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  • posted a message on Lorwyn Flashback draft strategy
    The only decks I liked were U/W Merfolk and U/B Faeries.

    In triple Lorwyn, I liked the Elvish Handservant deck & Elementals, but not in LLM. I liked triple Lorwyn quite a bit better than LLM, really, but that's not really relevant here, I suppose.
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  • posted a message on What makes a good limited format?
    Quote from KBH
    I disagree with every poster in this thread--not directly because of the specific points made but because the points are being introduced under the guise of objectivity--while consisting entirely of opinion.


    This thread starts with a very clear "I'm wondering what people think makes for a good limited format". Not one person in this thread thinks this equals to "what would make a limited format that would sell the most packs to beginners and new players and Vorthoses alike", it's just what we think makes a Limited format we like.

    None of us are under the assumption that we can cook up a perfect environment that would suit absolutely everyone, from novice to expert and everything in between. We can only speak for ourselves.
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  • posted a message on What makes a good limited format?
    I like cards that present choices. Kavu Primarch is a card that may look a bit vanilla, but it's always tricky to figure out exactly when and how you want to play it. Dream Stalker is also a cool card that subtly has a lot of play to it. For spells, charms are sweet. Small but useful effects (such as Funeral Charm, Piracy Charm, Evolution Charm, Midnight Charm) make them interesting and fun to play with. So I don't mind bestow, for example. Or cycling. Or landcycling. Or kicker. That's the sort of stuff I like.

    Vanilla creatures and even french vanilla (trample, flying, vigilance, etc) are very uninteresting, so I'd like as few as these as possible, though the occasional one is okay. Theros has 8 straight-up vanilla creatures at common, which I feel is way too many - a cycle of them should be plenty. Time Spiral actually had zero vanilla creatures at common! Love

    I also like instants a lot, and things with flash. They promote interactivity.

    And slow formats. Slow formats are basically always better than fast ones. Having creatures be far better at attacking than at blocking is the best way to screw up a format in my mind.

    Edit: oh, and archetypes is indeed another excellent point. Many of the greatest formats really nailed this one.
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  • posted a message on slow red decks in Limited?
    Red control used to be pretty consistently solid, but it has grown more one-dimensional recently. The past couple of blocks + Avacyn Restored have not supported controllish red in any way, shape or form, but prior to that it was common. Innistrad had removal-heavy Burning Vengeance decks (or just value decks with good cards), Scars of Mirrodin had both G/R and R/B as reasonable control options (R/G was my second favorite archetype, behind U/B), and red was a cornerstone of the many control variants in Rise of the Eldrazi.

    Red in Limited used to be "great removal, terrible creatures" and was as such a great support color, but nowadays the removal is worse and there's more of a focus on cheap, aggressive dudes and combat tricks. So I don't draft red anymore Smile
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  • posted a message on Alara Block draft strategies and discussions
    Certainly, but it's actively a feature in this one, not something that just occasionally happens.
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  • posted a message on Alara Block draft strategies and discussions
    Quote from magicmerl
    Hold on, weren't you guys saying that the way to do it was to draft a two colour aggro deck?

    If what you're saying is that that is a flawed approach, than I agree with you.

    Alara block is like a normal set, except that you need to draft fixing as well as creatures and removal. And the norm is a shard, not a normal 2 colour pair. I've never felt completely out of it in a game, which I can't say is true in Theros block.

    I'm certainly not adamant about that strategy; like I said, this is one of the recent formats I've the least experience with, but the issue is that your reward for just randomly getting there off just basics is so high since you can slam your ridiculous 3-color bomb or whatnot on curve without spending your early turns cobbling together your mana. This does, essentially, give the poorly built decks (with 6-6-5 manabases or similar) some obscene nutdraws that randomly trounce decks that are built for consistency (either by having few colors or lots of fixing), and that is frustrating.
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  • posted a message on Alara Block draft strategies and discussions
    A few drafts in this format have honestly just served to remind me of how immensely frustrating it is. There is nothing quite as tilting as an opponent who slams turn 3 Woolly Thoctar off no fixing both games. Of course, 3 colors & no fixing is bad in the long run, but the payoff is so high when it works, and the opponent is just left sitting there, resigned.

    I think I'm done with this one already, heh.
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  • posted a message on Well, people have been wanting stronger removal...
    I just want to point out that Oppressive Rays is unlikely to be a playable card.
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  • posted a message on [JOU] Whole Set Spoiled
    I'm pleasantly surprised so far (reading the spoiler now). Pin to the Earth is a card I feel we really needed.
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  • posted a message on [Limited] Is Devoted to Forty Cards
    Olivier Ruel is such a genuinely nice guy. Second time I've played him in as many weeks, and I beat him both times, and both times he's been super nice and complimenting. Very refreshing.
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