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    Quote from Scarth
    Why is discussing production of proxies/printing prohibited if it's done for personal use and non-malicious purposes?

    Like most people, I like customisation and want to personalise custom decks to use when playing EDH and just for fun with friends.

    The reason proxy production and/or printing is prohibited, is that the cards, their templates, art and abilities are all intellectual properties of Wizards of the coast. They have stated that any unauthorised reproduction is an infringement of those IPs.

    As a Mtg hobby site, we are required to follow those laws regarding copyright infringement and unaurhorised use of Intellectual property.

    Currently, what happens in the thread is a purely creative endeavour. That is why we require the current Wotc copyright and a *NOT FOR SALE* notification to be displayed on all renders.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact any member of the artwork staff to disscuss the matter further.

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  • posted a message on Question on ownership of cards?
    From the comprehensive rules:

    108.3. The owner of a card in the game is the player who started the game with it in his or her deck. If a
    card is brought into the game from outside the game rather than starting in a player’s deck, its
    owner is the player who brought it into the game. If a card starts the game in the command zone, its
    owner is the player who put it into the command zone to start the game. Legal ownership of a card
    in the game is irrelevant to the game rules except for the rules for ante. (See rule 407.)
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    (Like other users) I'm having the the app store open displaying the "Candy crush" game, every time I try to access the MTGS website on my phone. This includes the homepage and any of the forum pages. It causes the MTGS website to stop loading as well.
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    As Per Forum Rules, Discussion of printing techniques or requesting advice on these topics is prohibited. Thread locked.

    Illegal Activity - Immediate Suspension Offense

    Promotion of illegal activity, requesting advice about participation in an illegal activity, or assisting in any illegal activity, including but not limited to unlawful drug use, theft, copyright infringement (this includes downloading, reproducing, soliciting copyrighted material being distributed without permission of the copyright holder [such as premium articles (copy/pasting of any non-decklist part of the article), and printed Magic: the Gathering proxies (playable cards or tokens) which use any of Wizards of the Coast's graphics or illustrations]) is strictly prohibited.

    While some activities are not considered illegal everywhere, if something is widely or generally illegal, it is also considered disallowed here, even if it's okay where you live. If you are unsure about what we consider okay or not, please contact a member of the staff.

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    Yoma~kun! I didn't realise you were here!

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    Herp derp.

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    Tzymo is Naka

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    Quote from pochy
    I'm honestly annoyed with this ''infraction''... i've written that the other ponders have been already showed, and if you just see some pages before, you will find this:

    ^and in that post i had provided all the references -.-"

    i honestly hope the infraction will be deleted this time!

    If you think an infraction was unjust, please post on that moderator's helpdesk, not here.
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    Moved to Avatar and sig shops.

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    Quote from Plaguefather

    @koldae, I'm surprised that your Surgical Extraction hasn't attracted any negative attention from the mods, It's gorgeous, but just a heads up in case it gets taken down by mods (They don't like explicit images, of any kind).

    Unfortunately, we can't allow them on a site frequented by pre-18 year olds.

    It was very beautiful, however.
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