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    The voteblock was Spot randoming into looting the phaser off Worf. He didn't have that ability natively.
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    Quote from Annorax »
    Between this and the ending putting Q on a rapidly exploding bus

    To be fair, I did give Q an out.

    Oh yeah, just so I can be annoying to everyone about it, the ending was actually going to be determined by the faction that won. Town victory meant Q would've sealed the Pah Wraith away. Scum victory meant there'd be a new Cult of the Pah Wraiths, not an Emissary. Spot victory meant a new Emissary.

    Most of the plot was written on the fly. There was little forethought beyond all that. I just abused the **** out of my ability to create pretty good settings, worlds, and plot essentially out of a stream of consciousness, so by the time the villain finally explained her master plan, it seemed like I was including plot elements way earlier than I'd ever thought of them. "BDSM Prophet" as I called her behind the scenes was a result of having to punish Necarg for breaking his Teia-themed posting restriction (she wasn't even a Pah Wraith then, just a Prophet vision taking a perverted role with a pervert). Her being an evil counterpart to Q came after that. The USS Event Horizon was just a means of exiling the modkills at first. And so on and so forth.

    The tachyon particles were a Watchmen reference, for those who were wondering. Same thing Ozymandias did to Dr. Manhattan, just on a bigger scale.

    I realize this is ***** only I care about, but come on, I wanna ramble so I'mma ramble. arms crossed
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    Quote from Kosakosa »
    And if she's indeed bulletproof, then I see no way she would ever lose the game.

    Yeah, Rax and I realized partway in that the bulletproof should've been one-shot, not permanent. There should also probably have been another check on the SK, too. We did our best to balance out such a complex game, but if something wound up a bit overtuned, then you have my apologies.
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    Quote from Annorax »
    and detailing exactly where I ****ed up in design that let Cythare pull off that Exodia of a win.

    To be fair, that double modkill was super rough and basically put the town and scum both into "lynch the cat right away or lose" mode. Like, the town was basically unable to win after that. It was just a toss-up as to whether the scum would win by lynching the SK, or whether the SK would ride townreads to victory.

    Design issues were one thing, but the SK not getting lynched, being vaporized by the phaser, or getting investigated was on the players.
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    Fable, D_V, CFC, Half_Time, and Shockwave.

    The full setup will come once we've got it in a postable format, which should be later tonight.
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    Quote from Kosakosa »
    Hey H_T. Be a gentleman and check in before Night.

    There'd have to be a Night before he can do that. Teach
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    The station's lights dim and a familiar lens filter descends over the station. From out of the viewports, the station's inhabitants can see a refit Constitution class ship drop out of warp and begin flying towards the upper docking pylons. It holds station two hundred metres away.

    "Lovely, isn't it?" Comes the Prophet's voice as she strolls into the promenade. She's still in the form of an Orion woman, but now wears the uniform of a Federation fleet admiral of the late 23rd century, clean and pristine to parade ground standards. She holds Silvercrys' decapitated head in one hand. "That's what the USS Event Horizon looks like from the outside. Doesn't seem quite so scary now, does it?"

    The Prophet tosses Silvercrys' head onto the dabo table, which spins around for a moment before stopping with a series of beeps.


    Q appears with a flash of light, flanked by two other Q. To say they have anger on their faces would be a gross understatement, like saying the Dominion war was a minor skirmish against a small advance force.

    The Prophet rolls her eyes. "I'd complain about you breaking our agreement, but I think we both know that'd be pointless."

    "My agreement was with the Prophets," Q says grimly. "Not with the Pah Wraiths."

    The Pah Wraith shrugs. "The fact that you say this like some kind of big reveal is really depressing, you know that? Seriously, show of hands. Who here was surprised by that? Anyone? Thought so. Here, I'll help you out with any of the dots you couldn't connect. I start by taking control of the Event Horizon, then I use it to spread tachyons around the station and wormhole, blinding the Prophets. I infiltrate their ranks and make a deal with you to find the best people to prevent a 'cosmic disaster' you somehow believed was imminent. Do you know what my goal was, or do I have to tell you?"

    "To create a new Cult of the Pah Wraiths," Q suggests.

    The Pah Wraith balks. "No, you idiot."

    She waves towards a certain station inhabitant. The feline bounds up at one of the attendant Q, fiery red light surrounding her. Her claws sink into the cosmic being's back, tearing the being in half.

    "And that's how you kill a Q," the Pah Wraith announces. She raises her hands and fiery light burns the other attendant Q out from the inside.

    "You needed a new Emissary," Q says with pained realization.

    "The Kosst Amojan was a fool to pick Dukat," the Pah Wraith explains. "Oh, to be certain, I'd have formed a new Cult if Spot proved herself unworthy, but she passed my test with flying colours. She truly wears the mantle of Emissary of the Pah Wraiths. And with a true Emissary at my side, my powers have grown considerably. Now, no entity in the universe, neither the Prophets nor the Q Continuum, can rival me."

    "You were just using us?" Half_Time demands, stepping forward.

    "Us?" Kosakosa asks. "You're one of them, aren't you?" His eyes dart to the Pah Wraith. "Even if we can't stop you, we can stop one of your worshippers. Let's go!"

    The rest of the station's inhabitants pull out their weapons and gun down Half_Time. It's a tender mercy for him, they realize, but when cosmic forces are involved, you have to take what influence you can get.

    Q snaps his fingers, but nothing happens. He throws a confused look at the Pah Wraith, who's now brandishing her whip. She lashes him once, twice, a third time, sending him to the floor in pain. With a few hateful words, she kneels down and grabs him by the scruff of the neck, picking him up and throwing him into the bar. Bottles shatter and a rainbow of different liquids pour onto the helpless Q.

    "Your powers have been sealed," the Pah Wraith says as she strolls behind the bar. She picks Q up again. "But I'm not going to kill you. Oh, no. The Prophets may have transcended time, but the Q have transcended space. I'm going to study you and see if I can correct my... limitations."

    A Federation-style transporter beam takes Q away. "The Event Horizon's science facilities should be up to the task of containing and studying him." The Pah Wraith gazes at the station's remaining inhabitants. "That just leaves the rest of you." She nods to Spot. "Since you've been such a good Emissary in training, I'll let you choose one lucky mortal to die. The rest can come with me to the Event Horizon."

    Spot hisses in excitement and pulls a phaser out of her fur. Firing a quick stun shot at KingofDominaria, she lunges at Kosakosa, ripping his throat cleanly with her claws. Kosakosa stumbles to the floor, blood seeping into the deck plates in an almost artistic pattern.

    "We have a winner," the Pah Wraith announces. "Now, if you'll all kindly line up and—"

    "**** you!" Shouts Chandra's Fiery Cat, leveling a disrupter shot at Wheat_Grinder. Wheat_Grinder screams as his constituent atoms are torn apart, leaving only the Pah Wraith, Spot, the dazed KingofDominaria, and Chandra's Fiery Cat. Any further aggressive momentum is halted by a transporter beam taking Chandra's Fiery Cat away.

    "Well," says the Pah Wraith. She shakes her head. "At least we had a volunteer. What a buzzkill, though."

    The Pah Wraith turns away as KingofDominaria is beamed out of the station. Spot in tow, she strolls down one of the corridors, which fades away into the Event Horizon's bridge. Spot leaps up onto the navigation console and presses a few buttons. The ship turns and heads towards the wormhole. With their powers blocked, the Prophets stand no chance against an empowered Pah Wraith and her similarly empowered Emissary. With a bright flash, the gates of the celestial temple begin to burn in space. The Event Horizon may not be able to hold Q forever, but it will be enough if it can hold him long enough to discover the secrets of his powers.

    Darkness descends over the station, then the Alpha Quadrant, and eventually the whole galaxy, before all alights in the flames of the Pah Wraith.

    Weyoun, Kai of the Bajoran Ascendancy has been lynched.
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    The game is now over. Cythare (Spot, Feral Serial Killer) has won.

    This one's going to require some explanation. Cythare was a bulletproof, double-voting serial killer in possession of a phaser, whose night abilities worked similarly to latinum and loyalty abilities (the phaser was taken from col_mongoose, who was playing Worf, Rookie Security Chief, and its ultimate vaporize ability was ironically meant to bypass the bulletproof ability). With Half_Time lynched, five players enter the night phase. Cythare shot Kosakosa overnight and used the phaser to stun KingofDominaria into losing his vote the next day. The mafia shot Wheat_Grinder. This results in any continued play being trivial.

    Setup to come shortly.
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    That is a lynch.

    Half_Time (4): KoD (2798), Kosakosa (2817), Cythare (2822), Chandra's Fiery Cat (2823)
    KingofDominaria (1): Half_Time (2804)
    Chandra's Fiery Cat (1): Wheat_Grinder (2807)

    Standard Teia twilight applies. Everyone feel free to post as normal until the bad fanfic lynch scene goes up.
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    This isn't good, Q thinks furtively to himself as he sits in the Continuum. It was the one place She couldn't get to.

    The only things he could say for certain were that the "Prophet" shouldn't have been able to find the USS Event Horizon after he'd so carefully hidden it away, and that the tachyon interference around the station was no coincidence. But what was its significance? It was the result of temporal distortion. It was involved in cloaking devices. And it could interfere with sufficiently powerful beings' ability to see through time. Certainly, it kept (*) from finding the Event Horizon, yet there had to have been something more...

    But what?

    A tingle crosses the back of Q's mind. The mortals had selected another sacrifice to the altar of insanity the Prophet was erecting.

    With a flash of light, Q arrives on the station, and immediately wishes he had the option to bring more Q as backup. But those weren't the rules. One Q, one Prophet. That is what he and the Prophets agreed to when he went to the celestial temple.

    The Prophet stands in the promenade with a humanoid kneeling at her feet, whip wrapped tightly around his neck. Her lens filter is firmly in place. She plants a foot on his chest, pushing him backwards, pulling the whip taut.

    "Well, I see you've wasted no time forcing your fetishes on us," Q murmurs to the Prophet as he walks up to her.

    "Isn't it great?" She asks.

    If only I could just trap her in an asteroid prison or something, Q thinks sourly. Maybe if he had the Continuum backing him. But if he had tea, he could have had tea and biscuits if he had biscuits. There's nothing for it, though. "I can certainly see how these mortals would think a jem'hadar a killer. I'm surprised he's lasted as long as he has."

    "Oh, he'll last even longer if I have any say in it~"

    Q rolls his eyes.

    "You mortals are all the same," Q announces. "My dear Jean-Luc was never so shortsighted. The best I can do is offer what mercy I can. And if I'd known she had that infernal ship at her beck and call sooner, I'd have done this favour for Zinger and Killjoy too."

    Q snaps his fingers, and tomsloger's body goes limp. The Prophet stands there for a moment, looking nonplussed.

    "We had a deal, Q," she says at last.

    Grunting in annoyance, Q raises a stern finger to the Prophet. "Don't think I can't figure out what's really going on here," he says. "Your game is nearly up, you foul koss'moran. I've outsmarted far stronger and smarter opponents than you."

    The Prophet tilts her head slightly to the side. If Q's words affected her, she certainly didn't show it. "That's the difference between you and I," she says, indicating tomsloger's limp form. "You talk. I act."

    With a flick of her wrist, the Prophet pulls the whip from tomsloger's neck. "I'll see you tomorrow, Q."

    Q harrumphs and vanishes in a flash of light. Maybe he was wrong about the Prophet's background and true motives, but one fact remained: She was evil, and he would stop her. Sophont beings were fun to torment, but his was the torment of an older sibling. He could do as he pleased, because he wouldn't really hurt them. And anyone else who tried would long for the comfort of the nine circles of hell once he was through with them.

    The Prophet fades away moments later, taking her lens filter with her.

    Taran'atar, Jem'hadar Observer has been lynched.

    Night actions are due to Annorax by Saturday, September 3 at 9 PM CST.
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