cryptic Command makes me cry at $15 each, when I could really use four... also the vast majority of lands are too pricey, even with $25... seems not worth it to me to spend most of that on a whole two lands), mostly going with $1-3 cards. Playsets of each took me up over $200 anyway. Ergh. And that's just for a few casual decks! Cut cut cut, don't *really* need Mind Shatters (though cool!), or these elementals... ok, $125. Hrm. Cut some more, Scapeshift is amazing but I have no deck for it... these fairies are far too expensive... I require some Avalanche Riders but they will have to wait... down to $75. Ok, now to cut this in third. Ergh. Do I finish a Merfolk deck (minus Cryptic Commands, of course), or do I make a Giant (minus Countryside Crusher, of course) deck?

    I have the choice...
    4 Wanderwine Hub @ $5 = $20
    4 Ponder @ $.50 = $2
    4 Oblivion Ring @ $.75 = $3

    4 Ancient Amphitheater @ $2.50 = $10
    4 Cragganwick Cremator @ $1 = $4 (I really, really want to throw a Greater Gargadon at someone's head.)
    4 Guttoral Response @ $1 = $4
    1 Brion Stoutarm @ $2.50 = $2.50
    4 Cream of the Crop @ $1 = $4 (Not for Giants, but I have extra dollars!)
    1 Ponder @ $.50 = $.50 (I need it anyway!)
    = $25

    Leaning towards Giants, simply because I get more cards... though Merfolk is still tempting. Either way, $25 both buys a lot... and yet so very little. Ah well.

    (Also, people should check if what they're getting is even sold! There aren't any Bitterblossoms even for sale, it seems.)
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    posted a message on MTGCast #104 - Shadowmoor Standard and Limited Loopholes!
    I clearly cannot compete with any of these memorable packs. Foil Tarm + Tarm = craziness. My first two packs (ever) were fairly memorable - they were out of my Starter pack, way back with original starter. The rare in each pack? Armageddon. Gave me an early appreciation for land destruction, which I like until this day. Wink

    And pro player cards? Wow, I hate them. Do I *really* want to stare at some smug gamer's face? Yes, they made money playing a game. Does that matter to me at all? Nope. I would play with them as tokens, but their smug faces would remind me that they think they're better with me, and they they should be using me as their insignificant tokens, not the other way around. Hrmph!
    Anyway, I do have a use for them - my friend Jessica really likes them and collects them. Being a girl who plays Magic, she finds this extremely easy to do, as opposed to my friend Matt, who is male and as such has a much more difficult time collecting cards. Heh. Stereotypes in Magic? Naaah.
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    posted a message on Potential to break Persist possibly found
    Also Murderous Redcap plus Juniper Order Ranger.

    When Redcap comes into play, have it target itself. It dies, comes back, counters cancel, deals two damage to itself, comes back, etc, etc, etc. All the while, the Ranger gets.... huge.

    So once you have your 1000000/1000002 Ranger, either attack with it... or Rite of Consumption.
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    posted a message on 40 Mountains?????
    Hmm. I think this pairs better with white than with blue.

    Why? One reason: Jötun Grunt.

    You've got a lot (~40) of lands. Which are going into the graveyard quite often (due to Crusher). You also tend to have few lands out (unless you are running Crucible). Grunt is cheap, restocks your library, stops graveyard shenanigans from your opponents, and is a nice 4/4 beatstick. Eventually, if you run through all of your library, you can be dumping like 20 lands a turn off the top of your library (make sure to put a non-land on the bottom though!), making Crusher huge in the process.

    You also get to use Flagstones, which are great with Shard Volley.
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    posted a message on MTGCast #89: What do you mean they want a union?
    Quirion Ranger.

    Tap forests! Tap Rofellos! Return forest, untap Rofellos, replay forest. Tap forest! Tap Rofellos! Do a little dance! (Not required.)

    Then with a bagillion green mana.... er... make a big creature. Watch it get terrored. Cry a little. Rinse, repeat next turn. Wink

    (Llanowar Elves aren't special - they only make one mana! Ranger though... crazy stuff!)
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    posted a message on Cream of the Crop and deck stacking
    Why does it matter what the top card is? None of those cards you mention have Clash.
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    posted a message on MTGCast #87: Level 3, Schmevel 3!
    I spent like $100 on a box of Time Spiral. Me and my friends would often do non-sanctioned drafts, and so it was much cheaper to buy the box and draft from that than to buy draft packs from the store.

    Of course, soon after (and before I get to draft any, since I was busy), I moved. At the new place, *no one* did unsanctioned drafts. I shed a single tear and had to open up all the packs alone in my basement. Of course, it was Time Spiral, so the cards sucked, *and* I was out a bunch of money that could've gone towards drafting. Sigh!
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    posted a message on MTGCast #86: Two Doms are better than one!
    Tribal *in general* is fun (cue "Elves vs Goblins fight theme song"), but I'm not much of a fan of the "tribal" mechanic. I'm now waiting for Tribal Artifact Sorcery - Construct.

    I'll throw my opinion behind clash. Yes, yes, everyone says clash sucks, it's only for limited, etc, etc. I disagree - it's got a fairly powerful effect that can be put to great use in *certain* decks. Yes, it's not for everyone, but that doesn't mean it's completely useless.

    I run a RW Garagadon/Balance deck. Now, what does RW have for card draw? Not much (and no, browbeat sucks). So what can you use instead? Clash! My favorite clash card is Lash Out. Look at what people are playing now - it's all creatures. So you're almost always going to have a target. Then you get to clash, which filters your card draws. Then, if you are lucky, you also get an additional 3 damage to the opponent's head! Quite a nice package for only 2 mana.

    In a controlling deck like mine, you also get clashers like Pollen Remedy, which stalls, filters cards, and maybe even stalls doubly.

    Clash isn't bad, it's a nice way of getting card filtering in colors which normally do not have them.
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    posted a message on MTGCast #83: A Draft a day keeps your rating ok!
    I learned way back in middle school, after a friend showed me how to play. We would go to the local game store and he would let me use his cards, starting me out with what was probably the most crazily complex deck I could possible start out with - Peacekeeper plus ping effects like Rootwater Hunter and Prodigal Sorcerer. Pretty sure I would've won all my games back then (because everyone just ran creatures and no removal?) if I wouldn't constantly forget to pay for Peacekeeper. Blech, upkeep costs! My uncle (who was a big gamer in his day, though that game was the original D&D) got me my first cards of my own - a starter set which I then used to force my father to play with me.

    I ended up falling out of Magic at the end of Middle School (as my friend and I drifted apart, though I think he's probably still hardcore into Magic), and then falling right back in once I was in College. But that's a different story!
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    posted a message on UBR Mishra yet AGAIN!
    How is that discard going for you? You've got this subtheme in the deck which doesn't look too well developed, and I don't know how well it's going for you... I'd recommend either focusing more on it, or just cutting it out.

    Lets say we want to focus more on Mishra. You definitely want some card draw to get to him, and then artifacts to make him useful. The epocrasites are a great first step.

    Here are my suggestions, though they may be a bit "out there" for what you want:
    -1 Thoughtseize
    -4 Hypnotic Spectre
    -4 The Rack
    -3 Auger of Skulls
    -1 Stalking Yeti
    -3 Coldsteel Heart

    +4 Epocrasite
    +4 Pyroclasm (*Great* against aggro decks, kills almost nothing of yours)
    +1 Cromatic Star
    +4 Prismatic Lens
    +2 Phyrexian Ironfoot
    +1 Mulldrifter

    Also would then need some mana-base switching...
    -1 Swamp
    -1 Mountain
    +1 Terramorphic Expanse
    +1 Island
    (Or probably even more extensive than that.)

    Between the Gnomes, Ironfoots, Epocrasites, and Pyroclasms... you should have absolutely no problem against aggro decks. Gnomes and Ironfoots block little men forever, Epocrasites love to die just so they can come back anyway, and Pyroclasms are Plauge Winds against most decks (killing only your Drifters and Shriekmaw).

    Then you can dedicate your sideboard to dealing with the control matches, since your maindeck is prepared for dealing with aggro...
    4 Augur of Skulls
    4 Ravenous Rats
    4 Sulfur Elemental (Uncounterable!)
    3 Hypnotic Specter
    (Or something like that)
    It would be your "transformative" sideboard, since it's likely that control is going to save a counter for Mishra anyway, if they know what your deck does.
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    posted a message on The Brain (A.K.A Wild Pair Control)
    Quote from 40 cal
    does spike feeder count as a 2/2?

    When you play it, it does (or even as a 1/1 if you remove a counter for some reason). But if you want to fetch it from your library, it's a 0/0... so your 2/2s will not fetch it out with Wild Pair.
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    posted a message on The Brain (A.K.A Wild Pair Control)
    Quote from SideEffect
    wait a sec so what are the better colors to play the deck?
    i guess it has to be UG+X will it be W or B or maybe R ?
    what is more consistente?

    Obviously G, as Wild Pair is green.
    U is generally necessary, as card draw to find Wild Pair is definitely needed. No Wild Pair, not much of a deck!

    I like R, as grinning ignus and avalanche riders are pretty awesome. Ignus is both acceleration *and* an engine.

    W is also a good choice - W has some good 2/2s (True Believer), and then you have Whitemane Lion instead of Ignus. The Lion is not acceleration, but he allows tricks - you can grab Mystic Snake or Vesner in response to a spell.

    Black? No, no. What bounce 2/2 do you have to search out everything? Can't make it work.

    I'd honestly have to play with both of them to find the "right" build.
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    posted a message on The Brain (A.K.A Wild Pair Control)
    Quote from Trag3dy
    OMG I didn't know that about Wall of Roots, but now that I think about it, it does make sense. I chose Coalition Relic because of the color dependency on the deck and that it would seemingly able me to cast Wild Pair ASAP,(as soon as plausible Wink ).

    Red > White

    Instead of Whitemane Lion, go with Grinning Ignus. He is both mana acceleration *and* reusable 2/2 (who only costs R to cast/recast instead of 1W like Lion!). Third turn put down the Ignus, then fourth turn add a land, return the Ignus, and bam - Wild Pair.

    Next turn (with 5 mana perhaps?) you can play Ignus, (search Riders) destroy a land, return Ignus play Ignus, (search another Riders) destroy a land, return Ignus play Ignus, (search another Riders) destroy a THIRD land, then attack for 6 with your hasty Riders.

    Next turn you could even use Gaia's Blessing to shuffle them back in your deck... and do it again. (Just an option!)

    Also Ingot Chewer can be evoked on the cheap (one R!), eating an opposing Relic or Rack while tutoring up something nice (Enforcer? Stalking Yeti? <- Kills critters and returns to hand, too! Voidstone Gargoyle even, for opposing spells?)... Briarhorn too (and Briarhorn even can first give itself +3/+3, allowing you to search up a finisher like Akroma or one of the big Elementals).
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    posted a message on GargaBalance
    Quote from Tigris
    Why don't you run some artifact mana artifact's are good because balance ignores them completely

    I thought about it. It's a halfway decent idea, but I generally don't need to "ramp up" into anything. Garga and Balance each only cost a single mana (when suspending), and everything else is about two mana anyway! I'm sad that all the signets are gone, boros signet might have been nice, but other than that, what do I run? The best mana artifact is the Relic, but it costs three... far too much for this deck in my opinion.

    Quote from Tigris
    also you could run orizon Canopy in the Deck because, your deck run's really cheap spells you don't really need much mana, and when your opponent doesn't has any lands in play the cards in hand don't really matter

    I figure Canopy can't do much good in the deck - it's a plains that hurts me (as I play no green), and while saccing to draw a card is nice, by that time I'm going to want a hand free of cards anyway! (To make Balance blow them out.) It's definitely a good card, just not so much for this deck.

    Quote from metamorph
    historically, RW control decks of various kinds (and this is more or less a RW control deck of a particular sort) are just inherently weak against counterspells. you've got to resolve bomb sorceries to win, the whole strategy is hinging on a small number of cards. there's no good way around it. RW control decks have only been able to be tier 1 in metagames where blue control is almost unplayable (such as during Onslaught block).

    Yes, this is unfortunately very true. I just figured that blue control might go under the wheels of the aggro bus very shortly (once all these tribal decks get running), and so there might be a spot for this deck.

    Quote from metamorph
    my suggestion for what to do against Blue is basically to sideboard heavily. I see that you've already got a full load of Detritivore and Cryoclasm. That's probably the best you can hope for, though maybe Avalanche Riders is better then Cryoclasm once the Ravnica duals leave the format. you'll have to figure out exactly how to sideboard against blue. my intuition is that your best bet is to actually board out Gargadon and Balance.

    I agree with all this - I'll have to see how many actual islands I see.

    Quote from metamorph
    for the maindeck, most of it looks pretty decent. the most questionable card there is Dawn Charm. Fog variants generally aren't that great without some way to recur them. My suggestion is Serra Avenger, this will also work to prevent a pretty reasonable amount of damage (by blocking or just absorbing an Incinerate) and also provide a very good clock. The Keldon Marauders should probably be Mogg War Marshal. It provides far superior stalling on the ground and it removes 3 counters from Gargadon, seems like a natural choice.

    Dawn Charm is pretty much awesome. It's not just a fog, it's also a counterspell. While most of the time it just helps stall me to get a Balance resolved, it's also saved me from game-losing burn and can also counter discard spells. The Avenger is awesome, but comes out three turns before Balance resolves, sometimes too late to do much. It's also double-white in a red-heavy deck.

    The War Marshal is another good idea, though - it does stall very nicely (though I'll likely never pay the echo). It doesn't do as much damage to the opponent as Marauders do (as those do 5 damage pretty much always against non-aggro decks), but those tokens actually stick around forever. I'll have to give it a try, thanks.
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    posted a message on GargaBalance
    WoG is nice, but it's 4 mana, a sorcery, and does the same thing that Restore Balance does.... which means I'm afraid it'll get stuck in my hand by the time Restore Balance goes off, letting my opponents have cards in hand. Yes, it's good to have backup sources of board-sweepers, but I don't know, yet. (Also, I don't have any, but it's something to look for, at least.) More wrath = better, but I would probably try sulfurous blast before then. (As I can instant-ify it.)

    Razia's Purification is worse, as it's a gigantic 6 mana, meaning I'll almost never get to play it (Balance is likely to go off sooner!), and it'll be stuck in my hand always.

    I've thought about Rift Elemental, and I don't know which way to go on this. It's cheap (so I can get it out of my hand), but dies to my own removal (pyroclasm), and is kinda slow.... but it is a good way to dump extra mana at end of opponent's turn. I'd put it in, but what to remove?

    I maindecked one Detritovore yesterday, and it was... well, less than optimal. Three players played only basic lands, and it got stranded in my hand there at least twice. Against my other opponents, I think it killed one land, as usually Balance would end up going off before I had enough mana to suspend a big one anyway.

    The problem is that I want to run spells that I can get rid of easily - this makes Balance devastating, because it becomes a Wrath, an Armageddon, and a Mind Twist... all in one. If I have cards left in my hand, they'll hold back lands and recover quickly, while I'll have sacrificed everything to the Gargadon. However, when I don't draw a Balance, I wish I had something that was bigger than a little burn spell! So it's always back and forth... do I add higher costing stuff? But then it gets stuck! So then I take it out, and have problems when people get big creatures out and I still have four turns to go on Balance.

    Dust of Moments is very much like Fury Charm, but I like Fury Charm more (because I can hit artifacts, and very occasionally give Gargadon trample). I could possibly use them both (as cheap instants), but I feel like Dust of Moments will be dead if I don't have suspenders out (while the Charm is almost always useful).

    So thanks for the comments (and hopefully I'll get more), but try to keep the idea of the deck in mind - I like to get things out of my hand quickly to make Balance completely devastating. Cheap (but useful) suspend cards, charms which serve many purposes, split cards that I can use early (Boom) or late (Bust)... all these are very important, but I think I pretty much mined most of those ideas already... just seeing what other people can think of now which I might have missed. Also, more ideas for the control matchup - I do pretty well against aggro, which is why I don't know about adding Wrath, but control is just terrible if they save a counterspell to deal with Balance.
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    posted a message on GargaBalance
    I just made up a deck yesterday, and piloted it to 3-2 (almost 4-1! Mmrmph!) record at FNM tonight, and I though I might get some comments.

    What I played:
    What I think I should be playing (post-Rav), were budget not a problem (even though it is!)

    Lorwyn stuff doesn't really add to the deck. But pulling out Rav doesn't also hurt the deck much either. Ajani Goldmane could possibly come in (survives a balance!), and Oblivion Ring almost certainly should come in (replacing... Marauders?).

    Basically, the idea of the deck is to suspend Restore Balance, and then suspend Greater Gargadon. A few turns later, you should be out of cards in hand, and can sacrifice all your permanents to Gargadon. If you have multiple Gargadons suspended (or often even with only one), you can manage to clear the board of creatures, hands, and lands... leaving only the Gargadon (which comes into play after the Balance has resolved, as long as you stack upkeep triggers properly). He then swings hastily for the win (either then or the next turn).

    Everything else in the deck basically stalls the opponent. You kill their small critters, and hold off the large ones (chumping with Marauders and fogging with Dawn Charm) until Balance can wipe the board clear. Then your suspend-guys come on down for the win.

    Card choices:
    Lands: You really really really want an untapped source of white or red mana first turn. As your lands aren't going to be lasting very long, Gemstone Mine is awesome. The few life going into the Forge also aren't going to matter. New Benalia is decent - I don't like the cipt, but scry one in a deck without draw is very nice.
    Balance, Gargadon: Make the deck work.
    Epochrasite: Early game always castable chump blocker, late game (especially after a Balance!) beater. Pretty awesome, all around.
    Dawn Charm: Counters burn to the face (saved me today!) and stalls the early game with a fog effect. Very good.
    Fury Charm: Kills the Rack dead, kills artifact mana, and sometimes allows you to pop off Balance when the opponent is *completely* not expecting it. The blue mage will tap out... and then get balanced when they expected it to be happening two turns from now.
    Pyroclasm: Stops early creature swarms. Very effective.
    Rift Bolt/Incinerate: Other burn. Cheap, gets cards out of your hand, and kills creatures or the opponent.

    More iffy choices:
    Keldon Marauders: Five damage for two mana is not a bad deal. Also serves as a very nice chump blocker early in the game, killing a creature and dealing two to the opponent for a mere two mana. But is it really necessary? I am unsure!
    Boom/Bust: Sometimes this is great - I destroy the mana of the type they need, and hold them off. Sometimes its crazy good, armageddoning my opponent when they don't expect it. Often it sits in the hand, not really doing anything to affect anything.

    Also, the sideboard:
    No idea here. Generally, Nodes for critter attacks, and land destruction for control.

    Any suggestions on card choices?

    This deck beats decks without counters pretty well. When there are counters.... well, bad things happen. As I said, I just went 3-2 tonight, losing (barely each time, 2-1 and fighting) to blue-flavored control decks. Sac all my lands to the gargadon... and counter Restore Balance. Blech. What can I do about that matchup? I was thinking I either go aggro (and have some sort of transformational sideboard) or I go land-d (and hope to keep the opponent off of blue mana for the counters!).

    It's very fun to play, though, I had a blast.
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    posted a message on [LOR] Wild Ricochet and more!
    Quote from Arctic_Slicer
    One damage to any target might not seem like much but being able to kill a random x/1 or finish off a creature after combat damage makes it very playable at at one mana.

    Lets read it again... Needle Drop deals 1 damage to target creature or player that was dealt damage this turn.

    You can't kill random x/1s, because by the time you'd deal them damage, they'd be dead already. Makes the card considerably worse.
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    posted a message on [LOR] 4 New cards including Goatnapper... (confirmed)
    It's a one mana creature with two power. That's quite above the curve for critters, and great for aggressive decks.
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    posted a message on [LOR] 4 New cards including Goatnapper... (confirmed)
    Wooh. Uncommon red savannah lions! I like.

    Tribes are being pushed *hard* though. Hmm.
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    posted a message on [PC] Deck Idea: Momentray Blink & Akroma
    With a counterspell. (Morphs are still spells.)
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    posted a message on [TS] Enduring Renewal Deck thoughts?
    Yes. "Pwnage" It still takes RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR to kill your opponent that way, which means it isn't terribly broken.
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    posted a message on Time Spiral Review for Legacy
    The ability will do as much as it can. If Mangara isn't there, it'll still remove the other permanent.

    With Hex, you have to have 6 different targets to be able to play it. But if some of those targets then go away, it will still kill the rest.
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    posted a message on Grapeshot vs Dragonstorm
    Dragonstorm is nice - With four lands in play, you need three mana-boosters in your hand plus Dragonstorm to win the game. With Rite of Flame and Seething Song in standard, you need 3 of any of those 8, which isn't too bad. With the three boosts plus Dragonstorm, you can get four dragons. If they are all Bogardan Hellkites, you win the game on the spot.
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    posted a message on Prices of the Old version of Timeshifted Cards
    Quote from ateneo10
    where did you get your number how sure are you what the purple print run and distribution is?

    coz i mean common... it'd be stupid if fre whip were just as rare as akroma...

    They're in the same slot. One per booster. (Like a normal rare.) 121 total, but not separated by rarity. You'll get a Squire as often as you get an Akroma.
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    posted a message on Dragonstorm & Bogardan Hellkite
    Problem with Braid of Fire is that you get the mana during your upkeep. Dragonstorm is a sorcery, so that can make things... unworkable.

    Still, with all the red mana-accel out there, not to mention the green land-accel, it should be easy to get to 9 mana and three storm-count.
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    posted a message on [TS] Goblin Token maker, Plague Sliver and more info... (Updated 1st post)
    Well, that's true other than the fact that two of these bad babies cause you to lose 4 during your upkeep... Rolleyes Juzam never did that... Wink

    Yes, except that when you drop two of these against a sliver player, they are going to be losing a *whole* lot more life than just four...

    ... and really, that's half the reason it's there. A sliver-hoser.
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    posted a message on UW Stuffy Control in EXT comming?
    GW gets him out fast, but UW stops *them* from doing things, and also lets you protect Stuffy from Darkblast and such.

    Remand, Mana Leak, Counterspell, with instant speed card draw and tutoring... sounds good to me.
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    posted a message on UW Stuffy Control in EXT comming?
    You're right. I was just looking at the first instance of damage.

    Ok, maybe this *is* pretty cool.

    All you need to do is survive until turn six. (Too bad it doesn't have haste!) Two-card combos don't come around very often.
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    posted a message on UW Stuffy Control in EXT comming?
    Doesn't win you the game.

    Tap Stuffy to hit himself, Guilty triggers, deals an extra one damage. *Guilty Conscience* deals the damage, so it doesn't trigger again.

    So you spent six mana and two cards to deal two damage a turn. Not going to make it.

    (Correct, but irrelevant, for reasons laid out below.)
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