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  • posted a message on "This creature now explores that land"
    Sadly, the nice gameplay of two piles of lands wont really work, if the land stops being explored when a creature exploring it dies. That functionality requires to keep in mind which creature is exploring which land.
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  • posted a message on The OP 2 mana creature cycle
    Quote from Fumar
    Here're my thoughts on this:

    - Dark Confidant gives you raw card advantage.
    - Stoneforge Mystic finds boosts or utility for your creatures.
    - Snapcaster Mage allows you to recycle a spell.
    - Tarmogoyf is raw beats.

    The red Wizkid should fill an otherwise unfulfilled niche. Finding an artifact feels too much like SFM, finding an instant or sorcery like SCM, dealing damage to players is more like Tarmo's territory, and looting would be close to Finkel.

    That's why I stand by my idea of a ramp mage for red:

    Entranced Beckoner | 1R
    Creature - Orc Shaman
    Double strike
    Each spell you cast cost 1 less to cast for each spell you've cast this turn.

    Of course, it's all subjective.

    If these broken two-drops were a cycle (which I don't believe they are), I would still argue, that the aggressive one should be red. In my opinion (again, if people want to create this nonexistent cycle) the green one should be Lotus Cobra (2/1 as others, and mana ramp, which is in the core of green color pie).

    Nevertheless, I like your card, but would remove double strike and make it 2/1 to be more simple (and look more like others of the 'cycle')
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  • posted a message on Extreme Designs
    Rotting Cluster is really similar to Dormant Gomazoa. And it even had a built-in way of untapping. A nice junk rare, but nothing really amazing.

    The other two, on the other hand seem pretty dangerous. Bolt is scarily effective, and Think Hard could play the role of breakthrough with a bit less risk.
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  • posted a message on Do you know your MTG !!! Try this quiz
    My score
    Chapter one: 9
    Chapter two: 6
    Chapter three: 8

    Nice questions. The second chapter felt significantly harder than the other two.
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  • posted a message on new planeswalker
    I think this makes Liliana of the Veil (perhaps the second-best planeswalker ever) make bitterly weep in the corner.

    +1 ability is absurdly powerful and unfun for such a cheap walker. Take a look at the Liliana of the Veil and Liliana Vess for reference for a discard ability on pw:s plus ability. This is much stronger than either of them.

    -3 Huh? If I'm reading this correctly, this will shoot something like 10 damage to opponent the turn this is played (remember that lands are permanents too)

    -8 Funnily enough this is really, really weak ability. If you get to 8 loyalty, your opponent probably doesn't have (m)any cards in hand, making this ability look as appealing as one with nothing with searing wind to own head spliced on it.
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  • posted a message on newbish design question
    Quote from gumOnShoe

    You choose the order abilities execute on a card you play.

    Actually you don't. They happen in order they appear on the card. Serum Visions is not Preordain
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  • posted a message on 5 Random Cards.
    Carrier Griffin is Kinsbaile Balloonist with more generic flavor.

    I agree that nonbasic landwalk belongs in green. Also I can see no real connection with two abilities game- or flavorwise. What am I missing?

    Torchfire Interloper and Ruin Dweller I really like. Good job there Thumbs Up
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  • posted a message on Unpreventable Damage vs Loss of Life
    Unpreventable damage can be redirected to planeswalkers, loss of life can't. Pretty big difference there...
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  • posted a message on probably broken planeswalker stuff
    I'm not fond of one mana planeswalkers. They just do not seem that planeswalkery to me.

    As for abilities:
    First is pretty strong as stated. Is it really necessary that you see the opponent's hand? I think simple: "until end of the turn meddling mage" -type guessing could do. Or alternatively, the + ability could be just the hand reveal. (remembering good old telepathy). That way his - abilities could be adjusted to gain some value from knowing your opponents hand (like meddling mage emblem or something)
    Additionally I don't really like the frog creation ability. It just seems off in blue planeswalker.
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  • posted a message on [DGM][ART] Goblin Researcher
    I'll be so disappointed if the final name of the card doesn't end up being Goblin Disc-Jockey :rolleyes:. At least the art would be fitting...
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