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    Dack's Duplicate, Oona, Queen of the Fae, and Karametra, God of Harvests for me. They're the easiest to slide into any deck, which is a big selling point for me in terms of being on the T50 lists.

    I did the same as well. Notion Thief is powerful but honestly I still see him as a questionable add even if you are in the colors because of his potential to just kill you vs Consecrated Sphinx. Due to that I generally want to be sac based or EXTREMELY control based to run him.
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    I think that's quite a jump to sort of conclusion. Perhaps the art is not finalized? Perhaps they intend to do origins in an old art frame to signify that it comes as a prequil set. I have no idea really but it is odd.

    I think jumping to a conclusion that they will be full art is sort of an unlikely conclusion from what we have right now.
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    Quote from stormie_sarge »
    Well time for another question from the peanut gallery. Now that we have had some time to establish the creature counts for 3cmc critters, what are everyone's finding on maximizing morphs for raptor fun? I know we all run 4 x den protector, but cards like hidden dragonslayer bring some other options into the fray. I am going to try 6x morphs in addition to the raptors tommorow and see how that all works.

    I find that I like to be in the 6-9 other target range generally speaking. Its nice to be able to buff the count in some way after sideboard as there are still matchups where recurring a raptor isn't as important so I don't like focusing it that hard.

    When it comes to the WG build I think it tends to be between running the 4x Den Protectors and a lot of people are also running a few Hidden Dragonslayer + a few Mastery of the Unseen so I think the normal GW build tends to be something like 8-9 mainboard other options to revive them but it really depends on if you run the mastery or not which not all GW builds do.

    I have been running 8 morphs myself in Temur but I think 6 other morph options is sort of the baseline of where you probably want to be for raptor.
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    Quote from xBattleSpawnx »
    So here is my deck list as it currently sits. In order to fit collected company, would you recommend taking out Surrak?

    DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    Creatures (25)
    3 Ruthless Ripper
    3 Elvish Mystic
    4 Rakshasa Deathdealer
    4 Deathmist Raptor
    4 Den Protector
    4 Grim Haruspex
    3 Surrak, the Hunt Caller
    1 Archfiend of Depravity

    Sorcery (4)
    3 Thoughtseize

    Instant (6)
    3 Ultimate Price
    3 Hero's Downfall

    Artifact (2)
    2 Whip of Erebos

    Lands (23)
    8 Forest
    4 Llanowar Wastes
    6 Swamp
    3 Temple of Malady
    2 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

    I built my list originally to be more in the midrange camp. To make collected company work, maybe taking out some of the removal would be more ideal, perhaps with some other creature additions.

    First, I think if you want to move it to being a Collected Company deck you probably want to look at what your targets are, the quantity of targets, and how good of a hit they are. Offhand the quantity and quality of your targets looks like it could be improved. I will go through the different cards you have in your deck and sort of what I think of hitting them in a collected company hit.

    3 Ruthless Ripper - Rate1.5 its far better to hit it to hand where you use it as a morph rez for the raptor. Its more aggressive than the Haruspex and can be used in combat decently which is nice but its not a very good hit in company.
    3 Elvish Mystic - Rate0.5 its all about the early game and by the time you company into it its almost a vanilla 1/1 where its only real purpose is going to be edict fodder, chump blocking, or swinging into an empty board.
    4 Rakshasa Deathdealer - Rate4 solid all arround creature. By the time you can company into it you will have some mana to be throwing about to play with its abilities. It might be vulnerable right when you fetch it but even then its going to put pressure on the control player quickly which is good. They arent great in multiples but people generally speaking have to move to remove them so having more is usually good.
    4 Deathmist Raptor - Rate4.5 its really good vs a lot of people right now. Abzan has good removal for it and it lacks a little bit of punch vs GR dragons who might try to race it. Generally speaking though its very versatile and strong.
    4 Den Protector - Rate2.5 they really want to be morphed rather than hit on company so it looses some power in a company but it still swings through tokens well which gives some harass power vs elspeth. If you run bestow creatures in deck hitting them in company gets a bit more powerful.
    4 Grim Haruspex - Rate2.5 its not great in combat but they are removal targets who can rez the raptors.
    3 Surrak, the Hunt Caller - Rate0 cant hit it in company so its as good as a spell there.
    1 Archfiend of Depravity Rate0 cant hit it in company.

    Offhand, your count looks low as we are looking at 22/60 as being targets but beyond that I think you have a lot of sort of weaker targets. You really are going to want to increase your count of potential targets and consider how good your targets will be if they are found in company to make company worth running. Its an extremely powerful effect but it does require you to design the deck around it some. Most of us have been running 25-27 targets on average main. That on average ends up being something like 23 lands with 10-12 whiffs. I think some of the lowest numbers that are seeing competitive play tend to be lists with 24 creatures of which 4 are mystics but I think this is getting very close to the point where you will start getting one target more often when using company.

    The morph guys (other than raptor) are usually lower priority because they loose a lot of power when not morphed. I think you are running a bit heavy on your morph creatures too as I have been running 12 main (counting raptors) which is two other sets of morph creatures to fairly good results. You have the Den Protectors which is essentially the auto 4x in a raptor package but I think you are also too heavy beyond that. I would suggest you dont go beyond 12 mainboard targets as there are still a lot of matchups where you dont want to focus that much on your raptor game such as red sly or GR dragons. Abzan also has a strong removal package for them so if you focus too much on raptor rez you might not have a raptor to rez with all of your support. My own BG suggestion offhand ran 6 other non raptor morphs which means that there would be potentially 10 morph creatures including the raptors themselves. My suggestion is to lower your mainboard morph effects some and consider sideboarding some additional for the control matchup. Personally I still prefer Grim Haruspex over Ruthless Ripper as it stands but I think going beyond 3 of them seems excessive.

    Archfiend of Depravity just needs to go as a whole. Its not going to cut it for standard.

    Surrak, the Hunt Caller is alright but remember you have to keep your non company hits in check. He also tends to be easily removed right now by most of the spot removal seeing play and does not expand your own ability to remove problem threats. I think he is playable but keep him in check to probably 2x copies if you are going to run him. I think his best game tends to be vs GR dragons currently so I prefer him more in the SB than the main but it depends on what sort of results you are getting with him I suppose.

    Spells - remember what I mentioned about spell count above. Generally speaking Collected Company decks limit themselves to 10 or so non land whiffs and Collected Company counts as 4 copies. You will want to cut into your spells to make this into a company deck. You can usually stretch this count to somewhere around 12 but keep in mind that if you dilute it too much you will start getting whiffs more frequently in the company casts which is usually a bad thing for a build around card.

    Elvish Mystic - I acknowledge that its a fantastic card but I stand by that I don't care for it in a Company aggro build because it so rarely speeds us up enough in my mind. It is not good at attacking or defending and its entire relivance sort of spins on it being in an opening hand with a landbase that is friendly towards curving in well (aka ETB tapped lands are not very friendly with it). I personally still dislike it in company builds due to the lack of versatility to it. I do acknowledge though that some seem to like it so its really a matter of personal opinion of it but I guess my suggestion is to test it and see what you think of it.
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    The upside being for those who know nothing about magic its still a very cool flower tatoo so you really don't have to be into magic to enjoy it.
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    Quote from TheEndIsNear »
    Some guy asked how to build a multiplayer EDH control deck. I was this close to losing my next 45 minutes.

    Thankfully I closed the tab.

    I would be interested to have seen what that 45 minutes would have made. That would have been an impressive post.
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    Quote from xBattleSpawnx »
    I currently run a GB based den + raptor deck with Grim Haruspex and Ruthless Ripper as additional Raptor triggers. I personally like Ripper for the added bonus of life loss, low cost morph trigger, and that you can bait bigger creatures when played face down. That being said, you can only realistically get away with that once in a game, but it does make your opponent a little shy to block or attack when a morph is out. I do agree that Grim isn't the greatest attacker or blocker out there, but the card advantage is nice and I've found that my opponents tend to target Grim w/ removal which is fine usually as it keeps cards I want as threats alive.

    Collected company has been a card on my radar for some time now and I may just revamp my deck to try and fit it into the existing shell.

    Collected Company has been my number one target for Den Protectors from sort of a default stance. It just digs so much extra value especially when spot removal tends to be control's answers at the moment.

    Quote from Odracir2457 »
    I've been testing with a abzan version of this which I think is more aggro than most and the top of the curve is siege rhino just because of how good it is.

    How has testing been with just G/B?

    I can post my list for reference if needed but I would love the much needed advice for the build.

    The downside of Abzan is that its tricky to set up its landbase fast enough for a faster aggro approach. The current Abzan aggro has creatures curving up to 5 in a lot of cases and its got one of the hardest manabases to pull off in standard right now. Trying to speed it up and fit into a Collected Company shell would be challenging. When it comes to collected company in standard right now the landbase tends to favor being two color for the most part. I pull off Temur in part because mine is favoring green heavily and also thanks to Rattleclaw Mystic which acts as ramp, fix, and raptor support.

    I think the landbase right now makes it tricky to be able to go three color with aggro strategies and not be splashing into colors. Mana Confluence is going to be something you would need to run in higher quantities to pull it off reliably but it also makes you more vulnerable to faster red decks as well as making it more of an option for the GR dragon decks to catch you in a damage race.

    I personally have not put any testing into a GB deck yet so much as just provide a hypothetical build. I do think it looks like fun though but someone else would have to chime in on that offhand. If you wanted to post your list we could try to give it a once over but my thoughts on the landbase will probably still stand.
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    I noticed a higher percent of damaged cards with these new packaging tactics. The fact that the packs can be tampered with is bad and within the packs themselves the cards shift a decent amount and I noticed a heavier percent of damage to cards before you open them possibly in part due to their ability to shift in their pack. I also noticed some additional damage to them which might have been the packager placing them into the pack where it would look like some sort of indentation into a few of the cards.

    It could be worthwile in the future to put the rare and foil towards the middle of the pack rather than on the end to avoid damage to them.
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    Quote from Galspanic »

    Alright, lets look up TCG low to see what you owe me for your lotus Grin
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    I run it in my Toshiro Umezawa deck and I tend to like it when I draw it. Its nice to be able to chain a kill spell through two targets thanks to my commander and draw two cards. The odd thing about it is that when you have it you really just want to shread through your deck as fast as you can so situational answers and stuff you should just burn them and keep moving because its not worth sitting on a stagnant hand to execute them at the correct time.

    It really turns a control deck on end and makes it important to just move cards as fast as possible. That said, its really good and it usually does a ton of crazy stuff.
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