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    Sorry to sound stupid, but if you open it, why can't you keep it? Isn't that the point of sealed, you keep your pool?

    At competitive REL sealed you open a pool, record what you opened and then pass it along to another player. Part of why they do that is to prevent people from cheating by bringing in whatever busted rare is in that set and then claim they opened it. Ideally, you can achieve that same result by having judges or tournament organizers open all the pools and then passing them out, but you're not going to have several dozen people open and record hundreds to thousands of pools.

    So if I understand this correctly, I could open a great pool (foil Goyfs aside) with just lots of strong commons and uncommons and maybe a cool rare or two of no major value but the deck has solid synergy and some nice sideboard cards, but would ultimately be stuck with some other person's pool that could be complete and utter garbage?
    The short answer is "yes", but the best way to think of it is that you are glimpsing someone else's pool as you register it and then receive your real pool.

    Someone will always get a pool that looks nuts. I can tell you from experience that it only hurts to think of the pool you register as your own.
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    Sorry to sound stupid, but if you open it, why can't you keep it? Isn't that the point of sealed, you keep your pool?

    At any point you can drop with the cards in front of you.

    The reason this is a matter of discussion is that at GPs, there is a window when you have cards in front of you that are not destined to stay with you (because you register a pool that will be given to someone else so as to reduce the opportunity for cheating). At a prerelease or other Regular REL event, you're not going to be put in the position to weigh keeping a money rare or continue playing in the event. Modern Masters sealed specifically makes this a larger issue than most sets, but I've seen people drop with pools like Elspeth, Brimaz, Foil Brimaz back in Born of the Gods limited.
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    I think FNM and similarly conducted tournaments do a fairly good job at welcoming newbies around here.

    We had three brand-new players come to one of the drafts last week and played their first ever rounds of paper magic (they had been introduced by the DotP games). From what I saw, they each had a very good first experience and were looking forward to attending more in the future.

    FNM and organized tournaments in general give people a place where they don't need to worry about group coordination and where they can play competitive games. Not "competitive" in the sense that every match is against a super or even a good player, but "competitive" in the sense that they are competing for something. That gives a nice drive behind the matches, even if the atmosphere is very relaxed (like it is at my LGS).

    As for being priced out of contention? All I can say is that you should either get used to playing budget red decks or you should embrace draft. The last option is going full rogue (akin to the FNM Hero run by Adam Prosak), but it's worth noting that that is a path that becomes significantly more viable with skill level.

    What you need to understand is that it is very much a competition. If you walk in expecting to take it down with a given Type2-legal casual deck, chances are that you're looking at a record between 0-4 and 2-2. Is that bad in and of itself though? If my local intermural team went up against Real Madrid and had a shot at taking even one game in 10, that would be utterly amazing. To be introduced to the competition side of the game with a chance at picking up some wins does seem like a beginner-friendly approach. And if someone enters drafts, they will early on lose most or all of their matches, but there they know that it's wholly on skill level and it's a challenge to overcome. It's about the perspective that you take with you into the game. To be "beginner friendly" is not saying that it is a class of event that beginners should expect to take down on their first try, but it should be something that welcomes them into a new way of playing Magic.
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    I'm trying to understand, but the implied acceptance of 8th edition or M12 cards just has me confused.

    Reprints have been part of the game since long before you or I started playing.

    What do you mean the implied acceptance?

    It's okay to reprint some cards in new expansions, but they are within a context of a new set whose majority is made up of brand new cards. Modern Masters is not an MTG expansion. It is a collection of reprints for the sake of reprints.

    You realize that not only 8th Edition, but every core set from Unlimited to 10th Edition, was all reprints, right?

    In fact, the only pre-M10 core set that would even appear to come close to not being "reprints for the sake of reprints" (as you term it) would have been 7th Edition (which amusingly dodges the scope of Modern Masters, but we'll stay on point here), since at least that one had all new art.

    I can sympathize with you in that I'd rather have the original on almost any card I play (with allowance for the occasional promo or amazing art bucking that trend), but the only thing that is different from a normal set here is that MM2015 doesn't cycle through standard (and even that is less than an indicator than some would think, as evidenced by Portal, Portal 2, Portal: Three Kingdoms, and Conspiracy -- For the sake of argument, I'm ignoring box sets such as commander, but for Legacy players such as myself, those are relevant as well).

    MTG needs reprints, and we are free to preferentially seek out originals as we see fit. Shrugs
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    The bigger issue is the square corners. As someone who has played some Alpha copies of cards recently, differences in corners become apparent very quickly and this is very bad for competitive magic. It both forces multiple resleeving within a tournament and it opens a new, easy, and difficult-to-prove venue for cheating.
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    I was wincing as the Imperial Painter player nearly threw away that game with the Welder + Ensnaring Bridge. There were a lot of small mis-sequenced plays in that game that nearly added up to a loss.

    The Lands player in R9 made some very strange plays as well. It kept looking like he would start to play around one thing and then would just walk right into it on the subsequent turn. It felt rough to me, but I could see there being reasons for the plays I wasn't on board for. The full landless lock in G3 was beautiful -- I wonder though if he needed to present the Taiga in that game. It gave Boswell the potential out of tempoing the game with Submerge on Marit Lage when he topdecked that final land (this of course would have required Boswell to have it, and I suspect that he didn't board it in).

    In related news: Lands stands alone at 9-0 at the end of Day 1. toot
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    Varchild's War-Riders is one of the most amazing executions of flavour on a card. It unfortunately is not remotely playable.

    Hurr Jackal is among my favourite pieces of art used on any card, but the card itself is unplayable.
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    I'm glad that I've got the byes and sleep-in special for this not to be an issue (since I don't need to register a pool and a judge can't drop while registering a money pool), but even if I were in the event from round one, I wouldn't drop.

    Limited GPs are among the most fun MTG to be had. The competition and associated pressure are something that I wouldn't give up for a meager cash payout (to make it even easier, my EV is above the cost of a goyf anyway Shrugs )

    That's all before we even consider that GPs are the simplest and easiest way to land another spot on the tour.
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    My area in California tends to support recycling very well, so I'll definitely be taking advantage of the recyclable nature of these packs. That being said, I also expect to hold onto some of them due to their convenience as storage and mailing tools (akin to how top-loaders are used right now when mailing cards).
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    Hey all. This is my first post here, so let's get the intro stuff out of the way. My house (and usual summer location) is in El Cerrito, but my primary location is Stanford. I play Limited, Casual, Cube, and occasionally Commander.

    I'm really looking forward to the MM2 release, and I want to get some physical drafting in with my friends, but I'm unfortunately busy on the 22-24th and of course CFB doesn't work for the 29-31th. If anyone knows of some other shops around here which will be running MM2 events that would be great (closer to Stanfod would be great, but I'm interested in considering anything Caltrain+BART reachable).
    Galaxy Games is within ~0.5 miles of the Dublin BART station. I don't recall if they are running any MM2 events outside of this weekend, but if they are, they probably fit well into your requirements.
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