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    Totally appreciate the responses !!

    I agree with you, but I had to ask
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    Which art do you prefer?

    Mana Drain or Mana Drain Judge foil?


    FoW EM foil or FoW Judge foil

    I have opportunity to upgrade both but I am not sure if I should

    Thanks in advance
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    Quote from Yabast »
    Made a (multiplayer)cube last week and tried it over the weekend.
    It was a blast to play!

    Our playgroup is in a bit of a crisis because some people are willing to put lots of money into their decks and most of the others play some kind of budget decks. => For example some people are playing legacy duals and some are playing ravnica shocks. wich leads to discussion. The people who invest also don't want proxies to be used for those ultra expensive cards.

    The cube solves this problem.
    Everyone is equal now!

    I made sure all the strategies that were used are also prominent inside the cube.

    Our group was in the exact same boat as your group. We had two superpower players who had the resources and 4-6 others who were more budget oriented or who weren't willing to spend obscene amounts of cash. I decided to build a MP cube (players could contribute cards if they wanted) to equal the playing field. I met a ton of resistance from our group. People wanted to play their own decks, didn't understand the format, still assumed it would be a pay to play format, and figured it would get stale real quick.

    I did two things to fix this. I initially included everyone who wanted to play in the decision making process and I tried to include at least one deck archetype from each persons constructed decks
    so they would feel like they could play something familiar. Surprisingly, once the bashers realized how much fun the entire process was, I had the group on-board. The cube is more or less managed by two of us and we debate archetypes/card inclusion while the others have trusted our judgment.

    We have a fully powered MP cube. Most of our games are 4-5 player FFA, but when we get 8 players, it's a gong show. My group loves to play sealed or to draft, it really comes down to how quickly we want to start playing.

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    Fun for multiplayer games
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    Anyone else like Thalia's Lancers in a knight deck?

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    Any build should have Mother of runes in it. Card just stymies any targeted removal to the point where opponents will have to kill MUM before they kill Knight Exemplar. It doesn't matter that she isn't a knight and even the flavor text of either version of the card is on point.

    I never leave my Knight deck at home without the Mother's protection.
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    A shame they aren't really looking for a Multiplayer Cube. It's not traditional in any sense and can be made to be really wacky while offering loads of replay value. The issues with MP cubes of course is you lose the Aggro type decks and take on a lot more mid range "good stuffs" decks. Some people have issues with this.

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    This guy admitted to being a scummy trader in the interview, he took advantage of others while trading. Now he's doing this instead. I've seen many arguments justifying the behavior (free market, it's legal, if I don't someone else will, the stores have been doing it for years etc etc). He's only out for himself and a very small group of friends (if you believe he sells at the pre-inflated price to those who genuinely need the card).

    I guess everyone needs their 15 mins of fame
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    Our group voted unanimously that the Meld mechanic has no place in our cube. However, if a card with the Meld mechanic is good enough to be in the cube on it's own merits, it's in, if not, it's out. Simple as that. We are going to treat the Meld as flavor text. YMMV and I wouldn't hold it against any group who felt differently.

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    Quote from Wildfire393 »
    In addition to what CadBloom here advocates, Archangel of Thune is a rather strong one, both as a card on its own and as support for both lifegain and token archetypes.

    White has riches in the 5CC space. We run Archangel of Thune and it's a monster if you support it correctly. It really comes down to the archetype support when choosing.
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