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  • posted a message on Soul of New Phyrexia
    Quote from MRdown2urth »
    ...what do you run instead in colors without board wipes?
    Oblivion Stone
    Quote from MRdown2urth »
    Monored, monoblack, monogreen...

    EDIT: Wait, forgot about the new Wave of Vitriol.
    Red and Black? really?
    Red: Chain Reaction, Blasphemous Act, Flowstone Slide
    black: Mutilate, Damnation, Decree of Pain, Toxic Deluge, Pox, Kagemaro, First to Suffer, Plague Wind, Garruk's Plague Wind, Demon dude, other Demon dude, Grave pact etc etc etc. Black is the second best mass removal color. White only wins because of how expensive Black's options are.

    Green is really the only color with few wrath effects short of launching everything into the air somehow and using a Hurricane or Whirlwind Effect. But green gets Tornado to compensate for that.

    Unless you speak of non-creature wipes, at which point green has everything, red has all the anti-artifact you want, and black has nothing.


    As far as ISB's point of non-destroy wraths, many have gone that route (myself included), but a few still stick around in various decks. Namely: Oblivion Stone, Rout, Damnation, Pernicious Deed and Red explody spells all still destroy, and the Avatar is good for that.

    A 6/6 trampler for 6 is pretty ok, and if you can keep mana open by cheating it out, it gets even better. I've seen wars to clone him and activate in response to a mass destruction in order to force the player to tap out so the next player could destroy again.

    I've also seen mass destruction flashed out in response to the activated ability.

    He's expensive, but definitely changes the board dynamic, especially if you play big mana battlecruiser.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Random Card of the Day (12/27) - Artificer's Intuition
    I can see it in Kurkesh for the low opportunity cost to draw a card, though there are other options.
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  • posted a message on Sensei's Divining Top
    I don't use it at all right now. I value card draw so highly, that the sheer volume of cards that I draw devalues the importance of top, even with all the fetch lands I run. Reordering the top 3, twice, doesn't do so much when you draw 6 new cards anyways.

    Unless it's being abused (Rings of Brighthearth, Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient, Future Sight, etc), or in colors where draw quantity is so low that you need to increase draw quality, I think it tends to be overused. I would definitely add it to red and white decks that would also want rings though.
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  • posted a message on Let's build Erebos, God of the Dead!
    Quote from Arcesious »
    Well, I don't actually own any fetchlands at all. That may be one minor budget issue I didn't anticipate. Plenty of mana rocks to compensate is probably what I'll have to do.

    Good news my friend! A whole bunch have recently been reprinted! You too can now have a Polluted Delta for only about $13! Smile

    Rings is still a solid card, and even more good news, Terramorphic Expanse, Evolving Wilds and Myriad Landscape are all dirt cheap, and still work! If you need more, the vaious Panoramas also work. Also, still copying Wayfarer's Bauble, Burnished Hart and Expedition Map (for coffer borg) also works. Joy is you!

    Quote from Arcesious »
    Would mill possibly be workable in mono black? I rather would like to carry over some of the things like Mesmeric Orb, Mindcrank, and Ghoulcaller's Bell from the current Lazav deck to it, perhaps with Rise of the Dark Realms as one of its win conditions. What creatures can I get away with running while still planning to wipe the board occaisonally? Are there any ways to save creatures which I don't want to lose that black has access to?

    By itself, my thought is no. I have died to mill before in EDH, but it's really hard to pull off, and even harder to do it consistently. Then you get those silly eldrazi messing everything up.

    As a means to an end? Absolutely. I use Dementia Altar in my Chainer deck to empty out juicy targets, though I usually hit myself with it. Geth, Lord of the Vault is a fantastic wincon on his own. You don't even need to do silly reanimation loops. Army reanimation is still absolutely viable. After all, your opponents built their decks to have synergy and win, so you can just take their stuff, and if they complain about your Prophet of Kruphix and reapeated reanimation of Prime Speaker Zegana, just tell them it's their fault for playing powerful cards.

    Quote from Arcesious »
    Also, how would the creature recursion route work? I'm totally fine with killing the table with a repeated Kokusho or Gray Merchant, since this deck is to replace a previous broken combo deck. My Lazav deck had 7 separate infinite combo/instant win conditions, so I'd like to aim for 5 or 6 with this Erebos deck so it is a worthy replacement. I'm only taking that deck apart in the first place because it isn't quite as fun as I had hoped, functioned rather clunky even being stuffed with good cards.

    My Chainer deck does the recursion loop, but uses Chainer, Dementia Master to do it. A secondary option is Xiahou Dun, the one-eyed, though his price has also risen now. (By copying his ability with Rings, you can bring him back too, but the most common use is looping him with Living Death, or Profane Command). Nezumi Graverobber can be a pain at times to flip, but is solid, and works as grave hate too. Nim Deathmantle is always an easy escape, and Corpse Dance is a useful spell variant. If you change your Commander, Balthor, the Defiled is absolutely devastating. Still good as 1 of 99, but the single use (2 with Rings) is more limiting.

    In Chainer, I got a lot of mana, then bring out Grey Merchant of Asphodel, sac him, rez, repeat. Lose 3 life per activation, and gain 6 billion. Xiahou-Dun and Living death is a backup, where saccing XHD brings back death, death brings back XHD, etc. Sac everything between casts and let Blood Artist and friends do the work. As a Commander, Balthor can do the same, but at increasing costs each time... but really, how many times do you really need to loop it? Run the Phyrexian Altar and Ashnod's Altar and you'll really be rolling in the dough, especially if you have infinite creature/mana shenanigans.

    Speaking of, any creature that comes in with 2+ minions and Ashnods is infinite creatures/mana with Nim Deathmantle. So is Su-Chi. So if infinite is fair game, there's a lot that can still be be done.
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  • posted a message on Metalcraft
    between your card draw, mana artifacts, and equipment, you should be good.

    The only issue is being reset after a wipe, but Nahiri and some other recursion should help restabilize.
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  • posted a message on Let's build Erebos, God of the Dead!
    I run a Chainer mono-black deck, and one of the biggest problems can be if I run out of cards. In Erebos, this simply isn't a problem. Instead, you have a bit more of an issue finding your recursion, a win condition, and your own lifegain in order to fuel his costs.

    The other advantage to Erebos is that it allows you to focus and run non-creature versions of spells. Mutilate and Damnation become excellent control cards, where Chainer would prefer creature versions of them, such as Kagemaro, First to Suffer (still good in erebos!).

    You can still run the full creature recursion route, and aim to loop a Grey Merchant or Kokusho, the Evening Star, but you're also now open to a more traditional mono-black control with sweepers, removal and the win-condition of your choice.

    Either path, I highly recommend Rings of Brighthearth in every mono black deck. Doubling fetches, Burnished Hart and Thawing Glaciers for ramp is extremely good, it'll work with your Commander, and it'll help double up some good walkers. I particularly like Liliana of the Dark Realms in mono black, as maintaining land drops is very important to remaining a notable presence in the game, and her -3 is quite useful as removal, or can be a surprise Commander kill (especially with Urborg and Filth, or the black Kamigawa fear land). Her Ult is simply insane mana advantage.
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  • posted a message on Tabletalk: Your Opinion
    Asking leading questions is fine. I usually preface my questions with the "You can also refuse to answer, at which point I will assume the worst, or you could lie, which I will remember in future occasions."

    You say the 'correct' play is tapping down the creature... but he has another opponent too. Letting you kill that opponent is also a 'correct' play. While you are under no compulsion to share information, he's simply pointing out in that situation that you may have a cause for mutual gain in that you would want the creature not tapped down in order to not waste your spell and eliminate a player, and he may have incentive to allow you to do so.

    In a 1v1 game, determining 'correct' plays and advantage is a lot easier. You have you, and an opponent. You want to do things that benefit you, and harm your opponent. In multiplayer though, the dynamic shifts. Sometimes aiding an opponent is the more 'correct' play, if it ends up being more detrimental to your other opponents, as compared to you.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Random Card of the Day (12/27) - Artificer's Intuition
    Quote from cryogen »
    Well we are playing EDH here. There are plenty of times when I know a card in my opponent's library through effects like Oracle or just having played the deck once. And when in doubt, name Sol Ring. So to me, the real question is, would you pay six man's to let everyone see a player's deck and deal them 8 damage?

    Why are you only doing 8 damage? Clear;y you should be playing this in Riku with Radiate, Fork, Mirrari and Furnace of Wrath.

    The only sad thing is that it's not an arcane spell, and that it doesn't have splice.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Random Card of the Day (12/27) - Artificer's Intuition
    Quote from Daracaex »
    Pointing out that they're the same cost unless you're not using the mask the same turn you play it, and some decks want enchantments more than artifacts, so I think there are some decks that will prefer the quarry.

    Nemesis Mask sticks around for more than 2 uses though. If you want a single shot: Armed // Dangerous is better if you want to go out on one turn. It also supports Voltron strategies quite well.
    Quote from ProfessorWhen »
    Quote from 256k »
    I seriously considered this card for my Stangg overrun deck. I may have even put it in at one point and then cut it again. Taunting Elf is a beast in this deck (paired with non-trample giving mass pump effects) and I'd really like a second copy. If the bestow cost was 3G this would be a slam dunk. As is, I think it's still better than Prized Unicorn, but it's far behind the elf.

    You might want to look at Tempting Licid or Shinen of Life's Roar. Incidentally, two cards I'd play over this one.

    I actually like Shinen of Life's Roar. I really want it to be good, such as by channelling it onto an opponent's creature as removal. Preferably as an x-for-1 by killing the attacker, and having some usefult things die on the other side, such as Prophet of Kruphix. The dream, it will happen one day.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] The Top 50 List (Week 2 - Lands)
    Quote from Weebos »
    I agree about Relic of Progenitus, in my opinion it is the best of the grave exilers. Maybe people really don't like exiling their own.

    My biggest issue about it is that it is not recur able. I would rather use nihil spell bomb n black, or tormods crypt if I need a full yard removed. Otherwise claws and furnace. And these are only the options that fit in th artifact one drops. Once into other colors, especially w/b/g, there are much better options.
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