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  • posted a message on [Primer] Lantern Control
    Quote from thnkr »
    So I found a few cell-linking errors on my spreadsheet while talking with people on reddit, and after fixing it I found some pretty crazy statistics. Turns out, Mox Opal is not performing very well at all. And it's not just sample size. This is from a sample of 418 games with one Opal in the opener. It gets even worse with two Opals in the opener, though the sample size is down to 58 games for this happening. Either way, there is a function in place to account for sample size, and even with that, Opal is performing...not well at all. I think I'm going to start testing with 3 Opals for a bit, and put another land in that spot. The numbers for lands in the opener, both counting and not counting Opal, are virtually the same. Counting "explosive hands", where Opal is turned online immediately, doesn't score very well either.

    So, I am not good with spreadsheets. What exactly am I looking at? lol
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 15/01/18)
    Quote from Spsiegel1987 »
    I still think Storm unhealthy deck thinking about it more

    I know, I know, it's not dominating modern.

    I think if we see two Storm decks in the top 8 it has a chance seeing a ban.

    How is Storm an unhealthy deck? I'd agree with your point if we still had Seething Song, Rite of Flame, Ponder, and Preordain in the format, but as Storm sits right now...well it's not unhealthy.

    Remember Modern is the format of the unfair. If you are trying to play "fair" Magic, you are in most ways putting yourself at a disadvantage. Storm as a deck has plenty of ways it can be countered, and sure Baral and Gifts help increase it's consistency, but you need to also be a good pilot to not fizzle. I don't think there are inherently any problems with how Storm as a deck is. I mean if *REDACTED* was still legal, would we be talking about how it was unhealthy for the format? I mean hell a lot of people want *REDACTED* back in the format. And yes I know there is a big difference between winning with a combo that involves creatures, and a combo that involves spells. However the one that involves spells also needs you to have a lot of correct pieces in the right place, and to usually win before turn 4 needs a creature you can interact with.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 15/01/18)
    I think people are shooting at the net but missing entirely when talking about cards from Standard impacting Modern.

    idSurge made a really good list of cards that have bled from Standard into Modern. Now for a lot of these cards, they did absolutely nothing in Standard. Think Vizier of Remedies, Baral, Chief of Compliance, and Nahiri, the Harbinger. Very rarely do we get a fair but powerful card like Fatal Push move from Standard to Modern. 9 times out of 10 what we gets are cards that interact extremely well, in extremely unfair ways, with cards printed in older sets that don't impact Modern at all.

    Think back to Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time. Standard ended up being the only format these cards didn't get banned/restricted in. Now why is that? Obviously it's because Standard has a smaller card pool, which means there are less things to take advantage of the mechanics. There was no Thought Scour in Khans block so there we no super cheap way to aggressively power out your Ancestral Recall. But those cards do exist in Modern.

    When a card does bleed into Modern it is usually because it has a stupid interaction with something in the format. Devoted Druid + Vizier of Remedies, Nahiri, the Harbinger + Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, Cathartic Reunion + Prized Amalgam + the Dredge package. We don't get these cards bleeding into Modern because they were made for Modern. We get them into Modern because R&D designed them and didn't catch some stupidly good interaction that makes them powerful. Hell this is why we had Eldrazi Winter for crying out loud.

    People who want WotC to focus on making more cards like Fatal Push miss that cards like Push are happy accidents. They are powerful cards made to be powerful in Standard, but just so happen to have been made in a way that make them good in Modern. Most cards that we get for Modern weren't intentionally made for Modern. They are cards that were made for Standard, that have some Modern interaction WotC either didn't see, or doesn't care about, and thus we have something new.

    So if you are talking about how WotC should focus more on printing more cards for Modern, you are completely missing how cards enter the Modern card pool in the first place.

    I really hope all that made sense. I feel I ended up rambling a bit at the end and I am quite tired.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Mono Black Control
    So now that Oubliette is fixed and will no longer crash MTGO, how does that bode for MBC?
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  • posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold
    Quote from Quartz »
    I'm considering one copy of Drift of Phantasms (maybe another one in the sideboard?) as another way to get to As Foretold, but also to potentially fetch a copy of Crucible of Worlds post sideboard, since the Ghost Quarter/Field of Ruin - Crucible of Worlds combo is just game winning sometimes.
    Has anybody given that a try?

    Also, I'm liking the idea of 1 Tormod's Crypt more and more, Bojuka's inability to trigger at instant speed has been a problem a couple of times.
    Faerie Macabre has been great, not as much for clearing creatures or Snap targets in their yard as planned but for saving my Living End or Visions from Surgical Extraction, haha.

    I'm surprised every day by the number of lines available in the deck, I keep coming up with potential plays and discovering punts in my play (or at least sub optimal plays).

    Drift of Phantasms is great. Even if you already have an As Foretold, you can use it to grab Supreme Will or Disallow if you're running them. And the Crucible from the sideboard is also not a bad option either.

    I definitely like Tormod's Crypt as graveyard hate for this deck. It costing 0 lets you tutor it up with a Tolaria West, and having it just sit there until your opponent makes you use it can cause your opponent to make mistakes.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (Rules Update 27/10/17)
    Quote from ktkenshinx »
    Sweet T8 and final. I'm not 100% sure because I don't currently have access to my SCG spreadsheet, but I think Nikolich has played Jeskai at every single Modern Open this year (or close to it). Great to see that mastery pay off with such a strong finish and tight performance.

    Well....of course he's played it at every Modern Open this year. This was the first Modern Open of 2018 :p
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (Rules Update 27/10/17)
    As I recall, we did have a high profile final (think it was a Pro Tour?) featuring a control mirror (Shota on Blue-Red I think) that used Gearhulk. While it was really interesting/awesome to watch, I can only assume WotC was less than pleased with the fact it happened. They put LSV to explain almost literally every single play and minutiae to try and keep the audience up to speed. One of the games ended because somebody ran out of threats and conceded while holding a seemingly advantageous field, which is the kind of thing not-as-hardcore viewers probably can't parse and not the kind of gameplay Wizards envisions as good.

    With this said, I don't think the deck took off after said incident...

    This is less of a problem of Control match ups "not being fun to watch" and Wizards not having a coverage team adequate enough to make the match entertaining.

    I mean hell if you go on Twitch right now SCG is pulling like 500-1000 more viewers than the official MTG Stream of the GP this weekend, while SCG is on an hour long break.

    And yes, with concerns to Magic coverage, Cedric and Sullivan are the gold standard for what you want from commentators. But that Wizards doesn't seem to be putting an effort in to getting that says a lot.

    I mean ***** did you guys see that puppet thing this morning? That was so stupid.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Lantern Control
    So yesterday I played at an SCG IQ, it wasn't too large an event with only 28 players, but we did 5 Rounds before a cut to Top 8. I made Top 4 Smile

    Here is the list I ran:

    So let's go over my Rounds, and what I can remember from them.

    Round 1 - VS Burn

    So the tournament started off a little rough. I got to the tournament venue 10 minutes before the tournament started, but due to bad communication between myself, the judge running the event, and the store holding the event, pairings had already been posted for round 1 as I was finished getting registered. As such I got paired against the player who received the bye for Round 1. Imagine that. You get told you are going to have a free win, only to instead have to play against Lantern Control.

    Anyway, game 1 gets under way and I get myself quickly situated with a Lantern and a Shredder. I end up drawing my Witchbane Orb, and by the end of his second turn I've realized he's on a burn only hand since he hasn't played a single creature. As such I don't mill the 2nd Mox Opal I have on top so that I can slam my WItchbane Orb into play on turn 3. He immediately concedes after reading Witchbane Orb.

    Game 2 goes about just as well for him unfortunately. Lands a Goblin Guide on turn 1 and hits me with it twice. On my second turn I play an artifact to turn on my Opal, which I then follow with a Collective Brutality for all three modes. Boy was he angry. The board gets to a point where I am at 4 life, neither of us have any cards in hand, I have an Inventors' Fair, and he has a Monastery Swiftspear. Unfortunately for me I don't have enough mana to crack the Fair to look for a Bridge, so I am doing my best to keep him off anything while also finding any moment I can to get myself into a Whir or a Bridge. Eventually I find the remaining lock pieces I need, and he has me mill him out, though 10 minutes were left on the clock so there was no real pressure for me on my end.

    Current Record: 1-0

    Round 2 VS Jeskai Geist

    This was a fun round. Mainly because my opponent seemed actually happy to be playing against Lantern Control. I don't remember the specifics of what happened during the games however.

    Current Record: 2-0

    Round 3 VS UW Walkers

    Another way you could think of this deck is "OOPS! All Gideons!" that also runs Jace, Architect of Thought. Game 1 I kept a hand with 2 discard spells, 2 Ancient Stirrings, a Lantern, and 2 land. Didn't find a single Bridge or Mill Rock, drew 10 more mana sources, and ended up just dying to Gideons and Celestial Colonnade.

    Game 2, I start off with a Lantern and Codex Shredder, and then my opponent windmill slams Runed Halo on the board naming my poor Shredder. The turn after I am staring at my hand with a Whir and Pyxis in hand. I have the mana to cast Whir if I need to, but I decided to play the Pyxis. This was a mistake. On my opponent's next turn they play Gideon of the Trials and emblem. I should have held up the Whir so that in response to Gideon I could get a Pithing Needle. But nope, I messed that one up. SO now my Abrupt Decays are taxed with needing to deal with Halo And a Gideon. And then he plays Rest in Peace. And then a Stony Silence. And then I am suddenly wishing I had kept my Engineered Explosives in against his deck. I ended up hitting both of my Decays, but there were too many targets for me to have to deal with. I ended up losing the match to Detention Sphere letting his Gideon attack for lethal.

    Current Record: 2-1

    Round 4 VS Affinity1

    So this round had a lot of interesting lines of play that I am proud of. My opponent starts off Game 1 with an Ornithopter and Signal Pest, which are literally the worst creatures for me to see his start with. He drops a second Pest on turn 2 and I suddenly start to see the writing on the wall. On my third turn I have a Whir in hand with enough artifacts and mana to grab a Bridge. I decide to wait for his turn in case he plays something like Master of Etherium so I can catch him off guard. Instead, he plays a Cranial Plating and equips it to one of the Pests tapping himself out. Sweet. Beginning of Combat I Whir for my Bridge and only have to take 1 damage. On my next turn I untap and play the Pithing Needle I had in hand naming Plating so he can't move it around, and locking that Pest from ever attacking again. Over the next few turns I further establish my lock, get my other Needle which names Arcbound Ravager, and mill his 2 remaining Signal Pests. As soon as I find my Pyrite Spellbomb and kill the Pest in play that can attack he concedes the game.

    Game 2 was over quick. Turn 2 he has a Memnite with Plating on it hitting me for 6. I couldn't find a Bridge fast enough and he had a Welding Jar to protect himself from my Abrupt Decay. To game 3 we go!

    Game 3 he started off with some Nexuses and a Ravager. When I finally got a discard spell I had to choose between Cranial Plating and Ghirapur Aether Grid. I took the Plating since it kills me a lot faster. Later on I have a lock established, but my opponent is still pinging me for 3 every turn because of that Aether Grid I didn't have him discard. On my turn I draw a Mishra's Bauble, and because of my Lantern I see I have a Whir on top. So I play the Bauble and immediately crack it. On my opponent's upkeep I draw Whir and cast it for 1. I then look at my opponent and ask, "Does Whir resolve?" He says that yes, my Whir resolves. So I grab a Pithing Needle and name Aether Grid. One Judge call later my opponent is picking up his cards after uttering, "F&$% this *****."

    Current Record: 3-1

    Round 5 - I.D.

    Going into Round 5, I had the best breakers of everybody at 3-1. As such, both myself and my opponent (who was just under me) were able to I.D into TOp 8 while everyone else in the 3-1 bracket had to play for them to get in. However for those that did play to get into Top 8, those that won would have the first 2 seats

    Top 8 VS Burn

    I was nervous going into Top 8. I had no idea what my opponent was playing, and the last time I played this specific player, he was playing Eldrazi Tron with the best luck I have ever had the misfortune of playing against. Turns out this time he was on Burn. He plays a Lava Spike on Turn 1, and I follow up on my Turn 1 with a Lantern. More burn spells on top. Oh boy. His turn 2 he plays another Lava Spike and passes. "He has no second land." I think to myself. On my 2nd turn I play an Inquisition which shows me a hand full of 2 CMC burn spells and a Lightning Bolt. I take the Bolt, play a Codex Shredder, and then proceed to keep him off of land and anything that costs 1 mana. Not going to lie, I didn't let me opponent draw a second land he could use (I ended up Needling 2 of 3 fetchlands he had) until I had Witchbane Orb set up. It was the best feeling ever.

    Game 2 I get a stranglehold on my opponent pretty quickly, but I don't have a Bridge. I'm essentially surviving off of having millrocks with a lantern, and some early discard spells. He has 2 Grim Lavamancers and Swiftspear that are doing a number on my life total. And here is my favourite moment of the day. It is my turn. My opponent has Exquisite Firecraft on top of his library. I will be drawing a Whir of Invention of my next turn. I am at 11 life with a Bridge in play. At the end of my turn my opponent uses his one untapped Lavamancer to put me down to 9. I do the math in my head, concluding he can only put me to 1, and I'd rather him have a sorcery speed burn spell as opposed to an instant speed one since I want to try to catch some type of Burn with my Whir next turn grabbing Witchbane Orb. He draws, firecrafts me down to 5, then uses one of his lavamancers. I'm at 3. So I mill a couple burn cards off the top of his deck and untap and draw my Whir of Invention. And then it hits me. I need to use a Spire of Industry for blue mana to cast the Whir. Meaning my opponent can just respond and kill me with Lavamancer. The only way for me to pull this off is for me to pass the turn, and hope that my opponent tries to use Lavamancer at the end of my turn. Thus I'll be free to Whir for my Witchbane and keep myself alive. So I pull off my best poker face ever and proceed to pass the turn. My opponent takes the bait and activates Lavamancer. BAM! Whir for Witchbane! After shuffling the top card of my library is my Inventors' Fair and I know that I have this game in the bag. My opponent ends up conceding a few turns later. I am so glad I was not only able to find the small way to victory I had through the immense mistake I made, but that I was also lucky enough to have it work out for me.

    Top 4 VS UB Control

    You know what is really annoying? When your opponent immediately realizes his Snapcasters are better suited to start attacking you as soon as possible, and your opponent has a grip full of counter spells. It's really hard to win games through multiple Cryptic Commands when you can't draw any discard Frown

    Overall I had a great time at the tournament and am glad that I've finally been able to put up some good results with Lantern. This has really invigorated me with concerns to playing competitively. Don't know if any of you watch them, but I'll be trying to upload a lot more Lantern Control content on my YouTube channel in the future Smile
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  • posted a message on [RIX] Rivals of Ixalan: Modern discussion
    Quote from Raalic »
    Blood Moon works differently, though. Shocklands ETB untapped and with no life loss under Blood Moon because they are just basic Mountains. My best guess at Blood Sun is that bouncelands would still ETB tapped but not bounce anything like rcwraspy said.

    Blood Moon interacts on layer 4. Blood Sun interacts on layer 6.

    In both instances, both cards will make any 'enters the battlefield' abilities on lands have no effect. So with a Blood Sun in play the Karoo lands literally just ETB and can tap for 2 mana. They will not be tapped, and they will not require you to bounce a land.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (Rules Update 27/10/17)
    Mastermind's Acquisition 2BB
    Choose One:
    • Search your library for a card, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library
    • Choose a card you own from outside the game and put it into your hand

    This card is definitely interesting. Not sure if it is Modern playable, but I am not going to immediately shoot down a card that can be either a Tutor or a Wish at first glance. Even if it does cost 4 mana.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Lantern Control
    So I am not normally the guy who goes gaga over spoilers. But one just showed up that looked extremely interesting to me:

    Mastermind's Acquisition 2BB
    Choose One:
    • Search your library for a card, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library
    • Choose a card you own from outside the game and put it into your hand

    My first thought with this, is that for those people still running BG Lantern, this gives you a way to essentially have silver bullet answers in the main, the same way the Whir build does with say Cage, and Witchbane. If you need something specific in your deck, then you can Diabolic Tutor for it. However if there is a card in your sideboard that you desperately need, you can Death Wish for it without the life loss. Not that seems great to me.

    For those of us on the Whir build, it'll probably be less useful. However I'm willing to try it out as a 1-of. Being able to maybe grab one of the Tezzerets out of my board in game 1 can be a quick way to lock up an otherwise stalled out game.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (Rules Update 27/10/17)
    So we have our answer in, "What would we get if Wizards was to try and reprint Blood Moon?"

    Blood Sun 2R
    When Blood Sun enters the battlefield, draw a card.
    All lands lose all abilities except mana abilities.

    So this doesn't shut down the Tron lands, but it turns off a lot of stuff in Modern. Obviously Blood Moon is a lot better, but there are some decks like Tron that want a way to turn off specific lands (like Valakut) without hurting their own mana.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Lantern Control
    I will be attending an SCG Modern Invitational Qualifier tournament this Saturday. I will hopefully be able to make a good tournament report when I return. I am planning on using Mindshriekers in the sideboard (considering 2) and will at least be testing them in a small Modern FNM on Friday.

    Currently this is the list I plan on using:

    With any luck, the 2 Decays with the Shreikers should be enough ways to get around or deal with Stony Silence.
    I only have the 1 Search because my god they are impossible to find where I live O_O

    Any thoughts, questions, or criticisms are welcome.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (Rules Update 27/10/17)
    Quote from spawnofhastur »
    I once asked a Lantern player, half jokingly, "Look, I understand that you hate yourself, and I'm fine with that, but why do you have to bring me into it?"

    At FNM, I'll probably scoop against Lantern. At a tournament? Playing that out, since it only takes a single screw up for me to be able to just kill them.

    Like sure, I understand that. I understand the idea behind trying to edge out that small percent chance that the Lantern player screws up and you win.

    Hell here is one mistake I made in my early days of playing the deck that my one friend to this day still won't let me forget.

    I was playing against Burn, we're on game 3 and I'm at 3 life. I have 3 Codex Shredders and a Pyxis in play as well as an Ensnaring Bridge and my opponent has an Eidolon on the battlefield. I put blinders on basically, trying to just reflex mill every burn spell I saw on the top of his deck. In the process I used my Pyxis to exile the Leyline of Sanctity on top of my deck which would have given my opponent exactly 0 ways to win the game from that point. My opponent then ended up getting a burn spell through my mill effects and beat me.

    So yeah, a Lantern player CAN make a mistake that will cost them the game. And if you think it is possible for you to win the game, then by all means, lets play it out and see what happens.


    What I will absolutely not tolerate is the kind of behaviour I see at every Comp REL tournament I have been in. That attitude of, "I know I can't win this game, but I'd rather give the Lantern player a draw than a win." The attitude where I have to call a Judge for slow play, because even though I am only letting my opponent draw lands, he still sits and considers his hand for 45 seconds to a minute every turn. The attitude where because they have a completely stupid, and extremely childish hatred for this deck. Which they (in my opinion) only have because they can't bother, or are unable, to grasp the inner workings of it and realize how exactly it wins games. The attitude where they need to try and not only make their Lantern opponent miserable, but make them feel like they deserve to be miserable.

    People say they hate big mana decks like Tron.
    People say they hate uninteractive combo like Storm.
    People say they hate mindless aggro like Affinity.

    But none of those players have their opponents try to make them feel emotionally ashamed for their deck choices.

    Rant Ended

    So in conclusion:

    1. If you choose to play out a game with a person playing Lantern Control, do it because you actually think there is a chance you can win.
    2. When you are done the game, be gracious in defeat or victory and congratulate your opponent on a game well played, without any snide remarks on the deck that happen to be playing.
    3. Try not to make your opponent feel like they need to be completely miserable because they chose to play Lantern Control.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (Rules Update 27/10/17)
    Quote from idSurge »
    lol, because it forces the Lantern player to suffer through the game as well.

    As a Turns player, I know how it goes, not everyone has a taste for those kinds of decks, and yes its the only way for the locked out player to thumb their nose at the other player (without being rude) so just roll with it.

    I do roll with it. I just took issue with the fact that the rant made it seem like it was the Lantern player's fault their opponent was acting like a petulant child lol
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