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  • posted a message on [[Official]] General Discussion of the Official Multiplayer Banlist
    Yea... there is a big difference between asking if you can run some un squrrel and spike. Its troubling that there is such a big difference in the level of so many of the cards. Some of them are mostly harmless and cool and others are like.... can I break the game guys???
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] General Discussion of the Official Multiplayer Banlist
    Yea, by default un cards are not legal so its a question of what your meta lets you do. Its silly to ask for a clarification of how a not legal card works in commander lol.

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  • posted a message on Sram - Aura Party
    I played two games with the deck tonight as I showed up and there were only three of us and I felt a little bad playing some of my more aggressive decks heavier given the smaller group. I managed to win three out of three games and two of those games were with Sram. I will see what I can do for doing a game summary for them.

    Game 1: Three player FFA opponents are Riku of Two Reflections (some odd dragon deck) and Teneb, the Harvester (self milling recursion it appeared afterwards). Teneb spends the first several turns self milling with things similar to Grisley Salvage and Riku does a little ramping early.

    Opening hand I get Flickering Ward, Cultivator's Caravan, Helm of Awakening some lands and some arrest effects. I am go last this game.

    T1: Land
    T2: Land, Sram
    T3: Land, Flickering Ward, Flickering Ward (I choose black)
    T4: Land, Helm of Awakening, Kor Spiritdancer, recover and recast Flickering Ward. I decided about now that my opponents are mostly not playing decks that are going to chain draw nicely so while its a little early for the helm I feel like its not actually going to help my opponents out all that much. Riku plays a Wild Pair and passes
    T5: Land, Sunscorch Regent, bounce and move Flickering Ward naming red (I realized the Riku deck plays a ton of red for all his dragons and several of them do board control effects.) Riku plays a Balefire Dragon. Teneb plays his commander. (I think I got off a turn to be honest because somewhere I managed to play Seal of Cleansing which is in currently for Act of Authority which I could not find). In response to the Balefire I pop the seal and remove Riku's Wild Pair.
    T6: Land, I feel a little constricted on my dragon living so I commit a Spectra Ward onto Sunscorch Regent to double down on protection and pass turn. I could have passed out some arrest effects but honestly I am fine at this point in time seeing how the Regent does on defense. Riku got his commander into play sometime earlier and plays Concentrate x2. Teneb fires off some spot removal at the Balefire Dragon and swings to connect on Riku. He rezes an Emeria Shepherd and plays a plains to rez Kozilek, the Great Distortion into play.
    T7: Land, Riku has..... kind of nothing and Teneb is doing gross things. I play Hobble, Captured by the Consulate, and Suppression Bonds which mostly locks Teneb up outside of his Emeria Shepherd who can still trigger. I swing at him for like 10ish with Sunscorch Regent and I managed to draw 7 cards off of all the arrests which was kind of sweet. Riku plays Dragonlord Atarka x2 and clears my draw guys out as well as the Emeria Shepherd. Teneb spins his wheels a little and manages a Nyx Weaver and possibly something else I cant recall. He seems to be hurting from the arrests.
    T8: Land, I hit with the Sunscorch Regent again for another mid teens on Teneb. I am kind of rolling the dice as Riku seems to be flailing so I am assessing Teneb as the one who needs to die first. I cast Sram again then Stonehewer Giant + Unquestioned Authority on it for some protection. Riku seems to be struggling some he plays Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind and swings at me for 8 with his dragonlord. Teneb strings together his Nyx Weaver to recover a creature tutor which gets him Cataclysmic Gearhulk. I drop down to just Sunscorch Regent + Spectra Ward to ensure it lives if possible.
    T9: Land, I swing and kill Teneb with Sunscorch Regent for another mid teens hit which is close to exactly what I need to finish him. I use Replenish to draw some cards and arrest Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind. It also gives me access to Seal of Cleansing again if I want it.

    From here, Riku flounders for about another two turns and is done as well. I might have missed an early game turn there in my sequencing. After Teneb died the game is a little fuzzy too but essentially Sunscorch Regent goes the distance as I disrupt the few things he does play.

    Game 2: 3 player FFA with the same players as previous. My opponents are playing Tasigur, the Golden Fang (big mana attrition) and Teneb, the Harvester (self mill rez).

    Opening hand I get 3 lands, Sol Ring, Sword of the Animist, Mesa Enchantress, and Angelic Gift (fairly sick hand).

    T1: Land, Sol Ring (I opt to play the sword after sram for the draw)
    T2: Land, Sram, Sword of the Animist
    T3: Land, Mesa Enchantress, equip Sword of the Animist to Sram and swing.
    T4: Land, Angelic Gift drawing some cards and I swing with Sram again. My opponents both throw in some removal on me and kill the enchantress and sword.
    T5: Land, Sun Titan rezing the sword. I equip the sword back onto Sram and swing again. I think my land play this turn was Emeria, the Sky Ruin which is close to active (I think its at 5/6 plains now).

    From here I get a little fuzzy on the turn by turn plays. Sun Titan dies before it can swing again. I play an Auratouched Mage and get Flickerform with mana to flicker it. Teneb rezes a Tranquil Grove from his graveyard. I didn't realize the effect was repeatable as I thought it killed all enchantments. I flicker out and I get Tattoo Ward which I use to pop his Tranquil Grove.

    Emeria is online now so I rez Sun Titan bringing back Flickerform to the Auratouched Mage. I keep up all of my mana to flicker things. My opponents put me through my paces and force me to flicker three times to jump through some spot removal. I end with Shielded by Faith to try to protect since I cant flicker again. Teneb does a Planar Cleansing bringing me back to just Auratouched Mage again.

    Emeria rezes Sun Titan bringing back Flickerform to the Auratouched Mage again (wee we are back lol). I am getting annoyed by Teneb so I play a Armored Ascension on Auratouched Mage and punch him for low teens damage. Tasigur is trying to save Teneb at this point so he recovers a Sultai Charm to hand. I have mana to flicker like three times right now so I flicker which he allows, I come back in and get Flickering Ward for black to screw with his Sultai Charm. Teneb plays Ishkanah, Grafwidow and prepares to defend. I flicker again getting Sage's Reverie for a second buff effect to make it harder to spot remove my damage buff and to draw some cards.

    Sun Titan is still alive so Emeria rezes Mesa Enchantress. Tasigur happens to have a Reito Lantern but only the mana to tuck one card or destroy one enchantment / creature. I Retether to pull a bunch of junk from my graveyard. Tasigur tucks an enchantment in respons. I bring my Sun Titan up to being indestructible flying vigilant 8/8 and I swing to kill Teneb. Sun Titan rezes Wasteland which I use to take out the Cabal Coffers of Tasigur. I also Darksteel Mutation his clone of Sun Titan to try to keep him off of rezing the coffers.

    Tasigur answers the aura, tutors bojuka bog and tries to wrath the board after I kill his sun titan in combat. I flickerform out and sun titan is indestructible. He scoops now as I have over 40 damage to swing back at him with.

    So I guess I will start with take aways. I really liked the smaller cost draw cards as they seemed to really pay off well. The cost reduction was also very strong with all of the cantrip heavy auras. I felt like I drew a little heavily into the arrest effects but looking at my actual count I think it was just an odd situation where they all came at the same time. I run 6 of them but given how I am wrath light I think its important to keep some form of removal in and I like that they fit the theme of the deck. Apparently I run no graveyard hate in this list which I guess I didnt realize until last night and looking at my list now. I guess that is on the list of things to fix.


    • Land Tax -> Tormod's Crypt the point of running land tax in white decks is card advantage. I have been drawing enough cards though with the synergy of my deck and honestly I don't think that Land Tax is actually holding up its weight. Beyond the first few turns it just doesn't seem to do much for me. I seem to be consistantly enough drawing cards that I dont really notice myself missing land drops. I needed to make room for some grave hate and given some of my sweet recursion tactics I feel like perhaps I dont want to run something as global as Relic of Progenitus or Rest in Peace. The main drawback of Tormod's is that it lacks card advantage but right now I feel like I am drawing fairly well so I think I will give it a shot.
    • Act of Authority -> Seal of Cleansing so I couldnt find my Act of Authority as I was getting ready to play yesterday so I quickly swapped in a Seal of Cleansing but I wonder if I didnt actually like the seal a little more. Its hard to say so I will swap to the seal as I did like it last night and I will try to run somewhat of a what if it were Act of Authority instead when I draw it.
    • Sphere of Safety -> Tawnos's Coffin the sphere has been really hit or miss lately. When I am being proactive its not doing much for me. When I go against non token decks its also a little hit and miss. So many of my enchantments are auras too that it feels like if someone creature wraths me suddenly this defense falls apart even if it lives because I have no auras in play. Tawnos's Coffin seems a little interesting to me possibly in part with how much I have loved Flickerform of late. I like that it keeps the auras and can protect, abuse ETB, or act as another arrest effect on opponents things in a pinch. Its kind of spendy to cast and use that first time but I think its interesting here.
    • Comeuppance -> Teferi's Protection I realized I added more defense in the realm of the Pariah effects that I actually preferred the protection concept of Teferi's Protection over the psudo wrath elements of Comeuppance. When it comes to anti swarm the effect of Comeuppance can be strong but I think the wrath protection of Teferi's Protection might actually be stronger for this deck. Both can protect vs a big hit but I think Comeuppance is more of a tempo defense than a long run keep my board alive and I will be fine effect.
    • High Market -> Winding Canyons I just have not found the utility of High Market to be all that relevant lately. It was mostly in the list as sort of a protection vs theft but I just have not really been having an issue on that front lately. Given that I want to swap the land out for something I think might be a little more applicable. Winding Canyons might let me flash a Palisade Giant / Protector of the Crown to defend or something else huge. Avacyn, Angel of Hope in response to a wrath would be great or just doing an end of turn Sun Titan / Auratouched Mage / Boonweaver Giant all sound just groovy.
    • Buried Ruin -> Reliquary Tower most of my equipment feel like they are more needed early on and later in the game they fall off some. I cant really ever recover Darksteel Plate unless it gets countered so that one just isnt really a target and Batterskull is hard to kill so it just feels like I dont really have targets to rez with Buried Ruin. The no max hand size doesn't really feel all that huge either but unless I can come up with some other utility land I feel I need, I feel like this is probably an ok swap for now.

    I guess right now I would like maybe another creature or two for the list I am just not really sold on anything. Linvala, Keeper of Silence and Heliod, God of the Sun seem a little questionable but I am trying to wait and see how they play. It feels like I never see either one of them really. I could maybe consider something like Solemn Simulacrum as its always fairly decent. I wish there were a few more creatures that felt like they fit the theme on the 2-4 mana range. To some degree I do run a few of the creatures right now just because I feel like I need to run some extra creatures.
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  • posted a message on [Combo] C'mon and SRAM, and welcome to the JAM
    Its an interesting take on Sram. I guess my biggest fear would be if someone could keep you off of your commander. This deck really looks like a big glass cannon I guess and something like Imprisoned in the Moon / Nevermore / Theft sounds like a GG situation.

    Hammer of Nazahn also seems potentially interesting for the resiliency + auto equip. I just noticed that nobody had mentioned it.

    I went auras with my own build but its fun to see what others did.
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  • posted a message on Odric, Master Tactician question
    Thanks, that is sort of what I assumed but I wanted to make sure I understood how the trigger worked.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from DirkGently »
    Ick, Immortal Sun looks like another really boring EDH staple. At least Caged Sun paid you off for building mono-colored, which is a significant restriction. Immortal sun only cares that you're playing a fair deck and that's about it. Even if you have no creatures it's still a very strong card.

    It is still a 6 cost artifact that is value over time. There are so many artifact / enchantments that fall into this category especially mana doublers where the question is how long will it live on average and what is the expected value generation.

    I like a lot of what The Immortal Sun does but it might draw attention to itself due to all the things it does and that might make it live less long. It in a lot of ways is similar to Staff of Nin which actually does not see that much play. Its possible its better than that but its also possible it draws more hate and lives less long so I think its a fine card with a lot of angles that might allow it to be played but its still value over time and susceptible to how quickly it dies dictating how good it will be.
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  • posted a message on Odric, Master Tactician question
    So I have a question about Odric, Master Tactician. I am not quite sure how his ability triggers and so I am curious as to how it works.

    If I were to attack with say.... Hero of Bladehold + Odric, Master Tactician. Does Odric's ability trigger and check on resolution if the 3+ other attackers clause is met or is it a triggered event that procs when I declare Odric and 3+ other creatures to attack that does not care how many are attacking when it resolves?

    I was just a bit curious exactly how his ability worked. I suspect its a trigger that procs when you meet the clause rather than a trigger that checks on resolution if its true. I figured I would get a clarification though.
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  • posted a message on Bruna, the Fading Light - Moat Patrol
    Quote from DementedKirby »
    Thanks for the responses!

    Yeah, voltron Gisela would be great but it's as you say: with a creature-hate heavy build it'll be difficult. I also already kind of have a voltron deck with my Zurgo Helmsmasher; I like to avoid building decks with similar strategies whenever possible. But with buying the From the Vault: Transform I really have no excuse to not build Brisela, Voice of Nightmares, lol. Goldfishing on Cockatrice the deck seems to run really well. I'm gonna give it my own spin, though, while maintaining the speed. Gisela has to hit the table fast in order to smash face quickly. Best play I've had so far was T1 Plains into Sol Ring into Lightning Greaves. T2 Plains into Gisela. It was glorious.

    If you get a list together I would be interested to see it. I need to get this one suited up but I think its my next project right now.
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  • posted a message on First EDH Deck and new to magic --- Help with Olivia Voldaren
    Moved from commander main to multiplayer commander.

    We try to keep decklists in the deckbuilding areas. We tend to have general discussions in the commander main area.
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  • posted a message on Bruna, the Fading Light - Moat Patrol
    Quote from DementedKirby »
    Again, quite the white mage!

    I have a couple of questions. I prepurchased the From the Vault: Transform and I plan on building either Gisela or Bruna. The point of running either as commander is not necessarily to consitently meld them (although doing so every so often would be a plus). However, I do want to build one in the hopes of building a monoW EDH (which to me is the hardest type of deck to build in commander).
    • Which of the two do you consider a good commander to start with? What do you recommend?
    • Are both strategies starkly different? Can I swap a minimum amount of cards to alternate them as commander?
    • You run each half in each other deck. How consistent can you meld them?
    • Any high and low points for each of them?
    I'm leaning a bit towards Gisela since she's cheaper to cast (so maybe she's easier to build). And I've seen your list for a while and it seems solid. But then you go and also build around Bruna, lol. So now you made it even harder for me to choose!

    What can I say.... I am a sucker for mono white.

    1. Given that I have played Gisela for over a year now and I am just now working on Bruna I guess I have a bias towards Gisela as it stands.
    2. I have built Gisela into a voltron deck over time. She comes in fast and I pick up a lot of cool value in lifegain matters. She is incredibly well stated given all of her abilities as well as her low cost which really does push her to playing a little faster. Given my experience with her though I can say that on occasion if you dont find your draw your can be at the mercy of the topdeck. I have also found that metas who wrath (espeically noncreature things) can hurt Gisela a bit more. When you get to the games where you are on T12 and someone blows up all nonlands and all you can do is recast Gisela it hurts. In that regard I think that Bruna is a little stronger in a heavier control meta as well as if you want to play in bigger 5+ player games with one or the other. Bruna feels more responsive rather than proactive and I think she wants to play a bit more like a control deck. So really its the question of a more aggressive voltron or a more reactive control which I dont know that there is really a right answer. I hope that ideally they both play drastically different as I would find it more entertaining that way. Gisela for instance doesn't really need other creatures so the ones I do run are more of card advantage than for alternative beaters where Bruna is less of a commander damage focused deck in the way I was building her.
    3. Currently I run Thalia's Lancers in each list as the only way to tutor the other half. I considered possibly running some additional options such as Citanul Flute, Ring of Three Wishes, or even Planar Bridge but in the end I felt like all of them were really just too much mana to justify what I was getting back out of them. I think its fun when I get to meld but to be honest then I have to fight through clones and still its not that hard to remove the melded and it usually jumps in people's priority to do that which in the end... I usually dont put too much worry about if I can or cannot meld. Bruna is going to be superior when it comes to the question of who can do it better since as the commander she can rez Gisela back to play if it gets taken apart.
    4. Well.... I havent played Bruna yet so I have a harder time talking about how it plays as I haven't yet put it together / played it. Its the question of if you want a more reactive control focused list or a more aggressive proactive gameplan.

    Given my own experience right now I would go with Gisela personally but its the difference between one year of playing and a theoretical list so that kind of speaks for itself.

    Why the Magus of the Tabernacle and the Tabernacle itself when you run lots of creatures yourself?

    Tabernacle isn't going to hurt for having 2-3 creatures. Its primary purpose is to hinder token strategies and go wide strategies. It is true that I have a good number of creatures in my list but I don't have so many that I expect to have 5+ creatures in play at a time. It is probably more realistic to expect 2-3 on average. These effects are strong because you can drop them in before the token swarm or after it has been created and in either case its going to hit them hard. Some effects like Propaganda can be great but they are great so long as they remain living. Tabernacle often hits them with their pants down in that unless they have an answer and mana up to use it, its going to hit them before they can use it.

    Because of the commander's rez I actually like the magus possibly more than the real copies of what they do for this list. Its kind of cool as usually I find it to be the other way around.

    I was also kind of weighting some of the issues in how this land gets lands. I have Weathered Wayfarer / Land Tax / Tithe but then I also run Sword of the Animist / Dowsing Dagger / Burnished Hart / Solemn Simulacrum. I dont know if its going to be an issue or not but its on my radar.


    • Burnished Hart -> Knight of the White Orchid so I have an issue with burnished from the standpoint of playing it out over two turns but also it feels a little slow here to play it as a 6 mana ramp card. I am going to move to the knight because it ramps me sooner and it gives me a body I can use to swing with equipment. This change still does not clear up my issue of running land ramp combined with the if I have less lands go get lands effects but I think the knight ramps me more appropriately plus fits into my equpment plan. Casting my commander and getting a land off of her also sounds kind of reasonable as it can keep me moving forward with casting her if it comes to that as well.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from Teysa_Karlov »

    You are grossly underselling this card.

    I don't know a single deck in my meta that doesn't run 12-18 mana rocks in a 3-color deck. Sol Ring, Mana Vault, Mana Crypt, 3 signets, mind stone, hedron archive, gilded lotus, thran dynamo, and insert your favorite 2-3 mana rocks here. That's not even included Jitte, Top, Scroll Rack, or other utility artifacts. With blue's artifact tutoring ability (which most decks run anyway, even if it is just to get the big three or top), flipping the card should be fairly simple. Turn 8? Yeah no. Turn 4 flips will be effortlessly easy, Turn 5 should be a given.

    It will be a $7-9 card when all is said and done, and for good reason.

    1) it depends on how many 3 color decks you are playing. I don't play many of them myself. Two of my 7 are three color and one has green in it and thus I use green ramp. The other is mardu and I run low curve rather than trying to ramp.
    2) UR is still restrictive in colors.
    3) I..... actually don't know any 3 color decks that run that many mana stones. I see a lot more 3 color decks that happen to fall into green and thus use green ramp. I also dont play in MLD metas though or combo focused metas so... I guess there is that too.
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  • posted a message on Bruna, the Fading Light - Moat Patrol
    I still haven't built this deck yet but its high on my list of ones I want to build. I really enjoy Gisela and I think the flavor of having both would be really cool.


    • Haazda Shield Mate -> Salvage Scout I got to thinking about Haazda Shield Mate and while I think he is a cool creature, I have a lot of defenses in this deck and if I get to the point where I can cast Bruna I just don't see many times I would want to prioritize the shield mate. This comes a little bit into what my commander brings to the table as well as how frequently I would see myself wanting to spend a Bruna rez on the shield mate. I think I have a lot of great artifacts in this list and I could see myself using a rez to bring back Salvage Scout after someone blows everything up.
    • Djeru, With Eyes Open -> The Immortal Sun (look at spoilers as its not linking yet) - Djeru is also a little lackluster. I tried convincing myself that some sort of planeswalker package made him worthwhile but he also falls off in what kind of value he gives me every time he might come back. I still want to try out a few walkers here because of how defensive Bruna can be but I think I would be happier with some card draw. If I get this list together soon I will just put in Staff of Nin until this comes out but I wanted to make this change to the card I am actually interested in playing. I might proxy it up once we get the art for it. I like The Immortal Sun from the standpoint that it gives me non combat reliant draw, the +1/+1 in this case allows my commander to kill titans, and its cheaper than my commander with cost reduction which might make me able to do multiple things when I go to cast her.
    • Recruiter of the Guard -> Open the Armory - I kept looking at Recruiter and feeling my options were not sufficient. I guess if I always want access to Serra Ascendant its fine I am just not that interested in doing something like that. I feel I am running enough equipment that a versatile tutor seems nice here.
    • Comeuppance -> Survival Cache I have a couple of wraths already in this list and while I do enjoy Comeuppance, I wanted to push a little more on my draw.

    So, I have hopes to get this list up and going soon. I have been very pleasantly surprised in what Gisela has been able to do and I think that having both of them as commanders is really kind of cool flavor. Eventually I would like to work Emrakul, the Promised End into this list as well (mostly for flavor reasons) but I think its also possible to maybe run Kozilek, the Great Distortion as well as just sort of a high end threat with card draw attached.
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  • posted a message on [Multi] Equipment Based EDH (Mono White?)
    Lock I am locking this thread as it is literally ANCIENT. Please note that this is not me trying to discourage this discussion at all and I would totally encourage you to make a new thread for this discussion (probably in the commander main area instead of multiplayer)

    I guess some I would possibly consider in addition to this old thread would be:

    • Gisela, the Broken Blade - Great stat efficiency, built in evasion, and a somewhat low cost which allows you to curve her and follow it up with a lot of solid equipment and get to work right away. I like her from the standpoint of evasion, good stats, and low cost to start getting that equipment value starting early.
    • Bruna, the Fading Light - Strong on cast ability which can sustain you later into the game. She is also generally a creature based strategy given that she has that built in rez so you want strong things for her to rez. She herself is great at carrying the equipment but she is a little slow herself so sometimes you have to improvise what you equip up earlier in the game.
    • Odric, Master Tactician - his ability is really strong and you can use something like Infiltration Lens and force someone to devote all of their blockers to blocking that creature. There really are some really spicy tricks with Odric and equipment but the downside is that this strategy relies on having some number of creatures in play and then something to make them relevant so it can get blown out kind of hard by sweepers.
    • Sram, Senior Edificer - drawing cards is good and the commander is cheap and can carry them if you want.
    • Balan, Wandering Knight - I would say this is a little weaker but its kind of cool I guess. My problem is it lacks evasion by default and its abilities really lead it to situations where you get a lot of equipment and then I guess he dies but the equipment dont. Its a little wonky if you ask me but he is kind of cool.
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  • posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Yea, sometimes I even consider fetches in mono color. I hate proxying though so I kind of scream at myself when I start looking at putting fetches in mono color decks just so I can run Crucible of Worlds / Rings of Brighthearth.
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  • posted a message on Tymna & Ikra Shidiqi - Abzan Beats Squad
    I had a nice game last week. I managed to get and stick an Aura Shards for numerous turns where a UG player just could not find the right answer. I also managed to get a Gaddoc Teeg and hide him behind Lightning Greaves which was hilarious. The addition of the removal based creatures was mostly great for me as well as I often wanted them.


    • Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist -> Angel of Condemnation I ran into a situation where my opponents had bigger creatures than Mirri and it just wasn't worth casting her as this like one time evasion effect. I really liked the removal based creatures I added last time and I decided to try to circle back to a little bit of removal. I do like a lot of what Angel of Condemnation can bring to the table as far as disruption and evasion goes.

    I want to get more testing in because of how many changes I have gone through of late. Ulvenwald Tracker was a little funky just given that I have more smaller sized creatures now than I had previously. Karlov of the Ghost Council was fairly good but it was a little funky given I felt like I needed to have a bunch of creatures connecting when I drew him a little later but I did manage to get his counters up enough to remove a target. Bastion Protector was kind of cool given the two commanders, I did draw it a bit later but I drew it alongside Odric, Lunarch Marshal with a Lightning Greaves in play so it turned into like indestructible, mennace, haste, trample given what I had at the time. I almost did tons of work with Archangel of Thune but I got spot removed as I moved to put on Lightning Greaves on turn 6 (right behind Ikra lol).

    So, I guess right now I want to try out Angel of Condemnation again because it looks like it could give me an evasive beater and it could act as some disruption from wraths or even spot removal and it could also disrupt my opponents things. I didn't ever actually draw it in this deck so while I did previously cut it I am still interested in how it might work for me.
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