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    That looks awesome.


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    Interplanar Message (W/U)(U/B)(B/R)(R/G)(G/W)(W/B)(B/G)(G/U)(U/R)(R/W)
    Enchantment Artifact
    When Interplanar Message enters the battlefield, each player exiles the top card of his or her library.
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    Inappropriate Behaviour BR
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    How are you finding Shrouded Lore? I've considered it myself before but have always been a bit hesitant due to the potentially high mana investment required to make use of it.
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    For me I think it was Shivan Dragon. I remember phoning my LGS and asking if they had any in stock, then getting my mother to drive me there before they shut so that I could buy an 8th Edition copy. It's still one of my favorite cards. Smile
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    This thread used to be a thing. Maybe it could be again? Let's see if we can make it so again.

    My magic interest has been somewhat reignited by Kaladesh. It is hitting all the right spots for me. I love vehicles and would like to build a control deck with Skysovereign. Said deck would have to include creature cards that could stall an opponent while still being tapped or trigger on tapping or untapping. I can't decide on B/U, R/B, or U/R. I think U/R will be the way to go maybe. Said deck would also need a cool name to go with it. Crews Control has a nice ring to it.

    Outside of that, life has been pretty good. Just got ahold of an old playstation 1001 model someone threw out (it still works!). Ordered a mod chip for about $9 US and hope to be running that thing in no time. Next step: spend the $20 US for a PS2 chip. The 17 wire solder part has me worried as my soldering skills are very subpar. Man, I love modifying consoles, be it hardware or software related.

    Other than all that, I've been working and spending time with kids and turning the big 3-5. I'm getting old Frown

    Show me what you got for my deck idea, your own idea, or just what's been happening with you. Let's get this up and running again!


    Kaladesh has got me really excited too - lots of awesome cards to tinker with. I'm particularly liking the look of Paradoxical Outcome. If only I could complete my set of P9 for lots of Mox-fueled fun with it! Wink With your Skysovereign, Consul Flagship deck, how about some of the inspired creatures? Aerie Worshippers and Satyr Nyx-Smith in particular look like good fits.

    As for what's been happening with me - I've had a bit of a change with my career and hopefully will start training as an accountant soon, which I'm pretty excited for. Smile
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    Extra turn effects and board wipes are the main problem with Panoptic Mirror. I'd like to see it unbanned (I even picked up a foil one in case that day comes) but I don't know that it's very likely.
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    The only EDH deck I've done this with is Hua Tuo, Honored Physician - they're in green Dragon Shields. Most of the time I use black KMC ultra matte or hyper matte sleeves.

    If you want to use sleeves with cool designs but are worried about peeling, I suggest KMC Character Guard sleeves - they're slightly larger than regular sleeves so that you can fit your sleeved cards inside them, protecting the design from peeling.
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    I know it's picked up value lately, but Mana Vault is awesome. In fact I'm often happier to draw it than Mana Crypt.

    Clock of Omens is one of my most used cheap cards and quite often it allows me to completely take over the game by generating stupid amounts of mana or myr tokens.
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    With this being a very artifact-heavy format, full of mana rocks and other artifact goodies, has anyone tried this? The ability to use your own cards and then lock all artifacts for a turn seems potentially very powerful. However, I do wonder if it may be a little too symmetrical.

    Any thoughts or experiences with this card?
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