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    Well, you could use it on their upkeep if you want to win before the draw... it does allow them an untap though. You can always use Turnabout to untap your lands instead, which doesn't have timing restrictions. It also works in foresight tutoring, as you use the 2 slot on foresight to get Merchant Scroll which you then use to get Turnabout, though that's adding 4 initial mana to the setup. Though you can EOT foresight, then combo off on your turn.

    EDIT: Scroll is not instant, so can't be gotten off of foresight. I know there was something though that fit in the 2 slot for foresight that would let you get turnabout somehow. I'll look into it more later.

    EDIT 2: it may have been to get mystical/Personal tutor (for turnabout) at 1, damage spell at 2, reiterate at 3.
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    Huh, why do you people not have recruiters? I've seen you post about the other things you get...

    Heck, I have 2 of em, since judge versions were only $60 a while back.

    Oh. I guess that went up. That explains much. Wow. I'm happy now. Kinda makes up for those things that I didn't buy, and are now stupid priced, and I will now never have.

    What happened in February/March to make it double (and more)?
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    Quote from Boys to Men
    Chainer, dementia master is bonkers and gets better the more opponents you have. Mono black is fairly easy to build.

    Aw, I was beaten to it. You really can't get more pure then Chainer, though Balthor the Defiled also makes a mean cycling death machine.

    If you're not necessarily focused on creatures, then Glissa, the Traitor is great with artifacts, as is the Esper side with Sharuum or Sydri. Any of those can be quite potent with some powerful Artifact Creatures.

    If you want to remain in the graveyard, but be more generally good, adaptive and recoverable, look into Bant colors. Between Sun Titan, Karmic Guide, Saffi Eriksdotter, Genesis, Eternal Witness, Archaeomancer, and all the blink, bounce, and ETB love, you get a stupidly powerful suite of all-purpose recovery, in the strongest ETB abuse colors. Nim Deathmantle also fits into any deck to abuse the recursion train.
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    In the non-'spell' department, Possibility Storm is good with Melek. His top of library casting won't trigger it, so you can use Brainstorm, top, and Scroll rack effects to manipulate the things you need, or use a cheap spell from hand to cascade into an expensive one that you set up (though you don't get to copy then).

    Unifying Theory and variants are quite decent at keeping your hand full, making non-cantrips into even card displacement, and cantrips in draw power. It can be good if you've loaded up in cantrips, but can't stick Melek for whatever reason. There's an old artifact that only requires a cost of 1 per spell, but initially costs 6, and only gives the cards EOT, and there's a 4 cast creature from innistrad block that only works for instants you cast.

    Any cost reducers are good if you're going for quantity/storm plays.

    Other decklists you can look into are Riku or Wort spellslinger styles, as well as Nekusar storm lists.
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    My T&L thread covers a lot of the various storm-based approaches, though the OP is a bit dated currently.

    Generally, a lot of card draw options, including cheap cantrips, become exceptionally good at filling your hand. Anything that untaps lands, such as Snap suddenly become mana generation. Turnabout is always a phenomenal card.

    Storm based lists have always used Remand as a method to get extra storm, but Melek adds Memory Lapse to that list to be able to put a spell back on top for extra copy power. Plus, both are decent counterspells in a pinch. Arcane Denial, another good counter, can also become a quick "draw 3" with Melek in play, if needed.

    spellshift is a 'counterspell' that also ends up casting a spell out of the library, making it quite a bit potent with Melek. Use top/rack effects to control it. Or Mystical Tutor.

    Mystical Tutor can become a one card combo-kill if you have oodles of mana. One example is to cast Mystical off the top, get free copy. Copy gets Reiterate, in response to the original tutor, cast reiterate with buyback off the top, getting 2 more tutors. The next tutor gets Reset or Turnabout or the geyser spell in red for infinite mana, then you let another tutor resolve to go get a Lightning Bolt and reiterate that about 12 billion times for the kill. Or keep reiterating the tutor to get every spell out of your deck. Bolt + Reset + Reiterate is also the kill combo that's tutorable off of Firemind's Foresight.
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    The tutor can be ok early, when everyone taps out anyways, but is a dead draw late game, unless you politic it against someone else.
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    So, the card linked, and the image are different.

    Honor Guard - Terrible. Would not play, even in Doran Human/Soldier tribal pauper. Which isn't a thing. I'd really run any shade first, even at higher CMC, if only so it doesn't require my commander to be decent.

    Coalition Honor Guard - Awesome. The 4 life was very relevant vs bolts in the day (in casual, they were never in tournament together), and they were absolutely brutal. It was also printed in the same set as Unnatural Selection, which I think my friends and I misplayed the heck out of, but who cares, it was fun. As far as multiplayer goes, it forces someone to spend a removal spell on them, which can sometimes be good, but can also sometimes be bad. Great protection if you want to be running creature based strategies, and I could see it run in Karador as well as Doran.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Is Savage Summoning Too Narrow for EDH?
    Savage Summoning can be great in a deck that wants to untap with their General out. A good example is Riku of two reflections. Summoning will let you EOT him, giving your opponents much less time to remove him. Also as added benefit, Riku can copy the spell to be able to flash out two creatures (and potentially copy them as well, if you have oodles of mana).

    Many heavily Commander-centered strategies could use summoning quite well. In general though, you have far better flash enablers if you are blue, and if not, see if you have a land slot available for Winding Canyons first.


    Swan Song is a great card. Hard counters at low cost are always in good demand, and the creature it gives is less potent even then Pongify or Rapid Hybridization's.

    I generally prefer unconditional counters, like Arcane Denial, but song is a great card.
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    rings of brighthearth will play well with your fetch lands, especially if you have crucible or loam. Rings also plays nice with sensei's top for a 3: draw a card effect.
    Extra land drops via exploration, azusa, oracle, or burgeoning can also really help, again especially with crucible.
    krosan verge can replace one of your basic only sac lands.
    perilous forays can get shocks, and is a great sac outlet.

    future sight is a great CA beast that can help ensure continuous land drops, and plays nice with sensei's top.

    I find it hard to not have ramp in my decks.

    I f
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    Frontline medic can help with x spells, and is very sun titan friendly.
    prahv, spires of order prevents damage from any source, as does righteous aura.
    Angel's grace is a great save from a lot of things, as is invulnerability.
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