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    huh. wow
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    I'll support Worldgorger. It's a powerful effect. Super 'fun' with Riku.
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    Quote from Taleran »
    Well because of this line.

    It is not a red card.
    When someone asked Maro why devoid was a thing, the answer was that it was created in order to put more 'colorless' matters cards in the block while not harming the integrity of the color pie. Thus, the idea was that Eldrazi Displacer could be a relelvant card to showcase story-line purposes, and thematic consistency, while triggering color-less matters cards for the eldrazi feel, which would also works backwards with morph spells for cross set compatibility (that's why they did colorless matters, rather than eldrazi typing), while remaining mechanically white in a play style, and adhere and limit to a white color pie.

    This to me sounds like a good reason to keep Devoid cards in their color identities. These were directly mechanically designed to remain within their colors and color pies.

    Honestly, casting an Eldrazi Displacer in a non-white EDH deck would feel very wrong to me.
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    Quote from OldRoland »
    But then in your earlier post you say that fetching same CMC does work and now you say it doesn't.
    Simply put:
    It's a possible trick to do with Yisan, by untapping him in repsonse to his own ability, however Derevi's combat triggers can't do that, since they can't be triggered in response to Yisan. Derevi's ETB however, can. See below.

    Quote from Thorgor »
    • It is possible to fetch the same CMC from multiple Yisan's activations, provided you get a means to untap him in response to his ability.
    • Derevi is not such a means.
    Derevi's combat triggers are not such a means, at least, without extra outside assistance (proliferate engine, for example). Responding to the triggers will require that Yisan's ability resolves before the next untap trigger can, meaning that while you can untap Yisan multiple times, it will seach sequentially since you can't untap him in response to his own ability.

    You can flash in Derevi from the Command zone with her ability to untap in response to Yisan, in order to search 2 creatures with the same CMC.

    Activate Yisan, placing 1 counter on him. Respond to the ability flashing out Derevi. Derevi enters, triggers to untap Yisan. Untap Yisan, and activate him again, adding a second counter on him. Now allow both of his abilities to resolve, which will each count the number of counters on resolution, thus getting you 2 creatures with cmc 2 (in this example).
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    There are several known builds for each god, but also some lesser builds as well:

    • Heliod, god of the sun - Heliod's token production is a bit expensive, so plays well to a control style deck, to buy the time needed to ramp up to bigger mana. An indestructible token producer is a good addition to that strategy, allowing you to toss out speedbumps, while the vigilance allows you to poke in for damage while leaving defenses up. The vigilance then pairs well with other defensive abilities, like first strike, allowing you to set up an imposing wall of razors. Key important attributes to note are that since the clerics are enchantments, they pair well with constellation effects like Skybind and other enchantment matters cards, like Serra's Sanctum. Getting both out together adds a combo spin to the deck that closes games out quickly. A number of builds focus on a heavy enchantment theme, but I prefer a devotion-light build, favoring leaving the god offline as long as possible to not open him up to removal. Note that Heliod does not give himself vigilance, which is annoying if planning to activate him early. Self sacrificing devotion granters, like Aura of Silence can be nice to activate him in a defensive role, but still be able to turn him off at will if you need to didge creature removal.
    • Thassa, god of the sea - This is going to be a creatures matters deck of some sort, due to the unblockable. Since you don't want to spend large amounts of mana making an entire army unblockable, there are three paths possible to take: Big things, On hit matters (swords, card draw on hit, etc), and Voltron. The last requires devotion in a color that typically isn't high on it, but it's possible and can be combined with the on-hit matters/voltron aspect, running creatures like Thada Adel, Acquisitor for the early game.
    • Erebos, god of the dead - Erebos' card draw means that he can helm any type of mono-B deck, though he's usually favored as a control deck. Use the card draw to keep your hand full while using mass removal to clear the board, allowing for Erebos himself to also be a win condition. Erebos provides both a strong finisher, as well as a hard to disrupt card draw engine in the Command Zone, which is huge for control decks.
    • Purphoros, god of the forge - Often built as a token combo deck, Purphoros is pretty straight forward and kills people quickly.
    • Nylea, god of the hunt - Nylea is a bit of the tricky spot. She sadly gets easily outclassed by Khamal, Fist of Krosa. Her advantages is that the trample doesn't need mana to be online, and that she can pump individual creatures more effectively. She'll still want lots of mana though, so generic rampy into big stuff works well for her. Tossing in her bow is thematic, but also strategically sound, as the deathtouch + trample is an effective combo. Other DT granters can be useful in that regard, though note that Nylea herself does not have trample, making the Voltron route more difficult.


    • Ephara, god of the Polis - There are a number of good builds for Ephara. The most popular would be token producers or blink engines, in order to trigger her repeatedly. While nice, it's not actually needed. Even getting one card a turn on a hard to remove card draw engine is huge. ISB has a great aggro list, though I think a few valuable token producers, like Sacred Mesa will pay off in dividends. Keeping the mana costs low and effective will allow you to empty and refill your hand quickly.
    • Athreos, god of passage - A more aggressive stance is needed on this deck. I haven't found a combo that works well yet, but smart players will simply take the bolt to prevent you from gaining overwhelming value, at least, until you can get someone down low enough that you can keep targeting the lower-life player. Politics is also possible here, but since you have to kill your guy to remove a threat, by the time the threat is gone the other player won't see a need to bargain with you anymore. But you can still wing it.
    • Iroas, god of victory - Straight up aggro. Not only does he have built in evasion, which unlike Nylea or Heliod actually includes himself, but he has an impressive 7 power, making him a 3 hit wonder. Devotion up in enchantments and other indestructible creatures, like Tajic, and Wrath away to constantly get in for damage. Red grants extra combats to drive the point home. You can also build up an armageddon/jokulhaups variant of him to capitalize on the indestructible aspect, and seal the aggro, but talk to your group before adopting such tactics.
    • Karametra, god of harvests - A powerful big creature and X-creature (hydra) commander, Karametra ramps you insanely quickly, getting you into the power plays faster. Card draw will be the limiting factor, so Tireless Tracker and Elemental Bond effects will be allstars, as will good recursion from Genesis, or self recusrion from Masked Admirers.
    • Phenax, god of deception - A deceptively powerful commander, I've seen and heard of even non-combo variants quickly milling people out. Wall tribal is actually a possible thing with him, which is pure style. Eater of the Dead is one of the known combos to insta-kill a table, but Intruder Alarm is a powerful combo as well.
    • Keranos, god of storms - Often seen as a storm commander, but really, what U/R commander isn't a potential storm enabler? Card draw and free bolts loan themselves well to a control aspect early on, with your choice of finishers late. Very open ended, though a point can be made that the God of Storms heading up a Storm deck is somewhat thematic.
    • Kruphix, god of Horizons - Floating extra mana that turns into colorless is great for some draw go (though you'll still need to get it into colors for some of your spells), but it's also great for casting the world-ending horrors that are Eldrazi.
    • Mogis, God of Slaughter - Mogis often heads up stax/punisher lists due to his ability, but simply going a more aggressive pain route, with Sulfuric Vortext and aggroing him up with Pestilence to clear the way can end games quickly due to his 7 power. Why play a slow game when you can kill people in 3 hits, or less?
    • Pharika, God of Affliction - "Hi, are you playing reanimator? No you're not, you're playing Snake Tribal!" is simply one of the greatest things to be able to say to another player. While Pharika might be a bit more reactive in that sense, she also plays well on your own snake tribal (quite thematic), as there will always be some mana elves in your own graveyard that won't be the prime resurrection targets. Also, the option to have on-demand death touch blockers can go a long way to discouraging attacks. Add in some pestilence fun, and you can give gifts AND take them away! Then give another snake to keep the pestilence around long term.
    • Xenagos, god of revels - Big thing, hits face. He's about as straight-forward as you can get.
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    I play in a set group every Wednesday. We don't exactly have 'house rules,' but I answered yes to the question as we have implied gentleman's agreements - infinite combo, land d, etc, are not banned, but they are frowned upon typically, if taken to an extreme. We've also attempted a league previously, as well as allowing Kokusho pre-unban as part of the unbanning test, so we're fairly open. We've also had a few unconventional Commanders at times, though they haven't typically lasted long.
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    Quote from bfrie »
    The deck in question is riku of two reflections.

    So, in one of my playgroups, it has become apparent to me that craterhoof is too strong for them to handle. My current build is basically to play super value creatures and answer threats while i ramp onto one of my big top end win conditions. However, craterhoof has proven too effective for them to reliably handle (no one plays counterspells but me) so I'm looking for a single card to swap it out for when im playing against them. My deck is extremely reliable at finding a craterhoof when i need it, and i have no desire to alter anything else since the deck is fine in my other playgroups

    So, basically, what are your guys suggestions for a card to put in place of craterhoof? Needs to be something that is capable of running away with the game very quickly, since this is the slot devoted to my primary win condition, but won't just won the game on the spot every time it hits the field?
    Pathbreaker Ibex is what Craterhoof should have been. It has the power to get out of hand quickly, but still allows for some time for them to respond. You can shortcut that time by adding haste, but if you have a haste outlet on the board, people should be expecting death at any time. It also plays nice with Riku and doubling in general.

    Kessig Cagebreakers is another fun card to toss into a riku deck, especially if you run Parallel Lives and/or Doubling Season. Podding an Anger into a cagebreakers, with copy, with parallel out, is quite potent, and far more amusing than a Craterhoof kill. If Pod is too strong, cagebreakers alone should pose a significant, yet answerable, threat.

    Likewise, I have been a fan of Hellrider in my Riku build. Once you get a few copies out, he gets scary fast. Simply casting Hellirider, with copy, +parallel lives, into a clone, with copy, +parallel lives, for 6 hellriders... that's 36 to the face on attack declaration, before anything even hits home. And that's not counting riku on the swing, or any other tokens/creatures.
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    Oloro can also be quite powerful. While some people use him as simply a free Emblem, having an access to a potent draw engine in the command zone is every control deck's dream.
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    Quote from Sheldon »
    Said it before, but I consider reddit to be the Mos Eisley of the internet (and I'm perfectly aware that someone's going to come along and say, "no, that's 4chan"). That's not to say there aren't folks who make intelligent, well-reasoned arguments, just that they seem to be in the significant minority.
    If we're sticking to the Star Wars references, then I'm pretty sure 4chan is the trash compactor...
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    Well, we've had our toxic users too... so I wouldn't demean a reddit user simply because they came from reddit.

    I disagree with quite a few of the novellas written up on reddit, but a number of their users have some interesting points to make too.
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