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Treasure Cruisin' - Manaless Dredge
  • posted a message on Boneyard Parley
    Not bad. Rise of the dark realms os better but i stillnlime tbe card. At the very least. You can also hit a graveyard and exile stuff from reanimate decks.
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  • posted a message on Budget Lands for 5 Color EDH
    How many dual color spells compared to mono colored? Pillar of the paruns may be helpful.
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  • posted a message on How do I get a new commander playgroup?
    See if your pmayvrohpnis okay witb proxies. If tbey are you can oost tbe power of your ddck witbkut having to spend loads of cash. (So long as you ate not proxying thi gs like mana drain or otber really expensjve card that bklst tbe power of your deck imensely.

    I mean i proxy duals ut i own 6/10 of them. I am just missing tbe black ones.)
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  • posted a message on Enablers for Win-Condition tribal?
    You need need to choose one teo ot tbree and scarp the rest. Too many directions rkght now. Some ca work in their own right, but ou cant use tbem all efficdntly.
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  • posted a message on Do you choose to be a jerk if you have the chance?
    I ever let tbe vame fun lobger tba it shojld. One gug had blood moon which wiuld have takdn two oppone ts out lf tbe game but did not play it. I then played narset and with doubling season used the emblem.

    A week later. Similar scenario. I reminded him what i did sobhe llayed bmood moon a d tnen wk tbe game.
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  • posted a message on Guild Wars (deck construction)
    Quote from Safetydan83 »
    Sounds like something with green to ramp, possibly blue green, or somwthing with red to blow up artifacts as likely people will be relying on artifacts for ramp, I think id likely go with blue green maybe kaseto for his unlockability taking advantage of ramp and go with large hexproof and shroud threats, also gives you access to some nice counters, Idk those are just my first thoughts

    The issue with COunters or Ramp oor artifact destruction is that all colored card have to be Gold (Like Skullbriar, the walking grave) or Hybrid (like Izzet Guildmage) i cannot use mono-color cards.
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  • posted a message on Guild Wars (deck construction)
    So my friend told me of an EDH variant he i playing called Guild wars. It is fairly simple concept. You can only use Gold or hybrid mana cost cards (this excludes lands and artifacts) And you also have a 100 point system, with each Mythic deducting 5 points, each rare dedecuting 3 points, each uncommon deducting 1 point and commons are free.

    Wit thsi in mind I wish to build a eck to jump ito te varant as well but I have NO IDEA where to start, Not even wich guild I would like to build. I do however know I would like to avoid Dimir as I have a Dimir deck and most of my best blue ad black cards are in there. (granted there is the excepton where i have to use hyrbid or gold cards so maybe that restriction would make it so my dimir deck would not play the same way.)

    Anyway as you have probably figured, before I even consider deck construction i need and Idea for a Guild and who to run it. So fire away, Name a general and if I see one I like I will go with that one.
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  • posted a message on Custom designed Commander format
    I used these 4 in a deck, And i have recently made remakes

    of course, to be able to use them as "commanders: i had to add an extra card.

    EDIT: accidentally had death there twice
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  • posted a message on Custom designed Commander format
    Quote from Smuttny »
    Yeah, I've always wanted a WB Cleric tribal commander. I think I'll need to make her ability a tap ability to suppress its' power a tad or else it might get ousted by my playgroup.

    I wouldn't, with the existence of Azami (Or any oter creature that says "Tap an (insert creature type)" there is no need to have her ability be a tap ability.

    She is versatile. Zombie or cleric tribal works. Both, or heck, just use a swarm deck and her be a fog general. Black an white can both be token swarm deck so you have the ability to swarm.

    If you are tempted to use things like grave pact. Then you may have to change the ability. Maybe if you wish to weaken the power, make it so you have to pay WB for each creature you sacrifice. or W/B mana just so it is not too mana intensive.

    The good news is, you can use it to protect others. Politics.
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  • posted a message on Custom designed Commander format
    they need to make vayleshh a real card, i would actually play WB with her at the helm
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  • posted a message on Best Beginner-Friendly Mono Colored Commanders
    Can't name three legends for it a but mono-green could run Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer Focus on land ramp and he is perfect. My brother plays him and effectively get him out turn 4 or 5, (hard cast with lands, though he does have mana rocks as well) The deck also has a bit of draw power so you are not top-decking all game. ure it is a "turn sideways" deck but with a general (Who gets massive) wit trample, usually you can break through and you are focusing on dealing 21 direct damage as opposed to 40+

    Granted Control and combo decks outshine it, but as a casual deck, it can put in work.

    Given how much mana ramp you have, Kamahl, Fist of Krosa could work with all the pump you ca, put into his second ability, (And make yoru lands creatures) Omnath, Locus of Mana could save up tons of mana too. (though omnath compliments Kamahl more than molimo, he still gets big and you can get some universal trample in the deck)
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  • posted a message on How do you determine the skeleton of your deck?
    Depends on deck, but usually 37 lands.
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  • posted a message on Custom designed Commander format
    Hmm. When i get home home i will post a few of my creations (if i remember)

    Ushally i try to pick a non legendary creature tbat has a kce ability and create a commander version of the card. Lkke notion thief and master biomancer ( change cost. Change body, change creature type or slighyly change effect.)
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  • posted a message on Commanders you think that deserve their bad reputations...

    Onlh 2 i can name off tbe top of mh head. There are others but i can deal and trade ows with most. I cannot deal with proper derevk decks and tbus anyone who plays derevi gets targeted by me almost exclusively. (Even if their deck sucks)

    I never llayed against an arcum but i played arcum. And consitebtly winning turn 4/5 tells me it was good. (If i made it better. Turn 2 and 3 were also options.
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  • posted a message on Gashnaw's The Ur-Dragon
    Quote from Gmtrick »
    There are a lot of things that can be said and/or considered. From the very top of my head:
    You have very a low amound of defense/sweepers and interaction. You might want to play more of both (I assume you have your own preferences here and will not give a rundown unless you want me to).
    I cut Crucible of Fire immediately so I can't confirm but I assume it to be quite bad. Might aswell play another dragon instead.
    I play a very similar manabase. Both Collective Restraint and especially Prismatic Geoscope perform very well.
    There are three very powerfull engine cards that are attractive with this commander: Survival of the Fittest, Sneak Attack and Birthing Pod. The later two would suggest a more reanimator approach (which I took and which might function even better with the Ur-Dragon in the 99 and the Scion as commander - but that's not as cool). But Survival is working in every case. Apart from the incredible flexibility it gives, it gives you access to cheat any dragon from your deck into play by just including Loyal Retainers.
    These are 4 points from arround 74 just jumping to me. Not all of them are necessary changes but rather questions to ask and decisions to make. I think your deck goes into quite the right direction.

    You have no idea how many times I have laughed as Crucible came out when i attacked and had ur-dragon on the field. that is +3 damage to all dragons that are attacking and since i put it out before combat damage, i ca get an additional (on average) 9 damage through. One time i did an additional 21 but i was killing the guy anyway.

    I like Collective Restraint and Genoscope

    loyoal retainers Almost all my dragons and legendary so a great choice. (Sadly they are expensive, I may be able to pick one up from Arsenal but I really hate the invocations frame and i rather have a weaker deck then play with those train wreaks.

    Birthing pod maybe but the other two are too expensive, i currently have a VERY low budget.

    Quote from Ebline »
    Off the top of my head, running only one extra combat phases card seems like a mistake. There are more than a few setups that could see you drop most of your deck on the table by abusing multiple combats, then win.

    Funnily enough, Hellkite was coming out as he is a beefy dragon but he has never once been activated. liek ramos he seems liek a poor decision every chance i have him in my hand, i usually have something better.
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