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The Magic Market Index for July 21st, 2017
Theros: Elspeth's Tragedy
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    posted a message on Gisa & Geralf's Ghouls Galore
    I love Graveborn Muse but my deck also runs very few zombies lol. Its rare for mine to be drawing more than 1-2 cards.
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    posted a message on Korlash, Heir to Blackblade - MBC
    Well, I am back to Korlash again lol. I really do love his simple yet powerful design. The important thing to do when playing a commander like this is to disrupt opponents plans so here I am back with more disruption plans. I recently moved and I am in a new meta so some of these changes are being made after seeing small portions of what I might be up against moving forward. I have seen more moves for haymaker wins and less control in general so I am moving to a little more hand hate with these changes in an attempt to remove threats from hand and in that way keep them from going out of control on me.

    • Gonti, Lord of Luxury I like Gonti still a lot when facing fair creature based strategy wins. I think he is good value and a good blocker but I saw a LOT less creatures and the creatures I was seeing rarely went for chip damage or
    • Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet from the standpoint of continuous creature abuse its good. I am less familiar with what I am walking into though so I want my grave hate to be a little more controllable right now.
    • Noxious Gearhulk I thought more about this and I dont think its what I need right now. Its too expensive for one shot removal and while the lifegain is nice, overall I think what it brings is probably a little weak for the deck.
    • Word of Command I am moving to more hand hate and in doing so I felt that this was a little weaker with the more direct hand hate.
    • Crypt Incursion I am shifting some of my grave hate right now and I need access to some non creature grave hate too. I do love this card though so it could make a return as I get more familiar with the meta.
    • Silence the Believers I didn't see much for indestructible in this new meta so for now I will put it away as its a little spendy.
    • Ashes to Ashes putting away some of the indestructible hate for the time being.
    • Maze of Ith I saw less fair and less voltron so for now I will put this away.
    • Volrath's Stronghold I am cutting back on my creatures and while there are still a few I could see doing this with, I think on average I only have perhaps 3-4 creatures I would really want to recover with this tool.
    • 1 Swamp I am cutting a single basic for Thespian's Stage which can clone a basic so I really shouldn't notice a loss.

    • Crook of Condemnation I like the power of this grave hate. I think its fairly robust and its fast acting. Its very strong as it stays in play and it kind of demands spot removal by those abusing graves.
    • Whip of Erebos I wanted to pick up some lifegain and this felt like a reasonable add. I dont really intend to use it for rez really but there are a few I would consider rezing here.
    • Bubbling Muck I added a few more X cards so this was just me adding some more ramp.
    • Mind Twist Some solid hate for one player. I am hesitant to go too far on single player hand hate because it feels like a giant middle finger but still, its darn strong.
    • Torment of Hailfire this is sort of a sweeper, hand hate, life destroyer. I dont know how it will turn out for certain but if you can get to / past the 10 mana mark it starts really getting interesting. Because this deck is so sweeper intensive I could totally see this being a stronger card. What you really dont want when you cast this card is for opponents to have a lot of permanents / tokens. I haven't seen this card in action yet but I think it will probably be strong here.
    • Unnerve I like that it hits opponents for a few cards. It might not be huge but we will see. My new meta didnt seem like there was a ton of card draw in every deck so I think I can punish them with even a few card hand hate.
    • Tasigur's Cruelty just like Unnerve but I suspect I can Delve it to be quite cheap for me since I really dont run grave abuse.
    • Cabal Conditioning with even just my commander I can make this a discard 4 which will be hard to maintain a hand really with.
    • Scavenger Grounds just adding a little more grave hate. I like that it is similar mana to my commander's regenerate so I could keep either option up fairly affordably.
    • Thespian's Stage I felt it was a little more reliable as a second access Cabal Coffers. Vesuva is great for decks trying to abuse the hell out of it but given its a lower priority for me here I think the Stage will still give me access to the basic count I want as I can clone it but I can also clone a coffers or some other utility land as needed.

    Like I said, I am making some of these changes as I go into a somewhat unknown meta. I have only played a few games there but so far most of the games I lost were due to haymaker cards from hand. Moving to more hand hate should help me against these types of decks. I will keep my eye on the hand hate cards and keep a few others in consideration depending on how they function. I very deliberately am keeping my graveyard hate effects kind of on the high side especially since most of them are multi function or can draw me another card.
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    posted a message on In need of a new deck
    Moved from multiplayer commander to the commander main.
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    posted a message on Gisela, the Broken Blade - Moat Control
    Quote from EonAon »
    I see you use a lot of mana rock, ever thought of Pristine Talisman for sunmare/thune triggers?

    It would be a cute pickup interaction but I generally focus on two priorities in my ramp here:

    1. Ramp into Gisela. If I can come out a turn earlier it generally means at least one extra turn to be hitting in on people before their defenses are up. It also means I have more time to set up abuse engines and generate value from it. This ramp I generally prioritize in the 0-2 mana ramp because at 3+ mana my ramp no longer ramps me into my commander. With 2 mana stones I generally am just looking for one mana otherwise Grim Monolith would be more appealing to me. Of the more powerful ramp that could bring her in all that much faster I think Mana Vault is the only one I am not running (but I could consider it). There are a few more 2 mana stones that tap for one that I could run I just am not that interested or enthused by the ones I am not running on that end.
    2. Big mana stones. These stones tend to be to get me to later game things like eldrazi faster. I generally look for 2-3+ mana in these and their goal is to get some of my bigger late game effects in sooner. In retrospect on these, its possible I should cut something like Gilded Lotus for Caged Sun just for the small bump to Gisela. I will give that some thought I guess.
    I do like the small lifegain interaction of Pristine Talisman but my issue with it is that its not giving enough mana to justify the second group and its not cheap enough to justify it in the first group of mana stones. Three mana stones that give only one mana are just a little underwhelming in this format.
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    posted a message on Omnath EDH Deck Help
    This is usually the tags guide I advise for new MTGSavlation users.


    Welcome to MTGSalvation Grin
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    posted a message on Sram - Buff Brigade
    So, this deck has been like.... evolving and changing slowly over time which has actually made it harder to bring it back up to date via my old digital list. Some of these changes will be new and some of them I will have already done in the past but forgot to update my list or I just did it on the fly lol.


    Weathered Wayfarer -> Emeria Angel wayfarer is a great creature for mono white for card advantage. The problem is, I dont really need the card advantage it gives and there isnt a land I really need to play this deck. Nykthos and Emeria are nice but honestly I dont find it to be something I really need or care about that much in this deck so I figured I would cut it. Emeria Angel is an army in a can. It brings a lot of tokens out for cheap and its hard to get past. It brings up a good defense as well as offense all on its own its quickly becoming one of my favorite white creatures.

    Eldrazi Displacer -> Angel of Condemnation I think that flicker is ok in general for this deck. I usually have enough card draw that I am not trying to repeat use Displacer and I dont have that many ETB effects in this deck either. What I like about the angel is that its got much better combat stats meaning that it can take buffs in auras and equipment and do more with them. It also has a flicker until end of turn built in which can help me recover better from a wrath by jumping my commander through. Displacer in this sense is better for immediate disruption of attacks and reusing ETB where the angel is better for a recovery plan as well as being relevant in combat.

    Thalia's Lancers -> Palisade Giant I just dont have enough relivant legends in this deck to justify the lancers here. I like lancers more when I have less card draw happening as well as if there is a legend I want / need all the time. Avacyn and Elesh are both solid but I don't find myself wanting to spend 5 mana to tutor for them. Palisade Giant is completely 100% a silly idea I had but given the protection from creatures, protection from colors, and indestructible effects I have access to granting I thought perhaps I could put up a crazy defense with it. I was really split between the idea of Palisade Giant and Protector of the Crown but I thought that perhaps the Monarch might just bring more hate down on me so I will try Palisade Giant for now and see if I like it. I will acknowledge that I have no real basis to ground this inclusion on other than just thinking it looks like a cool card and wanting to test it for myself.

    Crovax, Ascendant Hero -> Overwhelming Splendor Chrovax just wast working quite right against tokens of late. I have been seeing more multicolored and white token decks so I will just cut him for now. I really want to see how Overwhelming Splendor works out for me so we will see how it goes.

    Sword of Light and Shadow -> Pariah I dont love or hate this sword. Honestly its just a little underwhelming to me as I dont have that many creatures nor do I care that much about most of them. Its dead early on and its dead if people are actively hating on graveyards so I think I will just move on. I have been interested in testing Pariah as potential removal as well as something that can kind of fog for me. I can put it on an opponents creature and suddenly that creature has a death sentence on it. I can also toss it out as someone is hitting critical mass and they have to overwhelm my defenses and then kill the pariah creature which is kind of cool.

    Cho-Manno's Blessing -> Prison Term the spot removal auras just didnt work out. Wraths were more of a problem so I moved away from them a while ago. Prison Term is still ok but I still prefer auras that can attach to anything.

    Ward of Lights -> Flickerform same as above. Flickerform is completely silly busted with Auratouched Mage / Boonweaver Giant. I used it once with Heliod's Pilgrim as well and it was still decent then.

    Faith Unbroken -> Return to Dust I needed more spot removal for artifacts / enchantments and honestly I'm not that fond of Oblivion Ring type effects.

    Tower of the Magistrate -> Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx I had been running an extra land before now but I think I am fine going to the 36 my list has. Nykthos has been such a powerhouse and Tower really has not been that useful.

    So, thats a lot of changes. Some of these already existed and some of them are new. I will see what I can do to be better at keeping this one up to date.
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    posted a message on Is it possible to download the Spoiler pics in 1 zip?
    Quote from GopZ »

    I'd like to know if it's possible to d/l the HOU pics found on this site's "Hour of Devastation Complete" Spoiler. It would save a lot of time if it was available in 1 bunch. Thanks.

    I am not aware of a way to do that but if you are looking for the images to apply them to something like cockatrice / Magic Workstation usually people provide them with a quick look around.

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    posted a message on Gisela, the Broken Blade - Moat Control
    I have been on a roll with some Gisela changes and I came up with one more I wanted to implement.


    Sunscorch Regent -> Bastion Protector I really do like Sunscorch Regent but its like good as a standalone threat. I keep feeling like I am overcommitting when I try to get it going with Gisela in play and it doesnt really further anything on its own. Given the built in lifegain and beater status of my commander I have been feeling like the Regent has been too much of like an alternate threat to cast instead of my commander and in that I haven't liked it that much. I really do like this card but given what my priorities are in this deck I have felt like its too much of like I could cast it instead of my commander after a wrath rather than feeling like I want to cast it alongside my commander. Bastion Protector buffs my commander and gives me some semblance of wrath protection as well as being a good curve into play. It gives me more proactive things to do that also set me up a little for post wrath which is nice.

    I had been thinking this one over the last few days. In some regard Serra Ascendant is also a similar role but for now I will keep it given its super low cost and its impact for its cost is crazy. I can see room to possibly remove it in the future under similar grounds though.
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    posted a message on Ephara, God of the Polis - Flash Hatebears
    Quote from shermanido37 »
    Several points I'd like to raise:

    In a recent pod, Ephara was one of the most dominant decks on the table (my friend was playing it). However, it seemed the deck had several problems:
    1. The deck got out Heliod rather early, but didn't use his token making ability at all, and he never became a creature. I've come to realize that 4 is a lot for a token, not to mention 2WW for Heliod or 3W for Oketra. I'm starting to question if I really want to slot her in.
    2. I wasn't happy with the amount of mana that Ephara got out. Sure, it was plenty for an Azorius deck, but I still felt it could have been better. I've been considering Walking Atlas as a 2 CMC mana creature, only this one is dependent on our hand and on us drawing cards to fuel its ramp. If we are in and advantageous position this card can help filter our hand from terrible serial land draws, or get more value out of Land Tax... But if we don't draw well it's a creature that does nothing. What are your thoughts?

    Otherwise, Ephara beat face. Thalia, Heretic Cathar that I had considered replacing broke the table almost completely, making it impossibly slow for the Sharuum the Hegemon player to reach his combo and for my Omnath, Locus of Rage deck to get a meaningful attack phase. Solitary Confinement saved the day when the deck was at 6 HP, making my opponents concede.

    Food for thought: Confinement - another card that excels only when you have enough card draw - is splendid, so that might be a case for our Exploration creature.

    More food for thought - when my friends asked how Ephara won, I replied that tokens and equipment was the way to go, but then I realized that it never actually came to that - my opponents conceded far before that almost every time I was winning. And that almost never happens in our meta.
    It's been making me think... Conceding is not a very fun way of deciding a game. Perhaps there should be something more decisive to help win. In Pokken's deck there are a lot more threats like Umezawa's Jitte and SOLAS but I'm starting my studies and I don't want to spend too much money on cards.
    Do you have any other suggestions? Maybe Empyrial Plate?

    1) I play a LOT of mono white so I thought I would give some additional thoughts on Heliod / Okina. Generally speaking when you look at mana for token producers they are better investments in colors that are more starved for card draw. Its true that you can draw a card and make a token but the token is still kind of weak. I have a token based Ephara together and I opted to not run Okina and only allow Heliod because I value mass vigilance.

    Generally speaking if you are in colors / a deck that has issues with card advantage or wants to play a draw / go strategy that is when a mana for tokens strategy like this actually works better.

    2) Walking Atlas has done a TON of work for me. I run it and Terrain Generator in my list because taking an early turn and giving up some mana for more later is strong. I actually dont love Land Tax in Ephara because honestly beyond like the first 4-6 turns it really is a not a good card. It has bad synergy with drawing lots of cards so its actually better in decks that have less draw to ensure land drops. If your deck is firing and you are playing creatures and drawing cards you shouldn't need to specifically be drawing more lands. Due to this, I have felt like Land Tax is a card that I would have to draw essentially in the opening few turns for me to like it in Ephara.

    Worry about the deck playing well and not dying. This kind of deck is more of a concern about making it work well than how it finishes thigns out.
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    posted a message on Gisela, the Broken Blade - Moat Control
    Quote from DementedKirby »
    I'm really liking this change up between the commanders. It makes sense since Gisela is cheaper and is more useful in the long haul.

    I've noticed that your quite the white mage! Your decks using W are very insightful! I feel that W can be a very difficult color to play around with in commander without supporting colors but your lists and descriptions help a lot with overcoming that hurdle. The eldrazi angel is definitely a deck I wanna build, as I've said before. Good thing I'm keeping my eyes on this thread!

    Thanks, I honestly didn't really think this deck was going to work but a cheap evasive commander with a powerful stat line is actually very impressive when it comes to equipment value. I really really love the idea and feel of a mono white flyer and the feeling of Moats / Tabernacle. I happen to own them so I like putting them to use. Even for those who dont own a Moat I suspect that Magus of the Moat, Magus of the Tabernacle, Mystic Barrier, Righteous Aura, Ghostly Prison, and Haazda Shield Mate can all come in as good considerations on how to put together a similar style / feel to it.

    I really really do love playing mono white. I have always been a sucker for mono colored decks and white has always been my favorite. One of the hardest obstacles to overcome in mono white is often how to keep being relevant / how to not run out of card advantage and so I usually approach a lot of my decks with a question of how to not flounder with nothing to do. Gisela I started out with as a concept of what if she just bought me time early on with a beater who gives me a life buffer and then I noticed how she was in so early that a lot of equipment was doing a lot of work for her. Then I started noticing I was chip killing a lot of people with her by just swinging for some value and stalling.

    I have been working on the OP a little bit today but really there are so many amazing interactions with Gisela and she really can become a beast very easily.

    I totally am a W mage through and through :p
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    posted a message on Gisela, the Broken Blade - Moat Control
    I played another game with Gisela this week. It was a really odd game as I never found any of my equipment to really modify Gisela and my overall card draw was low that game. I did end up using Hall of the Bandit Lord to run out Kozilek, the Great Distortion at the mono black reanimator deck that had just tapped out and played Reiver Demon for an exact lethal on him.

    From there the other two players started putting together some ground attackers and I moved to a 2x Moat / Magus of the Moat defense as I moved to the offensive with Serra Ascendant and soon after Gisela with 2 counters on her from Opal Palace.

    In the end I pushed through with Moat defense that game. It was a super satisfying win. With the few extra recent games I wanted to push a few things around.


    Angel of the Dire Hour -> Comeuppance The angel's body mostly kind of sucks and what I want here is a cheap answer to being swarmed. I cant really abuse the angel in any way so it seems like a smart move to take the cheaper answer to being swarmed.

    Erratic Portal -> Duelist's Heritage I dont know what my hopes for the portal were. My commander is cheap enough that its not that big of a deal to recast her considering the lack of card advantage in mono white. I really like that this enchantment in that I can buff opponents when they attack someone other than me and really it doubles the clock of Gisela as well as multi triggering some of my equipment. It is fast acting and somewhat cheap to combine in a turn with something else.

    I also considered a few other cards with these changes. In the end I am happy with the ones I decided on but I figured I would mention a few that sort of stood out at the time:

    Mystic Barrier The Moats have been doing quite well for me. This one unfortunately controlls me a little too but I can still pick and choose where I am going and who is coming at me. I do sort of like it from the element that it can really funnel someone who has big threats not at me but at the same time it draws a lot of ire from those who are being funneled at as well so I feel like it perhaps gets answered more than something that just stops attackers from happening.

    Haazda Shield Mate He is strong on defense and pairs well with having low card economy as he makes more sense to sit behind with low resources. Unlike Peacekeeper he allows me to continue being offensive plus allow opponents to hit each other with just a bit of a harder time focusing me.

    Armored Ascension I like the burst of offensive power. I dont have a lot of big bursts of commander damage but I could see this adding 1-2 commander swing turns to my clock. Auras are always a little wonky though.

    Parallax Wave I like it from an offense and defense standpoint. I could remove key creatures during an attack aimed at me or jump important creatures through a wrath. When this card hits play you generally sort of own the board for the next 2-3 turns.

    Righteous Aura it could be strong against big bursts of damage / voltron tactics. It does almost nothing to tokens but it gives you defensive capabilities to just swing with a commander and keep mana up which I do like.

    Disenchant / Act of Authority its hard to ever have too many disenchant effects.

    Rout its a solid creature wrath. I often find my noncreatures a little more important than my creatures so I try to keep my wraths here to creatures if I can help it and then supplement with some spot removal. I chose to go with Comeuppance for now but I could see reasons to go with Rout also.
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    posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Quote from WizardMN »
    I was probably playing Karador, Ghost Chieftain as that was my first deck I really did anything with and at the time it was probably my best deck. My cousin though had (still has) a pretty busted Zur deck that he doesn't play very often so that might have been what you remember playing against.

    Yea... I cant recall Karador specifically but there were a lot of games that weekend. The Zur deck stands out to me in part because I was 1v1ing him with my Thrun deck for a few super rough games lol.
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    posted a message on Ephara Spellslinger Tokens
    So I played my second game of Ephara this week. I dont think I got very good test results as the game was entirely too brief. I kept an opening hand of 3 lands + Monastery Mentor (I cant remember the rest of the hand). This was a new unknown meta to me so I dont know how much information to take from this game either.

    The game was kind of normal with me playing the Mentor on turn 3, Ephara turn 4. The issue is that there was a goblin build Queen Marchesa who ramped his commander in and then proceeded to swarm with goblins. I managed to get out Teferi but what I was doing was drawing some attention from him so he was beating me up decently. He managed on his turn 7 my 6 to assemble Krenko with haste who tapped for 12 more tokens. I threw up some defenses which slowed him down by being late to the party on spot removing his haste outlet. He managed to put me to the low to mid 20s though.

    The problem is then the next player played a 2 mana spell, and then cast Fall of the Titans for 15 choosing me and one more player and then copying it (Rosheen Meanderer deck had only ramped that game). He domed me for 30 on turn 7....

    Soooooo, I have a fast swarm that was mostly pointed at me followed by a dual face bolting that murdered me. I honestly dont know what all I can generate from this testing other than.... move faster I guess. I am looking at possibly adding some cost reduction and moxes to the list. I dont know what I would be considering cutting as of right now but I feel like I need to speed some things up. This deck can replace some tempo ramp so lets start by ramping and then see where things look after we get moving a little faster.

    Right now, I am taking a look at these mana ramp options:

    I considered the idea of like mana dork myrs but honestly I would rather just move faster than worry about drawing a card from them after the fact. I will see what I can work out to push some of this into the list. I might have to mess with my spot removal a little to make room as I dont want to remove too much of the core concept of the deck when I am still a bit early on testing.

    Like I said though, I really dont know how much to really give this game credit for. I think I might want to consider some of the cost reduction cards from the standpoint that I retain very good card draw with a deck that can continue to draw more cards. I considered something like Grand Arbiter but I think its hitting a little too late for what I want. I would like to ideally curve into Ephara sooner and make my mana go further.

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    posted a message on Ephara, God of the Polis - Flash Hatebears
    Monarch is a mechanic that works a lot better in decks that have combat capabilities but lack draw. My concern with running Monarch in Ephara is that we already have draw so you might be giving away draw to someone else.
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    posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Quote from WizardMN »
    I think I remember playing against you at that time. It was a while ago, but I remember playing against a Márton Stromgald deck. For some reason, I think that was you. Even if you had another deck, it was still a good time Smile

    I did bring Marton and played him a few games. What decks were you playing at the time?

    Wait... were you the guy with Zur? I remember a few locals and one of them brought out a almost 1v1 zur but with multiplayer banned list.
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