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Mafia: The Gathering
The Magic Market Index for June 23, 2017
Treasure Cruisin' with Monogreen Stompy
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    posted a message on Maelstrom of Alara Mafia [#91] - SIGNUPS OPEN!
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    posted a message on Horsemen of the Apocalypse Mafia (Night 2: Loss)
    Bur gets shoved towards Apocalypse. "Bu-bu-but-wai-wai-wai-wait! I'm just a humble cabbie!" he stammered. Apocalypse cocked his head. "Are you?" Bur's face grew defiant. "No. No, I'm one of yours, Apocalypse."

    "Kill him!" someone called from the group.

    "Guys, no, he's lying!" another declared.

    Bur looked downward and shrugged. "Yeah, I lied."

    Apocalypse touched Bur's shoulders gently. "Nobody lies to me."

    Bur rapidly turned into a cloud of ash...but no horseman specter emerged from him.

    Apocalypse smiled. "Oops. Another one bites the dust."


    Bur has been lynched. He was Isidor Makar, The Cabbie.

    It is now Night 2. Night actions are due within 72 hours.
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    posted a message on Horsemen of the Apocalypse Mafia (Night 2: Loss)

    Cantripmancer (1): Ophidia
    tomsloger (1): Rodemy
    D_V (1): Silvercrys3467
    Ophidia (2): Cantripmancer, Cantripmancer
    Bur (5): tomsloger, D_V, Huntzilla, Zionite, Bur (L-1)

    With 11 alive, it takes 6 to lynch.

    The deadline expires on June 25th at 0000 hours, EST. (This means that the second Sunday begins, the Day will be over, since there is somehow still confusion despite my use of military time.)
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    posted a message on Horsemen of the Apocalypse Mafia (Night 2: Loss)
    @Iso: Just to confirm, Osie really was town, right (it wasn't specified in the modkill note or in OP)?

    I will update the OP to reflect osi's alignment.
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    posted a message on Horsemen of the Apocalypse Mafia (Night 2: Loss)
    It appears that the lack of role PM quoting rule was an oversight on my behalf. The rules have been updated to reflect this. However, this has always been integral to the sanctity of Mafia games and should frankly have been obvious. Ergo, the modkill on osieorb18 will not be rescinded.
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    posted a message on Horsemen of the Apocalypse Mafia (Night 2: Loss)
    osieorb18 has been modkilled for quoting his role PM. No matter which faction wins, this will count as a loss in his game records. The votecount has been reset. The rest of you may continue playing.
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    posted a message on [RELATIONSHIP]
    So, a couple of things:

    It sounds to me like you care about this girl, but that taking things long-term isn't what you want. That's sort of what happened in my last relationship - we were good for each other when we met, and we were together for about two years, but eventually, we mutually decided that it was time to part ways. We're still friends; there's nothing wrong with that.

    I'm curious about the nature of your arguments/fights. Do you feel like your inability to communicate the way you feel to each other about things in a constructive manner is something that can be resolved, or are either of you just too headstrong to listen to reason? I ask, because I've been in relationships before where I could talk to my significant other about anything that was important to the relationship, and while sometimes it hurt to have the conversation, it was always best for the health of the relationship that we communicated this way. Conversely, I've also had relationships where I couldn't tell my significant other anything about the way I was feeling without them blowing up at me or turning themselves into the victim. Open and honest communication is paramount to a successful relationship, so if you're having issues resolving your issues peacefully, you should first examine yourself to see if there's anything that you can be doing better, both as a person and a significant other, and then you need to talk to her about doing the same if you still find you're experiencing these problems.

    There are a couple of things it doesn't seem like you might necessarily be able to resolve, though - firstly, your fear for her desire to return to Bolivia. Perhaps she's expressed interest in this before, or perhaps you're just paranoid. I can't make that assessment without more information. Either way, unless this is something you talk to her about, you're always going to have that worry in the back of your mind. Additionally, you stated you're concerned about her influence as a mother on any future children that you might have together. That was another concern I had with my own ex - she suffered from a series of mental and emotional disorders and had a hard time taking care of herself on most days, so I struggled to see a future where she went through life in that way with both me and possible children that she and I may have had. I need to know that my partner is reliable and can be self-sufficient in times when I can't be there, and that they can also take care of any offspring we may produce when I'm not able to. A relationship is a partnership, in that sense. It's give and take; a two-way street.

    Finally, it sounds like you're just not quite ready to settle down. Maybe you fancy the idea of being with other women, or maybe you're just young and not sure of what you want. Either way, all of these sound like perfectly legitimate reasons to end the relationship when put together, regardless of what your mother may thing. And honestly, I think she's right, given the above indicators.

    So, in short, it doesn't sound like the relationship is working out in the long run, despite the fact that you two care about each other and enjoy spending time together. I would break up with her and move on; the longer you put it off, the more you both are going to hurt when it finally does end. I decided a long time ago that I would rather be miserable by myself than miserable with someone else, and I think that's a good way to live.

    Good luck. Smile
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    posted a message on Horsemen of the Apocalypse Mafia (Night 2: Loss)
    Bur, Nachomamma8, and Rodemy have been prodded.
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    posted a message on General community talk about recent events
    This thread in no way contributes constructively to the area it was posted in. Lock
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    posted a message on I'm incredibly new to the game, and I would really appreciate some critique for my new deck. Thanks!!!
    Welcome! So, I couldn't figure out what format your deck was supposed to be legal for, and since you're just starting, I decided Casual was probably likely. Also, if you want to tag cards, the correct way to do so is to slot the card name between [card][/card] tags, like so:

    [card]Rhonas the Indomitable[/card]

    Which ends up looking like this:

    Rhonas the Indomitable

    As for your deck...

    It looks like you have a really high mana curve with little to no acceleration. It also looks like you have waaay fewer lands than you should! 17 is usually a good number if you have a 40-card deck like in drafting or sealed, but when you have a full 60-card deck, you should definitely have more! I understand that you're running Aetherworks Marvel, but with so many cards with a high mana cost, I doubt you'll be seeing a lot hit the board, let alone your graveyard, even with Buried Alive and Breakthrough. If you have access to it, I would also recommend Living Death over Twilight's Call, as it's 1 mana cheaper and clears the board before you get all of your creatures. Also, it's important to remember that you don't get "cast" triggers off of stuff like Living Death and Twilight's Call because you're not actually casting the cards!

    Have you playtested this deck at all? How much mileage do you get out of Dynavolt Tower? It doesn't seem like you have too many cards that mesh well with it. Also, if the point is to utilize Marvel to cast your big dudes, then why would you want to use your energy for a little bit of burn damage? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me!

    Anyway, if you have any questions, or want some suggestions on what to possibly swap for, let me know!
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    posted a message on Question about the ignore function
    Ignored users can still see your content.
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    posted a message on Wort, Goblin Lasers
    No Parallel Lives? No Purphoros?
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    posted a message on Getting into commander for the first time--needing some commander/deck suggestions!
    I'm pretty fond of Glissa, the Traitor, myself. She was one of my first Commanders, and holds a special place in my heart. I'm even rebuilding her, currently! She's low-cost, a great beatstick, easy to get Commander damage with, and has tons of synergy with many, many possible strategies and decklists.
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    posted a message on Guess the Vanilla Mythic
    I don't know if you guys saw the fake floating around pre-Amonkhet, but I really liked the 8 CMC Legendary 20/20 Vanilla Wurm. I would be overjoyed if they printed that.
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