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  • posted a message on Return to Ravnica Boosters
    I order singles online from the U.S, I receive it before 2 weeks in the mail to New Zealand.
    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on <Satellite Internet> Is MTGO playable?
    I played on satellite internet a few years ago for 2-3 months with no problems on MTGO.
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  • posted a message on Trash-Talking Online
    Quote from LandLord
    Has nobody heard the expression "it's not whether you win or lose it's how you play the game"? I know losing isn't winning but if you only have fun playing Magic when you're winning maybe it's time to find a new hobby. This is why me and my girlfriend don't play together anymore. Even when I am losing I still have fun playing the game of Magic. I make casual conversation with my opponent, play the cards I am dealt and try to pull out a victory. Win or lose we both have fun.

    I agree.
    Quote from LandLord

    Trolling and Trash talking by definition is NOT socially accepted and is considered negative actions. So yea in my opinion it is asking too much. You are also operating under the assumption that all your opponent wanted was a "W" in the win column. What if their only goal was to have an enjoyable game with a fellow Magic player which was ruined by your incessant, childish, trashtalking? Are you saying that your idea fun should be held above all others playing the game?

    Uhm, if online and I don't know my opponent, yes? Of course I hold my idea of fun above that of strangers.

    Quote from LandLord

    Sowing ill will among friends and playgroups is your idea of fun? Making people get mad while playing a game that is suspose to be fun and make you happy. Sounds a little sociopathic to me. I am glad you aren't one of the bad ones on MTGO but remind me to steer clear of your card shops.

    If you can make such judgements on someone over a post on a forum I'd rather not have such an ignorant person at my card shop, I'm sure Acid Flashback would agree too.

    Quote from CletusShifflett
    Sorry to say but most people who can deal with trash talk are way more secure about their play and comfortable interacting with others than people who feel the need to make everything safe and antiseptic for the people just starting out or who will plateau and never get any better. If it ruins the game for you, maybe you should stay in the kiddie pool and not come out. Bear in mind I'm not talking about dominating newb players and then giving them hell for not being experienced, but when you've played the game for a while, if you still get angry or incensed by someone giving you hell, you should go back to playing Words with Friends where you can stay in your emotional cloud.

    Wow, this 1,000 times. I'm suprised I havn't posted something like this already.
    I'm sure there's no trashtalking here :p

    Quote from CletusShifflett

    Yes it's something that children say and I hope you're not a fully grown adult asking anyone to take this as a serious point.

    It does sound like something that would be told to me when I was 6 years old. Although I do agree with it and don't mind losing Wink

    Quote from LandLord

    I personally feel that the immaturity attached to the game of Magic is hendering not only the growth of the player base but also peoples general outlook of MTG players. With all the elitism and trashtalking it's hard for me at least to actually sit back and enjoy the game.

    Then go find a new hobby. Something less competitive.

    Infraction for flaming.

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  • posted a message on Deck of the gods?
    Why don't you look at the Competitive and Developing Competitive forums and find something you like.
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Jace, Memory Adept
    Quote from redtwister
    I have to say that usually in the mirror, the first person to try and drop something big loses because they tap too much land to stop the follow-up. I love someone dropping something turn 6 so I can follow-up with an unblocked Karn. Unblocked Karn in the mirror = GG.

    Missing land drops is also brutal.

    The status of your Nephalia is also critical. If someone drops a Ghost Quarter before their opponent drops a Nepahlia, kill that GQ ASAP. Land management and timing in the mirror is huge.

    Completely true.

    Quote from redtwister
    In the mirror, even if you leave enough mana to counter 1 counter, by turn 6, the chances are that your opponent has multiple counters and removal.

    Turn 6 Bloodline Keeper with a Mana Leak in hand still is either 1) countered or 2) removed if your opponent has 4 or more land drops... same with Turn 8 Titan/Consecrated Sphinx, etc.

    Best creature in the mirror is Snapcaster Mage.

    Draw and Drownyard are your wincons in the mirror, until your opponent gets greedy.

    Again I agree, solid post and explanation. This is the U/B match up summarised in these two posts. Take notes.

    Somebody said U/B is hard to play. It's actually really easy to play. Just hard to figure out. Once you get it, it's an easy deck to play. That's all I got.

    Awesome input, and judging by some of the posts in this forum and people I've met in real life, I completely disagree, but that's a whole new topic.
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Mana Leak
    I don't get why you would ever want to run anything but 4 mana leaks. It stops turn 2 plays on the play and turn 3 on the draw. Both important turns for other decks. Anything less than 4 mana leaks in a U/B list is a no-no.
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  • posted a message on [Q+A] Finishers

    But yeah, currently I'm testing only running 1 bomb with 4 snapcasters. That's a grave titan Smile
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  • posted a message on primeval titan for nephalia?
    How about you cut the green, add some counterspells and removal, and just stall until you draw a drownyard? Wink
    Idea doesn't seem great.
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  • posted a message on Whats the best 5 Draw blue spell you like the most?
    Fact or Fiction
    Gifts Ungiven
    Preordain <3<3<3
    Does Azami count? Wink
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  • posted a message on Innistrad Fatties
    I'm glad for the lack of fatties, I'm sick of creatures like titans that just give super advantage for being played. I look forward to m12 and Scars to rotate.
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  • posted a message on Weird rumor I have been hearing.
    Quote from encikdpac
    they will probably split the counters, 1 counter spell for creature like Essence Scatter or False Summoning or Remove Soul or Preemptive Strike and 1 for non-creature spell like negate...

    I really really hope they don't do that.
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  • posted a message on [[FTV]] From the Vault: Realms
    Quote from commandwolf
    I don't think reprinting from the Reserved List would cause a lot of current players to leave would however, cause a lot of the collectors and speculators to quit Magic.
    I wouldn't mind myself if they did get rid of the Reserve List...but maybe give a 2 year notice to collectors. This might be something they could consider doing in ther future if there was sufficient momentum for such a policy change...

    That would be good for the game, less demand=less cost.
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  • posted a message on [AVR] Preview Video
    Really don't like these video's wizards make. They just seem so B-grade for advertising such a large company.
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  • posted a message on Weird rumor I have been hearing.
    I would love for a counterspell reprint. If they remove mana leak without a suitable replacement I might just play limited.
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  • posted a message on [VS.] Grafdigger's Cage
    Quote from Holy Llama
    They drop a Grafdigger's. You say K. and then play as per usual. The only thing we lose in the early game to a Grafdigger's is Think Twice FB and Snapcaster utility. Sure, it's annoying, but it's not backbreaking at all. Their cage is -1 CA to them, so it comes out equally if you only have one TT and they are ahead if you see multiples. BUT they are only ahead when you get to the point where you would have cast both TT AND flashed them both back, which is very late in the game at which point we've already either stabilized or lost.

    Additionally, Snapcaster is in no way "neutered" against a Cage. A flash bear is just as much a removal spell as Shock is, albeit not as powerful as a full Snapcaster. He still 1-for-1s, which is fine.

    The only effect a Cage has on the game in my experience is that the endgame is slower. They are sacrificing a card early (and even more if they draw into multiples, trolololol) in order to keep us out of our endgame advantage, which honestly seems like a favorable trade-off for us since our early game is our weakest and our late game is our strongest.

    I do play 1 Steel Sabotage in the board, but it's for RDW t2 shrine on the draw and Gx t2 sword on the draw (and Tempered Steel? if that's still a deck), not because I'm scared of a Cage. I wouldn't bring it in against that card, and I wouldn't ever waste it against that card.

    While I agree with you to some extent, it really depends on how many cards you can actually flash back. If only a few the I completely would play as if nothing happened if the cage got dropped. However, I probably would board a single copy in because I love my 4 snapcasters so much :p
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