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    Got to cube a lot tonight... Hymn of the Wilds is busted. It's just insane. It saw play in monoW taxes (T1 Thalia T2 Brimaz...), a creature centric opposition deck, and a mono G ramp deck. Amazing every time, very hard to keep up with.
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    What is the reason that so many lists only run 3 or 2 Dark Depths? I thought it is the main combo piece and you want to see it pretty much all the time? I get that being legendary makes it a diminishing return but that does not seem like a huge argument against running 4?

    Deck space is really tight and drawing them in multiples is pretty bad. Plus you play crop rotations, gambles and in blue versions Tolaria West. Combine that with dredging multiple times and you shouldn't have too much trouble finding one. If they produced any sort of mana, it would be much more enticing, and not as bad in multiples.
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    This list did pretty well recently at an SCG Classic. It's worth noting it runs 2 copies of gamble and a RG type sideboard with more chalices. Big fan of the 3 EE.

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    RUG Delver and Canadian Thresh should be the same deck. Oops all spells is an awful matchup. Expect to lose that one almost every time.

    Against BUG, they are incredibly weak to just jamming the 20/20 into play, as their removal besides Liliana doesn't hit it and they cannot block besides Baleful Strix. They're also very light on counter magic, just 4 forces, sometimes 3.
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    Thanks a lot for the answer. I never even heard of a RUG Version of lands.
    I think i will stick to the "classic" lands deck.

    General question: How does the deck fare against combo? In the version i played so far i have 4 Sphere of Resistance in the SB. Is this the only real way to tax Storm and other combo decks?

    Classic lands is actually the RUG version. Wink

    You can play more chalice of the void or thorn of amethyst as extras in your board.
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    Quote from calibretto »
    That's the Sol Ring we use as well. I also would prefer Beta, but we ended up with a signed copy of this one so that's what went in. I actually wish there was a non-FTV foil version with the FTV art. I really like that artwork.

    Isn't that just a commander deck sol ring?
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    Quote from Keiichi »
    Coming back to Lands after about three years, and I'm quite impressed by the deck's current standing in the format. I remember there were some doubts a few years ago whether Lands would ever be competitive again.

    Quick question, assuming the price of Tabernacle isn't a concern...

    What kind of metagame would cause us to want to play a second Tabernacle? What matchups? Side or main?

    Thanks for your input, and I look forward to re-engaging with the Lands community in the near future Grin .

    I don't think I'd play a second tabernacle unless my meta was completely overrun with fair creature/tribal decks like merfolk, elves, goblins, maverick, D&T, etc.
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    Quote from erVlado »
    Does anyone have experience with the KMC Hypermat purple sleeves? I want a slightly offbeat color of sleeves for my cube, but after being disappointed that the Ultra Pro pro matte orange sleeves aren't actually opaque, I want to make sure the next ones I order will be.

    So I have both the Purples from Dragonshield and the KMC Purple Hyper Matte. I prefer the darker tone of the Dragonshield purples. The KMCs are pretty much violet unless they came out with a new color. I did buy these sleeves over 15 years ago.

    If you're looking for quality, KMC. I've had a lot of dragonshield sleeves split on me.

    Anyone know where to buy bulk sleeves? All I know are LGS's and Amazon. Thanks!

    EDIT: I looked through some of this post but some of the links are dead.

    Potomac Dist is okay for buying bulk sleeves but you need a $150 order to make shipping free. I personally just shop on amazon for sleeves now. It's more or less wholesale price and you can get amazon prime on a lot of them. I just bought 1K KMC Perfect fits for around $25. Hard to beat that.
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    Quote from MythicCommon »
    we ever consider lodestone golem?

    For the side? I suppose it dodges abrupt decay, but at 4 mana it comes down a bit too late when we want it. Sphere of resistance is superior.
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    There goes city of traitors.
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