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    Quote from Lynnis »
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    I find it hard to believe that's art. XD

    Well...I was impressed at least.

    I am gonna keep trying and see how things pan out. I seem to just be beating up the corners of my Hyper Mattes.

    I think one thing people do, is that they try and make sure the corner of the top pile goes in first, and they over tilt it, if that makes sense, which results in the corners hitting more than they should. It only has to be like a 30 degree angle for it to get the shuffle going.
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    Sorry I haven't posted much lately... but I did split the top 4 of another channelfireball $1k today.

    List was the same as usual, sideboard changes was -1 Titania +1 Golgari charm.

    Round 1: Shardless BUG 1-2

    Destroyed game 1, got caught off loam game 2 for a few turns with forces and goyf beats. Game 3 I was going to stabilize at 3 life, he had a creeping tar pit out, I cast life from the loam, didn't grab the rishadan port and died. Tilted sort of hard after this. Frown

    Round 2: RUG Delver 2-0

    Game 1, I do what lands does and by the end of the game he has zero permenants. Game 2, I get a little low from a single delver, but find an answer and port+waste him out.

    Round 3: Goblins 2-1

    Game 1, I lose hard as I have no answer to a warren instigator, he drops matron, fetching kiki, second trigger, drops kiki. My next EOT, copies matron, grabs Goblin Settler, and kiki combos me out.
    Game 2 and 3, I have a quick turn 3 and 4 marit lage kill.

    Round 4: I can't remember what I played for the life of me... my notepad only has one life row. Frown

    Round 5: Goblins

    Game 1 and 2, both are ended with a fairly quick marit lage. Nothing much to note here. Being on the play game 1 definitely won me this one.

    Round 6: ID

    Top 8: UWR Blade

    Game 1, I lock him out as he gets stuck on two land, and I have double port. He manages to get a batterskull in play with SFM, but I dredge a maze of ith and run off with the game once I have enough mana to keep him ported and still make a marit lage.

    Game 2, I get REALLY greedy and discard a dark depths to a mox diamond turn 1, and it get surgical'ed. He actually surgicals me 4 times this game, on wastelands, punishing fires, tolaria wests and depths. I end up taking the game long, having double engineered explosives in my opener, transmuting for academy ruins on turn 3 before getting surgical'ed. I play carefully, never letting multiple explosives be able to be surgicaled.

    For example: I had an EE @ 3 which I played on turn 4 as a pre-emptive to blood moon and TNN. He cast a TNN, I recurred my second explosives, and then cast that one on 3, then blew it up. If I had simply just blown up my copy in play, I could get surgicaled with both in the yard and probably lose.

    Anyways, the game goes on until he has probably 12 cards left in library, I have 4 ports going, keeping him off red and karakas, maze of ith x 2 is holding off a baneslayer and a batterskull. He fetches, fails to find and then says he has no way to win and scoops. My only other win this game was the single titania in the board or ghost quarter at that point.

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    1) Armageddon/ Ravages of War
    2) Balance
    3) Elspeth, Knight Errant
    4) Land Tax
    5) Stoneforge Mystic
    6) Gideon Jura
    7) Swords to Plowshares
    8) Path to Exile
    9) Wrath of God
    10) Catastrophe
    11) Council's Judgment
    12) Restoration Angel
    13) Brimaz, King of Oreskos
    14) Elspeth, Sun's Champion
    15) Reveillark
    16) Monastery Mentor
    17) Mother of Runes
    18) Oblivion Ring
    19) Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
    20) Sun Titan
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    Just a few more puca cards. Smile

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    I'm pretty sure I'm never going to pick up Dack Fayden. The want list has gone from 12 to 17 people and it has been over a week. Nobody seems to be willing to let the card go. On the other hand, Pucatrade was great for picking up more recent cube staples Tasigur and Soulfire Grand Master. Also was able to pick up an Opposition. So, not all bad I guess.

    Never say never. I mean, I've gotten a ton of foil stuff I didn't think people would send me.. but...:smileup:

    Now if someone would just send me a foil snapcaster or a judge feast and famine... those I've been waiting for a while.
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    Quote from Mtgincoming77 »
    So recently me and a few friends have been joking about opening a gaming store. We are beginning to get more and more serious about it now and our current plan is to include consoles (xbox one , ps4, Nintendo 64) along with MTG being the primary focus of the store. We have also talked about allowing people to bring in laptops and desktops and hosting LOL,wow arena, and HOS / Smite tournaments. Between the 4 of us we have a decent size magic collection and it's growing every day. Our current location we have a location in mind that is available. It is about a half a mile from a high school and middle school as well as a decent size mall. The store is also about
    A 1/4 mile from a main freeway exit.

    Let me know what you think!!!!!

    Do you have any previous experience with store ownership or is this just a "fun" idea?
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    I find it hard to believe that's art. XD
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    Quote from calibretto »
    That's some sweet pimp, but...

    Quote from Sparki »
    The isamaru was a commission, it was my dog that passed a couple years ago, now he lives on in cube.

    this is just awesome.

    Thanks. Smile He lived a good long life, passed away at 18! I want to do another alter of my current dog, maybe on Jackal Pup or something. Smile
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    I might cut Vorapede for a bit and try this guy out. Nice to see that he's been performing great.
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    Haven't posted in a little while... Pucatrade has been good to me. Everything except the left three cards are from puca.

    The isamaru was a commission, it was my dog that passed a couple years ago, now he lives on in cube.
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