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    just out of curiosity, how often do they ban/unban cards in legacy for the sole purpose of just shaking it up?

    In short: Never.
    To echo/expand: Hagalaz is absolutely correct here. WotC hasn't gone for the cheap thrills here that they have done for the modern banlist. Cards come off the ban list when they ascertain that they are no longer a threat to the format, they go on when the meta is in a bad place. They don't ban cards just to make things "fresh" for a tournament like they have explicitly admitted to doing for modern.

    WotC has also (imo) shown an admirable amount of restraint in their Legacy format management. They have taken a very long term view of things and are okay with letting the format sort out most issues on its own.
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    @OP: I think, as others have pointed out, I believe you're misframing libertarianism. Admittedly, there's also a major question of defining terms. Libertarianism as a political philosophy is different from Libertarians as in the political party. I recommend you step back from trying to frame particular opinions on social welfare and the like and instead bring it back down to the fundamental concepts. The best manifestation of this that I've seen was this article that I highly recommend you read.

    It's entirely possible to ask these questions of libertarian philosophy (as presented in the linked article) and come to different conclusions than yours, and in fact I do, but the key part is understanding where your position is arising from.

    As a point of interest, I would pose this to you: if you fear the government exerting expanding power and control, how do you differentiate this from corporations exerting expanding power and control?
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    I currently own legacy Death & Taxes, but I own few staples outside of that deck. I am finally ready to begin investing in another deck, but I can't decide what I'd like best.

    I enjoy playing control/tempo decks that aren't blue. I've considered 4c Loam and Maverick, but I'm quite open to other options.

    Ideally the deck would be something strong against Jund and/or Elves, which are prominent decks in my meta and horrendous match-ups for D&T.

    Thanks for your input!
    I think 4C Loam is a bit better than Maverick, but I don't have enough familiarity with it to know its match-ups against the mentioned decks.
    I would mention Lands, especially RUG Lands as an option that will typically crush those two.

    I also have a running plug for people to try Aluren as a control-ish midrange-ish combo-ish thing. Wink
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    Return to Ravnica was the best single set draft in recent years.

    If you're willing to splurge, I recommend Modern Masters 1 or Tempest as fun formats.

    Do not do Coldsnap. That format was so bad that they had to do bait-and-switches for Top8 in limited events "Oh, you played Ravnica sealed for your PTQ swiss portion? WELCOME TO THE COLDSNAP DRAFT TOP EIGHT"
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    Wait?! No Legacy in Europe? Hasn't Europe got one of the most popular Legacy (in paper) community ? Why Wizard? Why ? kkkk lol

    Legacy is also very big in Japan.

    I don't get why we can't get more Legacy. They routinely fill to capacity and make people happy.
    Yeah, I remember every Japanese Legacy GP has sold out absurdly early. You guys and Europe both got screwed.
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    I've retired the old thread. For anyone looking for the history of this deck, the thread can be found here.

    Eretoryi, would you consider adding this link to the OP?
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    New version has been posted here. Accordingly, this thread is retired.
    - Hurr Jackal
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    I love people that say sealed is mostly luck. Sure, it has more variance than draft, but it's still a very skill-intensive format. Why do you think the people who talk about how important practicing sealed is and who practice a lot consistently do better at it than others?
    Yeah. Honestly, I always found sealed to be a far more challenging format.

    Back when I was traveling for GPs, I used to love the sealed section because you knew walking in that there would hardly be any people in the room who actually knew what they were doing. It's a format that gives you no room to hide your weaknesses as a player. For everyone above: if you're still trying to sell sealed as luck and bombs, I think you should really start playing the format. You'll get beaten down in large event after large event and it won't be coincidence of "bad pools".

    Now, regarding the OP's question: I think the driving reason is money. If you're trying to get someone who has never played limited, it's a lot easier to sell them on a ~14USD buy-in than a 20-30USD buy-in. I also know that for smaller shops, the financial outlay on sealed is rough (it goes through massive amounts of product, so the store needs to "bet" larger on their predicted player numbers. If they're wrong, it's either dissatisfying for customers or brutal for the store).
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    I am not Canadian and am unlikely to travel to another country for a GP. I'm unlikely to travel downtown for a GP. So I won't be there.

    I had some blood drawn a few days ago and I've got a pretty colorful bruise there now. This isn't related to GPs, I just thought you all should know.
    I'll need to drag you down south next time I find an excuse to go to a GP in Mexico City.
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