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    posted a message on Random Card of the Day - Quicksilver Elemental
    I think Ulvenwald Mysteries is a great card. As a 3 cost enchantment, its draw compares well in cost and effect to Fecundity, Lifecrafter's bestiary, Dark Prophecy, Grim Haruspex and the like. At the same time it is a token producer, both of artifacts, as well as creatures. 2 mana to create a token (albeit limited and situational) compares well to token makers like Sacred Mesa, Ant Queen, and Mobilization in terms of cost->creature.

    • Compared to Fecundity - non-symmetrical; non-token only (biggest difference with Fecundity); have to pay 2 to get the draw, but it can be delayed. - But let's admit it, fecundity is kinda broken anyways.
    • Compared to Lifecrafter's Bestiary - Worst case, it adds a cycle to every creature you have. Both have an initial 3 cost. Bestiary adds a cost of 1 to every creature for the draw, Mysteries adds 2, but again - delayed as to whenever you want/can make the payment.
    • Compared to Grim Haruspex - 1 life, vs. 2 mana per draw.

    Overall, it's slightly worse of a card draw tool, and would fit only in the proper decks for it, but the ability to generate token artifacts (very rare effect), as well as make token creatures at a cheap cost in green (which is rarely seen on such a cheap permanent to put on the board), makes the combined package very appealing.

    • Decks that are able to generate more than one death per creature, such as Karador, Ghost Chieftain can make good use of unbalancing the 1 draw per creature aspect.
    • Decks that seek to add both draw and token production power, such as perhaps Rhys the Redeemed
    • White/Green decks that seek draw and are running Cathars' Crusade could make good usage of it, as it helps multiple aspects of the deck plan.
    • Decks that run Tireless Tracker can fuel up to get more clues and more tokens out of it.
    • Decks that abuse artifacts like Clock of Omens or Krark Clan ironworks would love it.
    • Decks that run Parallel Lives (or the new Amonkhet white version), can use this to double up on draws. -- and then quad up on the token production.
    • Shattergang Brothers love this card, as it produces sacrificial artifacts to fuel his ability - and still get 1/1 creatures out of the deal to do more shenanigans!

    Not an auto-jam-in into every single green deck, but a piece that can fit into several different puzzles, to be sure.


    As another aside - this card singlehandedly won so many pre-release games for me...
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    posted a message on Trostani Landfall Fogs
    So, I've been putting this off quite a bit, but Amonkhet has quite a few goodies for us this go around, and I'm definitely trying to find some room for some cards.


    So, first off, Things that are likely to find a spot:

    Protean Hulk - While not an Amonket Card, this powerhouse has been released from jail, and fun death triggers and sticky board presence is what this deck is about. I think the Hulk may find a good home here.

    Annointed Procession - Parallel Lives is a good card, and this is another copy! With Doubling Season already in the deck (and better), I don't actually know if we need a 3rd copy, but I plan on trying it out. At worst, it may simple replace lives - I tend to have a lot more White mana available than green, due to my priorities when ramping. But first we try 3 copies!

    Harvest Season - There is no hiding that I love ramp. While this cards may not be as explosive in this deck as some others I have, getting 2 lands is likely fair, and getting 3-5 lands is more than enough.

    Sandwurm Convergence - I don't care. This is going in the deck. Yes, it costs a million. Yes, it makes zero flavor sense. I don't care. It pillowforts, and makes big tokens. It was made for me.

    Shefet Monitor - Sadly no deserts are really good yet, but this draws a card and gets a ramp into play at instant speed, which isn't bad. Then we can Seance it.

    Vizier of the Menagerie - Getting card draw in green means it's often tied to creatures. This guy isn't going to be as good as Oracle of Mul Daya (who can get that extra land drop immediately), nor draw as many cards, but he might be worth a test run to see how much he can draw.

    Mouth // Feed - Green. Draw. Also, token.


    Things that are watched, but unlikely to make the cut:

    Angel of Sanctions - I had such high hopes for embalm as a mechanic, but sadly, it seems that blue got all the ones I like. Angel is ok, but seems a worse version of the other angel, even with the self-tokenizing.

    Honored Hydra - at least this embalm creature has some size and trample - but it's still just a beater.

    Oashra Cultivator - I don't think I need another Diligent Farmhand/Sakura-tribe Elder effect, but early drops that turn into mana aren't bad.

    Prowling Serpopard - Counterspells haven't been an issue yet, but if they become so, Cat-Snake will remain in view.

    Watchful Naga - I'm keeping an eye on this one, just because it's green card draw, and there's often someone to attack in a multiplayer game, but this likely isn't the deck for it.

    Shrines. None of the shrines directly appeal to this deck at this time, but all are kept in view, as they can all have useful abilities.

    Grasping Dunes - removal on a land - something to keep in mind.

    Cradle of the Accursed - The token is a bit small, and the sorcery limitation is obnoxious, but might work for some people.

    Sunscorched Desert - This is just kinda bad, but I am amused at the thought of fetching this out instant speed to ping someone to death. Or sacrificing it and recurring it. Just to spite someone. Maybe I'll put one in, just incase someone gets an "unattackable" position of some sort.

    Now I just need to figure out what to cut...
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    posted a message on [[Primer]] Nemata, Lord of the Mana Flare
    Quote from filmonti94 »
    Hello, this is a very interesting deck. I'd like to know a thing, is the deck fun to play? Is it interactive with opponents decks or does it go independently of opponents decks?
    So, this is obviously going to be a lot on you, and what you find fun and interactive.

    I obviously like the deck, seeing as I built and maintain it. However, I must admit that the deck has a very linear strategy and that often games reach a point where your line of play simply becomes, play Nemata and make as many tokens as you can. I kind of like that about this deck though, as I make up my variance by having a lot of different decks, so it's nice to sometimes have a deck that I know exactly what plan A is from when I sit down (and sometimes I like NOT having that).

    That said, I have avoided all combo in the deck, so it does keep some interactivity. The deck includes a decent portion of removal, and combats opposing removal with a large amount of recursion. It still plans to charge headlong down plan A, and simply remove obstacles/recover pieces to make that happen. The question then is where you draw the "interaction" line. I don't think it's as interactive as say, my Marath deck, but I've also seen Marath (combo) decks that would be less interactive than it.

    It'll also depend on how you choose to pilot the deck. I've loaned it out a few times, and been very surprised at how other people choose to pilot it at times.
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    posted a message on [[Primer]] Nemata, Lord of the Mana Flare
    Sure thing! Looks like I dropped the ball a bit here.


    One of the main issues of Kaladesh is that neither the energy, nor the Fabricate mechanic do much for us. Vehicles, however, can add a bit of presence between wraths.

    Nissa, Vital Force - Nissa's +1 is a weaker version of Garruk, while her -3 gives some good recursion for our doublers, but makes her a more expensive regrowth. Her Ult can give some great long term advantage, though we usually want to end them game in a larger burst.

    Wildest Dreams gives us another massive regrowth effect, but at the mana you need to put into it, Season's Past may remain the favored choice.

    Aetherworks Marvel - So the interesting thing here is the lack of the 'non-token' clause. This means that we can easily power it up, though usually by the time that many tokens are dying, we're already winning.

    Cultivator's Caravan - Usually I prefer land ramp for decks like this one, but having a mana rock that can turn into a beefy blocker for things holding Sword of Feast and Famine is quite nice.

    Panharmonicon - While this deck doesn't run quite the same density of ETB effects that other decks do, tinkering that balance isn't hard in green, and the value presented by panharmonicon can be quite insane.

    Smuggler's Copter - easy flyer, and some good looting and card filtration.

    Aether Revolt

    Heroic Intervention - This is a crazy addition for mono-green, giving us our own version of Boros Charm.

    Rishkar's Expertise - Green needs and loves great card draw, and this delivers, while also allowing us to drop a powerful card into play for free - here's hoping for Seedborn Muse.

    Heart of Kiran - While I'm not currently running Planeswalkers, there are a number of excellent ones, and Heart of Kiran provides additional free protection for them, while also being an easily crewed artifact and flyer, bolstering the deck's defenses.

    Inspiring Statuary - alone, a 3 cost artifact that can essentially be a mana rock for non-artifact spells, while also turning other artifacts into mana rocks as well.

    Lifecrafter's Bestiary - We always love more card draw, and putting a cantip on our creatures is always excellent. It also pairs well with our recursion, so we can continue to gain more cards after we regrow our host of creatures.

    Paradox Engine - A card that could cause us to rethink our whole lands-first ramp suite, this card can generate insane tempo if you have ways to gain more mana from non-land sources. Of course, land untappers, like Stoneseeder Heirophant work exceptionally well with this as well (and does crazy things with Thawing Glaciers to boot).

    Universal Solvent - While I tend to prefer the other artifact removal options, an interesting point to the Universal Solvent is that it plays well with Salvaging Station, which is an excellent engine I've used in other decks.

    Untethered Express - Easily crewed, and can get big fairly quickly. There's usually an available person to attack in a given game.

    Modern Masters Reprints

    Craterhoof Behemoth - Always a potent finisher, Craterhoof being reprinted should help its availability for others.

    Harmonize - Straight up colorpie break of blue draw spells seems good for our draw-starved deck.

    Primal Command - Typically a combined non-creature permanent hate + gy hate, it's a decent removal option in green, while also giving the flexibility of a tutor.

    Scavenging Ooze - Potent GY hate.

    Cavern of Souls - If you run into groups that still enjoy countering your Commander, then Cavern being reprinted should make things better for you.

    Fetch Lands - While I choose to not run off-color fetches in this deck, I have used them (and crucible + rings of brighthearth) to excellent effect in the past, and reprints are always welcome.
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    posted a message on Trostani Landfall Fogs
    Figured I'd toss a quick update about awesome pickups from Modern Masters!

    Modern Masters - things to pick up if prices go down.

    • Fetch Lands - While I am currently only running the w/g 'legal by spirit' lands by choice, I have in other decks run off color fetchlands to great effect. Since we have 3 dual lands to pick up, off-color fetches remain highly valuable as they still pick up off colors when you need them to.
    • Cavern of Souls - while not holding a huge Tribal theme (I don't don't have the space to run it), some metas may like extra counterspell protection.
    • Path to Exile - A staple white removal spell, if you don't have one yet, this is a great opportunity.
    • Rootborn Defenses
    • Séance - these were never expensive to begin with, but making token copies of creatures is an excellent way to drastically increase the power of Trostani's populate ability.
    • Terminus - A generally useful wrath effect, that gets around a number of recursion options.
    • Craterhoof Behemoth - While I choose not to run it, Craterhoof is a potent game-ender, and a fantastic addition to this deck's strategy and synergy.
    • Scavenging Ooze - an excellent piece of graveyard hate, which can easily have a home in any Gx deck, it also has synergy with Archangel of Thune.
    • Thragtusk - Another card I don't run, but a potent token maker and life gainer, which fits the themes of the deck and could replace other similar slots.
    • Voice of Resurgeance - Similar to thragtusk, but bigger token to populate, and a cheaper creature to play and recur. Voice is an outstanding addition to this deck.

    Back when Voice was legal, I sold mine off. I had always considered picking one up for Trostani, but didn't feel it was a crucial piece that I really needed to invest in it. Should prices drop, I may re-evaluate picking up a copy, as it is a natural fit here.
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    posted a message on Best Fog Effects

    Linked those for you. Smile
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    posted a message on Best Fog Effects
    A number of my favorite fogs have already been listed, but I wanted to highlight some of the synergies and packages that can be wrong for a strong fog defense, should you choose to go heavier on it.

    A quick note is that a fog defense should be in place to supplement your normal defenses, not replace them. Alone, fogs are not the best line of defense, and should not be solely depended upon.

    One Shot Power Houses

    Tangle and Spore cloud remain two of my top one shot effects - the second turn tap down really punishes the player who attacked you, and opens them up to additional retaliation.
    Mirror Strike - The redirection effect from mirror strike allows you to redirect that Commander damage back onto its controller. The only disadvantage is that it targets, making it vulnerable to shroud/hexproof.
    Arachnogenesis - Fog, plus future chump blockers. Or army. Win win. Win.
    Reflect Damage - Downside being the 5 mana, which brings it out of Sunforger range, but the upside is that it reflects all damage sources, allowing for Commander damage redirection, as well as for hilarious situations against Blashpemous Act.
    Comeuppance is another great fog effect. While I initially slotted it in as half a wrath, it's not consistent enough for that. What it is instead is a very powerful fog that also protects Planeswalkers, while also threatening a sharp retribution against an army, or a finishing burn shot.
    Batwing Brume has been mentioned a few times, and I just really want to echo that. While it doesn't work with Sunforger, it remains a powerful deterrent all on its own.

    Green also has a bunch of one sided fogs (non-green, not creatures with +1 counters, not your stuff, etc), that depending on your strategy, a few of those may allow you to block profitably and still win out the exchange.

    Spike Weaver

    Spike Weaver is possibly the best fog in Commander, period. Alone, it has 3 potential uses straight up, but on top of that it plays well with +1 counter themes, creature recursion, and blink strategies - all popular choices in Commander.

    The hoops that players have gone through to kill a spike weaver with a Gift of Immortality on it is insane, and the fact that it can just eat its own counters to dodge exile, as a pseudo-sac effect, is powerful as well.

    For fun, you can try it with the Cauldron of Souls to give it persist. Since you're removing +1 counters from it, it can even work with Undying strategies, though note that Dark Mikaeus giving a static +1/+1 actually interferes with it (unless you have a sac outlet).

    It synergizes especially well with Commanders like Marath, Ghave, Karador, and Ezuri, but holds its own for just 4 mana as well.

    It was one of the fogs of choice for my Marath deck, but could easily also slot into Karador or Trostani without even a heartbeat of hesitation.

    Knight Captain of Fog

    Knight-Captain of Eos is a bit less universal than Spike Weaver, but comes out with 2 uses on his own, and still plays well with reanimation and blink strategies, while also playing well with token making strategies and soldiers. Of note is that Kjeldoran Outpost is quite good as a decent land, and plays exceptionally well with the Fog Knight.

    Lands - part 1

    Maze of Ith and Kor Haven can be powerful deterents to attackers, especially those that rely on voltron strategies. Glaring Spotlight and Arcane Lighthouse can help with targeting problems. At one point, these became so prevalent in my meta that everyone was running up to 3 Strip mine effects to combat them, while also running Vesuva (and eventually Thespian Stage) to copy them.

    Of side note is Prahv, Spires of Order, which while considerably more expensive to activate, also works against non-combat sources of damage.

    Lands - part 2

    Glacial Chasm is an extremely potent card, but requires significant build around to use well. My Trostani deck makes excellent use of it, as Green/White is able to offset the land sacrifice penalty, as well as recur it most easily. Sun Titan alone allows you to sacrifice it on your upkeep, thus opening your attack, and then bring it back with the Sun Titan.

    As others have said, Crop Rotation or Knight of the Reliquary allow you to pull it out at instant speed, while cards like Titania can bring it directly back into play from the grave.

    Constant Mists is another powerhouse to go with the lands package, if you can afford to offest the land losses. Even if you can't, often times losing a land in the late game is not such a crippling blow. Constant mists remains a threat as long as your opponent is unable to deal with your hand.


    Sunforger's ability to cast instants from your deck is quite potent, allowing you to cast Holy Day, Angel's Grace, Dawn Charm, or Comeuppance.

    Sunforger also allows you to keep up other defensive spells, such as Wing Shards, Boros Charm, etc... and have removal on the standby at all times. Even 'wrath' effects can be threatened, as Arcbond has become a favorite addition to the sunforger lineup for me.

    You can use cards like Mistveil Plains or Conjurer's Bauble to then restock your spell for a future use, while Leonin Shikari will help you re-equip for repeated use.


    Arboria is a lesser known world enchantment from ages past, but since it only care about cards that are played or put into play on your turn, it slots well into draw-go style decks like Yeva, or decks that run Winding Canyons or Alchemist's Refuge. Or, decks that make lots of creature tokens instead. It can certainly backfire by helping opponents, but since you can control when to remove it (remember also that as a World Enchantment, you can use the World rule to pop it with a Concordant Crossroads), this threat can be minimized.

    Note that lands do count for it, so you'll want ways to keep dropping lands on opposing turns, like Burgeoning or the thousand other green effects that let you do cheaty stuff like that.

    Spore Frog

    Spore Frog and Kami of the False Hope are the fog package of choice in my Karador deck. As one drop creatures, they are easily recured with Karador, Sun Titan, Proclamation of Rebirth, Orzhov Charm, Gift of Immortality, Sword of Light and Shadow, and other creature recursion effects.

    On top of the ease of recursion, creatures are easy to tutor for, and as one drops they fit into a Ranger of Eos package.
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    posted a message on Overall strategy when building a 5 color deck
    As this thread is 7 years old, I'm going to lock this and let it sleep. If you want to continue the topic, start a new thread to get up to date answers.
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    posted a message on Trostani Landfall Fogs
    Nicely done! No one expects the gargoyles.
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    posted a message on Point system Deck Challenge
    I still think Marath is your best bet, but if you want to stick to 2 colors, then I suggest GR.

    Green gives you the token swarms, +1 counters, and fogs (survival). red gives you the burn, mass removal, and capability to snipe players/PWs. This should capitalize on the most of the 'farmable' points.
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    posted a message on Point system Deck Challenge
    I suggest, Marath, Will of the wild.


    Can you earn each point set more than once in a game? If so, you should look for easy ones to farm.

    +1 kill a creature with 15 power
    • I will assume that 'kill' means to remove an opponent's creature, and that exile/tuck counts. If so, White and Black are the best colors for this. If it must 'die' Black is best.
    • Green gets a notable mention, for being able to pump up your opponents' creatures (so you can then kill them). Evolutionary Escalation gets a mention, as does Berserk (you can make the case that it kills it too!)
    +1 play your commander for the 4th time
    • Cheap green Commanders with lots of ramp will be best. I am assuming the purpose of this point is to be from Command zone. If it doesn't need to be from Command zone, bounce/graveyard recursion will be good.
    +2 eliminate an opponent on another players turn
    • Red and Black are the best at this.
    +1 exile indestructible permanent
    +1 deal combat damage to 3 different opponents in the same turn
    • If this point can be earned multiple times per game, this is insane. Anything that lets you get evasive minions or token swarms can go crazy.
    • One of my favorite token producers here would be Sacred Mesa. Cheap, and evasive.
    • potential Commanders would be Vela, or the partner guy that gives your guys non-flying evasion.
    +2 have your general countered/stolen/destroyed 3x by same player
    • No real way to farm this one. I assume that you giving it away (via Karona, or that equipment) won't count.
    +1 control 3 or more planeswalkers at 1 time
    • Best way to get multiple PW out simultaneously is to bring them back. Flip-walkers are easier to return, due to creature status.
    • Green can get a handful at a time with Creeping Renaissance or the return spell that hits different CMCs.
    +1 control a creature with 10 +1/+1 counters on it
    • Green is best for +1/+1 counters. If you can get this point more than once, then graft creatures will be good. White, blue, and black make good support colors. WUG is pretty standard.
    • Jenara gets there easily. Evolutionary Escalation can make anyone get there.
    • Cathars' Crusade can get there big time for your whole field, if this can be farmed more than once.
    +1 eliminate a player with a spell or permanent they own
    • Theft is good. Black (reanimation), red and blue will be best here.
    +1 destroy 2 or more planeswalkers during the game
    • Black and Red are key here to sniping the kills in front of someone else.
    +1 destroy 10 or more creatures at one time
    • Wrath Effects. White, Black, Red.
    +1 control 10 or more creature tokens at one time
    • Green/White
    +2 survive being attacked for lethal 3 or more times
    +1 spend 30 or more mana in one turn
    • Green, with mana sink.
    • This is another easy point to farm, the bigger issue is really getting to 30 mana. Green provides mana, as well as seedborn muse effects to untap lands on opponents' turns as well.
    • Elves can also generate absurd mana and untap permanents.
    +1 cast 5th spell on the stack
    • This just means to have instants, and have priority - this makes it easiest if you do it all yourself, but doesn't need to be.
    +1 eliminate a player
    • While ANY color can kill people, having red, so you stop a small amount of damage from someone else trying to kill someone (by killing a creature), and then burning them off yourself, is an easy way to steal this point. Also, for fun, Obsidian Fireheart might be able to net you kills from beyond the grave!
    +1 be the first person eliminated
    • Not recommended to farm
    +1 finish the game without being eliminated
    • Fogs help.

    For the negatives:
    I note nothing against infinite (or non-infinite) combo.


    Once looking over that list, I suggest Marath, will of the wild (ill put that at the top)

    +1 kill a creature with 15 power - Give Marath Deathtouch. Done. Marath can also pump them to 15 first, if you really need it.
    +1 play your commander for the 4th time - Marath is easy to self-sac, and you want to recast her anyways, as there is no 'power-cost' loss in recasting her, due to her intrinsic ability.
    +2 eliminate an opponent on another players turn - You have red for snipes, white for save, and Marath herself can do both.
    +1 exile indestructible permanent - This is where White comes in. Swords/Path/Return to Dust. Since you have red, run Sunforger for easy access to them.
    +1 deal combat damage to 3 different opponents in the same turn - Marath is a token maker. You can run that guy that gives you evasiveness. You can also run glory, if it helps.
    +2 have your general countered/stolen/destroyed 3x by same player - can't really farm this one, but marath is a threat. Or use her to chump block the same player, and claim it's their kill.
    +1 control 3 or more planeswalkers at 1 time - Green and white walkers are decent, but I wouldn't focus on this. If you wanted to though, Elspeth is a good wrath, while Garruk is good in token swarm, and Nissa is good in general, and Freya has recursion.
    +1 control a creature with 10 +1/+1 counters on it - haha, marath. also, LOL Cathars' Crusade. Evolutionary Escalation. Opal Palace gives it you you on the 3rd cast of marath.
    +1 eliminate a player with a spell or permanent they own - Threaten, Word of seizing etc. Use Sunforger as needed to get it when needed.
    +1 destroy 2 or more planeswalkers during the game - haha, marath snipe.
    +1 destroy 10 or more creatures at one time - White and red. Wraths and Blasphemous act.
    +1 control 10 or more creature tokens at one time - haha, marath.
    +2 survive being attacked for lethal 3 or more times - Marath pings, and fogs. Spike Weaver is beast. Sunforger can get a few good fogs too.
    +1 spend 30 or more mana in one turn - lol, green, lol, marath. Ramp like crazy, and marath can spend the mana to put +1/+1 counters on herself, or with various combo outlets (Ivy lane denizen) to just make a bunch of tokens.
    +1 cast 5th spell on the stack - sunforger can be used to always have access to an instant, that way you can snipe this point when it presents itself, or to have an 'extra' spell to stack it up yourself if need be.
    +1 eliminate a player - Marath snipe.
    +1 be the first person eliminated
    +1 finish the game without being eliminated - fogs, infinite (or non-infinite) marath combo. Tokens + Craterhoof. Cathars' Crusade
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    posted a message on Need some guidance on building a budget EDH deck.
    Building on a budget can be tricky at times, but nowhere near impossible. Even in the most cut-throat metas, budget decks can always grab a win, as the threat assessment will allow you more general leeway. Giving specific card examples will be difficult without knowing the strength of the meta you're up against, but that's always something you can tweak to as time goes on.

    When building a budget deck, and making it competitive to your meta, I feel that there are three key areas to focus on: the manabase, synergy, and a good threat availability. Once you have a deck planned out, and try it in your meta for a bit, you can start to revise it, either up or down, to create a positive impression.

    The Manabase

    Some of the most expensive parts of building NON-budget decks can be the lands, but it's also perhaps the least important. Don't get me wrong, having a solid manabase is quite possibly THE most important thing you need - but it's often conflated that a 'solid' manabase means an expensive one - and this is simply not true. While I no longer build on a budget (I have an extensive collection), I always build rather basic heavy in my decks, to make excellent use of land ramp, and filtration. These same principles make it wasy to build a solid 2-3 color manabase, while remaining very budget friendly. I wrote an article about basic manabases a while back, and there may be some good ideas in there for you, though I focus on other colors.

    In WU, some of my favored cards remain the popular artifacts: Solemn Simulacrum, Burnished Heart, and Wayfarer's Bauble. In addition to salvaging station, white can also run things like auriok salvagers to get the bauble back reliably, or even a plethora of or artifact-return effects that can be useful in a pinch if you really need to balance your mana, such as Salvage Scout. White also has Knight of the White Orchid, Kor Cartographer, Oreskos Explorer, and Endless Horizons. Then you can pair the creatures with things like Nim Deathmantle or Gift of Immortality for value.


    Playing budget, a lot of your cards may have less 'bang' then some you may run across. This means that you need to compensate by artificially increasing their value through heavy synergy. An example of this for me is having Salvage Scout as a pet card. I love playing with equipment, and sadly my equipment tends to die a lot. Salvage Scout can bring it back, and then he himself is easily returned with Sword of Light and Shadow, Sun Titan, Emeria Shepherd, and many other cards. He's also an early drop that I can suit up with a Sword of the animist early.

    Another example would be the budget Riku deck that I built a long time back (note: prices have gone up, and it is no longer a budget deck). Since I was building the deck on an extreme budget, I used elves as a base: They would provide fast ramp early on, and despite using some of my budget space, the elf lords would turn them into potent threats late game.

    Pretty much the name of the game is added value. My decks tend to feature a lot of card draw to keep my options open, and tend to be very heavy on the recursion to keep getting more and more value from them. In white, my Heliod and Trostani (not budget) decks have recently been fighting for newer slots in getting more and more recursion options, since draw can be quite limited.

    Riku: http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/213840
    Trostani: http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/637947
    Heliod: http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/677873

    If you have time, read over my Riku list. It's a bit old and dated, but I wrote it in a bit of a stream-of-conscious, so you can see some of how my thought process goes in building up the deck.


    This is also where combo shenaniganry can come in, though this depends on your playgroup. My group tends to stay away from combo, but some groups love it. While many combo pieces can be quite expensive (Palinchron), there are quite a few powerful combos that are very cheap to purchase, and by using some off-beat tutoring options (transmute, wizard-cycling, etc), you can actually get them rather consistently on the cheap as well.

    threat availability

    I touched a bit on recursion in the Synergy bit, but it also fits in here. One thing that comes up often in budget decks comes down to winning. Or rather, how to do it. Heavy synergy can mean that your cards individually don't really get there, so ensuring you have a good chance to close out the game comes down to having good threat density, and recursion to ensure that you can keep up the pressure. Finding the right balance will depend on your playgroup some, my own has shifted many times, based on the types of answers that people run (for a while, everyone was running so many wraths that large boards were impossible to keep, and single recursive threats were the name of the game).

    Good luck!
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    posted a message on Trostani Landfall Fogs
    Glad you're enjoying it. Aetherflux Reservoir has definitely been a great addition to the deck, and it's been working well for me too, though it comes with a large target on it (and thereby, on you). Retreat has been great for me too, and if you need more effects like that Seed the Land is often overlooked due to the 'symmetrical' nature of it - it's very easy to break the symmetry though, especially with Skullclamp and stuff. I ended up cutting Zendikar's Roil due to the 5 cost, and wanting to try out other cards in the slot, but I remember it being quite good as well, though the 5 slot was a bit crowded at the time.


    Anywho, I never did a review of Aether Revolt. So, some potential decent players:

    Restoration Specialist - I have always been a huge fan of Salvage Scout in my Voltron-esque decks as a guy to pick up swords, and to return them later on. Restoration specialist doubles up on this and provides some enchantment recursion alongside it, giving you a nifty 2 for 1 at 3 total mana. To that end, he may be a nice piece of recursion to add to this deck, as we have many valuable enchantments, and a decent number of acceptable artifacts to return as well.

    Aid from the Cowl - While we're not too heavy on the blink/bounce/sac themes, we are quite permanent heavy, and getting some free power permanents might be good, though odd timings, such as dropping planeswalkers in front of invading armies, could make for a few feel bad moments.

    Heroic Intervention - This may well replace that 2w instant I'm running. Seeing as this upgrades to all permanents, and also gives hexproof, which blocks out a fair amount of exile removal, this is a really nice piece of protective tech.

    Monstrous Onslaught - not my favorite removal spell, be we do have some powerful creatures at times, so this might have some potential.

    Rishkar's Expertise - I love card draw, and this provides a lot of it. The second ability then adds crazy icing to the cake, allowing us to drop Mirari's Wake or Seedborn Muse for free.

    Renegade Rallier - a nominal mention, due to combo potential with Saffi, Eriksdotter.

    Aethersphere Harvester - While vehicles in general may not find a home in this deck, this one did good work for me at the pre-release, and having a crew:1 cost means that this is a cheap include for some light flying defense, and sword of x/y defense, if needed.

    Cogwork Assembler - nominal mention since it makes token copies, which we could then populate, if it was also a creature. Narrow application, but mentionable.

    Heart of Kiran - This vehicle allows any planeswalker to decently protect itself, as well as having a decently low crew cost. If you decide to up the PW count, this might be an ok protection slot to add in.

    Lifecrafter's Bestiary - have I mentioned that I like card draw?

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    posted a message on Trostani Landfall Fogs
    I had actually considered that one. I ended up not trying it out due to the amount of grave hate that was running at the time, and then I forgot about it. It was one of the cards I was really excited for. If you run it, let me know how it goes.
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    posted a message on Kozilek, the Great Distortion
    One thing to remember is that I built this deck specifically to be non-optimized, as a testing grounds for various things. If I really wanted to improve the deck, one of the first things I would do is drop the average CMC by a lot. While some draw and removal pieces are necessarily going to be expensive, right now the deck does play it a threat at a time. Though it is fun to Smash people with the Eldrazi horde.

    That said, there are a few things that I rather like about the deck - such as the high Wastes count. While my land ramping can be a bit inconsistent, relying on specific cards for it, overall I like it a lot when it goes off. An argument can be made for the utility that other lands provide, but truth be told, we're talking such corner case scenarios in which those lands will not simply be tapping for mana, and a number of them even enter tapped. There's definitely some room to shuffle around some of my lands though.

    Certain things that could be exciting would be a Salvaging Station package, and perhaps Myr Welder, Junk Diver for general artifact recursion. Nim Deathmantle is also a great equipment, and would help protect my threats, while also synergizing with Burnished Hart, and potentially other effects could be explored.

    There's also a lot of new goodies from both Kaladesh sets that I should look into. At the very least, the new Solemn fits quite well.

    Another thought I had was to see if I could embrace more of the Eldrazi token theme, but sadly a lot of the producers are actually in colored cards.


    Also, I remember why Thran Dynamo happened - I was adding in a new card, and had to make a cut, and coincidentally at the same time someone needed a Thran Dynamo, so I gave him one, since I had extras at home. ... Then I never actually bothered to fix it.
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