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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Random Card of the Day (7/12) - Fact or Fiction

    Murkfiend is great in aggro decks for the pseudo-vigilance; Lots of U/G decks prefer to play more control though. Losing the land untaps really hurts his ability, as mana dorks are often low in number in edh, and there aren't as many relevant tap abilities; you lose out on a lot of costed effects, like deadeye. He's good with the "Tap a wizard: do stuff" guys, and great with earthcraft, and there are a number of blue tap effects that can gain value from him, but overall most of his uses are outshined by other specific cards, like Intruder Alarm, or Prophet. Even Deadeye can do the untapping thing decently well in certain situations.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Gryff will be nuts in Karador decks. Or decks with white.
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    Quote from Bur »
    Oooh? Tomb Raider 2013?

    I have the newer ones (Legend, Underworld, Anniversity) and have played some of the older ones. I really liked them quite a lot. I sadly am yet to finish Underworld and Anniversity, since I don't have the console (nor the games) with me anymore (that and the mistake that I bought the Wii-versions. Shooting things with Wii-remote is just a pain in the arse).

    Tomorrow I need to get back to the normal life. This weekend has been the Midsummer Fest here in Finland (perhaps the biggest celebration in the whole year) and it's been mostly BBQ, sauna, movies, sauna, games, sauna and so on non-stop.

    Hm. I'll need to look into that. I want to visit a bunch of celebrations world over. Added to the list.

    Quote from DTrain »
    Damn, that USA - Portugal game was hard to take. Feels like a loss the way it ended, but really a draw is as good of a result as we could have hoped for going in. There's a pretty good chance that we will end up facing Belgium if we make it out of the group stage though.

    Not good for me. I'm supporting both teams...
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    Quote from cryogen »
    Quote from ISBPathfinder »
    Quote from cryogen »
    I think it's time to start bugging ISB for money.

    It only works if you are Galspanic Wink

    I'm guessing you haven't seen my skills with a crayon.

    My crayon skills are legendary.

    Galspanic can vouch for me.
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    This was an option build for my Heliod God of the sun deck.

    Bundles of archers, Valor, and Gustcloak savior/[c[reconnaissance[/c] (still pissed at the stealth nerf).

    Blast anything that tries to block, then untap, pull back, blast some more.
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    Winding Canyons I feel is a seriously under-appreciated card, especially ever since Alchemist's Refuge came out. Refuge is a good card. Canyons is refuge for creatures. Animar decks are made of creatures. Canyons is a good card.

    Progenitor Mimic is cool, but slow and Kill on Sight. Also expensive. Animar decks are explody, ProgMim is a slow roller. He fits better into control oriented decks. Also great with canyons, if you have the mana.
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  • posted a message on [[Competitive]] Animar Bouncing Bundle of Combo
    Quote from armando_zuffi »
    1)In your opinion, what is better in your deck: Fauna Shaman or Worldly Tutor? Why ? (already run with Survival of the Fittest or Imperial Recruiter)

    2) What you think of Opal Palace?

    Fauna Shaman is better in Karador by far, as he can make use of both the grave aspect, and the tutor, and Karador tends to be more tool-boxy. Since Animar can be combo-explody, a single key creature can make a difference, and getting it with as little warning as possible is often better. If you're torn on a slot, I recommend the tutor.

    Opal Palace is cutesy in animar to turbo charge his counters. Since he gives an immediate discount once the counters are on, it pays for itself even on the first use. This is only in regards to animar himself though. After animar is out, you run into the issue that it's a color-less tapping land, in a deck that is going to care very very strongly about having many colored sources available.
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  • posted a message on [[MCD]] Mono Blue Lords
    Here's your search: o:+1/+1 o:creatures t:creat&v=card&s=cname
    Quote from MRdown2urth »
    Don't forget Brass Herald! And...ALL CLONES.

    And here's the next search: o:copy o:creature&v=card&s=cname

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    First off, is this for 1v1 or are there other players in the game?

    Oloro can be tough to take down due to the padding of life he inherently gives. A quick way through this is with Commander damage, though this opens up your plan to being more easily disrupted. I think a good start for you would be with Marath, Will of the Wild. She shares colors with your Mayael deck, so you have a base to begin with already. Mayael gives you some solid utility from the get go. She drops early, can act as removal, can save some of your creatures, make extra creatures, and can remove counters to save herself from tuck. On top of that, alone she can act as a good Commander Damage enabler, being both an effective cheap beater early, and progressively scaling as the game goes on. She's in great aggro colors, allowing you to use Hero of Bladehold and In the Web of War to start an early aggro path and even use the token ability to great effect. Finally, she can also close out the game in a hurry as several cards create mini combos with her, such as Doubling Season (Target herself with her +X counter ability to increase her size, then can spawn off multiple tokens) and Cathar's Crusade (Each token replaces the +1/+1 counter on her, and cranks up additional tokens, you can also respond to the Cathars trigger to make batches of big tokens at a time).

    White and green are also quite good at recovering key cards for further use. Red can help recover spells. Trading Post can be some good value as well.

    With Mirari's Wake reprinted in Conspiracy, the cost of that gem should drop as well, adding it to the pool with Mana Reflection to enable late game massive plays. Speaking of mana reflection, doubling the mana off of a Opal Palace (with Mana Reflection or Doubling Cube only) would enable you to get double the +1/+1 counters, as it is a condition on the mana itself.

    Finally, to round out the removal package, both white and red should be able to deal with creatures more than adequately, and all three colors can deal quite well with non-creature permanents. As a last measure, be sure to include Reverberate, Fork, Reiterate, Wild Ricochet etc, to deal with Counterspells the blue deck may be running. You can also choose to run Pyroblast and Red Elemental Blast as backup.

    The last bit is the card draw. Typically this color combination can be a bit weak on card draw, but as Marath makes tokens, you can use things such as Mentor of the Meek, Fecundity, or even Freyalise's Charm to get some additional draw power. Also, a decent Salvaging Station package can go a long way if unanswered, and has backup with Auriok Salvagers (It's also dirt cheap).


    If this is not a 1v1 list, Derevi, Empyrial Tactician is a force to be reckoned with.
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  • posted a message on Dealing with Flying Commanders/Creatures in GB
    Quote from Apollo7 »
    I like skyshaper mainly because it is an artifact. I'll try Steel Hellkite and the spiders. If I find it, I'll run Spidersilk armor.

    Do not underestimate the splicer! It removes and gives flying around, but it can also.remove first strike from a creature so that glissa can profitably block.

    In those situations where someone runs shadow, like soltari visionary, you can block that too. And finally, trample on Glissa is kind of good.
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