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  • posted a message on [Mini Game –] Porcelain Waltz - Signups
    A TMCT special? I wish I had the time to play. Frown

    definitely put me down as /spectate though. Smile
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Patron of the Moon
    Quote from TheDrB
    I love Patron in my mono-blue, and that's just as one of the 99. I'd be instantly on the defensive if I saw a deck with it as the General. Smile


    Land Equilibrium - not sure how much synergy this has with the rest of your deck, but it seems brutal after a Sunder
    Recurring Insight - this has easily been my most efficient draw spell, netting me 10-12 cards for 6 mana
    Leyline of Anticipation - flash is good
    Jushi Apprentice - shouldn't be hard to trigger in this, and then you have mass draw on a stick
    Descendant of Soramaro - almost an auto-include for me in any blue deck, particularly one as draw heavy as this
    Proteus Staff - even closer to a blue auto-include, even without a ton of token generation - the general rattle-snakiness alone is super relevant, and upgrading an early creature is always good

    Land Equilibrium to me feels a little win-more. Patron Stax builds aside, when you would want this, you need to already have stuck Patron AND a profitable bounce engine to keep your manabase fluid. If that's the case, you're either late in the game where they have lands already, or you're already winning anyway (because seriously, when are you ever losing if Patron successfully sticks?).

    Recurring Insight is a totally defensible inclusion. If your meta has enough players with draw fetishes, I think it's a great choice. In mine however, I cannot rely enough on players keeping hand sizes up (due to decks that play out their hands as well as decks that like to decimate yours).

    Leyline of Anticipation is also pretty sweet. I've not been able to find a slot for it, but I can totally respect the power there.

    Jushi Apprentice is just too fragile. If you're playing a creature in this deck, the upside needs to be huge, and most of the time, you want it to be able to kick in without needing to lose summoning sickness. The Jayemdae Tome+ creature just doesn't do enough.

    Descendant of Soramaro feels awkward for me. The effect is incredibly powerful under the right circumstances, but I think in general, I'd just rather pack more large draw than run him. Why pay mana to filter your draws with a 4-drop when you can just draw cards outright?

    Proteus Staff is amazing. If your meta has enough pesky generals to demand being tucked, I can totally support running this thing. As it is, I don't feel its need in my meta though.
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  • posted a message on [WIP] Building a Better Tomorrow, Today
    Long term plans is not card draw! it's a card disadvantage tutor!

    Also, you will be able to choose which replacement effect hits your draws.

    Lastly: you're playing a 6 CMC general. That means that you pretty much are forced to run every 2CMC rock under the sun to be explosive enough to slam down tomorrow in a reasonable time.

    Also: tomorrow's power is heavily concentrated in mass draw effects. I recommend running as much heavy-hitting draw power as you can. the overload of artifact mana will also help you better abuse the card advantage.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Patron of the Moon
    I've actually had a bit of a decline in EDH. The increased amount of testing and traveling I've been doing for competitive play has dropped the amount of time I've had for casual play.

    That said, it's not been a total dry spell. I'm actually going back and re-evaluating a moonfolk that I don't feel I gave a proper chance the first time around.

    Soratami Mirror-Mage popped back on my radar when poking around for options for someone building their own Patron deck on the fly. It's got the downside that 3 mana and 3 lands is pretty steep as a cost, but if you stick Patron, it may be able to function as a second [worse] Flooded Shoreline, and that effect is very powerful, especially when it can be used to protect itself (and when you can dump colourless mana into its activation).

    Past that, there's not much new to the deck. BNG was a tremendously lackluster set for tuned blue EDH lists, with only Vortex Elemental likely to even make a blip on people's radars (and those people are likely not us). I suppose Astral Cornucopia is an upgrade to Darksteel Ingot, but as I've said before, 3CMC rocks that produce only one mana are pretty damn awkward, so upgrading a card without addressing the actual problem is really not much of an endorsement.

    Lastly, I'm doing an audit of my list to see how much it would take to shift to a more hateful build with Back to Basics, Quicksilver Fountain, and Torpor Orb. I don't necessarily think it will be better, because each of those cards (except Fountain) brings with it an opportunity cost, but I'm intrigued enough to fool around to see what it would look like.
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  • posted a message on GP Montreal Attendee Thread
    Ended up with an embarrassing loss in the quarters to Fabiano. Fortunately he was very friendly and understanding of my ****-up with the land drops.
    Still pretty satisfied — I managed to survive playing 11 rounds on the bubble after back-to-back losses following my byes Sweat
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  • posted a message on GP Montreal Attendee Thread
    I tend to lurk this sub more than post, but what the hell.

    I'll be there. Kinda need to avenge my deplorable showing at Mexico City. Wink

    But yeah, I'm always down to meet other MTGSers at events like this.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game – ] Social Engineering Mafia II - Game Over
    Moved to the public forum. Smile
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  • posted a message on [[Activity]] BNG-THS-THS Teams
    Ok, I think I got it fixed. There's a lot of awkward overlapping of permissions from when these things were last made public. We **should** be set now though.

    @fnord: I understand the difference between a vanity title and a CT. But I'm tinkering to see if I can find the controller on the back end that's blocking you from changing yours -- I'd appreciate patience through the trial and error.
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  • posted a message on Does anyone still play the original masticore?
    I run it in Jeska, Warrior Adept and Yeva, Nature's Herald.

    Jeska has a bunch of ways of giving the general deathtouch, and so those naturally work with masticore.
    Yeva is mono green control and is direly in need of good ways of removing critters. Masticore fits the bill nicely.
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  • posted a message on [[Activity]] BNG-THS-THS Teams
    Quote from fnord
    Quote from ExpiredRascals
    Could y'all confirm that you can only see your intended sub? I think I'll need to do one more thing to get it all set up, but if things are fine now, I'll accept it. Wink


    Also, it appears we all get a non-disableable "vanity title":

    Your vanity title (Limited 8-Way Draft - Team D) will always be shown regardless of which forum title is chosen.

    Could you try changing it now?
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