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  • posted a message on [Official] Altered Art Thread (56k Beware)
    Some new alters and such I've come across recently. Enjoy and discuss.

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  • posted a message on Request: Help With A Logo
    Here's a small snapshot of it;

    Link -> [real size @ 300 dpi. Fits within A4 paper.]

    Forever in debt to FKiH. Please let me know if there's ever anything I can do for you in return. I appreciate this greatly and you have made me a very happy person! Grin
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    Quote from adro1984
    Sick Mana Crypt

    You sir are tearing it up these days. Excellent work!

    How would you feel about adding the other moxen to the background? Chrome and Diamond and Mox Lotus?
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  • posted a message on Magic: 15th Anniversary Deck Box & Sleeves - Black Lotus!
    When will other companies realize that the ION deck boxes are THE industry standard for deck boxes. The sleeves aren't all that exciting. Why not make the sleeves solid black with a glowing small lotus in the center, with the Magic logo above it and below it the 15th Anniversary logo?

    IMHO, that would look much better.

    And the price? No thank you. I don't care if if I'm purchasing a "chance" at a piece of power. At that price, a plastic deck box with poorly artistically designed sleeves isn't worth it.

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  • posted a message on Request: Help With A Logo
    You need it as a vector PBG? Or just really really big? What's it going to be used for?

    No it doesn't have to be vector at all. It's going to be used to create a window cling decal for a car. No bigger than a regular piece of printer paper really, is what it will be used as.:)
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  • posted a message on Request: Help With A Logo
    I decided to try and add this closer picture for anyone that may be attempting this. If there is anyone out there reading this thread, please let me know. Thanks.:(

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  • posted a message on Request: Help With A Logo
    Quote from spiderboy4
    that looks really familiar. Any chance you know the name of the church.


    First Freewill Baptist Church:)
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  • posted a message on Request: Help With A Logo
    Hello to anyone viewing this lol. I have a request.

    I have a picture of a logo from a church, that I would like to have turned into a giant decal. Unfortunately, I'm not very skilled at making logos and such.

    This is the picture...

    The cross with the design behind it, is what I'm looking for.

    If there is anyone available who could create an image of that for me, I and others, would be GREATLY appreciative.

    Thanks everyone.
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    Quote from adro1984
    Ridiculously amazing Welders.

    THOSE are some amazingly beautiful Welders. Excellent job adro. The Trisk is my favorite of the four. I like how well you maintained that rusty bronze-like metal finish on him. Great work!

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  • posted a message on [Official] Altered Art Thread (56k Beware)
    I try to keep an eye out for original works or alters that in some way or fashion bring something new to the table.

    If I don't comment on a particular alter, it isn't that I don't enjoy it or respect it. It's more due to the fact that I see several alters all the time and I have either seen something like that or similar to that. Still, no matter how many times the art on a spell is altered/extended, there comes a time when an alteration is so well done, that it almost appears as though the card was PRINTED that way.

    THOSE alters are some of the ones I enjoy most.

    In my opinion, I think there are a few factors that make or break an alter.

    Tight Borders
    - Often times, I see alters where the paint is flowing over the borders in parts. A good alter will have borders that are 99% flawless. Difficult to achieve? Definitely. But that's what separates average and good alters from magnificent alters.

    Color Matching
    - I can only begin to wonder the difficulty of mixing and producing colors that match the original work. Sometimes a particular alter will be so off on colors that you can see the frame of the art and where the alterer overlapped to extend the art. The best alters, again in my opinion, are those that have the colors matched so well that it appears as though the card was printed that way.

    - Everyone wants to take a crack at certain cards. The more popular cards are usually chosen to be altered first, because they are most desired and see the most play. However, if everyone is altering card X and everyone is altering card X in about the same fashion, then the allure and distinct uniqueness of that card is taken away. Especially if someone else has done that particular card better. As I've stated before in this thread and I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but when you find ways to "raise the bar" on originality "push the envelope" of things, you create alters that people will remember and desire more than others.

    - Somewhat similar to originality. Let's say you wanted to do an alter of Oona. You could just extend the art and work with the different shades of the background behind her. However, you could ALSO work in some of your own ideas. She's the queen of the fae, right? How interesting would it be to include the faeries from other popular cards on her card? Thoughtseize, Pestermite, Scion of Oona, and such are just some examples. At the same time, you don't want get too complex. And that's exactly it.

    You have to find that line where complexity is good and too much and try to get as close to the edge of that line as you can without going over.

    I also think another important step in sharing alters here is to openly state what you're looking for when you post an alter.

    Do you want criticism and critiques? If so, on what parts?

    I think a good idea for everyone who posts an alter here is to include a list with their post of what brand paints they used, how much time the alter took, and maybe what other tools were involved. It sounds like a lot for just a post, but I think it would go a long way in helping the community of those interested in doing altered art. learn what it takes.

    I'm sure the difficult part of this is that each person works in different paints, markers, pens, and such.

    I know this was a "book" of a post without an alter to show in it, but I wanted to chime in here and see if that might help some.:)

    Keep the alters coming everyone!
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