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  • posted a message on iTrader Notification
    Not working for me either and hasn't since the switchover
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  • posted a message on Apr. 20, 2014 SCG Detroit Legacy Open Discussion
    I just saw him commenting on Legacy Elves and it was pretty clear he had no clue how the engine of the deck works.

    But yes, he is a bit off the wall, which I do like
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  • posted a message on Apr. 20, 2014 SCG Detroit Legacy Open Discussion
    Is it just me or does Chappy just not have a clue how some Legacy decks work???????
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Off-Topic Community Thread
    Happy Easter,

    Did the bunny bring anyone any cards
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  • posted a message on Why the sudden spike in price for A/B/U/R Dual lands?
    If the Magic player base is growing, which we are told it is, then it is likely growing for almost all formats to varying degrees. Obviously some people are hoarding, some people are trading in, but if your a tournament player, you can't just "proxy" and play. Fetches are something you need if you want to attend tournaments as are duals. Believe it or not, most people don't play this game for the up/down swing of the market, they actually play the game because they love to compete. The average player now has to deal with an economic frenzy that simply didn't exist 4+ years ago, or certainly not to the degree it does today.

    As for dual pricing. It's not surprising. Artificial pricing or not (for a short period of time anyways), these cards, especially revised copies, have intense pressure put on a finite amount. Did people really expect duals to be $50-100 forever? These cards are like 16+ years old.

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  • posted a message on [Deck] Death and Taxes
    I heard this somewhere before not too long ago and it bears repeating. There is NO perfect build for Death and Taxes.

    I think this deck really depends on how you like to play. Beat down mode or control. We have many interchangeable creatures now so it comes down to what you face in your meta and what you are comfortable piloting.

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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Off-Topic Community Thread
    The Wire is excellent, I found Breaking Bad boring after awhile....but I think I am in the minority
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  • posted a message on Legacy Huge Gainers
    Quote from TheatreGuy814
    Quote from S.M.
    Cataclysm is all but sold out on Ebay...I believe this powerhouse Death & Taxes equalizer (against aggro for those that don't know how to use it) is just starting to see its time, they're after all hard as hell to obtain in most shops and binders so it may be just a pure given.

    This is just the start perhaps? (rhetorical),

    Maybe. It has seen a $6 jump since the beginning of the year. At 4CMC and the ability to possibly give an opponent choices is questionable.
    Testing will prove whether or not it is worth it... but it just seems like another 4CMC wipe. There are better things to do with those resources. SB maybe... but against what will get you value out of the card? Mirror match?

    This card definitely shows up as a 2 of in many sideboards of Death and Taxes

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  • posted a message on Snobby Bok Choy's trade with Roflstrike
    We agreed to a trade back on March 21 of this year. He was supposed to send first on March 22. I haven't received his cards yet and he hasn't responded to 2 PM's asking when he sent. He has not been on in 4+ days now. Feels like he is simply backing out.

    Quote from Snobby Bok Choy
    I have

    Noble Hierarch
    Gaddock teeg
    lots of modern staples

    Interested in

    Savannah and/or other duels you might have

    can we work something out

    Quote from Snobby Bok Choy
    do you have a


    Craterhoof behemoth?

    Quote from Roflstrike
    I have Thalia, but need her and no behemoth. Frown
    Anything else?

    Quote from Roflstrike
    Sorry, I have alot more, just would take some time to list. Do you need anything standard?

    Quote from Roflstrike
    I am down to one dual left and it's a Plateau. I value it at TCG mid for $46. Hierarch is about 55 though. Is there anything in particular that you're looking for so we can make this more even?

    Quote from Snobby Bok Choy
    Hmmm. I will have to get back to you....

    off the top of my head I can't think of much

    Your list isnt' very large

    Quote from Snobby Bok Choy
    not really. Possibly mutavaults or Brimaz. But mutavualt is so over priced and will crash and brimaz I am not sold on being any better than the it's replacement.

    shame about thalia, really need 1 more.

    I am looking for Death and Taxes stuff

    Quote from Roflstrike
    Or PayPal, or check.

    Quote from Roflstrike
    I can throw in cash?

    Quote from Roflstrike
    Let me know.

    Quote from Roflstrike
    I recently came across an extra Thalia, let me know.

    Quote from Snobby Bok Choy
    Sorry, been smoking busy with modding and work. Will get back to you later on this afternoon. heading to a meeting

    Quote from Snobby Bok Choy
    I assume your cards are NM condition?

    If so, I am down to trade.

    Let's do it

    Noble Hierarch


    Per ref rules your up first. If your good, send me your addy

    Quote from Roflstrike
    The Plateau you will be receiving is the one in the top left of this picture. It's NM.
    My address is:

    Chris Nielsen
    10215 Blair High road
    Omaha, NE 68134


    Quote from Snobby Bok Choy
    I just double checked my Hierarch, it's SP. It's crisp with a couple little dots on the right side, a small little ding on the corner.

    Let me know if you still want it.


    Quote from Roflstrike
    Nbd. I'll send the cards as soon as I get your address!

    Quote from Roflstrike
    Probably tomorrow.

    Quote from Roflstrike
    Do you have a picture?

    Quote from Snobby Bok Choy
    Tim McLellan
    #3-1355 4th Avenue W.
    Vancouver, BC Canada
    V6H 3Y8

    cheers bud,

    Thanks for the trade

    Quote from Snobby Bok Choy
    Just wanted to know when you sent your cards?

    Quote from Snobby Bok Choy
    Hey mate,

    It's been awhile since I last sent you a message and I still haven't seen your cards yet. I have seen you online a few times since I sent the message. Please let me know when you sent your end of the trade.


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  • posted a message on How to Inventory and Value your cards
    Deckbox was asked to stop using TCG as their pricing scheme when they went live as a sales site, not just for trades. Now they are using an "average" pulled from a variety of places. I love Deckbox for keeping track of my collection, but I would not currently use their pricing on my cards. Just use TCG/SCG/eBay and find your averages.
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