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    I have always felt that Iona is a card that either does absolutely nothing or completely takes away the ability to interact. In a lot of ways, she is like a targeted MLD effect as you completely strip away someone's ability to interact further. Sure, the defense could be said to be to play multiple colors but at the same time you could also argue that the defense to Sundering Titan was to run one color.

    Iona is a feel bad card. The objective is for someone to sit in the corner and be done with the game. The worst part is its slow to do that and its on a big mythic angel which makes it even more likely to be run casually which is a worse offense if you ask me. Iona has always reminded me of Erayo, Soratami Ascendant but somehow "more acceptable" because she is a big beefy mythic angel.

    No game is ever made better by her presence. She either does nothing or she cuts opponents off at the knees. I would happily take her being banned regardless of what status Painter's Servant takes.
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    Quote from Ulka »
    I still feel like we got ripped off with no rebels being printed in set or the previous one. I mean you are fighting ot over throw a crown, that makes you rebels... Sweat

    I think its about every block or so I ask myself, why cant they do rebels again :p

    Realistically, wizards seems to not like doing the tribal thing very often and when they do it they seem to like to go into a new direction with new tribes rather than come back to the ones that exist or stick to the ones that are like the main tribe or two each set.

    I have also asked myself why they dont consider doing changeling again in one of these sets that does not get pushed into standard and modern because it would be a good way to do some generic fillers that encompass what the colors do. I would love to see a mythic white changeling flyer to be honest. Sadly, I keep just keeping my hopes up for some sort of combination of changelings or rebels returning but in the end there is a lot of things that can help us that is shy of seeing rebels again.
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    I have been a bit slow to do my set review for Conspiracy so I apologize. I have been running into a new Anafenza, the Foremost deck in my meta which has been causing me to play this deck a little less as the passive commander graveyard hate is very difficult to work around with rebels. I want to get more testing in and try to get the OP updated with my findings when I get enough test data to report on things reliably. Until then I have been trying to leave the OP alone until I can come to some sort of a conclusion as its possible that something between the two strategies might end up being where I go with things. I am finding a lot of new and cool cards with this new build and so I enjoy the testing so far.


    MONARCH - At the beginning of your end step, draw a card. Whenever a creature deals combat damage to you, its controller becomes the monarch. lets talk about this mechanic first before I delve into card analysis because I feel like I would otherwise be repeating myself. So this mechanic rewards you for playing defensive and acts as a phyrexian arena. We also have some good evasive creatures which can retake the monarch as needed. This is potentially a good effect but keep in mind it also paints a target on your face which means you will possibly have to fort harder than you otherwise would have to. It is continuous card draw though that can not be spot removed so its actually somewhat good against attrition or control style of decks because unlike a Phyrexian Arena, once this ball gets rolling it cant be taken away. In the same fashion, you will be drawing attention and heat from aggro decks so evasive attackers will be even more of a pain in the ass to you than they were before.

    Custodi Soulcaller its interesting in the fact that it can rez 3 or less mana minions fairly decently which makes up a lot of the rebel package. The problem with this though is that it requires a specific setup to do it and it requires itself to be able to attack and not really die. I guess I would put it as some sort of like..... really bad Sun Titan that costs less. Its interesting but unfortunately its so situational and slow it kind of hurts. Its a cool design for an uncommon but I dont think it gets there.

    Palace Jailer monarch is a powerful effect. This guy also temporarily makes something go away so its possible if you need like a big scarry attacker or evasive to go away it could be an answer as well as set up some card draw. I realllllly dont like Oblivion Ring effects especially when they are the new templating + on a creature but the fact that this also starts up the game of monarch is possibly worth considering.

    Protector of the Crown this deck is already defensive and this can catch a big attack. The biggest problem for me is its cost to cast but it comes with monarch + it blocks things up a bit. I think I actually like it more in my original token build where I ran more big mana so you could potentially drop it and do something else yet in that turn without full committing to playing this. Its an interesting card and probably my favorite of the white monarch effects.

    Recruiter of the Guard new imperial recruiter for white. What isn't to love about this? The one thing I will say though is to keep in mind what your potential targets are and how situational those cards or or which cards you see yourself normally searching for. I have the following targets in my current build: Serra Ascendant, Weathered Wayfarer, Stoneforge Mystic, Mentor of the Meek, Stonecloaker, and Solemn Simulacrum. I think it should be fairly good as I normally plan to play Lin Sivvi at 3 mana so it gives the option of turn 4 for a Serra Ascendant turn if I want. I think that tutoring for wayfarer also seems good especially in my build because I have some great utility lands in my list.

    Sanctum Prelate I would say that it could be a wrath defense or something but honestly it seems sort of selective and specific for this format. If you are playing faster games with more combo and or control I could see it being possibly a little better as cutting off 1 or 2 mana things could be very strong there. Offhand, hitting for 2 or 3 is probably where I would go if I were to play it. At 2 you cut off a lot of counters and cyclonic rift if playing against blue. Against other decks you might try 3 to cut off just a lot of general good value cards as well as a few wraths. In the end, I think it will be a little too niche to really get away with in this format.

    Guardian of the Gateless I more mention this because I think it has a cool bit of style. This card really really wanted to have flash but sadly did not get it. It reminds me a lot of a defensive Teeka's Dragon + Lure play (that really brings me back lol). I more just wanted to give this a really cool flavor shout out but overall its going to fall short. If they had gone and given it flash I would have loved to see what it would have done.

    Throne of the High City realistically, it seems fairly decent here because you can invest the mana into it at end step so you are not tapping out to do the monarch effect and most of the monarch effects are a little underwhelming. This might be a good deck to try this which is surprising because there are not many decks I really felt that monarch might work in. This might be the most playable one for this playstyle.

    So, the bottom line.... I guess I have to give Recruiter of the Guard as probably the most playable but thats to no real surprise as its probably the best card for this format from the entire set. Throne of the High City has my interest currently as I think it has some good potential and I guess finally Protector of the Crown is something I will at least think about. That is my top three currently. My own thoughts on this is that I will probably try to make room for Recruiter of the Guard and Throne of the High City. Protector of the Crown I keep going back and forth with but its something that could be a possibility yet.

    Quote from JamesBrine »
    i play array online. People never seem to give it the credit it deserves. I cast it one game, and a player said no big deal. He proceed to wipe my board and attack me for lethal. In the end he ran into an instant humility plus batterskull. One way I found to protect it is to play "better" artifacts and enchantments that require destroying first. Rebels would be a fun 2hg deck to use.

    I have one more card in the deck. I'm just sure at this moment what that card it. Its designed for an unknown metagame as I play online.

    Sorry for the delayed response. I remember seeing your post but I totally blanked on responding. In general my experience with online commander is that the social aspects of it get played down a lot assuming there is much of any of it. Its unfortunate as thats one of the biggest elements of commander I like about playing it IRL. People tend to play on assumptions a lot more when going into unknown games which online plays into so when they see mono white they will generally downgrade their threat assessment of you. This is to your benefit but its also a pain in the ass because some people will just play 5c combo online and that is a lot harder for mono white to interact with.

    Overall, your list looks good. It looks like you went with the light rebel approach (something I have gone on both sides of the coin of). It does look like you have added a lot of control to your list which is cool. I think a permanent light approach is cool to see considering online I suspect a lot of people dont target you heavily. I have had to make adjustments and defend myself a lot more often with my own list in a continuous meta.
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    I get kind of lazy about making changes here but I have had a few cards I have had my eye on for a while now:

    • Warp World -> Tragic Arrogance the problem was I always felt really really guilty executing Warp World when it was super one sided. Its kind of like MLD in a lot of cases when it is good. I got to the point for a few weeks that I was running down one card with this deck because I just felt like excluding it from the list was better than using it. I need a little more mass sweepers too which brings me to the tragic which I have had good results with.
    • Evolutionary Leap -> Eldritch Evolution Evolutionary Leap has just mostly been awkward for me. I have seen it a few times but I just never quite like how it looks and or functions. I want to try out the new tutor instead. Its from random value to a specific tutor which I think will be useful. I can always jump off of a one counter Marath into a 5 cost which seems good.
    • Tireless Tracker -> Recruiter of the Guard the tracker ended up being a little less impressive than I was hoping. Part of it might be that I have a lot of mana sinks with this deck and I perhaps could use more ramp. I like the card still but for now I dont quite know where I stand with it. The new Imperial Recruiter is obviously an auto include for a lot of reasons :p
    • Lifeblood Hydra -> Serra Ascendant the hydra has been a little awkward as its a big mana + sac outlet kind of thing. I did need the lifegain from it but I needed to just shift it somehow so I am going to see what the ascendant can do for me. The addition of a second Imperial Recruiter effect has me asking what tools I have access to and while I can always use the actual Imperial Recruiter to get Trostani, Selesnya's Voice I found myself asking if I needed a second option to lifegain from in my creature list especially that the second new white copy can fetch. I almost brought in True Conviction here which could still be added later but for now I wanted to keep my creature count up.

    Watch List:
    • Academy Rector sometimes I feel like my sac outlets are hit or miss. I can still ping it off with my commander which is ok but of the things that I need something to die to it is sometimes a little wonky.

    • True Conviction I like the idea of an option to drop a lot of lifegain in one shot. I do have a few means of tutoring it still too but they seem somewhat limited. It seems like a useful card to me considering I have had an issue with just constant pressure from multiple directions but at the same time it seems like it lacks synergy with how I can get it and what it does for the deck outside of survival.
    • Resolute Archangel its a creature and it does take me from a low health back up. Zenn has long advocated for it in his Jenara list which I keep up with. I have not ever tried it myself but who knows, it could be decent.
    • Wall of Reverence I ran it in the past. Its nice in that its affordable to drop, it gives a good blocker who also gives me life. I could even drop a few counters on it and suddenly it can block titans.
    • Skyshroud Claim I could use more ramp and the pay 2 mana for 2 more lands (it gives 2 in untapped so net cost is 2) is realistically great.
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    You might try to make a question about playing commander at a competitive scene / for prizes.
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    The answer is both a yes and a no.

    1) Any half measures do not count which is the big reason to say no its not. Your damage wont really add up with other player's damage and that means that you cant really work well with another player to take someone out.

    2) Spot removal is a thing. Lots of what makes Infect sort of work is burst turns and big one time pumps. There are very selective things that work to make infect decent. The more responses and or mazes you see the worse infect is.

    If you want to look at what infect cards are decent / good you are really talking something like 5 cards possibly mostly over green and black. Overall, I think its ok but in the end I think that its not something worth investing in heavily because there are not a lot of actually good effects in the card pool for the mechanic. Overall, I would say the mechanic is not very good. It is very very rare that I see infect and even more rare that I see it work.
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    Assuming we are taking suggestions for the list, Craterhoof Behemoth.

    There seem to be some odd inconsistencies to the list too. Has anyone ever seriously brought up the idea of banning Goblin Recruiter???? It also seems odd to consider some like Winter Orb but not Static Orb / Hokori, Dust Drinker / Stasis.
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    Since you like to build yourself a pillow fort, how do you like to prospect of becoming the Monarch? Throne of the High City, at least, seems minimally intrusive.

    I had to go look up what Monarch was because none of the cards indicate how it functions other than what they do with it or if they take it. Overall, its possible to make it work but it also incentivizes attacking you. Its possible to consider something like this and just accept that you will be handing this effect off and try to get everyone to murder each other for it. I dont know, it seems like a lot of what ifs to me offhand. Normally when playing pillow fort you dont want to give people a reason to hit you so I can see some reasons against such an inclusion.

    I attached the monarch token for anyone else who is asking themselves wtf is that lol.
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    Quote from Rumpy5897 »
    Fair enough, I didn't look at it this way. On the other hand, Wrath of God won't give them back the commander, so I guess it varies based on what type of sweeper is prevalent. I'm yet to actually see an Oblivion Stone in paper, for example, hence the reasoning.

    Yea, its somewhat of a meta call as well as what you see. If they are just going to spot removal or creature sweeper then you are correct that the other two are probably superior. As soon as you get into mass non land sweepers though it adds a lot of liability to Oblivion Ring effects which is why I tend to prefer to avoid them as that is the sort of thing I still see a good bit of in my meta.
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    Not that it matters because it probably wont get the follow up but.... Support Endbringer (I was out last week for a funeral as my excuse).
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